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Critical Hit # 6.4
Published by: Critical Hit
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Volume 6, No. 4 of Critical Hit's ASL magazine, featuring articles and scenarios for Advanced Squad Leader.

The following articles are included:
- The Kursk Blues Cafe (after action report for "Hell's Bridgehead")
- Voyage to Kursk (playtest report for "Hell's Bridgehead")
- Designer's Notes (designer's notes for "Hell's Bridgehead")
- Capturing the Palembang Oilfields (play notes for the included campaign game)
- Solitaire Platoon Leader (solitaire variant rules)
- The Scenarios of CH 6/4 (tactical hints for the scenarios of this magazine)


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play count
TB9: Shout at the Devil0 Arnhem, HollandETOBritishGerman (SS)3 hrs0%
HB 7: High Tide0 8.67North of Hill 226.6, Psel River, USSRETORussianGerman (SS)12 hrs8%
HB 8: The Woodsmen0 Krasny Oktabyr-Kliuchi, RussiaETOGermanRussian4.7 hrs1%
CH144: Fort Kassala0 6.00Fort Kassala, Monte Mocram Pass, SudanETOItalianBritish4 hrs7%
CH145: The Ides of March0 6.20Keren, EritreaDTOBritishItalian3.7 hrs8%
CH146: Message for Ike0 Pont Du Fahs, TunisiaDTOGermanAmerican / British / French11.1 hrs0%
CH147: See Ya' Sam0 Pillau, East PrussiaETORussianGerman6.5 hrs3%
CH148: Trapped at Authie (Reissue)0 6.00Authie, FranceETOGerman (SS)Canadian6.3 hrs4%
CH149: Final Embrace0 7.00Rots, FranceETOBritish / CanadianGerman (SS)5.6 hrs22%
CH150: Pajari's Pride0 5.67Kotisaari Island, FinlandETORussianFinnish3.9 hrs5%
CH151: Race for Freedom0 6.00Kock, PolandETOPolishGerman2.9 hrs7%
CH152: Tin Pan Hill0 Sevastopol, RussiaETOGermanRussian3.9 hrs1%
CH153: End of the Line0 8.00Schwegyin, BurmaCBIJapaneseBritish4.2 hrs0%
CH154: The Central Rail Station0 Stalingrad, RussiaETOGermanRussian4.4 hrs2%
CH155: Stalking Tigers0 9.00Pont Du Fahs, TunisiaDTOGermanBritish/French/American14.9 hrs0%
CH156: Hill 1500 8.00St. Lo, France ETOGermanAmerican5.1 hrs0%
CH157: Armored Probe (reissue)0 4.50Biak, New GuineaPTOJapaneseAmerican5.6 hrs2%
CH158: Rite of Passage0 4.00Western Ukraine, Soviet UnionETOPartisanGerman5.1 hrs13%
CH159: Just Before Breakfast0 6.67Arnaville, FranceETOGerman (SS)American4.5 hrs11%
CH160: Knifing the Bodyguard0 Komsomolets State Farm, RussiaETORussianGerman (SS)3.8 hrs1%
PL J1: Capturing the Palembang Oilfields0 Palembang, SumatraPTOJapaneseBritish/Dutch1%
HB CG 3: Hell's Bridgehead CG 30 Krasny Oktabyr-Kliuchi, USSRETORussianGerman0%
Genesis 20: Soldiers of Jerusalem0 Jerusalem, IsraelIsraeliArab3.5 hrs0%
Genesis 21: Antiquity0 Jerusalem, IsraelIsraeliArab14 hrs1%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 Grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

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