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Welcome to the ASL Scenario Archive

The site for Scenario information, for Advanced Squad Leader.

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This took me far too long to get around to, but password resets and forgotten user ids (providing you remember the email address you registered with) are now working. Hopefully!
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Apologies for the delay in getting this completely sorted. I'm now on a fully hosted platform so if you're seeing this message you know you're connecting to the most up-to-date version of the archive. Sorry for the interruption, but carry on enjoying the site now :-)
Michael Dorosh wrote on 2nd July 2015, 13:06
Thank you for continuing to make this valuable resource available to us.
jacksonkwan wrote on 10th July 2015, 21:36
Great to see you back! The site seems faster too!! THANKS
grumblejones wrote on 12th July 2015, 21:48
I can only second what others have said. Your site is a wonderful resource!
We're back! 10th June 2015, 00:00Login to comment...
Sorry about that... I moved houses and knew there'd be a lapse in internet availability, but that was more problematic than I'd imagined. Anyway - slowly getting back to normal - there'll be some additional outages over the next day or so as my line speed is being upgraded - but hopefully that will see us back to normal again.

Sorry if I haven't been able to respond to any requests over the last few weeks, I have a little more time now - but I'm still in the boxes everywhere stage of house moves, so it might be a week or so before things really settle down.

Thanks for your patience!


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Scenario of the Month: February
Pain In The NeckFriendly Fire Pack 9Friendly Fire

