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Commando Schenke ETO (id:#56091)
Multi-Man Publishing (ASL 1 - Beyond Valor (3rd Edition) ID:126)
The Gamer's Armory stocks this product!
Buy it Now for $82.00 Click here for a direct link
Prior Publication: ASL Digest #3.09, ATL 93.3, Tactiques #2 Tac12, AH: ASL Annual `95 A80
See Also: Commando Schenke by Avalon Hill Commando Schenke by Tactiques Commando Schenke by ASL Digest
Designer: Jean-Luc Béchennec
Starter kit scenario?:    Deluxe scenario?:
The evening of June 24, Infantry-Regiment 505 was established within 12 km of Liepaja in Latvia. The following day, jointly with Kriegsmarine commandos led by Lieutenant-Commander Schenke, the 505th attempted to take the maritime fortress by surprise but the attack had failed. On the 27th, the men of the 505th got a foothold in the southern part of the fortress. The following day, a bloody street battle was engaged against the particularly combative Russian defenders.
Attacker: German (Infanterie Regiment 505, Infanterie Division 291/Kriegsmarine Sturmabteilung 530)
Defender: Russian (Liepaja Garrison)  
Turns: 6.5     Players: 2     OBA: None     Night: No
Liepaja, Latvia 1941-06-28
Unit Counts:
Squads: A:15.0 D:14.0
AFVs: A:0 D:0
Guns: A:0 D:0
Victory Conditions:
Exit VP: Building Control VC: Area Control VC:
Unit Based VC: LOS Style VC: CVP Cap:
Misc Rules: All multi-hex bldgs are Two Story Houses; X4 is Fortified bldg.w A: Assault Engineers
Map Board(s): 1
Overlays: NONE
Errata (source)
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Scenario Comments
AAR (view)Count_Zero2012-05-02 15:09:32
Latest Updates:
buser333 Added a playing2019-10-14 21:57:28
Travellinfan Added a playing2019-06-11 10:20:45
Travellinfan Rated the scenario2019-06-08 04:18:44
cosarara Added a playing2019-05-31 19:33:04
mike205 Rated the scenario2019-04-04 19:35:00
Last Played:
2019-10-14(D) Jeff B vs Neal Ekengren Russian winGermans were quite tentative in their approach, not approaching within arm's length until Turn 4. They had quite a few mechanical problems. One FT ran out of fuel on its first shot on Turn 2 , one MMG broke for good on Turn 3, and their AEs only managed a 50% success rate with smoke. There were not a lot of casualties but, between good Russian IFT rolls and bad German MCs, there was a fair amount of breaking. By Turn 5 the Germans rightly figured they stood little chance of even entering the building, let alone ousting all the Russians who had packed it to the gills.
2019-05-31(D) Paolo Cariolato vs Marco Pasquini Russian win
2019-05-31(A) Marco Pasquini vs Cariolato Paolo Russian win
2019-03-27(D) Jonathan Kapleau vs Martini, Luca German win
2018-11-11(D) Scott Fischbein vs Joe Sterphone Russian winJoe's second game - he wasn't quite quick enough moving the Germans up for the assault on the fortified building, so didn't get enough of them inside by the end. Great intro to city fighting!
2018-11-10(D) Jeff B vs Ben Stacey Russian winPer the script, the Germans were pretty much funneled up the middle. Russians lost a squad early trying to dash into the fort. Turn 2 saw the Germans already across the street. Germans lost another 1.5 squads (including a full AE) while the Russians lost another of their own. Machine gun point (V4) was put under constant fire and constant breaking. The commissar provided no help to his troops, constantly whittling away their ranks with severity. Turn saw the Germans knocking on the door and proved to be bloody for both sides, with each losing 1.5 squads, and the Germans losing a 9-1. Russians kept shuffling concealed units to replace the broken, but they were running low on bodies. Turn 4 was another bloody one, with the Germans losing another 2.5 squads (and yet another AE) and an 8-0, while the Russians lost 1.5. Every hex but one was still defended by a full squad though, and they had taken prisoners which helped by allowing them to deploy. Turn 5 saw more blood, but this time the Russians got the worst of it by losing 2.5 squads to 1.5 for the Germans. But Turn 6 swung the other way again with the Germans losing 1.5 to only a HS for the Russians. In the end the Germans just did not have enough bodies left and only managed to get a toehold on this last turn.
2018-11-04(A) David Garvin vs Jamie Montgomery German win
2018-10-05(D) Tom Kearney vs David Kocot German winASLOK, open play
2018-09-09(A) Derek Rowe vs Alan German win Excellent game. Lots of Toys for the German player and great Close Combat.
2018-08-11(A) David Garvin vs Keith Talbot German win
2018-08-04(D) Louis Langdeau vs Lee M Russian winGermans made a solid push of it, but they got busted up too heavily on their first push into the fortified building.
