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HASL 4 - Pegasus Bridge
Published by: Avalon Hill
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The first land action of the Allies invasion of France in June 19444 was the glider landing at Pegasus Bridge over the Caen Canal. 16 minutes past midnight men from the Ox and Bucks regiment landed within 50 meters of the bridge and started storming the surrounding German defenders from the 716 Infantry Division. The Germans reacted in a peicmeal fashion, throwing units from various formations, including the 21st Panzer Division, at the paratroopers. The fighting lasted until the paratroopers were relieved at 9:15pm by troops coming up from the beaches. Pegasus Bridge is a historical module covering the events of this action from the initial glider landing until relief. The module includes six stand alone scenarios as well as two campaign games.
The module is smaller than its two predecessors, and many of the scenarios are relatively short and are played on small parts of the map. The first two scenarios are night scenarios, and are great for learning the night rules. Every scenario in the module is worth playing.


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play count
PB 1: Ham and Bloody Jam0 6.50Benouville, FranceETOBritishGerman2.6 hrs12%
PB 2: Howard's Men0 6.57Benouville, FranceETOGermanBritish5.9 hrs16%
PB 3: Piecemeal0 5.50Benouville, FranceETOGermanBritish3.4 hrs11%
PB 4: Killean's Red0 6.79Le Port, FranceETOBritishGerman1.2 hrs28%
PB 5: Taylor Made Defense0 6.22Benouville, FranceETOGermanBritish2.9 hrs11%
PB 6: It's About Time0 7.75Benouville and Le Port, FranceETOBritishGerman25.3 hrs6%
PB CG 1: Coup de Main0 8.08Benouville, FranceETOBritishGerman13%
PB CG 2: Hold Until Relieved0 7.43Benouville, FranceETOGermanBritish1.5 hrs3%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 Grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

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