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Rage Against the Machine ETO (id:#61661)
(ASL Journal #10 ID:J157)
Designer: Chris Mazzei and Peter Struijf
Starter kit scenario?:    Deluxe scenario?:
The 3rd grand battle (also known as "the other Christmas Battle") started on 21 December with a Soviet attack on Germans near Saldus. The Soviet 2nd Baltic (northern sector) and 1st Baltic Fronts (southern sector) commenced a blockade, precipitating the German defence of the Courland perimeter during Soviet attempts to reduce it. In this battle, serving with the 2nd Baltic Front's 22nd Army, the Latvian 130th Rifle Corps faced their opposites in the Latvian 19th SS Division. The battle ended on 31 December and the front was stabilized. The Soviets had gained a few more square kilometers of territory at the expense of tremendous losses in men, tanks, aircraft, etc.
Attacker: Russian (Elements of 1st Baltic Front and 19th Tank Corps)
Defender: German (Kampfgruppe Zoll, Infanterie-Division 132 and Sturmgeschütz-Brigade 912, Panzer-Division12)  
Turns: 6.5     Players: 2     OBA: None     Night: No
Courland Pocket, Latvia 1944-12-21
Unit Counts:
Squads: A:16.0 D:14.0
AFVs: A:8
ISU-122 x 3
ISU-152 x 3
T-34/85 x 2

StuG IIIG (L) x 1
JgdPz IV(L) x 2

Guns: A:0 D:1
7.5cm PaK 40 x 1
Victory Conditions:
Exit VP: Building Control VC: Area Control VC:
Unit Based VC: LOS Style VC: CVP Cap:
Misc Rules: Treat Grain as Brush
Map Board(s): 3a 40 42
Overlays: NONE
Errata (source)
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Scenario Comments
Latest Updates:
von Garvin Added a playing2018-07-21 22:52:12
mtrodgers99 Added a playing2018-06-04 15:53:47
hoxson1 Modified the misc. rules2018-02-01 15:01:39
hoxson1 Modified the overlays2018-02-01 15:01:16
hoxson1 Modified the overview2018-02-01 14:58:59
Last Played:
2018-07-21(D) David Garvin vs David Garvin German win
2018-06-04(A) Michael Rodgers vs Magnus Rimvall German winRussians took their right side objective. Almost took the middle objective.
2017-10-02(D) Jeff B vs Stewart King German win
2017-08-19(D) Jason Wert vs Ron Duenskie German winOutstanding scenario. Ron had a very constant solid attack and pressured Germans hard along the river and on the right. Some brave conscripts held hard in the German center. Game ended focusing on the stone building. Russians failed to close the CC's down with one hex escaping on an ambush and other surviving the attack.
2017-08-12(D) David Garvin vs Gary Barrett Russian win
2016-07-11(A) Kevin Killeen vs Dave Ginnard Russian win
2015-09-13(D) mark watson vs Jordan Kehrer German winVery interesting scenario. Endless PFs from the germans and a few lucky rolls sealed a game full of HOBs, leader creation and flaming wrecks. Russians held the south bridge with tanks, but could not capture the town.
2015-05-30(A) Fred Schwarz vs Bob Davis German win
2014-05-25(D) Don Lazov vs Nate Lazov German win
2014-05-05(D) Martí Cabré vs Miguel Guerrero Russian winMy setup was not very good, with many units on the top side of the board. Miguel moved his units more to the center, using a human wave to cross a road and then struck hard against my center. I started to retreat my bypassed units towards the victory point locations, but then in the tank firefight that ensued I was totally shattered with many tanks destroyed and me missing and malf'ing my guns and tanks. The Russians prepared to assault the village with I only having a handful of infantry HS to defend it. As we had to provide a result for the VASL League I just conceded the scenario.