2018-08-04(D) Louis Langdeau vs Lee M Russian winA very quick play that we called after the Germans got diced up badly while crossing the first few streets.
2018-06-13(A) Louis Langdeau vs Arno L Russian winA really fun scenario! Germans REALLY need to move to make this work. I came into this knowing that my assault engineers were going to be the key to the whole scenario. As such, my first few turns were spent lobbing smoke with my 838s, while keeping them back from the main fighting. My initial push went really well, shoving right through the central screen of dummies and Russian squads that Arno had set up. I followed that up by continuing to push aggressively down the middle, and by Turn 3 I was starting to get into position against the building. I made two crucial errors at this point. The first was using my FTs on non-critical enemy units. Both seemed like good shots at the time. One was a full squad about to rout into 1X4 where a commissar waited to rally him, and the other was a sticky squad in the wood buildings out front of 1X4 holding up my advance. Both shots caused my FTs to run out of gas, which left me without their fire for the fortified building. The second big mistake was a push with my Assault Engineers and 10-2 on the turn before I was really set up to push everywhere. There was a bit of an opening that could have let me get into the wood buildings out front, and it would have broken two full squads and an LMG positioned there. Arno's dice heated up though, and it cost me a turn of rallying and a full 838 squad. By the time I had got back into position and started breaching, it was too late. Arno had pulled back the rest of his squads masterfully, and skulked his way through the last few turns. I got into the building and took a good amount from him, but my last turn needed some really good rolls to close it out, and relying on rolls is never a sign of great tactical acumen. Really fun scenario though, and one I would definitely play again.
2018-05-30(D) Jeff B vs John Malaska Russian winThe third time was the charm for me, having failed as both the attacker and defender previously. I focused almost my entire defense on stocking the VC building with bodies. My opponent was super "hot" with his FT rolls, and having AEs to toss smoke is so much different than when I played the original TAC version. I slowed him down just enough on Turn 6 to allow my men to hold the last column of the building at game end.
2018-05-09(D) Allen Evenson vs Arno Lebenhagen German winMade it to German Turn 6 before Russians pushed out of the building. Fun game but, it was tough on the Russians this time - couldn't slow the Germans down enough.
2018-02-17(D) Dan Best vs Scott Martin German win
2018-02-03(D) Kermit Mullins vs Dan Best German winHard fought game. My Russians survived for 5-1/2 turns before succumbing to the German 10-2 and his flamethrowers. I think this is a tough scenario for the Russians if they can't knock off the Germans early. Once Dan's Germans were in the building it was game over for my boys.
2018-01-04(D) David Garvin vs William Strieder Russian win
2017-12-23(A) Jeff Waldon vs Paul Qualtieri German winVASL-Teaching game
2017-11-26(A) Jeff Waldon vs Keith Mageau German winVASL-Intro Game
2017-11-04(D) Jeff Waldon vs Paul Qualtieri Russian winCAWS-FtF
2017-10-29(A) rene cote vs Jrimmer German winPushed hard in the center with smoke cover when possible and prevented many forward deployed Russians to withdraw back into the fortified VC locations.
2017-10-28(D) Gordon Jupp vs Nick Holmshaw Russian winGood game, the Germans were a bit to precise in their approach and fell short...
2017-10-26(D) Keith Mageau vs Jeff Waldon German winVASL-Intro Game
2017-10-20(D) LOUIS PADOL vs Garry Kaluzny Russian winAs a newer player, and newer wargamer, I have read up a lot about the debate between realism and game mechanics. I really experienced it with this scenario. I win while having a lone HS remaining! Great fun though, ASL can be addicting.
2017-05-20(A) Bob Davis vs James Woodall Russian win
2017-04-03(A) Ruben Rigillo vs Francesco Berucci German win
2017-02-20(A) David Garvin vs Andrew Luden Russian winCame right down to the final move. Great match!
2017-02-03(A) Tom Abromaitis vs Matt Russman German winCame down to a last CC roll after the last Russian defender went berserk...
2016-10-01(A) Michael Rodgers vs Chad Cumminngs Russian winChad and I discussed the scenario. I wanted to play the Germans and gave him the Russian balance to do so. My attack did not go well. I should have mixed the 838 with the 467 as much as legal, and I should have put the HMG MMG combo with the best German leader because the Russians concealed in the fortified victory building.
2016-02-28(D) leo zhu vs Flying7 German winLeo Zhu command Russian against elite German units directed by Flying7. German formed several power strength and got a great start that elim all two dummies and break two RUS squads then clear the column Q soon. Russian ELR is only 2 and roll almost all big number and replaced with conscript. Broken Russian try to rout to fortified building while enclosed by German and were killed. Finally, German cost only 5 turns to secure victory in little cost. By the way, Commissar(9-0) only rally 4 times and kill two conscript! The two German FT always run well and never breakdown once.
