Poland Aflame!

Published by: Jean-Pierre Bruneel. January 2000
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Code Name Edelweiss CG rules can be found here: http://talk.consimworld.com/WebX?233@@.1dd15110!enclosure=.1dd2b63f

The owning of Beyond Valor, Yanks, Croix de Guerre, Code of Bushido, Gung Ho, Last Hurrah ,Doomed Battalions and two boards 40 are needed to play Code Name Edelweiss Campaign Game. REV 1.02 of the PA! package.

. The PA! CGs are monster or semi-monster CGs. Code Name Edelweiss has 10 CG Scenarios and depicts the fighting of two divisions, but the other CGs may have 15 CG scenarios. Some CGs can be interrelated too.

Poland Aflame! is an Advanced Squad Leader campaign package that contains a series on interrelated scenarios pertaining to the German invasion of Poland starting on September 1st, 1939. A number of scenarios are played, each simulating a portion of the action, that took place on that date. The ASL Rulebook is required, and special rules that apply to this campaign series are listed in this expansion.

The rules of this campaign package allows players to make use of a special phase called the Refit Phase, wherein each side takes stock of what happened and prepares for further combat in the next scenario. Reinforcement Groups in the form of infantry companies, Armored platoons, OBA modules and Gun Batteries - to name a few - may be selected by the players and purchased through the expenditure of Campaign purchase points. Players will soon find that the last-ditch, suicidal charge so often employed in a standard scenario may be needlessly costly to their chances for victory in the overall campaign.

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