2014-02-25(A) Lee Bray vs German winAs the Russian in this my basic plan was quite brutal and simple: to concentrate everything in a single punch in an effort to blast through to the two victory objectives needed for a win. In the end I selected the two village objectives as the target as I didn't like the relatively open river bank terrain or the potential for flanking German fire from across the river. That was the plan, but my execution wasn't quite up to it. My opponent executed an excellent fighting retreat and this, combined with my timidity with my AFVs, reflecting my worries about PFs, meant I could never do any real damage as he fell back. My infantry on the other hand were a more agressive and on about T5 I launched a human wave to cross the street into the centre of the village. It was a minimum size HW, but it did the job with relatively low cost - it did include a Fanatic 458 with a ML elevated to 10! In the end the Russians gained a foothold in all the VC building, but ran out of time to capture all of them. A good scenario, that I'd play again no problem.
2013-11-08(D) X von Marwitz vs Bruno Nitrosso Russian winI had played this one as the German before. This time I was completely steamrolled by an excellent opponent. He set up EVERYTHING on the northern side of board 42 and completely ignored the approach along the river - the thing I feared he would do. Still, I did not expect to find such a concentration up the northern edge. Well, he quickly forced the gap at 42D1 and manage to reach the area from which he could threaten the entry of my reinforcements. Everything in his path seemed to be threatened by 5 of the vicious russian assault guns AND several infantry units at once, so that the thought of dropping concealment to fire seemed suicide. Closer to the river, my defenders had to fall back to try to be of any use later and thus could not fire. By the start of German Turn 3, he had reached the P hexrow of board 3a in force and killed/captured everything that used to be in his way on board 42. The German reinforcements would have had to enter along the F hexrow if they wanted any semblance of safety. With the horredous losses before, it would be out of the question to hold the HQ and nothing much to put in his path to seriously contest the bridge with any chance of success. Thus I conceded when my reinforcements were due to enter with all due respect to my excellent opponent.
2013-10-17(D) X von Marwitz vs Chris Hofland German winInteresting scenario. The Russians have to time to lose and the Germans must find the fine line between staying to delay as much as possible and to fall back just in time to avoid too much punishment. Defending too far to the front might get you broken and unable to fall back in (a semblance of) order. Defending too far back will leave the Russian with just that bit of time he needs to overwhelm the mixed German defenders. The German Turn 3 reinforcements will be sorely needed in any case but thinking about where they can plug gaps most easily after entry seems a good idea when planning the original setup.
2013-10-07(A) Kevin Killeen vs Michael Klautky German winASLOK. Opponent did a great job delaying helped by several conscript HS's that found Fausts!
2013-10-05(D) Michael Rodgers vs David Perham German winExciting game. I love the PF SSR.
2013-10-03(A) Alessandro Demichelis vs Catanzaro Enrico Russian winVery interesting game, both side have enough units to manoeuvre and attack/defende, the German need a careful play. Highly recommended.
2013-07-26(A) Robert Zinselmeyer vs Craig Walters German winSt. Louis ASL Tournament
2013-07-02(D) Nick Trotti vs Jim Abrams German win
2013-06-19(A) Paolo Cariolato vs Santiago Lopez Barba Russian win
2013-06-08(A) Jeff T vs John Van Natta German winThis one was really fun. The Russians came in strong and overwhelmed some German conscripts on the hill near the river. It looked like the Russians had too much, but an excellent fighting withdrawal from John made me earn all the ground. John played pretty close to error free and I got a little loose with the Russian armor. John bagged a T34/85 with an HIP leader and faust and his AT gun bagged another. Then when the crew was broken, he rushed a squad in and he got a critical on a Russian 152. By the time his reinforcements came in, two more went down, this time to a Shock/UK and a then boneheaded move by me leaving a 122 in range of a halfsquad with a Schreck. A big turning point in the battle was an advancing fire shot by my Russians to DM one of the broken Germans. I rolled his sniper and John finally recruited a competent shooter. He went to my 9-1 leader stack (they were repositioning to lead the assault into the main village) and I rolled 3 5s. Result was a dead 9-1, 2 broken squads, and then a third broken due to LLMC (-1). I pushed the Russians hard, getting the 7-0 to rally the rabble and made a game of it. I got in position to capture the bridge and was across the street from the victory building in the center of town, however a last turn effort (capped by a demo in the ground floor!) fell just short as John managed to survive 2 AFPh shots with a halfsquad upstairs to claim the win. Great playing by John showing patience and shrugging off early poor morale rolls. He ended up with his squads right where he needed them to get lots of fire on the final Russian push. I really recommend this scenario, it's quite a force for the Russians and some fun SSRs with the fausts.
