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Fight For Seoul
Published by: Le Franc Tireur
Published date: 2019-11-15
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"The Fight for Seoul" contains 21 H-series scenarios, 2 campaign games, two maps (each KGS in size), rules, and one sheet of full-color counters. The action moves from battles to cross rolling rural terrain in the face of entrenched hilltop defenders and on into a bitter urban struggle amid a city that was a mix of architectural styles. "The Fight for Seoul" captures the intensity of the battles that led to the liberation of Seoul by U.S. Marines and ROK Marine Corps from KPA forces. Never-seen-before terrain combinations will raise new and challenging issues to the field commanders of your ASL army. How well will you fight for Seoul ?


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FT S1: Sights On Seoul8.00KWUSMCKPA50%
FT S2: Besting BasiloneKWKPAUSMC0%
FT S3: Last Stand On An-San8.00Seoul, South KoreaKWUSMCKPA3.1 hrs50%
FT S4: Dilemma On Ma Po BoulevardSeoul, South KoreaKWUSMCKPA0%
FT S5: Rail Yard RumbleKWUSMCKPA0%
FT S6: At The Races With Dark Horse SixKWUSMCKPA0%
FT S7: "Looks Like The Fourth Of July"Seoul, South KoreaKWUSMCKPA2.8 hrs0%
FT S8: Changing The Guard At NamdeamunKWUSMCKPA0%
FT S9: Cowboys And IndiansSeoul, South KoreaKWKMCKPA1.9 hrs0%
FT S10: Liberte CallSeoul, South KoreaKWUSMC/KMCKPA2.3 hrs0%
FtSmR1: MiredKung-Dong, South KoreaKWKMCKPA0.5 hrs0%
FtSmR2: Fenton's FoeHill 105-S, on the SW outskirts of Seoul, South KoreaKWUSMCKPA0.5 hrs0%
FtSmR3: In Min's GunHill 105-S, on the SW outskirts of Seoul, South KoreaKWKPAUSMC0%
FtSmR4: Passage of LinesKung-Dong, on the western outskirts of Seoul,South KoreaKWUNKPA0%
FtSmR5: Fox On The HillHill 56, on the SW outskirts of Seoul, South KoreaKWUSMCKPA0%
FtSmR6: Fox's Fretful NightHill 56, on the SW outskirts of Seoul, South KoreaKWKPAUSMC0%
FtSmR7: Fightin' Over The FingerHill 56, on the SW outskirts of Seoul, South KoreaKWUSMCKPA0%
FtSmR8: Smith's RidgeKWUSMCKPA0%
FtSmR9: Puller's PugilistsKWUSMCKPA0%
FtSmR10: Hotheaded TreadheadsKWUSMCKPA0%
FtSmR11: Whoa Nellie!KWUSMCKPA0%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 Grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

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