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Franc-Tireur #10
Published by: Le Franc Tireur
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This publication is available to buy at the Gamer's Armory [Price $45.00 Buy it here]


The latest publication from the French wizards of ASL. The issue is themed and follows the 'Blue' Division a Spanish unit fighting with the German army in Russia. This issue is in English and is of very high production quality. Includes a Campaign Game 'Gates of the Reich' from Vae Victis no.15. This is a variable OB purchase CG lasting 5 scenarios.


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play count
FT 79: First Blood0 6.83Novaia Bystritsa, RussiaETORussianSpanish Blue3.4 hrs30%
FT 80: One Spanish Hero0 6.17Sitno, USSRETOSpanish BlueRussian2.6 hrs12%
FT 81: Dubrovka0 7.22Dubrovka, RussiaETOSpanish BlueRussian5.1 hrs28%
FT 82: One Could Go Anywhere!0 6.00Possad, USSRETORussianSpanish Blue6.9 hrs3%
FT 83: Go on to Kolpino!0 6.00Krasnyj Bor, USSRETOSpanish BlueRussian2.6 hrs5%
FT 84: Point of Junction0 7.00Mga, USSRETORussianGerman/Spanish Blue4.2 hrs1%
FT 85: Red Roller0 6.00Krasnyj Bor, USSRETORussianSpanish Blue8 hrs1%
FT 86: Black Tercio0 Liuban, USSRETORussian/PartisanSpanish Blue6.6 hrs3%
FT 87: Viva La Muerte!0 6.00Krüssow, PolandETOSpanish/GermanRussian7.4 hrs7%
FT 88: Das Untergang0 6.50Berlin, GermanyETORussianSpanish SS / Latvian SS6 hrs6%
FT CG: Gates of the Reich0 6.33Bardenberg, GermanyETOGermanAmerican3.9 hrs3%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 Grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

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