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Lists are collections of scenarios that have a common theme - anything from "Scenarios I'll never play because...", through to "Scenarios with Tigers in the snow"

Zovs Desert

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Here is a list of Desert Scenarios I'd like to play, someday.

Uploaded by: dlazov: 2012-04-06 15:08:15

Hellfire Pass Desert Rats Scenario Pack DR 3
dlazovHey it's Hellfire pass...
Seizing Sidi Rezegh Desert Rats Scenario Pack DR 4
dlazovHey lots of infantry, tanks and guns, in the desert...
The Saucer 1594 AK 3
dlazovI like the British in this one.
Kidney Punch 1594 AK 7
dlazovLooks good.
 cosararaIt is, one of the best DTO scenario out there.
Stopped Cold 1595 AK 12
Benghazi Bottleneck 1595 AK 14
Kirchheim's Command 1595 AK 15
 cosararathe 9-2 and the HMG dominate gameplay.
I had a 9 ROF sequence and there were no more targets in sights.
 cosararathe 9-2 and the HMG dominate gameplay.
I had a 9 ROF sequence and there were no more targets in sights.
None Came Back 1595 AK 16
Heavy Metal 1596 AK 19
dlazovBesides such an excellent title, I mean 9 AFV each and 4 squads, come on...
Deaf Forever to the Battle's Din 1596 AK 20
dlazovWith just about 1 squad to 1 tank ratio this has got to be a fun fight.
Saving French Bacon 1596 AK 21
dlazovLooks fun & interesting.
Fruehlingswind 1596 AK 22
dlazovLots of toys.
Regulars, By God! 1596 AK 23
Jefna Outflanked 1596 AK 25
dlazovLooks fun...
Tea Time Interruption 1597 AK 27
dlazovAnother lots of tanks & 2-3 squads...
Gore Force 1597 AK 28
Operation Vulcan 1597 AK 29
Toasted in Tunis 1598 AK 35
A Good Shoot 1598 AK 42
Head on at Alam Halfa 1599 AK 43
dlazovGotta have some balls for this one.
"Armor for Tunis!" 1599 AK 44
dlazovLooks pretty even to me.
The Fall of Mechili 1599 AK 46
dlazovLooks interesting...
Barring the Door 1599 AK 47
Frontier Surprise 1611 AK 60
Electric Whiskers 1611 AK 64
Pride Before Fall 1611 AK 67
dlazovYeah I am a sucker for the desert, say it...
Sidi Barrani 1612 AK 68
dlazovLooks good
The Tobruk Perimeter 1612 AK 72
dlazovHey its Tobruck...
Sabratha Stand 1612 AK 74
dlazov15 AFV is not that much...
Along the Via Balbia 1613 AK 76
On Deadly Ground 1613 AK 78
dlazovLooks fun
Desert Citadel 1613 AK 80
On to Solaro and Pilastrino 1613 AK 83
Setback at El Adem 1614 AK 84
The Pastor's Punch 1614 AK 85
dlazovBalls man
Jock Column 1614 AK 86
Day of High Danger 1614 AK 89
Tin Can Alley 1615 AK 98
Special Message 1616 Bonus #3
Indian Sacrifice Euro-Pack # 4 - The War in North Africa EP14
dlazovLooks good to me
Out of the Sand Euro-Pack # 4 - The War in North Africa EP71
dlazovSand, get it...
Rommel is at the Gates Ruweisat Ridge ALAMEIN1
dlazovCome on it's got Rommel in it...
Rommel's Sunset Ruweisat Ridge ALAMEIN5
dlazovRommel get it? lol
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Saturday 18 January 2020 01:32:45 PM  (c)dramsey 2020