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Welcome to the ASL Scenario Archive

The site for Scenario information, for Advanced Squad Leader.

Scenario Archive update! 18th June 2019, 12:03Login to comment...
Hi all,

So - it's been too long since the site's had an update, so work is beginning on a full revamp of the whole scenario archive! It's a big job and it will take me a few months, but it's something I enjoy doing and the feedback I get across the world from users and those who do so much work to keep the site updated means I know it will be worth it in the long run.

I'm not asking for anything, subscriptions, etc - there are a couple of paypal donators who make a small monthly contribution to the hosting costs and I'm grateful to those guys. If you would like to help, can I suggest taking a look at the Brave browser rewards, which reward content creators with tokens that you can receive for free. My referral link, for those who would like to benefit from this is and I'd also encourage you to look at the Brave browser, which is a streamlined browser designed to strip out adverts and tracking cookies. It's lightning quick, too. If just a couple of you sign up this will pay for a month or so of hosting and if you're not 'into' the cryto side of the internet, this is a nice introduction.

I'm targetting the end of the year for the new site's launch. I need to have a think about how we categorise scenarios that are slightly updated in new packs or reprints of the same scenario in others. If you have any ideas, drop me a note through the contact form or email and I'll take a look.

Until then - roll low!
Password 6th February 2019, 10:30Login to comment...
You can now update your passwords from the 'My Page' area of the site, once logged in. If you do lose your password and the email doesn't reach you, please get in touch with me via the contact page.
Passwords! 2nd January 2019, 18:15Login to comment...
Oops - apologies. There's been an overwriting of everyone's passwords. I'm currently restoring passwords from a backup taken last week, no data has been lost (or leaked) but if you changed your password in the last 7 days it will have reverted to your previous one. Sorry about the inconvenience. As always, I don't have access to any unencrypted passwords but I expect the passwords to be restored in the next few hours.
Dave wrote on 2nd January 2019, 18:44
Ok - they're all back. There may be some issues with accounts that were created over the last few days. If so, please contact me and I'll help out if any requested password reset email doesn't get to you.

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Scenario of the Month: August
Death to FascismDeath to FascismDeath to Fascism

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This site is fantastic. Thanks to you I'm discovering I have scenarios in old wargaming magazines that I didn't even know about. Kudos! Mark H.
Great site! I used CoW for years, and this is even better - thanks! Vic L., Vandalia OH, ASL since 91


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