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View From the Trenches #95-97
Published by: View From the Trenches
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Drive to the Volga - Stopped!Craig BennRules and Strategy4-7
An American in StoumontPhillip M. SwansonAnalysis12-30
Black LegionsAlan HumeReference Material33-36
ASL SK1 Aide Memoire (LASL)London ASL GroupRules and Strategy37-40
Basic TacticsMatthew ShostakRules and Strategy41-42
ASL 201: It's the Little Things That CountRuss GiffordRules and Strategy43-48
Fortifications in ActionRules and Strategy
Caves and WPJ.R. VanMechelenRules and Strategy
The Finer Points of ASLJeff ShieldsRules and Strategy52-53
The T-26Michael DavisReference Material54-60
French TanksJames RimmerRules and Strategy60-61
SlopesRich CarterRules and Strategy62-63
SASL, Step by Bloody StepPete PhillipsRules and Strategy64-65
Alone in the Desert: SASL in North AfricaNick SmithRules and Strategy66-67
Solitary Musings: Some Suggested Extra of Optional Rules for SASLUnknownRules and Strategy68-69
Return to Villeneuve d'AscqJoe ArthurAfter Action Report70-71
Deliberate ImmobilisationRuss Bunten, Brian WilliamsRules and Strategy71
TMSASL (Two-Man SASL)Brent PollockRules and Strategy72-73
Reanimating the Monster: The Quest for BorisovVincent MarescaAnalysis74-77


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play count
V23: Tiger at Bay0 6.67Cisterna, ItalyMTOAmericanAxis4.7 hrs100%
V24: Eagles Against Lions0 8.00Piacenza, ItalyMTOAmerican / PartisanItalian4.8 hrs0%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 Grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

Sunday 22 October 2017 08:31:26 PM  (c)dramsey 2017