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Costly Baptism ETO (id:#62642)
(BFP 5: Poland in Flames ID:BFP-107)
Designer: Chas Smith
Starter kit scenario?:    Deluxe scenario?:
Attacker: German (Elements of Aufklärungs-Abteilungen 12, 12th Infantry Division)
Defender: Polish (Elements of Mazowiecka Cavalry Brigade)  
Turns: 5     Players: 2     OBA: None     Night: No
Krzynowloga Mala, Poland 1939-09-01
Unit Counts:
Squads: A:9.0 D:6.0
AFVs: A:3
Kfz 13 x 3

wz.29 "Ursus" x 3

Guns: A:0 D:0
Victory Conditions:
Exit VP: Building Control VC: Area Control VC:
Unit Based VC: LOS Style VC: CVP Cap:
Misc Rules:
Map Board(s): BFP-R
Errata (source)
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Scenario Comments
Latest Updates:
Tomkrny Added a playing2019-02-18 14:40:58
von Garvin Added a playing2018-08-12 13:09:10
von Garvin Rated the scenario2018-08-11 12:55:37
mtrodgers99 Added a playing2018-07-16 14:07:33
tjrez Added a playing2018-07-15 18:31:17
Last Played:
2018-08-11(D) David Garvin vs Mike Allexenberg German win
2018-07-15(A) todd Rezack vs Lee Sellars German win
2018-06-18(A) Michael Rodgers vs Magnus Rimvall German winIllustrated AAR:
2018-04-26(D) Jeff B vs Magnus Rimvall German winMy opponent sent slightly more than half his infantry and a couple Kfz to the east, while the balance took the westerly approach. I had set up a sacrificial half squad in the front row to strip all concealment, but he had to break and run when the Germans made it en masse into the woods he was protecting. This opened the door for a Polish counterattack there though as most of their units here had retained concealment and the Germans were CX. Two of the three CCs they went into were effective, thus greatly reducing the German threat on that flank. His recon by fire was very effective in stripping concealment from my vehicles and eliminating dummy stacks. When the HMG popped up in the east though he quickly redirected his approach to be heavy west central. This was a problem for me as most of my infantry were in the east and could not get across the street with his line of vehicles guarding the way. He was also quite effective with his AT weaponry and I was down to one vehicle by Turn 4. Eliminating my sole vehicle in the west opened the door for a bold push up that side of the board to infiltrate my backfield. This put two more buildings in jeopardy, and he already had secured the requisite three. It was practically hopeless for me at this point but I played it out 'til the end, capturing one building back but the end results saw the Germans with four and the victory.
2018-04-08(A) Stephen dedier vs Holt, Jim German winA very nice short scenario. I didn't have much hope for my kfz13's but they actually served the Germans very well. I setup with the bulk of my forces to come through the woods East of the road and a couple squads to the West to keep some Poles at bay and create the possibility of another victory building. I used the AC's to run onto the board and root out the dummy's and it worked well revealing a stack of 3 in the woods and then cruising on to reveal a stack of 2 disquised as an AC and forcing the Heavy to reveal for a shot. Unfortunately, i had a 1/2 squad KIA in the same effort. My forces to the East broke through quickly but then quickly faced a slew of Polish 1/2 squads. It started getting bloody at that point. I had a FS KIA following my initial push (really could have used them). I got my AC's through and used them to VBM freeze some Poles, act as MG platforms and gain LOS to the Polish rear. Got my forces into the buiding on turn 3 but 2 squads broke on a damn 6 up 2 shot. My Germans though strong early couldn't pass an MC on turns 4 or 4. I used turn 4 to regain concealment for 2 squads and a leader and then push for the final building hexes in turn 5. The 2 Ursus that were still mobile but w/o MA surrounded the buildings with Poles inside. Managed to take a second building cleanly but wound up in CC for the 3rd. I had concealed units and a concealed -1 leader and rolled a 1 for opponent did the same! It was 2 squads and a leader against 1.5 Polish squads and I eliminated the full squad. In the bottom of the the, my opponent was able to get his last squad into the melee and with the Ursus freezing one of my units and 2 broken one's I couldn't reinforce. Fun scenario that came down the the last roll. Those damn ATR's were useless for me. Missed 3 times I believe and 2 hits that were like tossing beer cans.
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2017 NWASL Championships at Game ON!asevenson
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(krzyn mala loc.png)Imagehoxson1128
wz.29 "Ursus" (ursus armored car.png)Imagehoxson1208
(germ-pole new.png)Imagehoxson1198
(costly bap map.png)Map Imagehoxson1119

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wz.29 "Ursus"
Avg Rating: 7.53Votes: 19
Views: 0
To-Play list count: 1
Estimated Play time: 2.9 hours
Recorded Games: 15
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