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Retaking Vierville ETO (id:#56657)
Multi-Man Publishing (ASL Starter Kit #1 ID:S1)
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See Also: Retaking Vierville by Coastal Fortress
Designer: John D. Johnson
Starter kit scenario?:    Deluxe scenario?:
Vierville, which lay a few miles inland from Utah Beach, had been liberated on D-Day. On the morning of June 7, elements of the 2nd Battalion, 506th PIR moved out from Vierville towards St. Come du Mont, leaving Vierville virtually unoccupied. The Germans took this opportunity to launch a series of counterattacks on Vierville in hopes of cutting the road to St. Come du Mont. -- This is a great ASL introductory scenario. It involves using Infantry and Leaders counters, no support weaons and no SSRs.
Attacker: German (1058th Grenadier Regiment/919th Grenadier Regiment/6th Fallschirmjäger Regiment)
Defender: American (1st Batt. 506th PIR, 101st Airborne)  
Turns: 5     Players: 2     OBA: None     Night: No
Vierville, France 1944-06-07
Unit Counts:
Squads: A:12.0 D:11.5
AFVs: A:0 D:0
Guns: A:0 D:0
Victory Conditions:
Exit VP: Building Control VC: Area Control VC:
Unit Based VC: LOS Style VC: CVP Cap:
Misc Rules: None
Map Board(s): y
Overlays: NONE
Errata (source)
Players wanting to play this game/Request a match:
fcoulter: PBeM (VASL)Challenge pending..
Scenario Comments
Latest Updates:
lt_steiner Added a playing2019-02-09 04:40:55
von Garvin Added a playing2019-02-05 15:13:48
cub99 Added a playing2019-01-23 12:49:33
cub99 Rated the scenario2019-01-23 12:48:35
Allister01 Added a playing2019-01-18 12:13:54
Last Played:
2019-02-09(A) O Ramaille vs German winFirst try with VASL. The first group of US paratroopers was quickly surrounded by the incoming German soldiers and killed in melee. The American reinforcements were not able to approach the center of Vierville defended by heavy and accurate fire. The German held the town until the end.
2019-02-02(A) David Garvin vs Julien Ceres German winThis was his first ASL experience. Ever. He's 17 and he told his dad yesterday that he wanted to play another game of ASL "right now!" :)
2019-01-23(D) Mark Peak vs Dale Wetzelberger German winAmericans got their tails handed to them. The German's just kept coming and rolled some nice 4's along the way. I did not smoke enough to start off and my 9 DR's were the end of any hope. Really enjoyed playing with Dale though for the first time.
2019-01-13(A) Louis Langdeau vs James J German winPretty bloody playing of this great intro scenario. James had a solid push, but after I pinched out his initial forces, he was forced to go the long way down to seize all the buildings. I skulked around the southwest victory buildings, and when he went to make his last turn push he just didn't have the forces to make it through the fire.
2019-01-05(A) Mark Peak vs Matt Peak In progress
2018-12-16(A) Daniel Alm vs American American winHis first ASL experience.
2018-12-11(D) Mark Peak vs Marco Sommi American winAmericans were able to hold off attacks early and reinforcements made it impossible for the Germans to take any of the buildings.
2018-12-04(A) David Garvin vs Sean Liddle German winHis first ASL experience. He bought ASL SK 1 after this :)
2018-11-21(A) Chris Anthony vs anonymous American win
2018-11-16(D) Jonathan Kapleau vs Acton, Patrick American win
2018-11-10(D) Jonathan Kapleau vs Dudek, Matt American win
2018-11-03(A) Bryan Timms vs C.L. German win
2018-10-14(D) Bryan Timms vs T.T. American win
2018-08-05(D) davide galloni vs Alle American win
2018-05-24(A) David Garvin vs Stephen Worrel German win
2018-05-03(D) Giorgos Magos vs German American win
2018-04-04(A) Lee Hyde vs Max Malm German winAlways a good starter tussle. This one turned out to be a little dicey for the Americans, who had some dreadful Morale Check results, often at jumpoff points. Left too much for the American forces to force the Germans out of their toehold.
2018-03-17(A) Dan Best vs Patrick Fay German winMarch Madness 2018 ASLSK.
2018-03-15(A) David Garvin vs Joe Smith German win
2018-03-04(D) Conny Delshagen vs Kim American win
2018-03-03(A) Kim Eriksson vs Conny American win
2018-02-28(D) Jonathan Kapleau vs Pina, Chris American win
2018-01-07(A) David Garvin vs Stefano Oddo American winI played a teaching game against Stefano. In spite of playing in his second language, Stefano did very well. The key moment was a close combat in an objective building. I had swarmed his troops and got into close combat. During his turn, he attacked me and wiped out my men with a 1, 1 result. Congratulations!
