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Riverfront PropertyRussians won with a 9-1 holding the last trench on the last turn. RJenulis
No Han Pasado!The Italians took one heck of a drumming, failing most of their morale checks while being subjected to a handful of critical hits by the littel infantry gun that could. AFV support could do little, with an MMG also going on a tear with two criticals, decimating one of the two lancia-flammes. In the end, most italians were stuck cowering in buildings and woods, too disorganized to move anywhere and time simply ran out on the objective. There could be an interesting scenario found in this one, but Mud, especially, and the open ground of the map really makes it tough on the attacker - too tough, in my opinion. Jobbo_Fett
Cutler's Cross Bongiovanni
The Liberation of TulleGap in the D allowed early penetration to the German right. Partisan sniper took out at least one leader. Germans had crap rolls on the MGs. Game over after 6 turns. wwillow
One Eye to the WestRound 4 Game of the 2023 March Madness Tournament. grumblejones
Breakthrough in the ArcticThe Russians had plenty of time and firepower to overwhelm my defences.
I resigned on turn 5.
I think a more forward defence for the Germans would have helped as the orchards blocked a lot of LOS.
Pleased with my overall play however being annihilated by Martin is always painful.
A Promotion Fight Bongiovanni
Baking BreadGreat game, my first face to face game and also my first game with guns. millenium_baby
Good Morning at HalfayaSolo play, British win on last turn with the last CC roll of the game. Excellent scenario. Gamer72
Vossenack Church geebeehaitch
Brittany Speared oybj
A Fluid SituationNot much to say about this playing...

Rob's Russians fell victim to some really bad luck;
The Russians lost two squads after they went berserk.
He lost another squad to a 1:2 (+1) CC after failing to
ambush a CX German HS with a concealed Russian squad.

He also rolled double 6 on a FPF shot with a squad directed
by a -1 leader. You guess it...he rolled doubles on the Random

To add insult to injury, Rob lost another half squad to a K/2
result from a LOS he missed.

After two turns, the Russians were down to 4 squads (only
two unbroken) and one good order leader. They would have
also lost their HMG.

The Germans had lost a half squad and had one broken
half squad.

I cannot believe that was a representative playing, and would
be very happy to try this one again.

Rob, typically, did not blame the dice. He had every right to.
Indy Lagu
Retaking ViervilleTraining scenario for new player. Bud played well for his first game. He identified the difficulty the American reinforcements would have crossing all that OG as they enter the map and head to help the outnumbered defenders of Vierville.

The game came down to the last turn where the German attackers ran out of blood before they ran out of heart.
War of the RatsGerman crushed the Russian right flank early on, resulting in an imbalance that the Russians could not bounce back from. The reinforcements on Turn 4 were dealt with swiftly and the lone Russian leader and unit were finally eliminated on the last turn, though they almost contested a building to block the win. Turuk
The Generalissimo's OwnGreat game. Lost all my AFV bar one, giving my opponent too much of a lead in CVP. Took about 28 VP of buildings but still fell 15vp short. Rich Weiley
An Italian Civil WarA tough fight won by the nationalists by constant sniper attacks from the defenders. Every MMG/HMG broke and the tanks proved to be a menace but there just wasn't enough bodies to survive and threaten the final building. I think building sW4 is far too tough/resilient for the attacker to take once the defenders dig in (and they will). Perhaps less threatening with SK rules, but I would probably have changed all buildings to Wooden, at the very least. Jobbo_Fett
The Art of Dying Bongiovanni
Better Than Nothing jacelm
Before the Blunder usmcwo1
Dead Battery Bongiovanni
Totsugeki!KC March Madness. I was Chinese defender vs Japanese attacker. 3 Art guns are the victory condition. The Japanese attacked to my center and right. My Chinese IIFT shots were very lucky throughout. I DMed his scouts and then stripped his squads as they closed in for CC. The Chinese did well in CC and stopped several attacks cold. Japanese conceded due to loss of forces. Robert7721
Mook PointLet me start by saying I really don't like the sniper rule. My friend loves it.

Having gotten that out the way, I thought this scenario was decent. Very dense terrain made movement slow for my Germans. My friend set up some pickets at obvious attack avenues to act as speed bumps. However, due to the mass of units moving towards those guys, a break pretty much meant surrender in the RtPh.

