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Kempf at Melikhovo ETO (id:#56498)
Multi-Man Publishing (ASL Journal # 6 ID:J94)
Prior Publication: On Top Scenarios: ON6
See Also: Kempf at Melikhovo by Ola Nygards
Designer: Ola Nygĺrds
Starter kit scenario?:    Deluxe scenario?:
Operation Citadel had been underway for five days and things were not going well for the German attack. The original plan to seize the town of Korocha was scrapped and 6th Panzer Division was tasked with breaking through the Soviet defenses and driving as hard as possible towards Prokhorovka to link up with II SS-Panzer Corps. In the vicinity of Melikhovo, the last defense line, 6th Panzer attacked with flamethrower tanks and the battle of Melikhovo had begun. . .
Attacker: German (6th Panzer Division, III Panzer Corps)
Defender: Russian (7th Guards Army)  
Turns: 4.5     Players: 2     OBA: None     Night: No
Melikhovo, USSR 1943-07-10
Unit Counts:
Squads: A:6.5 D:6.5
AFVs: A:2
PzKpfw III(F1) x 1
PzKpfw IVH x 1

KV-1 M41 x 1

Guns: A:0 D:1
45mm PTP obr. 42 x 1
PTRD-41 ATR x 1
Victory Conditions:
Exit VP: Building Control VC: Area Control VC:
Unit Based VC: LOS Style VC: CVP Cap:
Misc Rules: Hills are Grain, bldgs single story. A: FTV1 w D: variable KV-1 entry
Map Board(s): 3 4
Overlays: NONE
Errata (source)
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Scenario Comments
Latest Updates:
worksp2018 Added a playing2020-01-03 01:05:04
von Marwitz Uploaded the Board image2019-10-07 18:40:29
igycrctl Added a playing2019-08-05 18:13:50
RJenulis Added a playing2019-07-15 23:33:19
Allister01 Added a playing2019-01-21 11:06:17
Last Played:
2019-08-05(A) Jonathan Kapleau vs Sidhu, Paul German win
2019-01-20(A) Louis Langdeau vs Andrew S Russian winI called this one ahead of time. I told Andy that any time I have a flamethrower, it goes dead on the very first shot of the game. Lo and behold, I rolled my tank up to his front line unit and immediately rolled boxcars. I still tried to make a play of it, but Andy had good positioning on his ATR and AT gun. I managed to get a couple very good shots with my PzIV, but after it got double tapped by his AT, I was needing a big run of luck to save the day and did not get it. Not my favorite scenario in the world. There's too many small rolls that can have a huge effect on the game, and if any of them line up against one side, the game is pretty much over. I think there are better small scenarios to play if you only have a few hours.
2018-12-09(D) Scott Fischbein vs Mark Pandori Russian winDice were decidedly on the Russian side for this one. Mark malfed his VFT on his first attack with it, and I was rolling low the whole game (including a "1" so that my KV entered on the first turn). Called it during turn 4.
2018-12-09(D) Scott Fischbein vs Mark Pandori Russian winPlayed a second game after the first one was a blowout due mostly to hot rolls on my part (and poor rolls on Mark's part!) Second game was a lot closer. My AT gun took out the German PZIV on the first turn, but was in turn killed by the FT. After that one useful attack, the FT X-d on the very next roll. Mark continued to make good use of it with some useful VBM freezes of my victory building MMG/9-1 stack. After malfing the MA on my KV-1, it still got MVP with a crucial snake eyes against a big German stack in the middle of the street. Without that extra manpower, Mark didn't have enough to take the final building, and the Russians prevailed again. A fun, quick playing scenario, which can be quite dicey due to the length and the combination of AFV-based luck (x-ing the FT, rolling for entry of the KV, etc.)
2018-11-03(D) David Garvin vs Jack Daniels Russian win
2018-10-07(A) Vic Lauterbach vs RC German winThe attack looked hopeless after the first two turns. The HIP 45LL killed the PzIV, then the KV killed the FlammPz, but persistence paid off. Fire from the 9-2 directed stack broke the key defenders. Very exciting and tense right to the end.