2013-05-28(D) Gordon Jupp vs Nick Holmshaw German winInteresting and fun game; HIP squad took out two Russian AFV on turn two with Panzerfausts, put the Russians on the back foot and they never recovered...
2013-05-08(D) Steffen Knippel vs Chris Chapman In progress
2013-04-19(D) Richard Carter vs Rob Linxweiller Russian winA very fun scenario that came down to a desparate attempt on my part to hold a victory location and failed.
2013-04-19(D) Andy Beaton vs Eoin Corrigan Russian winThe German line crumbled quickly under relentless Russian fire, and I couldn't manage to slow the Russians for a moment. I couldn't get an HE shot of my Jagdpanzers, or get close enough to a Russian AFV for a single PF shot. Eoin played a smart game and took my forces apart like they were on a butcher's slab.
2013-04-12(D) Fred Ingram vs Gary Swartz German winASL Open
2012-12-23(A) Fred Ingram vs Jeff Coleman Russian winI really enjoyed this scenario, and I believe my opponent did as well. Jeff had a pretty solid looking up-front defense. making it difficult to safely move vehicles too far forward without encountering any PF shots. I seemed to guess wrong on all instances of dummies on my firing. But the up-front units crumbled on turn 2 and I was able to make some progress in the movement phase of turn 3. That is when his hidden units with the guaranteed PF made their appearance. I managed to have 2 vehicles (a T-34/85 and an IS-122) stopped adjacent to them (resulting in 2 burning wrecks). Interestingly, a mild breeze came up and we had to live with drifting smoke the rest of the game. Turns 3 and 4 saw a major advance towards the 3aM8 victory building (which fell on turn 5). I never really considered going after the bridge (unless it was only lightly defended). So the major thrust had to be against the far buildings by the victory crossroads. Interestingly, these only required HEX CONTROL, meaning a lone vehicle IN the building (not in bypass) could control the location and hex. Unfortunately, the turn 3 German reinforcements were all targeted towards defending those locations. We had a pretty interesting set of combats around his AT gun in 3aO4. In different hexes we had CC going on with the Russians eventually coming out on the good end of things. The best part is his wounded 9-1 with his PF died in 3aN3, and the PF was recovered by a Russian squad. In the middle of the board, a T34/85 had shot and malf’ed his MA. On the next movement phase, he ended up just charging into the fray, getting immobilized in 3aM5. Having passed his immobilization task check, subsequent German fire then shocked it. It turned into an unconfirmed kill in the following rally phase. But then actually survived in a subsequent rally phase. Then, on the last turn, he also repaired the MA (taking a shot at the Stug which immobilized him - but missing) The final 2 turns were all concentrated on getting control of 3aJ4. I was able to maneuver two squads to get into CC, but they were both CR'd into half squads. Oh his turn, he moved a JgdPz into bypass. So now I had to eliminate his infantry and a vehicle. In my defensive fire phase I was able to bring 16 FP to bear into the melee, breaking his fanatic squad, breaking one of my HS, but leaving the other Russian HS alive. In the last movement phase, I was able to bring infantry up to overwhelm the hex in CC. But more importantly, the Russian squad with the recovered PF was able to get adjacent to the JgdPz in bypass (who could do nothing), and it was dispatched in the advancing fire shot, thus winning the game.
2012-12-22(D) James Lowry vs Patch Bunny Russian win
2012-12-14(D) Davide Bendazzi vs Jeff Sewall German win
2012-10-05(A) Thomas Lynch vs Pablo Garcia German winConceeded due to time commitments
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ISU-122 assault gun
Avg Rating: 7.64Votes: 39
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To-Play list count: 6
Estimated Play time: 7.5 hours
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ROAR Data:
Rage Against the Machine [Confirmed]
[A] Russian 29
[D] German 25
Sunday 22 July 2018 02:49:53 AM  (c)dramsey 2018