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From The Cellar Pack #4
Published by: Le Franc Tireur
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"Rising Star, Falling Cross: The Russian Civil War in Manchuria, Siberia, and Outer Mongolia"Robert HammondRules and Strategy
Russian Civil War Nationality ChartRules and Strategy


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play count
FT116: Meet the Madsens0 6.33Argun River, East of Manchouli, Barga Province, ManchuriaCBIChineseMongolian5.1 hrs6%
FT117: The Argun Knot0 7.50Argun River, East of Manchouli, Barga Province, ManchuriaCBIMongolianChinese6.5 hrs3%
FT118: Exit Plans0 7.00Vladivostok, SiberiaETOCzechRed Russian8.6 hrs8%
FT119: Calmness Under Fire0 6.75Near Lake Khanka, Trans-Siberian Railway, Maritime Province, SiberiaETORed Russian (Magyar)British and Czech3.3 hrs23%
FT120: Never Say Navoz0 Novitskaya Mines, Maritime Province, SiberiaETOAmericanBolshevik Partisans3 hrs1%
FT121: Red Star Express0 West of Sitsa, Maritime Province, SiberiaETOAmericanBolshevik Partisans6.1 hrs3%
FT122: Grasp the Wind0 Kazanka, Maritime Province, SiberiaETOAmericanBolshevik Partisans5.4 hrs0%
FT123: Schurter's Sortie0 7.00South of Piryatina, Maritime Province, SiberiaETOAmericanBolshevik Partisans3 hrs18%
FT124: Deadly Sleigh Ride0 Nizhne Udinsk, SiberiaETOWhite RussianRed Russian12.3 hrs3%
FT125: Russian Purges0 Irkutsk, SiberiaETOBolshevik PartisansRed Russian6.9 hrs0%
FT126: Kabuki Theater0 Khabarovsk, Maritime Province, SiberiaETOJapaneseRed Russian8.5 hrs5%
FT127: In the Mouth of Madness0 8.80Glaskov, SiberiaETOBolshevik PartisansSocial Revolutionary Party & Red Russian5.9 hrs22%
FT128: Punitive Expedition0 9.50Approximatley ten miles east of Oloviannaia, Siberia ETOJapaneseRed Russian2.9 hrs4%
FT129: Just What the Doctor Ordered0 8.00Urulga, Maritime Province, SiberiaETORed RussianWhite Russian4.7 hrs0%
FT130: Mongolian BBQ0 South of Kyakhta, Outer MongoliaETOWhite RussianMongolian4.5 hrs0%
FT131: Costly Mistake0 Ubitzik Pass, SiberiaETOMongolianRed Russian3.6 hrs0%
FT132: Visions of Grandeur0 Toreisky, SiberiaETOWhite RussianRed Russian8.8 hrs0%
FT133: The Baron's Luck0 Novo-Dmitrievskof, SiberiaETOWhite RussianRed Russian7.3 hrs1%
FT134: Freebooter Relish0 Valley of Kyakhta, near Gosiny Lake, SiberiaETORed RussianWhite Russian5.3 hrs1%
FT135: Gotta Light?0 Sayan Mountains, north of Uliassutai, Outer MongoliaETORed RussianWhite Russian5.1 hrs3%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 Grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

Tuesday 19 February 2019 06:07:57 PM  (c)dramsey 2019