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March Madness `13 - Commissar Pack
Published by: Kansas City ASL Club
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From the pack: The use of Commissars by the Soviets goes back to the very beginning of the Red Army in 1918 during the Russian Civil War. The Red Army needed officers and recruited the officer corps from the Czar's army. However, they did not trust the old imperial officers and assigned loyal communist party officials as counterparts to every commander through the organization. In practice this gave the communist party total control over the Red Army and made sure there was no counter revolutionary activity within the Red Army during the civil war.


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play count
MM25: Futile Bravery0 8.88Smolensk, RussiaETORussianGerman15.7 hrs60%
MM26: Gallant Mogilev0 8.40Mogilev, RussiaETOGermanRussian10.2 hrs21%
MM27: Odessa Madness0 9.00Vakarzhany Village, UkraineETOGerman/RomanianRussian13 hrs5%
MM28: Sonderkommando Benesch0 6.33Saaremaa Island, EstoniaETOGermanRussian1.9 hrs8%
MM29: Sorve Point0 Sorve Peninsula, Saaremaa Island, EstoniaETOGermanRussian7.1 hrs1%
MM30: Frozen Vzvad0 10.00Vzvad, RussiaETORussianGerman20.1 hrs1%
MM31: Sevastopol By Sea0 8.50Inkerman, CrimeaETOGermanRussian10.6 hrs4%
MM32: Winter Forest0 Bryansk Forest, near Rudnya, RussiaETOGermanPartisan12.4 hrs0%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 Grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

Tuesday 19 February 2019 06:05:28 PM  (c)dramsey 2019