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Welcome to the ASL Scenario Archive

The site for Scenario information, for Advanced Squad Leader.

Long term hosting finalised! 2nd July 2015, 12:34Login to comment...
Apologies for the delay in getting this completely sorted. I'm now on a fully hosted platform so if you're seeing this message you know you're connecting to the most up-to-date version of the archive. Sorry for the interruption, but carry on enjoying the site now :-)
Michael Dorosh wrote on 2nd July 2015, 13:06
Thank you for continuing to make this valuable resource available to us.
jacksonkwan wrote on 10th July 2015, 21:36
Great to see you back! The site seems faster too!! THANKS
grumblejones wrote on 12th July 2015, 21:48
I can only second what others have said. Your site is a wonderful resource!
We're back! 10th June 2015, 00:00Login to comment...
Sorry about that... I moved houses and knew there'd be a lapse in internet availability, but that was more problematic than I'd imagined. Anyway - slowly getting back to normal - there'll be some additional outages over the next day or so as my line speed is being upgraded - but hopefully that will see us back to normal again.

Sorry if I haven't been able to respond to any requests over the last few weeks, I have a little more time now - but I'm still in the boxes everywhere stage of house moves, so it might be a week or so before things really settle down.

Thanks for your patience!

ASL Scenario Archive Shop 24th August 2014, 03:23Login to comment...
The brand new online store, ASL Scenario Archive Store is now open and taking pre-orders for the Deluxe Pack #1 which is now en-route to the UK!

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Scenario of the Month: May
Pain In The NeckFriendly Fire Pack 9Friendly Fire

Latest Files [Publications] [Content Additions]
In Deadly CombatEnd of Russian Turn 5 Agoldin132017-04-07 16:48:20
Fox HuntPDF Version of the Scenario grumblejones272017-04-02 19:19:06
Stand FastThis was the final result of my match. The Germans were facing a 2MC. He rolled 6! von Garvin172017-03-22 08:44:09
Death on the Eismeer StrasseAfter Action Report Whiskers152017-03-19 09:12:14
Partisan StrongholdFT183 Partisan Stronghold Setup file Whiskers192017-03-19 09:05:43
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Latest Games Played
The CemeteryDanno
The CemeteryI got my opportunity to play again as the Partisans. Better grasp of the night rules certainly helped my Partisans engage the Germans in close combat. Bloody hand to hand fighting over three turns gave my Partisans the victory.grumblejones
No Shortage of DeterminationGermans were able to delay my Polish forces just enough - fun game that went the distance.asevenson
Gavin TakeWow, what a match! Came down to the final die roll. My 10-3 and 10-2 were both hors de combat at this point. US for the win!von Garvin
Mount PissoderiPlayed using I1 handicap, which gives an extra 9-1 leader to the Greeks. There weren't many GO Italian units left after five turns, but they still held the victory hex and the Greek could not take it in the sixth turn.mtrodgers99

On this day...
30: Sylvan DeathBessarabia, Romania1944
BRV 3: Red Banner Number 5Reichstag, Berlin, Germany1945
BRV 8: Polish PrizeTiergarten, Berlin, Germany1945
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This site is fantastic. Thanks to you I'm discovering I have scenarios in old wargaming magazines that I didn't even know about. Kudos! Mark H.
Great site! I used CoW for years, and this is even better - thanks! Vic L., Vandalia OH, ASL since 91


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