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Welcome to the ASL Scenario Archive

The site for Scenario information, for Advanced Squad Leader.

ASL Scenario Archive Shop 24th August 2014, 03:23Login to comment...
The brand new online store, ASL Scenario Archive Store is now open and taking pre-orders for the Deluxe Pack #1 which is now en-route to the UK!
Coming soon... 9th August 2014, 20:23Login to comment...
von_meyer wrote on 10th August 2014, 14:27
Yes, bring it on!
Outgoing email working! 10th September 2013, 21:59Login to comment...
I think ;-)

I'm still looking at incoming mail, but should get that working fairly soon. Thanks also to some more donations, Paolo and Brian. Many thanks guys, much appreciated!

mtrodgers99 wrote on 2nd October 2013, 20:55
Dave, I tried to use the Advanced Search to find scenarios using board FrFA. I could not see that board in the drop down list. Michael. Rodgers
Dave wrote on 4th November 2013, 15:08
It's there, just under DW4..

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The Last Tigervon Marwitz Added a playing6h 42m 1s ago
Out Of Their Elementvon Marwitz Uploaded the Board image10h 0m 9s ago
GeneralThorljotsson updated collection14h 54m 11s ago
Another Summer's DayThorljotsson Added a playing15h 9m 18s ago
Morgan's Standvon Marwitz Uploaded the Board image18h 49m 35s ago
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Highway 5sneo
Playtesting PTO 002jacksonkwan
Taking the Left Titrami
The Last TigerPlayed this one as the attacking Russian. It is a good scenario and fun to play, despite for my Russians it was a never ending chain of disasters. First of all: Mild Breeze changed to Heavy Winds with the consequence that no SMOKE worked. No S, no sM, no sD. Catastrophe right from the start! Then I was pretty sure, his HIP Tiger would be perched somewhere on a hill and had planned for that. He was not. Instead, he killed my ISU on the first shot and it turned out that he had just LOS to another tank that he could go after in the German Prep Fire Phase in which it went down. To make matters worse, the Tiger had kept ROF after killing the ISU, so one further tank and infantry still offboard had to avoid the flank and move mostly offboard to be able to enter at a safe place. So eastern flank dead, stopped cold, 1.5 to 2 turns lost for the surviving units. Western flank went better. I despatched the SPW 251/1 there quickly and managed to get much of my infantry forward quickly and unharmed. However, on that flank, the 75L ht turned out to be a pain. When I had finally enticed him to waste its fire and drove up after he lost his HD to kill him in the AFPh, I did not have Special Ammo, and I did gack the normal shot with both good chances for a kill. In turn, in his next Fire Phase, he turned, hit and immobed my attacking T34-85. The infantry in the west made good progress while that in the middle was stopped in the village. It remained GO but could not dare to pass the OG. Meanwhile, I had managed to Shock the Tiger, it went to UK, was bogged in woods. Unfortunately, it recovered. I came in with my turn 3 IS-2 after delaying offboard, entering for one MF and stopping for the last just ADJ to the bogged Tiger in Woods, turret facing completely the other way. I needed 10+4 bounding fire -2 Point Blank -1 Large Target = Final TH9. Of course I missed and got in turn killed by the Tiger during his next Prep. After that, he managed to immediately unbog and threaten my rear... When the German infantry drew back closer to town, I saw the opportunity to rush the Russians stuck in the village forward and thus had infantry coming at the village from both flanks, one supported by an IS2, the other by a Sherman. One of his designated PF-toting concealed leaders came up in range of the IS but elected not to fire during his AFPh to better his chances as I could not do much against him after his move. In turn I tried an infantry OVR after first stripping his concealment by running a leader into him but gacked the TC of my squad detailed for the task. During his DFPh, he needed a 4 or less to his my IS with his PF and rolled a 3! Gone. When I advanced into CC for a 4:1, he managed to ambush my guys and withdrew only to re-DM a stack of my brokies. It was just hair-raising. Meanwhile, I had plenty of infantry in the U6 building and S8/S9 area. One important concealed 628 broke when it was attacked by a DR of 3. I wanted to kill a pinned 447+LMG in CC with another 628 and 527. Got no ambush, got no CC result - Melee instead. When his menacing Tiger came up to threaten my last remaining Sherman, I tried for the deadly US APCR for 76L with a TK of 22. No APCR. No effect with regular AP. Boxcars on the IF that I had to take. I managed to turn my VCA to be in the position to move out of LOS if I survived my Start MP. But that was not to happen. German win. What a game! I think I played quite well but anytime I recovered from some setback, another one of the really important rolls worked against me, which was beginning to embarras my opponent. I took consolation in the fact that I made the best out of the situation that could be done. Maybe I need to play this one again.von Marwitz
Abandon Ship!Played this as the German this time. My opponent decided not to stand and fight the German entry but rather to retreat in good order early, leaving behind a token force to delay the German advance during German turn 2. Unfornunately, this token force did a (too) good job and continued to bog be down while passing the W6 woods area. I could not seem to get a grip on the US except for causing only small losses even during the chase through the center of the town.being time and again held up by one or two squads left behind lurking for PB fire opportunities. Eventually, though, I did manage to rush forward considerable troops on along the southern flank and tried to trailbreak the woods bogging my Panther. I was in dire straits for time and thus partially began to find positions for some German units to interdict the US retreat towards the board edge rather than advancing further. My Panther immobilizing instead of recuperating from Bog and a US 747 recovering the 60mm MTR enabling it to fire at some woods I was planning to rush my troops forward through made me think this one a lost case. However, I could entice the Americans into final firing a BAZ toting HS, opening an opportunity for a change of flanks with one of the tanks. The Jagdpanzer then managed to create the essential Trailbreak and stopped next to the building close to the roadblock. Because the area south of the J9 builing was blocked by residual fire, I managed to bring some troops into the path/trailbreak hex and break the US 747 holding that building which subsequently surrendered. Another stack guarding the roadblock which I thought was a BAZ with at least a HS turned out to be a dummy (game was quite drawn over several sessions, so I could not remember). A valiant HS guarding 2.5 enemy squad equivalents charged along the open road and took the roadblock during advance. J9 was occupied by a German squad with an LMG, which could now lay a FL covering the bridge across the gully. I was now in a position to cover much of the open ground by long range MG fire and a tank and to cover the approaches to the bridge with a FL and two squads. The US was now in a pinch: If he fired at me, he would deal some significant damage but then he would be lacking troops to exit. In any case regaining the roadblock and keeping it seemed improbable for the US. The German on the other hand now had a good chance to drive two tanks into the victory area and be a pain there for the last US movement phase. Some more German infantry would have chances to make a run. Their chances would be rather slim if the Americans would not move but consequently not being able to exit. However, if the Americans would decide to move, these German infantry units would have good fire opportunities against them. At the start of US turn 6, the Americans conceded. von Marwitz

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