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Lists are collections of scenarios that have a common theme - anything from "Scenarios I'll never play because...", through to "Scenarios with Tigers in the snow"

Cancon 2007

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Cancon, Australia's largest ASL tournament, was held on the Australia Day long weekend, 25 to 27 January 2007.

Uploaded by: King Billy: 2007-02-17 22:10:55

Burn Gurkha Burn! Schwerpunkt # 8 SP95
King BillySP95 Burn Gurkha Burn
 King BillyI attacked as the Japanses, but failed to press the British hard enough to force a decision at the last hill. While we played it out to the last turn, I just did not have enough firepower to clear the hill, and my opponent blasted anything that tried to close with the defenders.
The Yelnya Bridge Franc-Tireur # 7 FT31
King BillyFT31 The Yelnya Bridge.
The TD decided on the earlier version of this scenario republished in the latest Journal because at that time the ROAR result showed a leaning towards the Germans. More recently the results show it to be more balanced.
I could have won in the third turn by exiting enough VP, but my opponent ralled a DM crew, which survived my point blank 8 FP attack from an armoured car, which also broke the MA. The crew then passed a PAATC and attacked (the now unarmed and open topped) armoured car and immobilised it.
The game still went down to the last turn, but I could not capture the last building in the village.
The Badger's Breath Schwerpunkt # 11 SP123
King BillySP123 The Badgers Breath.
I got the Germans and was able to destroy all of the Canadian armour without loosing a single AFV. My opponent conceded after most of his infantry broke.
In fact I think that the Germans won every single playing.
I do not think it is that unbalanced, but the Canadian player does have to protect the anti armour resources.
Makin Taken ASL Journal # 5 J84
King BillyJ84 Makin Taken. A scenario that pits a large US force with two tanks against a smaller Japanese force with a single 70* INF gun. The US have to cover a lot of ground without conceding a very tight CVP cap.
I took a cautious advance approach placing lots of firepower on any Japanese that exposed themselves to fire, ending up killing most of the Japanese force. My opponent conceded prior to me racing around and capturing the victory buildings.
List Comments:
King BillyThe last scenario was a new unnamed design that featured Australian infantry supported by nine 76L armed Sherman Jumbos attacking North Korean defenders on a hill supported by T34/85.
I defended and lost badly.
While other did win as the North Koreans, I felt that a cautious advance by the Australians was unstoppable.
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