2018-01-01(A) David Garvin vs German win
2018-01-01(A) B S vs Sean S. American win
2018-01-01(A) Max Malm vs Drolle German win
2017-12-30(D) todd Rezack vs Lee Sellars German win
2017-12-21(A) David Garvin vs Brian McKinley American win
2017-11-25(D) Bryan Timms vs B.C. DrawFirst ASL
2017-11-17(D) David Garvin vs Larry Yeager American win
2017-10-13(A) Jonathan Kapleau vs Cohen, Dave American win
2017-10-02(A) Scott Sherer vs D. Bruce Weston American winTeaching ASL using ASLSK to new player at work. Definitely a good learning scenario, but does seem pretty hard on the Germans vs a decent American player.
2017-09-25(D) Scott Sherer vs D. Bruce Weston American winTeaching ASL using ASLSK to new player at work. Definitely a good learning scenario, but does seem pretty hard on the Germans vs a decent American player.
2017-08-31(A) Jonathan Kapleau vs Taylor, Greg German win
2017-08-25(D) Kermit Mullins vs Scott Waites American winMy Americans managed to get the buildings first and never let go of them.
2017-07-26(D) Jonathan Kapleau vs Sidhu, Paul German win
2017-07-19(A) Jonathan Kapleau vs Zucker, Daniel American win
2017-07-08(D) Jonathan Kapleau vs Donnelly, Coleman German win
2017-05-30(D) Louis Langdeau vs Reid C German winReid had played before, but he remembered almost nothing so this was essentially a first game. Started out reasonably well as the Americans. I got a good position with my squads to keep Reid from getting a foothold into any of the victory buildings. Unfortunately, I got a little too aggressive on Turn 1, trying to get into assault range of some Germans in the northern clump of buildings. Their fire broke my squad, and the lost time cost me a lot. Reid brought in reinforcements, and quickly set about reducing my original units while my northern reinforcements stalled out due to some bad movement on my part. Called it on Turn 3 after my troops in the center were killed.
2017-05-12(D) Seumas Hoskins vs Dean American winTeaching Dean, his first game.
2017-03-15(A) Greg Krane vs SOLO Game German winHad this game for almost two years. Time to pick it up and get to work!
2017-03-15(A) Greg Krane vs SOLO Game German winHad this game for almost two years. Time to pick it up and get to work!
2017-03-12(D) Jim Rupp vs James L. German winIt seemed that the whole scenario was a comedy of errors for the Americans. No matter what happened, the Paratroopers could not hold against the Germans in CC, with a total of 4 squads falling to second line troops. Also, almost all shots the Germans made broke the Americans, while the Americans could barely score any breaks against the Germans. The only bright spot of the day was scoring a three way kill Yahtzee on the turn two reinforcements. Even with that advantage, the Germans had all 4 buildings after turn 2. Overall, it was not a very fun run, but that was probably due to poor performance more than anything.
2017-03-11(D) Bob Davis vs Ken American winTeaching game for Ken. His first game.
2017-02-19(A) Scott Fischbein vs Michael Holy American winMichael's first game. Germans conceded during turn 4.
2017-02-18(A) Bob Davis vs Paul S American winPaul won at the very end braking the Germans in the advance fire phase. I did good cutting off the northern advance of the American reinforcements but should have gotten in the buildings immediately and defended them.
2017-02-15(A) Bob Davis vs David D American winTeaching game. First game ever. Need to take houses to the East if playing as the Germans to cut off the American Reinforcements.
2017-01-17(D) J M vs M American win
2016-11-24(A) Brian Ogstad vs Tracy Ogstad German win
2016-11-21(D) Jeff B vs Ross Earnheart American winThis was played with full ASL rules. Germans bookended the Americans on Turn 1, making it difficult for them to protect the southern part of the village. Lack of smoke didn't help either, though cold German dice certainly did. Once all reinforcements were on American firepower started to show its power, but German mettle rose to the occasion, creating two heroes, a fanatic, and a berserker. Meanwhile German reinforcements had slowly crept into one of the victory buildings in force, but American firepower proved to be too much at the end.
2016-10-29(A) Jeff B vs Bronson Barnhart German winA lone American MMC held the Germans at bay for most of the game, but a timely break on the last turn opened the floodgates to allow them to populate the village in force and stand fast during the American final assault.
2016-10-09(A) Brian Ogstad vs Gavin Ogstad German win
2016-09-17(A) Michael Jaffe vs Warren Stapleton American win
2016-07-29(A) Loris Gianadda vs Anon German winFirst game of my opponent. We enjoyed it very much.
2016-07-24(A) Tom Abromaitis vs Mike W. German win
2016-07-22(D) Tom Abromaitis vs German win
2016-03-31(A) Tom Abromaitis vs Matt Russman German winA sound victory against a first time player. It was unfortunate he rolled so poorly. Although my opponent may have prepped too much, he did roll quite poorly at a few important moments. One of my 4-6-7s basically held up the entire American reinforcement force when it survived 21+FP attacks multiple times.