2018-02-09(D) Allen Evenson vs Richard King German winRound 1 at Game-On. Russians had some tough luck but Germans played well.
2017-05-07(A) Paolo Cariolato vs Massimiliano Colosimo Russian win
2016-07-20(D) B-E Karlsson vs German German win
2016-04-02(D) nathan wegener vs Dave Mareske German winquick and exciting back and forth- FT tank took out 9-1+Sqd+lmg on first shot and X'd second shot. Lost the ATG without a shot to CC. ATR nailed the other Pz. His 9-2 raked me over and left all my guys broke. Conceded Kraut T4 - never got the KV1
2015-03-12(D) Paolo Cariolato vs Luca Martini Russian win
2014-11-07(A) Pablo Barreiro vs Russian win
2014-10-12(A) Dave Mareske vs Paul Works Russian win
2014-01-08(A) Jeff T vs Jerry German winJerry setup strong on his right flank (the long road) so I pushed in along the Russian left into the village. He immobilized the Panzer in the street, but I quickly dispatched his exposed gun crew and my flame tank went to work. Jerry couldn't seem to roll better than 8 or 9 on his morale checks. By the time his KV came in on turn 4, I had his entire force broken and I was in all the victory buildings. German win. Fun little scenario for a weeknight.
2013-03-23(D) Michael Rodgers vs Mike Allexenberg Russian winQuick playing scenario.
2012-08-30(D) John Van Natta vs Jeff T. Russian winThis is fun little scenario that we both had played before. My KV entered on turn one and immediately flamed his Panzer IV with a bounding fire shot after a failed motion attempt by the Panzer. The German attack never really got going as I got good attack rolls and he couldn't seem to pass a morale check. The flame tank was effective early, but ran out of fuel late and was destroyed by a critical hit while attempting to bypass freeze my 9-1 and his boys.
2012-08-30(A) Jeff T vs John Russian winLooked good through the first half turn. John rolled the KV to enter on Turn 1 and he promptly burned my PzIV with a bounding fire shot that seriously turned the advantage to the Russians. The flame tank helped break the front line of the Russians, but it was one step forward and *break* two steps back all scenario long for the Germans. Russian defensive fire wounded two German leaders and kept the attacking Germans at about half strength with squads failing morale checks and pinning. Rock solid defense in layers by John and time turning against the Germans led to some overly bold and unwise decisions. The Russians held on easily to repulse the Krauts. Good win for John.
2012-08-04(D) Jeff T vs Lyle Russian win1st play. Lyle got a bit aggressive and ran his PzIII into my AT Gun which took it out. The KV entered on turn 2 and got 2 KIA results against running infantry, resulting in loss of 2 squads and an 8-1 leader. My HIP unit surprised him and broke another squad and just like that the German attack was halted. Lyle conceded on Turn 3.
2012-08-04(D) Jeff T vs Lyle Russian win2nd playing. This one was much closer and up in the air. The Russian HIP unit had two -2 shots at moving infantry and couldn't pin or break anyone. He was taken out in close combat. The KV again entered on Turn 2, moved adjacent to the flame panzer and fired...a dud. He was killed by the Pz on an intensive fire shot. The Germans moved into town and found the AT Gun, eventually killing the crew in CC after they broke the gun. The flame tank took out a squad in victory building three, starting a flame, however they also created a Russian hero which would prove to be the difference. The Germans swept through the middle of the town and by the final turn, it came down to two close combats. A 12 on 4 (3-1 with a 9-2 leader) went to the Germans. A 5-2 (2-1) with an 8-1 leader and squad up against the Russian 9-1 and Hero went for no effect and they remained locked in Melee to give the Russians the victory by the narrowest of margins. Fun scenario.