2015-09-05(D) Martí Cabré vs Ňscar Oliver Russian winAn excellent classic scenario that we had not played before. I put a mixed defense of point units, dummies and a strong force in the fortified building in order to slowly stall the German advance. The Germans advanced perfectly, combining devastating firepower and good street crossings, using infantry smoke and not risking attacks with FFNAM/FFMO. We studied the German options during the game and Ňscar skillfully achieved each target front line on schedule, being able to reach the fortified building on Turn 4 in order to have 3 turns to clean it, still having the 2 FT and the 4 DC and all engineers alive and well. There was only one German stack that had been stuck fighting in a building against a single Russian squad that held anything thrown against it: firepower, encirclement, CC attacks, evetually killing two or three German squads and going back to the fortified building. True Soviet Heroes! Also a couple of my dummy stacks managed to draw enough fire to stall him for about a turn. On the other hand, the Germans got a fanatic unit and a hero. Neither sniper activated in the whole scenario. The Germans managed to capture about 4 Russian squads that he gave to a HS guard and launched everything else on the fortified building. That was a bloody affair with his overwhelming firepower and I choose to slowly retreat and not fire to keep my concealment. Having every location fortified, he had to pin or break my units in order to CC them. One squad turned berserk, pushing to morale 10 and resisting 2 DC attacks against them. He also sprayed the street to leave some residual fire that broke a FT wielder in a nice ASL touch. The Commissar did a fine job resurrecting about four squads and killing just one and they held until the end, resisting also 2 DC attacks. In the end a couple of squads were intact in the last Russian location for a win of an excellent game.
2015-04-12(A) Dan Best vs George Kirkwood Russian win
2015-02-04(D) Pieter Van Innis vs Danny Peeters German win
2015-01-24(A) Ed Bonilla vs German win
2014-12-28(D) Dan Best vs Derek Duskin Russian winCommissar held out until the end.
2014-08-20(A) Ralph Shoukry vs DS Russian win
2014-07-27(D) Dan Best vs Jim Burris German win
2014-07-11(A) X von Marwitz vs Steve Bond German winPlayed this one as the German. A classic. I think this was the very first scenario I played back in the SL days of yore, so I was happy to give it a try. The basic German and Russian forces are close to equal. If it weren't for the bad-a** Sturmabteilung featuring 5x8-3-8, a 10-2, 2xFT and 4xDC on the German side and the Russian ELR of 2 on the other. The Germans need to cross several streets, for which they need their assault engineers' infantry smoke. They must be quick about it because clearing 1X4 - a seven hex lvl 1 stone building in which ALL locations are fortified is not an easy thing to do. The Russians in turn need to think on how much of its forces it sets up to delay the Germans and be very careful to think of paths to get back to safety and eventually the big victory building. The commissar they can trade is pivotal for their survival. My opponent chose a defensive setup which was rather up front. It appeared that I would not be getting anywhere quickly. On the other hand this opened up some opportunities to cut paths of retreat which was just as well. I carefully crafted an offensive setup to match his one only to find out that I am not allowed to set up on the road in my setup area. All right, a little reshuffling and the "perfect" plan was a little upset. My main punch came through the center. The assault engineers were quite handy with their infantry smoke grenades. In German turn 2 I had the 10-2 and 2x8-3-8 with 2xDC and FT in the S5 building. The going on the flanks was a little slower but still acceptable. Due to my opponent doing a bit to much Prep instead of skulking, I was able to inflict some damage and to mess up some paths of retreat. Then came the Wind Change to mild breeze in the "perfect" direction from the Russian viewpoint: I would not be able to place smoke in my three foreward hexes for crossing the streets. Despite of this, I relied on the 10-2 to brave a Dash from T4 to V5 together with the 8-3-8+FT and 8-3-8+2xDC. The defending shot broke the 10-2 while luckily the 8-3-8s survived but were both pinned by the 2LLTC. My 10-2 almost died for failure to rout but could low crawl to T5 as his single option. Luckily I managed to regain my footing after this dangerous situation and managed to push forward on the flanks, keeping some Russians under DM. The Russian commissar in the victory building helped a bit by shooting 1.5 squad equivalents. So start German turn 4, there was not that Russian infantry in position to threaten my push across U5/U6. It did not help him, that a concript HS did not manage to find the Russian MMG that had been dropped by a brokie before. By some potentially sacrificial moves, I forced first fire on his defenders that allowed the rest of the Germans to make a run to close in on the victory building in force. The Russians tried to evade these in turn 4 but thus was bottled up around Y3 after his turn 4. German turn 5 saw a flooding of the victory buidling moving ADJACENT to the remaining 1.5 Russian squad equivalents and Commissar in Y3 ground and 1st level and Y4 first level. German advancing fire stripped concealment, the two FTs broke the MMCs, German infantry (partly CX but concealed) was poised to go into CC with the single concealed Russian commissar. At this point, during the German AFPh, the Russian conceded as all of his MMCs would have been dead after the Rally Phase and his only surviving Commissar would have faced a 10(+1):1(-1) CC with the Germans still having two turns of time. Grisly affair. A nice scenario altogether good for teaching purposes.