2016-01-30(A) Richard Carter vs Mike R. German winReally a fun scenario. Tense action and ours came down to a last ditch defense of a final bldg. The germans got very lucky in tying up a leader, and a stack of US paratroopers in melee that held the key to holding off the assault on the last bldg. He needed a 8 or less to destroy the German unit and rolled a 9.
2016-01-15(D) David Garvin vs Craig Stark American win
2016-01-01(A) David Garvin vs Patrick Ireland American win
2015-11-15(D) Michael Dorosh vs Colin Emerson American winLost 5 squads and didn't kill a German until the final CCPh, but managed to pull off a victory in the last phase of the game. Great fun.
2015-11-15(A) Colin Emerson vs Michael Dorosh American winThis can go either way, probably determined on the last couple of dice rolls
2015-09-19(D) Dmitry Klyuykov vs Anna In progress
2015-08-14(D) Ken Monson vs Joe Gauthier German win
2015-08-01(D) David Garvin vs American win
2015-07-28(D) Alberto Griffa vs Darrell Wright American winMy first ASL game: loved it!
2015-07-20(D) J M vs German win
2015-05-29(A) santiago jimenez vs Bud Nicola American win
2015-05-09(A) Andy Waller vs Santiago Jimenez German win
2015-05-09(D) santiago jimenez vs Andy Weller German winUsing VASSAL
2015-04-05(A) Andy Waller vs Jeff Luce German win
2015-03-11(D) Larry Davidson vs Brian Devitt German win
2015-03-11(D) Larry Davidson vs Brian Devitt American win
2015-02-19(A) Jeff B vs Nick DeMaio German winThe Americans broke like water over a dam and couldn't muster any firepower in this dicey German victory.
2015-01-17(D) fabrizio da pra vs Juan Pablo Da Pra German win
2014-12-23(A) David Yllanes vs Daniel Y German win
2014-11-24(A) Paul Osborne vs Greg Tayloe German winJust finished this playing against Greg as my first PBEM games, had a blast and used a somewhat aggressive German strategy which had the Germans holding on in the buildings to the south with a spread of guys to the north as a defensive shield. Was great fun.
2014-08-27(D) Tomas Vestelind vs Lars Johansson American winWe played using the full ASL rules. We found it a good way to get into the full ASL rules without having to think about support weapons and vertical LOS rules.
2014-08-05(D) Michael Focht vs Darren Jones American win
2014-06-08(A) J M vs German win
2014-06-05(D) santiago jimenez vs Leonardo Gomez German win
2014-05-01(A) Merric Blackman vs Glen Wesley American win
2014-04-27(D) Jeff B vs Don Roden American winThis was a fun little clash which we played with full ASL rules. The Americans tied the Germans up in CC to preserve the victory.
2014-04-05(D) santiago jimenez vs Jorge Suarez German win
2014-03-26(A) J M vs Draw
2014-03-15(D) Michael Focht vs Eric Focht American win
2014-03-08(A) leo zhu vs AraKalLek American win教学战,让AraKalLek小胜
2014-03-01(A) Michael Focht vs Thomas Garber German win
2014-02-26(A) Aaron Sibley vs Rosta German win
2014-01-23(A) Merric Blackman vs Kalum German winPlayed against a youngster in Good Games. Was actually fairly tense as the Americans held on well to their strongholds, but I was able to overrun them in the last couple of turns, and my opponent took too long to bring in the reinforcements and was unable to break both my units.
2013-11-22(A) X von Marwitz vs Frederick Back German winI think this was the first SK scenario I played tutoring a complete newcomer to the world of ASL. I had to "unlearn" some full ASL rules, one trick for which can be just looking at the provided SK countersheet if you did not punch it. Since it was the very first game for my opponent, the issue was never much in doubt for the Germans, who managed to eradicate the US from the village (mainly by Failure to Rout) and to stop the US reinforcements when they tried to cross open ground. I think the first lessons my opponent will remember are that the -1 FFNAM and -1 FFMO suck and that residual FP can work wonders if placed in unpleasant locations. He wants more, so I guess we can chalk up his first attempt into the SK/ASL world as a success.
2013-07-02(D) santiago jimenez vs Nicolas Acosta American winMy first game of ASL. This is the perfect game for me! Incredible how much fun can pack this 20x40 cms cardboard
2013-06-20(A) Seumas Hoskins vs Matthew Clark German win
2013-06-19(D) Seumas Hoskins vs Matthew Clark American win
2013-04-20(A) Alexey Pupyshev vs American win
2013-04-01(D) Dmitry Klyuykov vs Anna American win
2013-04-01(A) Dmitry Klyuykov vs Anna German win
2012-12-27(A) Steffen Knippel vs Tom Wilson American win
2012-10-23(A) mark watson vs Paul Pethick American winUsed as a teaching scenario. Americans won on final CC roll of final turn. Always crazy.
2012-06-07(A) Otto Bomb vs Peppy Casillas German winTwo new players bashing each other while learning the game. [PzPenguin Battle # 002]
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Retaking Vierville [Confirmed]
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[D] German 92
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