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French Algeria
Published by: Critical Hit
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This module attempts to introduce ASLers to the Algerian War for Independence (1954-1962), a long and bloody guerrilla conflict in which Algeria achieved its long-sought independence from its French colonial rulers - - -Contents: 3 12.5" x 18.25" nonstandard heavy paper/light cardstock geoboards (Djebel 01, Djebel 02, Djebel 03), 12 pages rules, helicopter play aid, IIFT play aid, 648 die-cut counters, 10 scenarios


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play count
DF # 1: Jump on the Traitors0 Besbessa Mechta, AlgeriaAFRICAFrenchAlgerian5 hrs0%
DF # 2: End of a Convoy0 Northwest of Oum-Ali, AlgeriaAFRICAFrenchAlgerian1.1 hrs0%
DF # 3: Operation 4230 Oued-Adb-er-Rahmane, AlgeriaAFRICAFrenchAlgerian1.4 hrs0%
DF # 4: No Time To Talk0 Djebel Ouasta, AlgeriaAFRICAAlgerianFrench0%
DF # 5: Chased Through the Woods0 Beni-Mezzeline Forest, AlgeriaAFRICAAlgerianFrench0%
DF # 6: Are These Harkis?0 Beni-Mezzeline Forest, AlgeriaAFRICAFrenchAlgerian0%
DF # 7: Dropped Into Hell0 Djebel Mouadjene, south of Souk-Ahras, AlgeriaAFRICAFrenchAlgerian0%
DF # 8: In the Swirling Mass0 Djebel Mouadjene, south of Souk-Ahras, AlgeriaAFRICAFrenchAlgerian0%
DF # 9: Cross Border Retaliation0 Djebel Harraba, Tunisian Border, AlgeriaAFRICAAlgerianFrench0%
DF #10: After the Cease-fire0 Near Boualam, AlgeriaAFRICAFrenchAlgerian0%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 Grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

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