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Lists are collections of scenarios that have a common theme - anything from "Scenarios I'll never play because...", through to "Scenarios with Tigers in the snow"

ASLML 2002 'Best Scenario' Hall of Fame

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This list was taken from the MMP ASL Journal issue 4. Quotes taken directly the Journal.

Uploaded by: Dave: 2006-08-08 20:31:20

Acts of Defiance ASL 1 - Beyond Valor (3rd Edition) 135
Dave[R Wolkey]: "The first thing you think when you look at this scenario is 'cool toys'. The next thing that jumps out at you about this scenario is how much jam-packed action is contained in just six short turns..."
Cold Crocodiles AH:ASL Annual `90 A 25
Dave[R Wolkey]: "Flame throwing AFV. You would think that's it about this scenario, but they don't arrive until turn four and by that time all sorts of crazy stuff has already happened... You don't feel comfortable at any time..."
 PanzerThat's what makes this such an exciting scenario to play..You never have a chance to get "comfortable" as either the attacker or defender. Another must play scenario!
Hill 621 Classic ASL E
Dave[R Wolkey]: "The classic battle of quantity versus quality fought over the most famous hill in Squad Leader history. This scenario stood the test of time, as it is scenario #5 from the original Squad Leader..."
White Tigers AH:ASL Annual `92 A 47
Dave[R Wolkey]: "In White Tigers the Japanese are attacking Gurhkas on a cold rainy day. They must cross a flooded stream to attack a rubble-filled village. You would think that with 23 MMC, five AFV and ten turns long this would be no problems for the Japanese. But did I mention Gurhkas (-1 in CC), Rain (no Smoke), Flooded Streams (swimming is N/A) and rubble (3MF per hex) strewn about so readily it would make a Red Barricades veteran blush? Makes you wish it were eleven turns long."
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