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On the Road to Andalsnes ETO (id:#56275)
Avalon Hill (AH:ASL Annual `91 ID:A 31)
Prior Publication: SL 212
See Also: On the Road to Andalsnes by Multi-Man Publishing
Designer: Unknown
Starter kit scenario?:    Deluxe scenario?:
With the sudden Allied landings at Namsos and Andalsnes, the strategic and political importance of Trondheim was brought into sharp focus. Quickly implementing alternative plans, von Falkenhorst ordered the 196th Infantry Division to clear several valleys an isolate that city. On 24 April, lead elements of the German division, advancing along the valley towards Andalsnes, found themselves stymied by fierce resistance in the vicinity of Dombaas from the British 148th Infantry Brigade, which had landed and was moving inland. With ammunition running low and the road behind them threatened by the Norwegian 2nd Division, an urgent message was dispatched for munitions and reinforcements to be pushed forward at all costs. The 196ths HQ loaded an assortment of commandeered wagons with supplies and sped northward with all available troops. With a roadblock firmly established and troops positioned on the hills flanking the road, the Norwegian commander advised of the attempted breakthrough waited confidently.
Attacker: German (Infanterie Division 196)
Defender: Norwegian (2nd Norwegian Infantry Division)  
Turns: 11     Players: 2     OBA: None     Night: No
Near Dombass, Norway 1940-04-24
Unit Counts:
Squads: A:16.0 D:14.0
AFVs: A:0 D:0
Guns: A:1
7.5cm leIG 18 x 1
5cm leGrW 36 x 1
Victory Conditions:
Exit VP: Building Control VC: Area Control VC:
Unit Based VC: LOS Style VC: CVP Cap:
Misc Rules: Wooden Bldgs, no shellholes. D: HD6 (may not transport Personnel exc: 2-2-8 crew)
Map Board(s): 2 9
Overlays: NONE
Errata (source)
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Latest Updates:
hoxson1 Modified the misc. rules2020-02-12 17:29:12
hoxson1 Uploaded an Image2018-04-23 19:59:40
hoxson1 Modified the misc. rules2017-12-08 16:47:10
hoxson1 Modified the misc. rules2016-11-11 19:16:45
hoxson1 Modified the overlays2016-11-11 19:15:38
Last Played:
2014-01-08(A) Kermit Mullins vs Scott Waites Norwegian winMy dice left me in turns 6 and 7 and the Norwegians managed to gut me with a single 4-3-7 that took out 10 crucial victory points. I'm still at a loss for words on this loss.
2012-04-07(A) Fred Ingram vs Are Erlandsen Norwegian winOne more turn and it would have been mine. As it turned out, I had 30 points poised to exit, but a green 4-3-7 and a 9-1 were entrenched in the exit hex. They survived a 36 + 1 encircling shot (I had a hero) in the advancing fire of the previous turn. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR If I had to shoot to clear the way - there would not be enough to exit. Close game. Edit: Gave up too early - forgot I could have advanced in and whacked the units in CC.
2008-05-10(A) Martin Sabais vs Norwegian win
2007-07-01(D) Jeremy Sullivan vs David Perham Norwegian win
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Estimated Play time: 7.9 hours
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ROAR Data: (updated Nov 2019)
On the Road to Andalsnes [Confirmed]
[A] Norwegian 15
[D] German 11
Monday 17 February 2020 04:26:51 AM  (c)dramsey 2020