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Operation Compass & Wavell's 30,000
Published by: Critical Hit
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play count
CH109: Frontier Raid0 Frontier Post, Libyan-Egyptian Border DTOBritishItalian6.2 hrs4%
CH110: Starlight, Starbright0 02:00 hours, Near Fort Maddalena, LibyaDTOBritishItalian2.7 hrs0%
CH111: The Battle of Ghirba0 07:00 hours, Ghirba, LibyaDTOBritishItalian12.4 hrs4%
CH112: Frontier Raid II0 5.33Frontier Post, Libyan-Egyptain BorderDTOBritishItalian9.4 hrs8%
CH113: Graziani's Advance0 Coastal Road, east of Sollum, EgyptDTOItalianBritish11.5 hrs2%
CH114: Surprise at Nibeiwa0 07:30 hours, Nibeiwa, EgyptDTOIndian / BritishItalian14.3 hrs2%
CH115: Tummar West0 13:00 hours, Tummar West Camp, EgyptDTOIndian / BritishItalian12.7 hrs4%
CH116: Pride Before Fall0 13:00 hours, Coastal Road, west of Alam el Dab, EgyptDTOItalianBritish8.2 hrs2%
CH117: The Fall of Sidi Barrani0 16:00 hours, Sidi Barrani, EgyptDTOBritishItalian16.1 hrs2%
CH118: Sidi Omar0 4.0010:00 hours, Sidi Omar, EgyptDTOBritishItalian6.7 hrs6%
CH119: Fortress at Bardia I0 05:30 hours, Bardia, LibyaDTOAustralian / BritishItalian14.5 hrs2%
CH120: Small Encounters0 8.0007:50 hours, Bardia, LibyaDTOAustralian / BritishItalian10.5 hrs18%
CH121: A Test of Nerves0 5.3308:30 hours, Bardia, LibyaDTOItalianAustralian2.7 hrs20%
CH122: Fortress at Bardia II0 11:30 hours, Bardia, LibyaDTOAustralianItalian20.6 hrs4%
CH123: The Bardia Waterworks0 16:00 hours, Bardia, LibyaDTOAustralian / BritishItalian5.3 hrs0%
CH124: The Fall of Tobruk0 14:30 hours, outside of Tobruk, LibyaDTOAustralian/British Italian19.2 hrs2%
CH125: Down the Throat0 14:30 hours, Tobruk Perimeter, LibyaDTOBritishItalian2.6 hrs4%
CH126: Metal at Mechili0 07:00 hours, west of the Fort of El Mechili, Libya DTOBritishItalian18.4 hrs4%
CH127: Stand at Derna0 13:30 hours, Derna, LibyaDTOAustralian / BritishItalian22.7 hrs4%
Beda Fomm 1: The End of the Line0 14:30 hours, Sidi Saleh, near Beda Fomm, LibyaDTOItalianBritish24.3 hrs0%
Beda Fomm 2: The Trap Congeals0 07:30 hours, Sidi Saleh, near Beda Fomm, LibyaDTOItalianBritish17.2 hrs0%
Beda Fomm 3: Death of an Army0 6.5007:30 hours, Sidi Saleh, near Beda Fomm, LibyaDTOItalianBritish14.4 hrs8%
Beda Fomm CG 1: Beda Fomm Campaign0 Sidi Saleh, near Beda Fomm, LibyaDTOItalianBritish114.4 hrs0%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 Grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

Sunday 30 April 2017 06:57:47 AM  (c)dramsey 2017