2012-06-22(D) Paul Messina vs Chris Kubic Russian win
2012-05-10(A) Steffen Knippel vs Steve Cummings German win
2012-03-16(A) Martí Cabré vs Jesús Pareja Russian winA real close game with opportunities for both players. My FT Pz started a fire that eventually left my attack without LOS to the targets. I got a lucky APCR shot against the Russian KV and I took 2 of the 3 buildings, with last building empty of enemies, my tank in bypass in its Location and two pinned squads adjacent to it, but I could not grasp Control.
2011-03-12(A) Paul Jones vs Craig Benn Russian winDecided by last CC phase
2011-01-22(D) Richard Jenulis vs Joe Vennarucci Russian win
2010-10-29(A) Paul Jones vs Nick Ransom German winKV arrived on turn 2 making it close.
2010-07-08(A) Paul Jones vs Damian Maher German winGood tourny size scenario
2010-03-08(D) John Van Natta vs Brandon M. Russian winThe Russians won two crucial close combats in the middle of the game that stalled an otherwise overwhelming German performance. Russian KV badly misplayed. The German finally conceded when his FT tank ran out of fuel in the last turn.
2010-02-28(D) Andy Beaton vs BruceC Russian winLucky rolls took out the German armour
2009-08-28(A) Jesus Pie vs minaya German win
2009-04-08(D) Niklas Johansson vs Russian winKV ftw
2009-02-23(A) Allen Evenson vs Brad Hampson German win2009 VASLeague Rd 1 - Concession - would have been close.
2008-09-05(A) fabrizio da pra vs Massimiliano Tuzzi German win
2008-09-05(D) Paolo Cariolato vs Paolo Mengoli German win
2008-05-27(A) fabrizio da pra vs German win
2007-05-16(A) James Lowry vs John Bock Russian winThe KV entered late, giving me the opportunity to throw the game away on my own. It ended close, but I just couldn't keep everything nailed down.
2007-01-28(A) simon jones vs Cryophobia Russian winBrutal - down to last CC rolls as well!
2007-01-19(A) Jim Rupp vs Jason Wert Russian winDown to the last CC rolls - it was a all out brawl
2007-01-19(D) Jason Wert vs Jim Rupp Russian win
2006-10-14(D) Dan Best vs Wes Vaughn German winTulsa ASL Tournament 2006.
2006-04-17(D) Aaron Sibley vs Daryl Sims Russian win
2005-12-28(D) Paolo Cariolato vs Nicola Marangon German win
2005-12-02(A) Thomas Lynch vs Chris Fleurey German win
2005-02-10(A) Fred Ingram vs Dave McLee German win
2005-02-10(D) Fred Ingram vs Dave McLee Russian win
2005-01-14(D) Jason Wert vs Michael Spinks Russian win
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Mid point of game 28/01/07 (11 - endaxisT3.png)After Action ReportBludengutz545
My AAR as Russians at CASLO 2007. (AAR J094 KempfAtMelikhovo.doc)After Action Reportmtrodgers99541
Set up, 28/01/07 (01 - start positions.png)ImageBludengutz786
(flamethrower tank pzIII.png)Imagehoxson1316
Situation at game end (J94 end of game.JPG)Imagedieneuner2589
game end 28/01/07 (19 - endaxisT5 - Game over - Allied Win!.png)Map ImageBludengutz555
J094 Kempf at Melikhovo (J94 Kempf at Melikhovo.jpg)Map ImageFre20741393
(J094 Kempf At Melikhovo Scenario Archive.jpg)Map Imagevon Marwitz17

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Set up, 28/01/07
Situation at game end
Avg Rating: 6.66Votes: 58
Views: 4516
To-Play list count: 5
Estimated Play time: 2.2 hours
Recorded Games: 45
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ROAR Data: (updated Nov 2019)
Kempf at Melikhovo [Confirmed]
[A] German 114
[D] Russian 135
Friday 17 January 2020 04:57:10 PM  (c)dramsey 2020