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Wunderwaffe ETO (id:#59967)
(Friendly Fire Pack 3 ID:FrF22)
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Designer: Mattias Rönnblom
Starter kit scenario?:    Deluxe scenario?:
In early August 1942, two Russian armies smashed the German defenses south-east of Rzhev and mobile forces were introduced in the breech. On 10 August the 8th Tank Corps hit 2. Panzer-Division's lines. - - - - In the 6-turn "Wunderwaffe" scenario, a German infantry force backed up by two powerful 75 mm PaK 41 squeeze bore AT guns try to hold their ground while avoiding any of the precious field pieces falling into enemy hands. But facing Russian infantry with massed armor support, the guns must be utilized to their full potential. Whatever the initial German force fail to achieve, the counter-attacking Marder and motorcycle infantry must.
Attacker: Russian (8th Tank Corps, 20th Army, Western Front)
Defender: German (Schutzen-Regiment 304 and 2. Kompanie, Panzerjager-Abteilung 38, 2. Panzer Division; Kradschutzen-Bataillon 2 and 3. Kompanie (SF), Panzerjager-Abteilung 38)  
Turns: 6     Players: 2     OBA: None     Night: No
Yelnya, Russia 1942-08-11
Unit Counts:
Squads: A:14.0 D:11.0
AFVs: A:7 D:2
Guns: A:0 D:2
Victory Conditions:
Exit VP: Building Control VC: Area Control VC:
Unit Based VC: LOS Style VC: CVP Cap:
Misc Rules:
Map Board(s): v 4
Overlays: NONE
Errata (source)
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Scenario Comments
Latest Updates:
hoxson1 Modified the overlays2018-07-13 13:04:30
hoxson1 Uploaded an Image2017-10-25 17:44:52
sherersc Added a playing2017-09-02 08:37:46
sherersc Rated the scenario2017-09-02 08:36:52
Danno Added a playing2017-07-28 16:44:09
Last Played:
2017-07-28(D) Dan Best vs Mark DeVries Russian win
2017-06-29(A) Jeff B vs Scott Sherer German winTechnically this was a Russian victory as they had captured and held one of the 75LLs, but the Germans had a chance to MALF the gun before it fell into enemy hands so we played it out. What a great scenario, and what a fun game! We rolled no less than 3 gusts, which spread burning tank metal throughout the air. By the end of the game one multi-level building was engulfed and two tracts of woods burnt to a crisp. The game came down to a melee in one building which would decide the outcome. The Germans managed to sneak a squad into the tank bookended-building and his extra CC value tipped the scales to allow his half squad buddy to survive prolonging the melee and preserving the German victory.
2016-10-05(A) Andy Beaton vs Dave Drasinski German winASLOK 2016. Russian Mini Final
2015-01-14(A) X von Marwitz vs Bill Brodie German winPlayed this one again as the Russians. I stick to my previous judgement when playing it as the Germans, that this is a very good scenario. My attacking force mainly took the "middle" approach, i.e. a lot of forces moving up through/around the 4H1 woods, another detachment soutwards along the vB7 woods aiming for the vL7 building. A squad each went on each flank with the mission to secure the 4I10 and vZ1 buildings and to tie some German forces to hold these units in check. The basic plan worked well. However, I was plagued by numerous malfunctions: Three tank's MA went out and an additional three or four MGs of all types, some of which I was able to repair. The German "Wunderwaffen" were sited in vR9 and 4O1, the latter one not ideally placed IMHO, still, though, you will hear of that one. The Germans had a number of units in the 4P6 building, however, they did almost nothing throughout the scenario but guarding its premises being held in check by the potential threat of my lone squad that eventually reached 4I10 and the Russian MTR and a tank covering the open ground that would need to be crossed if they wanted to move towards the center. I was quite pleased with that. After taking the vL7 building, I moved a platoon of T-34s over to board 4, deftly avoiding the Wunderwaffe. A KV (malfed MA) moved forward to O7 in the dead angle of the R9 Wunderwaffe (the other pointing the other way and still being HIP)to support a Russian squad that had taken the P7 building, and to harass any Germans in the central area where boards v and 4 meet. The vK10 building was taken out quite early and within the German 9-2 and an elite squad taken prisoner. Everything worked according to plan except for all those malfunctions. Unfortunately, this was about to change: When I moved my tanks around 4M3, the second German Wunderwaffe made its appearance in O1 and killed off a tank in 4O2. Can't remember, if it kept rate or IF'ed, but immediately thereafter, it killed a second one in 4M3 headed for cover in 4O4. However, the gun now pinpointed and having strong Russian infantry forces ready in and around the central woods area around 4M1, I was not exactly unnerved. As the German infantry had taken a hard beating, there was not much in the way to prevent a Russian stack of a 9-1 and two full squads with some SW (some maybe even concealed, can't remember) to Assault move next to the Wunderwaffe and to take it out in CC. At the same time, these Russians were about to put an end to some pinned and/or CX German HS in vN9. Unfortunately, though, that HS had a lucky roll causing some type of MC on the Russian stack. The Russian leader rolled HoB, went Berserk and turned the entire stack Berserk as well. So no Advance! ARRRGH! To add insult to the injury, the crew of the Wunderwaffe was rather a crack shot with its AP rounds, keeping