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Welcome to the ASL Scenario Archive

The site for Scenario information, for Advanced Squad Leader.

Password resets! 11th February 2018, 06:58Login to comment...
This took me far too long to get around to, but password resets and forgotten user ids (providing you remember the email address you registered with) are now working. Hopefully!
seblick wrote on 20th March 2018, 20:13
Thank you. Good to go.
Long term hosting finalised! 2nd July 2015, 12:34Login to comment...
Apologies for the delay in getting this completely sorted. I'm now on a fully hosted platform so if you're seeing this message you know you're connecting to the most up-to-date version of the archive. Sorry for the interruption, but carry on enjoying the site now :-)
Michael Dorosh wrote on 2nd July 2015, 13:06
Thank you for continuing to make this valuable resource available to us.
jacksonkwan wrote on 10th July 2015, 21:36
Great to see you back! The site seems faster too!! THANKS
grumblejones wrote on 12th July 2015, 21:48
I can only second what others have said. Your site is a wonderful resource!
We're back! 10th June 2015, 00:00Login to comment...
Sorry about that... I moved houses and knew there'd be a lapse in internet availability, but that was more problematic than I'd imagined. Anyway - slowly getting back to normal - there'll be some additional outages over the next day or so as my line speed is being upgraded - but hopefully that will see us back to normal again.

Sorry if I haven't been able to respond to any requests over the last few weeks, I have a little more time now - but I'm still in the boxes everywhere stage of house moves, so it might be a week or so before things really settle down.

Thanks for your patience!


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Scenario of the Month: June
Pain In The NeckFriendly Fire Pack 9Friendly Fire

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Climb to Glorygrumblejones Uploaded a Misc. file6h 52m 18s ago
Climb to Glorygrumblejones Uploaded an Image6h 53m 30s ago
Climb to Glorygrumblejones Added the scenario6h 54m 7s ago
Bedja Blockadehoxson1 Uploaded an Image7h 31m 13s ago
Dew of Deathhoxson1 Modified the misc. rules7h 47m 45s ago
Latest Games Played
Gavin TakeFun, close run. seblick
The Hellenic Expeditionppalma
Across the IsselThe German SPW was out of play owing to being illegally placed (my opponent didn't tell me after he realized it) and it was still a close win for the British. It came down to a lucky snake eyes killing the German berserkers and putting the British one point over the Germans in personnel points. If the SPW had been there, I'd have probably lost a tank, but even then the Germans didn't come close to the CVP cap.aiabx
Defiance on Hill 30Germans tried a pincer maneuver, but made the mistake of moving too often in stacks. This backfired immediately when they lost 2 squads and their best leader to the MMG. Germans did break the mortar firer early however and this left the Americans with a bit of a hole in their defense. It was re-manned a couple turns later, only to see this half squad break as well. An intrepid 8-0 eventually picked it up and busted a flanking German squad. Meanwhile the German assault was foundering, and it certainly didn't help when the American reinforcements arrived on time. By the middle of Turn 7 there was not a single German unit left. buser333
Panzers to the RescueGun in center village held firm. German's pushed hard in the center but bailed from their transport a bit early so were short on time. Russian tanks hid behind the village buildings and supported the gun keeping squads at bay.nebel

On this day...
78: Encounter at CornimontCornimont, France1940
81: Fratricidal Fighting6 miles south of Damascus, Syria1941
82: For Honor AloneSaumur, France1940
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This site is fantastic. Thanks to you I'm discovering I have scenarios in old wargaming magazines that I didn't even know about. Kudos! Mark H.
Great site! I used CoW for years, and this is even better - thanks! Vic L., Vandalia OH, ASL since 91


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