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Vae Victis # 137Vae Victis
Casus Belli # 45Casus Belli
CanCon 1995Paddington Bears
Critical Hit Annual #3Critical Hit
Jitter Fire VIIIJitter Fire
Jitter Fire VIIJitter Fire
Jitter Fire VIJitter Fire
French AlgeriaCritical Hit
Critical Hit Annual #2Critical Hit
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Latest Games Played
The Citadelvon Garvin
Renewed PressureMy opponent proposed this scenario that has seen quite some play over the years. ROAR has it 31:20 pro German (Jan. 2018) with a rather high Exitement Rating of 6.95 out of 9. I have played it before back in 2012 as the Germans and lost. This time, I would have the attacking Russians. The Russians must take a number of building VP of which the two multi-hex buildings count 5 VP each while the other buildings count 1 VP each. So the two multi-hex buildings are of special significance. Both sides have strong infantry forces and both sides do receive crack elite units including Assault Engineers as reinforcements. An FT and DCs on both sides add tools to keep one at ones toes. The initial problem for the Russians is to gain a foothold in the village. This is tricky, because they will have to move ADJACENT in Open Ground while the Germans have their share of MGs and a HIP squad equivalent plus SMC/SW stacked with it. Inevitably, the Russians will receive some punishment in the attempt. With quite a number of buildings to be captured and the Germans moving last - and thus with the option to grab some back - the Russians cannot afford to lose too much time to recover after receiving their bashing. Furthermore, there is the question where to enter the Russian reinforcements. I selected the Northern flank with the objective to capture the isolated 5VP building close to the board edge. Thus, the Germans would likely be unable to ignore it for its value, it would slow their reinforcements down and they would probably have to commit their Assault Engineers to take it as their first group of reinforcements might prove too weak. If they committed their Assault Engineers to the isolated 5VP building, though, these would themselves be somewhat isolated after eventually taking it and conceivably less of a threat there than elsewhere. Some other Russians from the northern flank would filter into the village through the orchards. On the southern flank, my Russians would push West (upwards) in the general direction of the second 5VP building. This group would have the option to either push further West or North later in the game. As was to be expected, making progress on my Russian left flank was not easy. Many squads got broken and the Russian MMGs were a PITA to lug around and into positions in the village buildings. This took longer that I had hoped, and I had the word "time" beginning to nag in the back of my head. Getting into the village on the right flank and to secure the isolated 5VP building there worked well enough, but then, the German defence in some buildings there crystallized. By the start of Russian Turn 4, I had finally secured the batch of buildings on the Russian left flank in force but was not yet regrouped to strike further upwards across the road to to the left across the road. The German Turn 2 reinforcements had successfully moved up into the 5VP building on that flank. On the Russian right flank I had, with some difficulty, closed in to the main point of German resistance. But cracking it up did not appear to be an easy task. The German reinforcements of Turn 3 - the Assault Engineers - had entered toward the isolated 5VP building as anticipated. Lady Luck kissed and kicked both of us around that building. I was able to kill one of the German 8-3-8 squads (CR&Multiple Casualties on boxcars) and his FT was to whiff out on the 2nd shot. On the other hand, my rather strong forces there were all broken and trapped soon. Due to a glitch in his APh, I was not forced to surrender with everyone and the survivors improbably rallied, dished out for a last bite before going down. The delay of this might have cost the Germans later. Pushing out of the patch of buildings on the Russian left proved troublesome. When I finally had everyone in position, the German 467+LMG made a Spraying Fire Attack vs. P6 and P7, rolling a 3 and breaking 3 Russian squads and pinning at least one more. I was getting really concerned about time. Thankfully, I did manage to take out this German block and was then able to flood into the central village. Pushing further upward, I was kind of lucky gaining the Foxhole on the road and surviving there unbroken, which left the defending Germans in the incomfortable postion to have a Russian 458+LMG & 8-1 sitting ADJACENT. On the Russian right flank, I was able to break the resistance but could not prevent all German units to rout away. For once in many games, the FT worked very well several times including snakes once. I always used it for long-range fire. The Germans from that part of the village had fled to the graveyard. Maybe a bad omen for them, but some of them rallied. While the German Prep Fire in his Turn 5 brought my Russian in the center of the village close to a collapse, the Russian defensive fire was vicioulsy effective in its vital attacks. The 7-0 & 467+LMG in the N4 building were killed and thus a Russian conscript squad that had manage to sneak in before, gained Control pushing the Russians up to 27VP. As there was only one Good Order German HS left in that upper part of the village, the German defences were broken before the upcoming next Russian turn. The Germans in the graveyard were all broken or despatched by the FT snakeeyes followed by a good 12 +2 shot. Two 338 Assault Engineer HS with a DC and an accompanying 8-1 were either pinned or broken while closing in attempting to reinforce the central village. This finally broke the back of my opponent's defence and he conceded. A very nice and recommendable scenario. The lesser experienced player should probably take the Germans.von Marwitz
The CitadelI set up to take the building, and just delay elsewhere, and that's pretty much what happened. I would rate this, however, as a minor dicing, with David as the victim as he showed a real talent for blowing MCs. Heroes of the Soviet Union to the cupolas, which not only smashed up his building defenders, but managed to repair immediately twice to stay in the action and keep those lovely DM counters on David's hapless landsers. A super fun scenario against a great opponentCTKnudsen
The Globus Raidvon Garvin
Merzenhausen ZooGermans HIPed the 9-1 and the HMG, along with the 8-1 and an MMG, rest was put on a forward defence with the big guns up front in woods and cover, most of force was facing the Yanks with the HIP units and a stug facing off the brit crocs thrust through the wooods... Early turns saw the infantry get mown down as they left the woods with the HMG tearing into them from the central stone building, armoured support was slow and possibly a little cautious till the Nashron was dealt with. The nashon him self fired twice, missing the first shot and breaking the gun on the second... grrrrr... before being destroyed by shermans... The germans packed the central walled stone bulidings and the yanks fell in droves trying to get them out, with the stuarts falling to HIP 50l, and 3 shermans going down to the Jgpazr IV, game was fun but effectively over as the allies were down to 4 tanks and 4 MMc in centre, and 3 tanks but only 1 mmc from woods... with the germans yet to bring on the King Tigers! Lovely looking scenario, possibly crying out for a smoke barrage for balance.chubooga

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Latest Publications
Vae Victis # 136: Vae Victis
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Casus Belli # 45: Casus Belli
CanCon 1995: Paddington Bears
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French Algeria: Critical Hit
Critical Hit Annual #2: Critical Hit
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