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My first ASL game

Uploaded by: Brederic. Viewed 1045 times.

This was my first ASL scenario, played against myself on VASL.

I've been reading Chapter A and B and online tutorials to get the basics of Infantry combat, and decided to try out this scenario based on [url=]these recommendations[/url].

I'm sure I played many rules wrong and missed things, but I had a lot of fun.

In the early game the Russian elites drove the Germans out of their large Western stone building. Then a pair of Beserk squads charged the central stone building one after the other and defeated the Germans there in close combat.

At this point, all the Russians needed to do was hold what they had to win the scenario. The Germans couldn't seem to do much other than break a squad here and there, and try to keep their own squads rallied.

In turn four they began to set up a plot that just might work, shifting some squads+leaders to the eastern side of the board, and firing to try to keep unbroken squads out of one of the buildings behind the front lines.

The Germans made a desperate run up the eastern edge of the map for a lightly guarded building behind the front lines to try to win the game on their last turn. The first stack double-timed it to just outside the vital building through two unprotected hexes of point blank fire. The second stack was decimated by residual fire. The first stack was trimmed to a pinned HS and a leader by PBF from the target building. The leader advanced inside, and was ambushed and killed by the two leaders and unbroken squad in the building.

Russians win!

I got to use: dash, assault fire, concealment, ambush, bypass, heat of battle, berserk, sniper, elr reduction, rof, 1st level of buildings. Things I didn't see: battle hardening, leader or hero creation, surrender/capture, fire lanes, human wave, snap shot and probably many others.

I'd like to play a PBEM VASL game of Gavin Take next. Would anyone care to pound the newbie?
Friday 22 March 2019 06:57:28 PM  (c)dramsey 2019