One other thing that slowed my advance was a 9-1/MMG/two squad (sometimes one squad) stack on one of the level 2 hexes. They had great LOS to the massive brush/grain hexes in the middle of the map. This forced my guys to skirt the pine woods on the northern Board 7b/2a join - right into the American OBA.

He got off one good shot breaking a few squads and was ready to pound again when disaster struck for him. As I said earlier, I don't like the sniper rule. One of my squads HOB rallied from an OBA shot and took a pot shot at an American MMG/squad combo on the backside of the hill. I rolled a crummy PTC that would not change a thing. However, my friend rolled a 3 which activated my sniper. I rolled a 1 and the only target that was close was the aforementioned 9-1 kill stack on the hill. Random selection got the 9-1 which in turn caused the two accompanying squads to fail their LLMC. That was pretty much game.

My two HT were in position to get the squads for FTR and their breaking freed up my men to maneuver around the OBA shelling they were about to receive. That left my friend with only two full and two HS in good order while I had almost my entire force, so he called it. Up until that point it was anyone's game. A meaningless PTC caused a sudden end to a hard fought battle. Even though I benefited from it, I still don't like the rule - for the very reason that happened in my game - but my friend still likes it for some reason.

As far as tactics goes, IDK? As the Germans, I took what my friend gave me. I was hoping to avoid the OBA that I knew was waiting for my guys, but my friend called it down almost right on top of himself to good effect. As the Americans I think time is your friend so a fighting withdrawal is probably the way to go. Just be careful and not let isolated pickets get swarmed.

Overall, a decent scenario, but I didn't find it terribly exciting.
Goats to Lure the Tiger wwillow
Better Than Nothing atomic
The Winter City atomic
Claws of the SparrowMy initial force did well, but couldn't hold the Japanese off long enough for the reinforcements to establish a line on or east of hex row X. So, I was caught having to attack under a CVP limit leading to a Japanese victory. SGT Mac
Moment of TruthMy opponent prepared an excellent defense with two pairs of concealed guns apart from each other, one pair as dummies. The Germans decided to concentrate on the Northern pair (wrong choice) with a small flanking group on the South. Things went wrong very quickly as Slovaks performed extremely well with their fire shots throughout all game, whereas the German morale broke too easily quite every time. With these conditions, the defenders were able to withdraw in order and reform a strong line of defense. The Germans need to move forward exposing themselves to accurate shots in OG. The Germans abandoned in their 4th turn with a quarter of forces eliminated, another broken, still far away from the guns and Slovakian forces barely affected.
A Slovakian decisive victory.

A difficult game for the Germans that displayed no SS specifications (despite being SS), have only a few SW and without smoke cover. On the other hand, the defender has a lot of options guns, lots of OB concealment counters, higher terrain advantage, foxholes and trenches. This is quite an impossible task when the Slovakian side is very well played as it was the case here.
Overall not the funniest scenario for an attacker.

Lump Holds The LineThe Blazes made the victory location fluid as the number available kept changing and avenues of approach become more limited. I kept Lump back and limited the number of MMC's around him. He finally lost it and went Berserk on turn three taking the only adjacent squad with him.They charged an adjacent Valentine. Lump. The game became a string of melee's (appropriate for the pack's theme).

The game came down to a single CC. Both sides controlled 5 buildings. A CX 4-4-7 advanced into hex N7 held by a 2-4-8 leaving us with the final possibilities.
- Russians win the CC and win the game 6-4.
-The CC is unresolved and we draw 5-5.
- Germans win the CC and we draw 5-5.
- Germans wins the Ambush, withdrawals to O7 and we draw 5-5.
- Germans win the Ambush and the 1 to 2 CC, eliminate the 4-4-7 and withdrawals to O7 for the win.

