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Coriano MTO (id:#61409)
(ASL Action Pack # 8 Roads Through Rome ID:AP82)
See Also: Coriano by Critical Hit Coriano II by Critical Hit
Designer: Gary Fortenberry
Starter kit scenario?:    Deluxe scenario?:
Here we find the Irish Regiment of Canada ready to storm the town of Coriano. It is 13 September 1944, a year after the landings at Salerno. The leaden skies overhead threaten to unleash a deluge. (Fortunately, Mars has decreed that the skies cannot erupt before Turn 3.) Thus begins the Second Battle of Coriano. Lying in wait are elements of Panzergrenadier-Division 29, the same formation that had caused the T-Patchers so much grief at Salerno the previous September. Seven First Line squads defend boards 5b and 21 with five MG. Gary has thoughtfully provided a couple of 2-4-8 half-squads to pair with the HMG and FT! The German perimeter on board 5b is fortified with wire and mines. (The OB-given roadblocks may be set up on either board.) A medium tank and a Sturmgeschutz give the defense some added hitting power.
Attacker: Canadian (Irish Regiment of Canada, 11th Canadian Infantry Brigade and Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians) Regiment)
Defender: German (Bataillon 1, Panzergrenadier-Regiment 71, Panzergrenadier-Division 29 and Panzer-Division 26)  
Turns: 4-7.5     Players: 2     OBA: Canadian     Night: No
Coriano, Italy 1944-09-13
Unit Counts:
Squads: A:13.0 D:8.0
AFVs: A:2
Sherman II(a) x 2

PzKpfw IVH x 1
StuG IIIB x 1

Guns: A:1
OML 3-in. Mortar x 1
Victory Conditions:
Exit VP: Building Control VC: Area Control VC:
Unit Based VC: LOS Style VC: CVP Cap:
Misc Rules: Olive Groves, no printed stairwells.
Map Board(s): 21 5b
Overlays: NONE
Errata (source)
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Scenario Comments
Latest Updates:
hoxson1 Modified the turn count2019-06-08 12:53:55
hoxson1 Modified the overlays2019-06-08 12:52:29
hoxson1 Modified the misc. rules2019-06-08 12:52:19
hoxson1 Uploaded an Image2018-05-04 19:40:58
hoxson1 Modified the overview2018-05-04 19:40:36
Last Played:
2015-05-17(D) Michael Rodgers vs Kevin Killeen Canadian winGermans lost even with the German balance. Canadian OBA hurt as HE rather than smoke.
2015-04-15(A) Michael Rodgers vs Bruno L'Archeveque German winCanadians found every mine hex by attacking through the olive groves. The smoke barrage protected them from fire, but still lost some units. Fate was unkind throughout the four and 1/2 turns played. The Canadians lost 7 units by rolling 12 on an MC or Rally.
2015-02-27(A) Kevin Killeen vs Ken Young Canadian winVASL
2014-11-21(D) Richard Carter vs Kevin Klausmeyer Canadian winExcellent Scenario. I really enjoyed defending in this one. It went down to the CC phase of the final turn. We had heavy rain for most of the game. Kevin did a nice job of recovering from a difficult start.
2014-04-03(D) X von Marwitz vs David Wallace Canadian winI had rather high expectations regarding this scenario because it was looking interesting and ROAR has it rated both very balanced and fun by a significant number of players. What shall I say - my Germans were done by the start of Canadian turn 4. Basically delaying the Canadians worked ok (albeit they chose the oppsite flank that I would have liked and thus were able to avoid most of my devious traps). But they managed to create two heroes that were immediately used by my opponent to form most deadly fire-groups containing both of them. Next, his arty worked just fine hitting right where it supposed to be when I was most vulnerable while falling back into the first city block and menaced me the rest of the time. For turn 3 and 4 I managed to help the pair of heroes by rolling up a DR average of 7.887 in 54 rolls which would have put me on second place on the worst rollers leaderboard of this website displacing mgmasl currently holding 2nd place since Feb. 2009. However, this website unfortunately cannot read the format of the new Chatter-Extension by Fredkors. Well, I guess I have to replay this one someday.
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(AP082 Coriano Scenario Archive.jpg)Imagevon Marwitz517
VASL Map (AP82 Coriano.png)Map ImageFre20741391

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Avg Rating: 6.44Votes: 16
Views: 0
To-Play list count: 2
Estimated Play time: 4.3 hours
Recorded Games: 13
Archive recorded plays:

ROAR Data:
Coriano [Confirmed]
[A] Canadian 31
[D] German 27
Saturday 19 October 2019 05:40:17 AM  (c)dramsey 2019