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Lists are collections of scenarios that have a common theme - anything from "Scenarios I'll never play because...", through to "Scenarios with Tigers in the snow"

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As a new player, I thought this would be a nice place to keep track of what I've played so far!

Uploaded by: ramatheson: 2009-06-25 16:54:40

Clearing Colleville ASL Starter Kit # 1 S5
ramathesonMy second completed scenario, first time using the full infantry rules. I won this also. I left a couple squads with a leader and MMG in the town to soften up the attackers as the rest ran to set up a perimeter around the exit hex. A good fire lane and squad group held off the final charge towards the exit, while another group of mine went berserk and held up in a melee the one American squad that could've ran!
Retaking Vierville ASL Starter Kit # 1 S1
ramathesonMy first completed scenario. I was the attacking Americans and won!
War of the Rats ASL Starter Kit # 1 S2
ramathesonMy first Pbem game, and third overall game. I won this also. My opponent forfeited on turn 4. There was really no way to hold me (the Germans) back, as almost all of his forces were gone. His reinforcments that arrived on turn 4 had to take a risk, and ran up a road towards a building. I fired with a squad, leader, and LMG. I rolled a 1KIA, and in random selection, two of his three squads AND the leader with them tied!
Fighting Withdrawal ASL 1 - Beyond Valor (3rd Edition) 1
ramathesonFighting Withdrawal! I didn't do so well in this one. The Fins overwhelmed me and I did what I could to hold them to the time limit, but it was useless, and I resigned in the second-to-last-turn.
A Bloody Harvest ASL Action Pack # 1 AP 8
ramathesonI took a bit too long as the attacking Germans in turns 2 and 3 crossing the Z hex-file, and paid for it later. In the last turn, I made a mad-dash into the village square and was able to break half the half-squads there, but some escaped. As he assault-moved away, I took one last shot. If I pin/break him, I might win. If not, he can advance back in out of my LOS to the winning area! I shoot...Pin Task Check!!! He makes it by ONE. Damn...good game.
 King BillyA tough one for the German, a good infantry only scenario that forces the German to use. Fire and movement attack.
 King BillyA tough one for the German, a good infantry only scenario that forces the German to use a fire and movement attack.
The Tractor Works Classic ASL B
ramathesonTerrible! I was the Germans and luckily got to go first. This scenario seems nigh impossible, and looking at the stats here, it's 6-1 for the Russian side. The factory seems impossible to get into. There should be sewer movement or something. ROAR has it at almost a 70% win ratio for the Russians. My first loss! I surrendered in the third turn when a stack (my only hope) entered and got prep fired on with 36FP and a snake eyes! It was 6KIA, and all the weapons were destroyed as well. I had already received heavy-losses trying to get in during turns 1 and 2, so called it a game.
 ramiHA! My poor Russians never knew what hit them. Germans do have a lot of gadgets and, if played with some luck and aggressive stance, they can be very hard to stop.
 grumblejonesJust replayed this one as the Germans. I went all out on Turn 1 and was in the factory by turn 2, but couldn't break the 9-2 and the human wave of 4-4-7's was on me before I could gain control of the factory. It is tough to win as the Germans...but or two more lucky rolls and who knows.
 buser333So much depends on who gets to move first in this one. Whoever does certainly has the edge.
An Arm and a Leg Schwerpunkt # 2 SP18
ramathesonI was the defending Germans in this one against none other than Dave Ramsey himself. We played about four turns before our time for the evening ran out. He had done a good job slaughtering most of my forces. I was, however, able to get a few good hits in with my mortar before we called the game in his favor.
War of the Rats ASL Starter Kit # 1 S2
ramathesonI did a great job holding the right board-side and center, while the Germans came down and in from the left-side, breaking through and taking the left-most building. My opponent went MIA on email for over a week, and then emailed me saying he was going to forfeit and could not finish the scenario. I was the defending Russians in this one.
Will to Fight...Eradicated ASL Open `96 Scenario Pack WCW 1
ramathesonThis scenario went badly. My SS got torn up instantly during the first round, as I stupidly set them up on the front defensive line. The reinforcments in turn 3 were not enough to push the Polish back out the village.
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