I went for the win, got the ambush and eliminated the squad by 1 pip. Doesn't get much better than that!
Collect CallRound 3 of 2023 March Madness Tournament. grumblejones
Engineering DefeatThe Germans cautiously pushed up the center of the battlefield with small flanking forces on the right and left. The Poles were able to prevent a quick advance with the threat of two fire lanes. The Germans crawled forward through the trees to close the distance and bring superior firepower to bear. The Polish forces began to withdraw to a second line of defense but found themselves pinned before reaching most of their desired positions. The Polish HMG Fire Lane continued to hold back the tide on the Polish right, but advances on the left put the defenders in an untenable position. By the end of German Turn 4, the Poles had lost 8 1/2 squads to 1/2 German squad. In addition. the Germans had advanced to the last road they needed to cross to reach the victory buildings. The Polish reinforcements rushed to the front. Two MMGs were able to reach a position enabling them to cover both roads with potential Fire Lanes discouraging the an aggressive German advance. The Germans pressed the attack, but were cautious on the Polish right. The Germans adjusted their forces in preparation for a final push. The Poles were fortunate in pinning a small German stack on a low odds shot, which stymied the German plan. The Poles continued their careful withdrawal giving up their first Victory building. The Germans needed two turns to take the 2nd building with the Poles using the upper floor and fortunate CC die rolls holding off the attackers. The Polish losses were telling, though as they fell back to the final two buildings, hoping they could withstand the rain of bullets from two killer stacks. The Poles had one last hope with their Flamethrower held in concealment out of LOS. On the final turn, the Germans stormed the 3rd building and seemed destined to take it when the Polish flamethrower belched its terrible destruction, breaking the only German units that could move upstairs in a bid to force the last of the defenders out. In the end. the Poles held onto one building with a lone leader while the other building was held by a leader, one good order MMC and two broken MMCs. Heloanjin
Not Apt to Drag FeetEnjoyed this scenario good size and I think some serious pressure for both sides. In my playing I was able to flank the Germans and catch the "No Move" group in crossfire. MM2023 nebel
Village of the Damned igycrctl
The HuntedCame down to the last CC roll but need a 4 to win. A lot of open ground to cover, but managed to get around the hill and up. The Belgian 10-2 lived up to his reputation. dmareske
Great VengeanceThe Germans had a strong up-front defense which the Brits were able to get behind and find their way into the buildings. The Crocodile was able to flame some squads and a tank causing the reinforcements to have little effect. dmareske
The BrickworksI was Russian defender against Germain attacker. Had 1 AT Gun (45LL) and 4 ATR + MOLs. Germain was somewhat timid in his attack of Russian defense of 3 factory buildings. German took out the defense at the Fortified building with a Critical hit by a Stug inverting the TEM to -4. I got one of his Stugs with a side shot while turning to get out of AT Gun fire lane. Defense did well overall, and Germain had to try to seize the 3 control buildings on the last turn with a last-ditch suicide rush. I was able to hold onto the final center building with one leader and a squad to win. Barely. Robert7721
Blocking Action at Lipki 7-0 duval
Hell's HeadacheRound 1 of 2023 March Madness Tournament. grumblejones
The Wells of Borgut igycrctl
Breakthrough in the ArcticI denied the russian the possibility to launch the HW and cut to pieces his left wing with sniper and multiple break.Guido keep on attacking but in the end he had no more steam left. cosarara
Hell's HeadacheNice scenario with multiple choices for defender and attacker alike.
Federico choose a direct and slow approch. In the end it didn't paid out.
Ain't Running AwayRound 2 of 2023 March Madness Tournament. grumblejones
Priests on the Line Serge
Cocktails for MolotovPet peev: and/or - Are the VC and or or? In this scenario, the distinction is a big deal. Surely if only one building is required "or" is sufficient even if both are occupied. If both are required, "or" is not applicable.
Made a mistake early by entering CC with Russians - Poles did not need to win, just delay the Russians and they did. Commissar and 2 squads entered city hall on turn 4 but the Poles had prepared a welcome party. Russians broke all Poles except one squad and a hero. Poles gambled on CC (squad was green) attacking one squad and the commissar at 1:1. Rolled a 3 to kill them and Russians had nothing left. One BT5 malfed both CMG and MA (CMG disabled).
Pte Parts
Hot ToddyGermans were up in the British business early surviving several residual fire and then stepping into CC. The American exchange was for 2.5 squads and a leader which made it interesting, but a clear German victory. dmareske
Ain't Running AwayRound 2 of the March Madness Tournament. Gary played a good game and made it interesting with getting hits on the Panthers, but the Germans made a couple of overruns and able to break a few squads making the exit easier on the infantry. dmareske
Priests on the LineA nice scenario with many toys. As the German player, I tried to delay the American reinforcements on turn 6 and I failed short by 1 MMC... Therefore, I rushed towards the victory zone on turn 4 and a bitter fight ensued (I lost 3 AFV). At the end of turn 5, no good order American MMC was close enough to R4 and I have a boulevard for exiting enough units according to the VC at turn 6. lechiquier94
Encounter at Le ValtruKC March Madness Tournament 2023. I was the German player. Simultaneous set up and die roll for start. British opponent started 1st. My 2 Panther tanks were more than a match for his 3 Churchill VIIs which were all were destroyed during the course of the game. No loss of Panthers. British was timid in attack until last turn when he rushed for the VP hex row needed to win. I won by maintaining the defense line, not by VP exiting. Close game. Robert7721
Ain't Running AwayKC March Madness 2023 Round 2. I was American Defender with 4 AT guns and 3 Bazooka’s vs 5 Panthers and infantry. Special rule for mist added +1 per hex hinderance to all attacks made all engagements very short range. German was aggressive in his attack throughout using all tactics available include vehicle bypass sleaze freeze and multiple AT Gun overrun attacks. I was steam rolled by the Germans. I was never able to damage any of his tanks with either AT or Bazookas. Poor die rolls throughout. Brutal loss. Robert7721
Confusion Reigns Bongiovanni
The Valley of Glory toffee
