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First Timers ETO (id:#63437)
(HASL 9 - Hatten in Flames ID:HF3)
Designer: Andy Rogers
Starter kit scenario?:    Deluxe scenario?:
A breakthrough in the village of Hatten became the key focus of the German offensive codenamed Operation NORDWIND. By early afternoon of 9 January, units from Panzergrenadier-Division 25 had captured most of Hatten. The Americans responded immediately, seeking to retain a toehold in the village and prevent the encirclement of its defenders. To determine the forces needed for the task, Captain Joey Ory, aka “Captain Ace”, a company commander from the 14th Armored Division, made his way to the command post of the infantry defending Hatten. The presence of a large force of German armor made the decision easy; more American tanks and infantry were required. The Americans committed a further full battalion from the 242nd Infantry Regiment, and deployed Ory’s A Company, 48th Tank Battalion to counterattack Germans in the western and southern portions of Hatten.
Attacker: American (G Company, 242nd Infantry Regiment, 42nd Infantry Division and 1st Platoon, A Company, 48th Tank Battalion, 14th Armored Division)
Defender: German (Bataillon II, Panzergrenadier-Regiment 119, Panzergrenadier-Division 25 with Panzer-Abteilung 1, Panzer-Regiment 22, Panzer-Division 21)  
Turns: 4.5     Players: 2     OBA: None     Night: No
Hatten, France 1945-01-09
Unit Counts:
Squads: A:11.0 D:10.5
AFVs: A:4
M4A3(76)W x 2
M4A3(75)W x 2

PzKpfw IVJ x 2

Guns: A:0
M2 60mm Mortar x 2
Victory Conditions:
Exit VP: Building Control VC: Area Control VC:
Unit Based VC: LOS Style VC: CVP Cap:
Misc Rules: +1 LV, +3 stone TEM, and orchard hinderances
Map Board(s): Hatten
Overlays: NONE
Errata (source)
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Scenario Comments
Latest Updates:
jwert02 Added a playing2019-10-14 18:58:17
aiabx Added a playing2019-09-01 12:28:34
buser333 Added a playing2019-03-07 08:11:25
hoxson1 Modified the overview2019-02-25 18:50:02
hoxson1 Uploaded an Image2019-02-25 18:44:28
Last Played:
2019-10-10(D) Jason Wert vs Pete Mudge American winASLOK 2019
2019-08-28(A) Andy Beaton vs Jeff Wasserman German winMy old bugbear - keeping 6 morale troops in the line long enough to take advantage of their firepower. I didn't do it this time. I needed to be more aggressive to meet the VC in time, but my troops weren't standing up even with my cautious approach.
2019-03-07(A) Jeff B vs Elmo Menon American winI don't really understand the need for all the space in this one. I suppose it does make the Germans at least think about defending a larger area. My attackers chose to come in hard west and just bully the Germans backwards with tank and smoke support. This plan worked well. It sure helped that all my VBM attempts went unmolested by PFs. Control of the J street is important and, in this one, the Germans just don't have much of an answer. Thirteen locations is still a lot of ground for the Americans to pick up, and then they still need to defend their gains, but they were up to 16 by the end of their Turn 4. The Germans did manage to retake three on their turn with some stragglers in the southwest that I thought for sure were dummies but, going into Turn 5, the Americans still had the minimum thirteen and it was game over.
2019-01-18(D) patrick palma vs Panu Kinnari German win
2019-01-12(A) Steve Buckley vs Bud Nicola American winThe American executed a flank attack on the German's right flank (aided by two successful WP attacks on key German positions), while leaving a token force across the road to prevent the German from shifting his defense to his right. Once the American got control of the main road Rue Principale, it effectively cutting the German forces in two. American win in Turn 4 of 5.
2019-01-06(D) Richard Jenulis vs Greg Barsness American winAmericans got 6 WP and 1 Smoke on turn 1. Back to back snake eyes saw a heroic 9-2 American leader with a Berserk 6-6-6 squad (who never eliminated any enemy units and kept charging), clear several buildings that the second line troops secured. Both Easy Eights and the Panzers were in flames.
