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Carnage at Cassino
Published by: Critical Hit
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Folio-style accessory for use with Advanced Squad Leader, depicting the allied efforts to capture Point 593 near the Monte Cassino monastery, held at that time time by elements of the German 1st Parachute Division. Players may recreate the many and varied attacks by Indian, American, New Zealand, Polish and Free French troops as they attempted to dislodge the stubborn and resourceful Fallschirmjaegers. Includes 8 new scenarios and 4 new campaign games and a 22"x32" map to play them on.


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play count
CAC 1: Ici Belevedere0 6.50Mount Belevedere, near Cassino, ItalyMTOFrenchGerman1 hrs6%
CAC 2: One Last Try0 6.50Albaneta Farm, near Cassino, ItalyMTOGermanAmerican4.1 hrs6%
CAC 3: Indians with Grenades0 5.50Snakeshead Ridge, near Cassino, Italy MTOGermanIndian0.5 hrs6%
CAC 4: Cavenish Filibuster0 3.00Albaneta Farm, near Cassino, ItalyMTOGermanNew Zealand / Indian2.6 hrs4%
CAC 5: Point 5930 6.00Snakeshead Ridge, near Cassino, Italy MTOPolishGerman9.5 hrs6%
CAC 6: Into the Valley of Death0 2.00The Gorge, near Cassino, ItalyMTOPolishGerman11.2 hrs6%
CAC 7: By Dawn's Early Light0 7.00Phantom Ridge, near Cassino, ItalyMTOPolishGerman4.6 hrs69%
CAC 8: Colle St. Angelo0 9.00Colle St. Angelo, near Cassino, ItalyMTOPolishGerman7.3 hrs0%
GC CAC 1: American High Tide on the Cassino Massif0 near Cassino, ItalyMTOAmericanGerman1 hrs0%
GC CAC 2: The Tiger Attacks0 near Cassino, ItalyMTOIndianGerman0%
GC CAC 3: Once More Into the Breech0 near Cassino, ItalyMTOPolishGerman13.5 hrs0%
GC CAC 4: Diadem0 near Cassino, ItalyMTOPolishGerman11 hrs0%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 Grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

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