Oy VeghelI kept the Germans guessing & probing for first 3 Turns by moving forward while keeping Concealment. Lone HS with Bazooka managed to tie-up a number of the attackers allowing defenders to get into position. Conservation of forces and focused damage eventually paid off. Very close nail-biter. Kydder
Such FaithWhen looking at the journal the first two scenarios immediately struck me as must-plays. Having played both of them now, I will recategorize them as must-never-play-agains. Firstly, I have issue with how SSR3 makes you slog through a rather large rule section to pick out the very few pertinent parts that will apply here. It would've been much better-served listing the specific rules that pertain. As it is I know we played this wrong, as my opponent insisted his Italians break on the pier rather than CR. Well...with my strong upfront defense there was plenty of this. Thankfully I don't think this would've drastically changed any result, as most of the breaking that took place was on the landings. Secondly, the Fog is cumbersome; exceedingly so. And it basically renders all small arms fire useless. Which means that the game will come down to if the two Albanian MGs hold up. If they do, the Italians will have it extremely rough. If they don't, the Albanians don't stand a chance. With B11s you just never know, and this makes this one dicey as hell. But back to my defense. With two buildings adjacent to it, the southern landing would prove impossible for the Italians to crack, as any units that broke would have to rout back onto the pier and kick the severe overstacking limits into effect. There was not a whole lot I could do in the north however, as units that broke off the pier could rout into the adjacent woods. Thankfully he could not get anybody into J2 or K2 to start forcing his way into the factory. And it was then a simple matter of blocking the way with bodies, replacing them with fresh ones every turn as needed, to delay his entry as long as possible. Rather than press the issue as I think was needed, he sent his men on a flanking route along the north to try and get behind me and reach the victory building. But the Fog was just too hindering to movement, and I was easily able to cut most of his men off and then populate the building with my reinforcements. The lifting of the the Fog on Turn 4 obviously completely changed the dynamic, but I was able to anticipate this and resituate my men to better positions. Rather than continue to describe turn after turn of tedium, in the end the Italians were not even able to take the factory, and without any vehicles (and Albanian OBA still in the pocket) there was zero chance of taking the VC building. This one was a completely boring slogfest. buser333
Vertice MochaA very close game that went the distance - if only the attacking Republicans had been able to refrain from breaking at a few key moments, as well as never quite handling the Nationalist HMG on a hill. Ultimately, the game came down to a 6+1 in a woods hex managing to revive an entire flank by himself, thanks to units not being DM'ed permanently. These few troops turned the tide and were able to secure a victory when a desperate CC phase turned against the attackers for the eastern hill. The bombardment pre-game managed to blow up an entire building hex and the defending 8-1 leader promptly broke and immediately died of his injuries during the 1st Rally Phase. A fun game, if dependent on special rules and with, I suspect, a somewhat Nationalist lean on the balance. The balance provisions on the card don't make any sense, as one calls for Nationalist reinforcements to enter later... yet there are none! My suggestion would be to give the republicans the balance, and have the nationalists swap the HMG for an MMG. Jobbo_Fett
Obian Highway wwillow
Obian HighwayVASL jrwusmc
Gavin's Gamble20.5 EVP got off! On the final turn! von Garvin
OP Hill 7-0 duval
A Meeting of PatrolsUsed American balance. Most units of both forces met head-on with Americans deciding to send 3 squads with leader around flank to try for easy exit. Germans (with superior Morale) won the toe-to-toe fight leaving the Americans coming up short in EVP. Kydder
OP HillBritish HMG kept murderous Rate Of Fire. Desperate final Banzai charge was met with equal devastation to the remnant Japanese who never really made the hill. Kydder
Before the BlunderThe German attack on the right was slowed by a MMG on the hill and their thrust in the center was rebuffed by HMG & MMG fire from a bunker at the chokepoint just north of the pond. The Germans were able to flank the Poles on the right after the MMG crew broke, but could not get past the Poles reverse slope defense anchored in the victory buildings. The Germans then shifted the attack to Poles' left flank - and made some progress - but ultimately did not have enough strength or time to take the victory buildings and conceded in German Player Turn 6. Thompsonmg(MGT)
Costly Baptism usmcwo1
Released from the EastInitial attacks stalled at all three buildings. Slow advances and flanking left and right pushed Germans back. Poor dice rolls and a change of luck in turn 4 turned the tide. Germans nearly counter attacked the center and left buildings. Melee resolved the issue. BobMcKenna1966
Recon on the Kokoda TrailFast play and good intro to dense jungle and straying. The Japanese lost some critical CCs and came up short on the CVP losing 2.5 squads to the Australians 1 squad. I think the advantage goes to the side that moves first. dmareske
Sea of TranquilityTried for eliminating half the caves. Brought tanks in on east side. All marines set up on board. Marines were badly shot up trying to get to the 25BB4 area caves. Tanks had no smoke or WP. Conceded after three turns. mtrodgers99
Not Apt to Drag Feet grumblejones
L'Inferno FascistaPlayed with the balance for the Nationalists/Italians - who were decimated by an unruly number of 3's and 5's on the IIFT. The Flamethrower Tankette did as much as possible to harm the defenders, but constantly rolling above 7 meant that there simply wasn't a way to reliably break the defender, while Italian troops couldn't prevent the troops from breaking and losing ground. Hand-to-Hand combat claimed several squads on both sides, but ultimately there simply wasn't enough time to take the required objectives. Dice played a major part in this outcome. Jobbo_Fett
Without Thought of Numbers Bongiovanni
Aerodrome P1Tom fought to the bitter end but, the Japanese managed to not screw anything up. The sniper took out a troublesome AA gun and a mortar team provided good smoke to support the Japanese supporting attack down the right side. SGT Mac
North BankEven though this scenario's record is unbalanced in favor of the Germans, we didn't use the new changes as they were pretty extensive. We felt it changed the flavor of the original. Plus, who doesn't like a challenge? As it was, it took my Germans to mid turn 6 to pull this one off.