2018-12-27(D) fabrizio da pra vs Piergiorgio German win
2018-12-24(D) Jeff Waldon vs Keith Mageau German winVASL
2018-12-21(D) nathan wegener vs Peter Wegener German winTough on Ami's when they don't get smoke...
2018-12-08(D) Martí Cabré vs Francesc Codina DrawWe played a little of this scenario to show the game to some newbies, we did not finish it. Even so it was a good show, lots of fun. The Germans deployed against an envelope attack but the Americans chose to do a frontal assault, they had to guess which stacks were dummies and guessed wrong. They took the first German line but then an American tank fell to an ambush and by luck it was spared of a Panzerfaust and a PzIV attack. Two other American tanks advanced against this PzIV but again failed their shots and finally the German tank got ROF and killed two of the tanks and in turn it burned to an APCR attack of yet another American tank. Did I say fun? There were machinegun firelanes, tank overruns, hand to hand melee and well placed machineguns interdicting routs. All in a small package with no additional rules, the core of ASL gaming.
2018-12-02(D) Jonathan Kapleau vs Taylor, Greg German win
2018-11-18(A) Asad Rustum vs German win
2018-11-10(A) Raoul Duke vs MB German winContrary to some views, the Hatten map is anything but boring. The open spaces surrounding the village provide some challenging maneuver opportunities. However, this one can be really tough on the US if they don't have much smoke / WP. Guess which rolls I blew early?
2018-10-20(A) Tom Kearney vs Lindsey Murillo American winThis scenario went down to the movement phase of the last player turn. Both German tanks were destroyed just after the cam on by turret hits.
2018-10-17(A) Paolo Cariolato vs Federico Corso German winBoring scenario on the boring Hatten map. No much options for the attacking Amis since your obj buildings are 5 hexes away from their set up hexes. Those +4/+5 fires that can add up +2 or +3 for SMOKE inevitably led to melee in order to control those buildings. Did I say Boring?
2018-10-12(D) Stephen dedier vs Holt, Jim American winAmericans proved too much in this one. Germans managed to blunt a end around by DM'ing the riders but were taking casualties from the first turn. The victory area of 25 hexes (not all buildings) give a lot of approach possibilities and Americans start on top of the German resistance. By the end of turn 3 Germans had lost 3.5 squads and a leader and had another HS broken but had pushed the Americans back a bit and had the tanks coming. American 4 saw 3 CC. The Americans got the ambush in 2 and declard H-H and won both. In the third the Americans were 1-2 and rolled snakes while the Germans rolled 10. Single turn eliminated 3.5 German squads and a leader. The early DM americans were back (had lost 2 tanks) but with only 3 squads up the Germans didn't have the ability to defend the area. Americans could just morph around and pick up more hexes than they would lose. Probably a relatively evend scenario but that one CC phase hurt badly.
2018-09-10(D) Gordon Jupp vs Derek Cox American winGood scenario, well played by Derek and poorly played by me with the inevitable crushing by T4!
2018-09-08(D) Allen Evenson vs Dennis Hess German winGermans had a good start with hs/mmg w/leader in the Steeple. Also German Sniper was effective taking out a Leader and breaking a squad early. Ami Tanks took out both German Tanks but 2 American tanks were taken out by fausts, and 1 was recalled trying to repair MA. CC was deadly for the Germs but it slowed the Amis enough. Game end saw Ami's with 7 of 13 required locations.
2018-09-01(A) Scott Sherer vs Paul Crouse German winPlayed FtF at the September CAASL meeting. Had the Germans on the ropes, but Paul was able to rally and pull out the win in the end. I had the necessary buildings but not in enough strength to hold them in the end. Fun scenario!
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[A] American 24
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Friday 06 December 2019 12:30:06 AM  (c)dramsey 2019