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Welcome to the ASL Scenario Archive

The site for Scenario information, for Advanced Squad Leader.

Password resets! 11th February 2018, 06:58Login to comment...
This took me far too long to get around to, but password resets and forgotten user ids (providing you remember the email address you registered with) are now working. Hopefully!
seblick wrote on 20th March 2018, 20:13
Thank you. Good to go.
Long term hosting finalised! 2nd July 2015, 12:34Login to comment...
Apologies for the delay in getting this completely sorted. I'm now on a fully hosted platform so if you're seeing this message you know you're connecting to the most up-to-date version of the archive. Sorry for the interruption, but carry on enjoying the site now :-)
Michael Dorosh wrote on 2nd July 2015, 13:06
Thank you for continuing to make this valuable resource available to us.
jacksonkwan wrote on 10th July 2015, 21:36
Great to see you back! The site seems faster too!! THANKS
grumblejones wrote on 12th July 2015, 21:48
I can only second what others have said. Your site is a wonderful resource!
von Garvin wrote on 2nd July 2018, 20:47
This is such an amazing resource. It helped me get into ASL. I am extremely grateful! Huzzah!
We're back! 10th June 2015, 00:00Login to comment...
Sorry about that... I moved houses and knew there'd be a lapse in internet availability, but that was more problematic than I'd imagined. Anyway - slowly getting back to normal - there'll be some additional outages over the next day or so as my line speed is being upgraded - but hopefully that will see us back to normal again.

Sorry if I haven't been able to respond to any requests over the last few weeks, I have a little more time now - but I'm still in the boxes everywhere stage of house moves, so it might be a week or so before things really settle down.

Thanks for your patience!


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Scenario of the Month: December
Death to FascismDeath to FascismDeath to Fascism

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Workers Unite!lt_steiner Added a playing6h 49m 31s ago
Workers Unite!lt_steiner Rated the scenario6h 50m 28s ago
AK'44igycrctl Added a playing8h 29m 51s ago
GeneralCuddles McDeath updated collection9h 18m 27s ago
Black Day in Hattenbuckleys78 Rated the scenario10h 57m 59s ago
Latest Games Played
Fighting WithdrawalFinns hit the east side hard, pounding the Russians into submission as they swept forward en masse. Turn 2 was mop up time for them as the Russians scrambled to reposition to the rowhouses in the center of the board. Turn 3 saw the Finns control the S row, blasting the remaining Russian stragglers as they tried to dash across. Turn 4 saw them charge and surround the last remaining Russian bastion and batter them into surrender by the end of the turn. The only unit left to deal with was the as-yet still hidden MMG squad. He was discovered and surrounded on Turn 5 and locked up in melee, allowing the Finns free rein to charge toward the exit.buser333
Workers Unite!The German quickly assaulted the first building with all their troops. The building was finally captured but the Germans lost too many men with the desperate defense of the Russian workers (winning a 1:4 odds melee). The second building was more easily captured. But the elements of the Russian 129th Rifle division arrived in time to seize the last building just in front of the Germans. Heavily defended, the building finally escaped German control. A winning day for the Russians.lt_steiner
Extraordinary BraveryThe preparation fire for the first axis assault was not that much effective. Despite this poor result, axis troops entered in close combat with Polish forces. The allies tried to destroy the AFV but were routed ion the process. The axis troops entered the post office and finally captured the remaining Polish units. A full and compleet victory for the axis with no more than a halfsquad eliminated.lt_steiner
Black Day in HattenAmericans were full of smoke and real bullets. Germans did a lot of crying and running.nebel

On this day...
71: Jungle CitadelBhamo, Burma1944
A 11: Silent DeathAittojoki, Finland1939
G20: Camp NibeiwaNear Bir Ebna, Egypt1940
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This site is fantastic. Thanks to you I'm discovering I have scenarios in old wargaming magazines that I didn't even know about. Kudos! Mark H.
Great site! I used CoW for years, and this is even better - thanks! Vic L., Vandalia OH, ASL since 91


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