Our game was one of maneuver. I'd move forward, he'd pull back. Not much shooting or skulking. The King Tigers never even hit with their guns or MG's. Their value was twofold. One was getting in the face of the British to force them to pull back. The other was using smoke dispensers to allow my men to more easily cross the streets. My opponent did a masterful job of giving me just enough space to pull forward but not enough pull an all out rush - until turn 6.

I deployed two squads at the top of turn 6, and I tried a VBM freeze/smoke move on the 10-3 and a squad guarding the VP locations. The gambit worked. There were other British units in the area, but I had enough guys to rush the three hexes and seal the instant victory.

Casualties were extremely light as I only lost two HS and he only lost a crew. There weren't many shots fired so the high British SAN of 6 was a non factor. I thought I was going to run out of time, but some timely moves saved the day.

Having played it, I don't think the new changes would have helped. I'm pretty aggressive in bumping concealments so I I don't think having them would have slowed me down. Same for the hidden PIATs as I kept the front facing towards the British units. Shave a turn off, however, and I think the British have a good chance of getting the win. A decent, fast playing scenario.
Along the VistulaI thought there were too many buildings to capture in the time available so as soon as one resisted, I bypassed it and ran for the exits. Needed all seven turns but finally exited 45 VP. Both panzers made it off with malfunctioned guns - one malfed its guns on its first shot so rather than risk recall, I just drove it off. Pte Parts
Cut the Road to MarseilleA tough fight for the Germans. Paul had his Free French stay concealed and position everyone to move on Turn three, turning the game into a 4 turn game. The Germans eliminated 4 AFVs, but in their attempts to retake a building and get the last tank, they fell short. The Germans kept most of the HMGs out of the Victory area and they did a fairly decent job, though a sniper broke one of them and sort of unhinged the defense at that point. Good game. dmareske
Hell's HeadacheThe Russian irresistible force was not met by
and immovable object. We simply made slow
but steady progress and, aided by a few crucial
shots, pushed the Germans around.