ROF, getting CHs and actually managing to immediately lethally wound the zerk 9-1 and CR'ing both zerk squads. No advance and advancing fire much less effective w/o leadership DRM and both (now) HS unable to additionally fire SWs - indeed without effect. Flank still threatened by the Wunderwaffe for my remainig four tanks readily poised there for an armored stampede to capture the last needed building in 4P1. Doh! With two of my tanks taken out that were to interdict the German reinforcements and the hard core of my infantry held off from eclipsing that ridiculous crew in CC, in waltzed the German reinforcements unimpeded. The Marder went after my KV with malfed MA in O7, eventually killing it. 4P1, up to know only held by one last German squad was reinforced by the German 9-1 and two elite squads. Their approach was nicely covered by the blaze of my tank-wreck in 4O2 that had also put a flame into the O3 woods... The German AC moved to vO10 and managed to kill off both zerk Half-Squads in N10. Whadda ya need 10 morale for?! That freaking Wunderwaffe in combination with some pinned HS had worked the wonder to delay my powerful push just to allow the German reinforcements to deploy. Oh well. Because of 4O2, 4P2 ablaze, 4O3 set with two flames, the wall of fire precluded any infantry moves that way. 4P1 manned by the German 9-1, 2x 468+LMG precluded the southern approach. So I tipped of my 4 tanks to make the run around 4O4, which gladly worked out. The Wunderwaffe missed an was then spiked by the Germans as an IF shot. The crew still sat in 4O1 as a speed bump, the AC in vO10, 4O1 now having a Flame in it, the German stack in P1 and the Marder in Q2 facing 4 Russian tanks. Still a chance due to the Russian tanks, though, and the second Wunderwaffe being meanwhile spiked by the Germans. The Marder killed a T-34 hitting the inferior turret, kept ROF, killed a second T-34 with IF, again hitting the inferior turret. After that, I managed to kill the sucker. Alas, the situation had become desperate. In the last Russian turn, I VBM froze the German stack in 4P1, froze the AC and tried to kill the freaking crew from hell with Infantry fire to be able to move into 4O10 and to AdFire into P1 and to finally take the Germans out in CC. Well, the crew from hell did not flinch but in turn pinned my stack... At long last, too late, I broke the crew with advancing fire upon which it was eliminated for FtR. Some revenge, for that crew with its Wunderwaffe had cost me the game. So a very good Russian position deteriorated before my eyes for a German win. Still, great game.
2014-11-15(D) X von Marwitz vs Armin Kraft German winA very good scenario that lives up to its excellent reputation. I had the defending Germans in this one. My Schwerpunkt of the defence was not up front but a little to the back, conceding the L7 and P7 buildings for the difficuly of retreating from them. K10, a key building, was only lightly held. The approaches, however, were covered quite well. This prompted my opponent to order a Human Wave (What fun!)from the H1/H10 area towards K10/L9. With a bit of luck I managed to break all participants except for the leader that forced FPF on my 468 in L9 which promptly broke. Anyway, much of his infantry in the center was in tatters for a while. The first Wunderwaffe located in vR8 killed a KV in vE10, so its position became known. The Russians tried a flanking move on the eastern flank consisting of a platoon of T34s with 2x 447, ATR, and a 7-0 as riders which was quite dangerous. I could not stop the tanks but at least managed to shoot off one 447 and the leader, which ELR'ed to a 6-1 never to recover. On the western half, nothing much happened. To get at the first Wunderwaffe and my 9-2, 468+MMG combo in the vR9, vR8, vS8 area, the Russians moved up with flanking tanks through bypass vS7/vT7, R7, Q9 and Q10. Yet another tank stopped in N8. My Wunderwaffe was forced to turn in R8 to face R7 and IF'ed to kill the first assailant. Still, the situation was looking grim but the tanks' Advancing Fire did not manage to hit with the guns while the 9-2 helped to fend of the adverse effects of MG fire. Additionally, the N8 KV-tank had made the unfortunate choice to stop in the only hex my second Wunderwaffe could see in the central area and consequently was acquired after having to turn the ATG to face it. Then came the next German turn with the reinforcements due to arrive. The Wunderwaffe in R8 had to change CA again in woods to face the ADJACENT KV-tank in vQ9 which it could still hit with a 7 or less. It did so but also kept ROF which allowed me to turn again towards a T34 in vQ10. I kept ROF again, and killed that T34 with the ensuing shot. The unfortunate KV in vN8 was turned into a burning wreck by the other Wunderwaffe. Having lost 4 tanks within one DFPh and PFPh and another bogged in vS8, much of his infantry in tatters, my opponent conceded. I still had had the possibility to spike the R8 Wunderwaffe with IF had it not kept ROF and with the tank threat mostly gone, my 9-2, 468+MMG had the chance to pull out bypassing vS9/vR9 thus avoiding Russian infantry fire from T9, while the German reinforcements were about to close any gaps and seal off the remaining attackers that threatened any buildings. This play was wild fun for my Germans, while the Russians cursed their fate.
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75 mm PaK 41
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Saturday 21 July 2018 10:51:01 PM  (c)dramsey 2018