2014-07-06(A) Jason Wert vs Scott Hasson Russian win
2014-06-09(A) Robert Zinselmeyer vs Paul Blankenship German win
2014-05-04(A) Aaron Sibley vs Randy Strader German win
2014-05-01(A) leo zhu vs John Knowles German winsimple and not easy
2014-04-26(A) Dave Mareske vs Ken Nied German win
2014-04-23(D) Paolo Cariolato vs Ugo Bartolucci Russian winWas the first time I saw a set DC used to get down that pesky center hex of the victory building.
2013-12-18(D) Fred Ingram vs Eric Ortega Russian win
2013-12-18(A) Eric Ortega vs Fred Ingram Russian win
2013-12-18(D) Dave Mareske vs Scott Martin Russian win
2013-10-10(D) Jeff B vs Chad Cooper German winI prefer the original Tactiques version; assault engineers and a sniper are just too much for what the Russians have to defend with.
2013-09-15(D) Dmitry Klyuykov vs Anna Russian win
2013-04-01(A) Richard Agnew vs solo Russian winThis looked like an easy German victory. The Pioneers steamrolled the Russian defences, and sent the few survivors reeling back to the Fortified Building. They withstood all defensive fire, breaching the walls in two places on the 2nd last turn. An 8-3-8 entered the breach and engaged a 5-2-7 in CC, but remained locked in Meele. Two 4-6-7's and a 10-2 leader reinforced the German effort on the last turn. At 3-1 odds (and a -2 drm), the outcome seemed all but certain. Icredibly, the German rolled an 11 as the last Soviet squad refused to die...amazing...what a finish!
2013-03-15(D) Russell Dewhurst vs David H German winI lasted out till the final, 7th turn, but only had 2 HS by then. I was too aggressive early on (trying to destroy his FTs). ELR of 2 was punishing, and my Commissar shot more half squads than he rallied.
2012-10-28(A) Jonathan Davis vs James Ward Russian winGermans got pegged with too many snake eyes to pull this one off. Lost too many smoke assets to plant the DCs on the fortified building.
2012-08-11(D) Raoul Duke vs MH German win
2012-05-12(D) Richard Carter vs Lee Thornton Russian winHad some very good long range shots in beginning and was able to hold off any advance into fortified building.
2012-01-04(D) Thierry Mathy vs Jipie German win
2011-05-12(D) Rami Saarinen vs JR Russian winI had a pretty decent setup and managed to pull good defence utilizing concealment & MGs. Having the luck on my side helped a lot.
2011-03-08(A) Oliver Schumacher vs Michi German winTotal Annilihaltion in Round 3
2011-03-08(D) Oliver Schumacher vs Michi German winI Forgot to advance a squad into the Fortified Building in my first APh and lost the game due to advanced stupidity.
2010-12-26(D) Fred Ingram vs Jeff Coleman Russian winOne more turn and I would have lost. I had also forgotten to turn a leader in for a commissar - which would have been a huge advantage.
2010-04-09(A) Andy Beaton vs Russian winExtremely close - down to the last attack
2009-08-20(A) Scott Fischbein vs Chris Olden Russian winVery close game. Made two crucial newbie mistakes at the end: forgot to use breach to allow advance into CC, and routed a leader out of position which allowed a crucial enemy to gain concealment and resist my final attack. Great game though! Chris took the extra Russian squad for balance.
2009-06-13(A) Jeff Waldon vs Frank Tozier German winFtF-CAWS
2009-04-28(D) jaud jean-christophe vs Angel40k In progress
2008-12-03(A) Niklas Johansson vs Russian winOne of my first games, both of us misunderstood a lot of the rules.
2008-07-27(D) Dan Best vs Mike Bistodeau Russian winSt. Louis Tournament.
2008-05-30(D) Joshua Walles vs Sam Belcher German win
2008-04-05(A) Keith Colins vs Jeremy Sullivan German winClassic street fighting action with FT's
2008-03-28(A) Dan Best vs Greg Sackett German win
2006-11-01(A) volker holloh vs Ernst German win
2006-08-14(D) Jan Rychetnik vs Alistair Gibson Russian win
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