Colin and I think that the German can lose this
one with a sub-par set up. He felt, and I agreed,
that the trenches need to be used better than he
did. This one feels tough on the Germans. Give
them to the more experienced player.
Indy Lagu
Kids These DaysThe British took the village and left no Germans on board, but the strong reinforcements gave a good account of themselves and on the last turn had a 50/50 shot of getting off the points required, after recapturing the building. Lots going on and a good scenario - don't be put off by the turn count, it's a medium scenario that plays quite quickly. Dave
One-Man Wrecking Machine Bongiovanni
Not Apt to Drag Feet Danno
Without Thought of NumbersI didn't do very well as Germans in this one. Greg had a good defense and rolled well. The building was never in jeopardy despite my last ditch efforts. Cool map and interesting new German units - Heroic American leaders really are tough! (especially with the SSR in this one) asevenson
On the BorderlineThe battle was initiated via Russian mortar fire laying smoke for the Russian troops to quickly advance. The Finnish guard post and roadblock were overwhelmed and the Russians plowed forward.
As par for the course the Russian OBA was horrendous, never managing to land a spotting round in an acceptable location. A key moment occurred when a berserk Russian squad managed to enter into CC and then Melee a Finnish key leader and HMG stack allowing for the horde of Russian units to freely rush past. The pair of armored cars were integral to the offensive creating failure to route situations. Intense urban fighting ensued, but alas, the stalwart Finnish defenders fell to concentrated Russian firepower with a key position failing their MC by rolling boxcars.
A Bitter Day toffee
One-Man Wrecking Machine RJenulis
The Good ShepherdFirst round of Illuminating Rounds tournament. Defence focused on the three buildings on the German right flank. The Canadians had a miraculous streak of boxcars and lost almost three squads to them. To add insult to injury, the Wasp X:ed its flamethrower in turn 2.
The Good ShepherdFirst round of Illuminating Rounds tournament against bon viveur, raconteur and wit, Tom Repetti,. As the Germans, I opted to put most of the defenders at level two in order to reduce the threat posed by the Wasp FT. The Canadian attack concentrated on the German right flank but was not helped when the Wasp ran out of gasoline for its flamethrower on Turn two and a Sherman MA malfunctioned. Add in a ridiculous four consecutive drs of “1” for German sniper checks and it wasn’t the Canadians’ day. Tom was a pleasure to play against and never complained about the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune that went against him. Dougban
Lost Opportunities Bongiovanni
The Hedgehog of PiepskThe Russians split into two columns, one on the left and one on the center, with two squads flanking the right. It took a few turns to get into position to begin the assault. The Germans stayed HIP until the Russians exposed a leader. The first German shot wounded the leader on the left. A couple turns later the German sniper eliminated the leader in the center. Mid game the third Russian leader was wounded. The Russians took casualties as they pushed into the village leaving broken and disrupted units sprinkled across the battlefield unable to rally with no leader to help. But the Germans did suffer under the weight of the Russian numbers. Fortunately for the Russians, the Germans were never able to convert their OBA, losing access or radio contact throughout the game. On Turn 7, the Russians had pushed to the multihex stone building. It looked grim for the defenders, but then broken DM'd squads rallied, battle hardened, and created heros. The defenders refused to concede. Finally, on Turn 10, the Russians were able to overrun the final German GO leader and then break him, taking control of the last building. Heloanjin
Muselmanen MutinyFirst to play and post. Danno
Muselmanen MutinyA key break on Turn 1 by the Mutineers gave them the opportunity to make a break for it. They successfully exited all the officers and six squads for more than enough EVP for the win. Game over after two turns. grumblejones
The Liberation of Tulle Cuddles McDeath
Before the BlunderThe Germans began their thrust on the Polish left flank. The Poles laid down fire lanes blocking that line of approach and broke two German stacks. The Germans rallied the very next turn and shifted their attack to the center. Two Polish MMCs, one with an MMG and one with an HMG broke in the center. The Poles attempted to withdraw and bolster the defense, but the tidal wave of German units washed over the terrain. The Poles kept taking losses while falling back while the Germans did not suffer any permanent loss. The Poles were able to maintain a level of defense, but on the final turn they were sufficiently surrounded so when they broke, they had no where to rout. Heloanjin
The First VirtueFree French took 3 squad equivalent casualties during the 1-2 Turns, but the flamethrowers said their word, clearing the important strong points, opening the way for the deep penetration and capturing the Gun. The diversionary platoon that had a mission to cut-off the "VP Hill" from the rest of the board was even able to climb to the objective hexes and secure them. MoriQuessir
A Mass for HumanityThe Americans wiped out every know unHIP Japanese unit, but failed to garrison one of the victory buildings that were retaken by HIP units on the last Japanese movement phase. RJenulis
Will to Fight...EradicatedThe Polish's will to fight was eradicated around turn 3 and they resigned in turn 5. The Polish attempted to go around the center of the town to reach the east-end buildings. The flank on the north side ELR'ed and with the 6+1 Leader and the 5 broken-side morale was a challenge.

On the south side, the Polish got further but not to the church, so the German's occupied that with their reinforcements and started blasting away. In retrospect, with the Polish and their weak ELR/morale, it probably would have been better to keep the force concentrated for better opportunity to rally and more effective fire groups. The Polish didn't have a good strategy to deal with the German morale/leadership advantage. (VASL Log)
keivn h
Seldom PracticalAmericans start in a corner of the map and have
some open ground to cross.

They didn't make it to turn 4. Rob and I were scratching
our heads: perhaps there's something we missed, but
this one looks really, really tough on the US.

I'd like to attack with the US to see if I can figure something
Indy Lagu
Will to Fight...Eradicated usmcwo1
Expendable AlliesAs Defender I screw up the scenario set up, misunderstanding the reinforcement group entry side. The "sudden death" was certain. I gave up one building (few dummies) hoping not to lose any CVP (or at least not more than the German) before Turn 4. Together with my opponent we agree it is a difficult scenario for the Polish. Maurizio.Grassi
Down Number Two Road Bongiovanni
Reckless Raid Bongiovanni
AnabasisThe SS prioritised clearing the road with their first group and entered from the east edge with the artillery observer. Early turns saw them lose two leaders and sustain a wounded observer but thereafter the Finns struggled to inflict any damage on the attackers. The VP cap was never an issue and the SS firepower overwhelmed the defenders on the hill. The Finns managed to take the game to the final CC phase when a squad in a foxhole on the hill overlooking the road survived massive firepower attacks before succumbing in close combat to give the Germans the win. Marc didn't realise that his dummies could have set up in foxholes at the start of the game and the German cause was assister greatly when the NVR reduced to one in the first turn and never increased for the rest of the game. Dougban
TotensonntagGermans dropped back as the Poles advanced but finally had to make a stand behind the S6/S7 stone wall. This did not go well with only one Polish squad breaking and all but 1 German squad and 1 leader breaking. Poles had enough points at the start of the last turn but Germans could still snatch victory if they had a good rally phase - they didn't. The German 8-0 broke early in the game and never rallied. Pte Parts
Costly BaptismA fun and quick scenario played as part of the VASL WARR tournament. The Poles have some interesting AFVs: Three armored cars with two MG and one 37* MA and THREE different covered arcs. The Germans had three AC armed only with an AAMG.

It was a mini battle of Kursk for a turn or two. In the end, I had one AC recalled, one wrecked, and one immobilized. Fortunately for me, the one ATR that didn't malf, made up the difference and wrecked two of his AC, and shocked the third.

Taking that much FP off the board allowed my infantry a chance to close in on the VC buildings. Still, on turn three my attack was a shambles and it looked like a German loss. I got lucky in a RPh and pulled myself together for T4.

On that turn Tim's dice betrayed him. He had one 12 flat and two 8 +1 shots and got not even a pin result. My return fire benefitted from my low rolls coupled with his high rolls flushing the last MMC out of the VC buildings.

A fun scenario. But one I believe is tilted toward the German player.
Notable AchievementWe knew this one would be difficult for the Canadians, and it was. Their main thrust came from the west, and they made it unimpeded despite more German shooting than I would'ver suspected. By Turn 3 they were ready to make their move on the first of the four stone buildings, but a HS with a LMG made the approach difficult, bolstered by one of the the StuGs. A Sherman which had the led the way up into the hills was fried by a PSK. When the Canadians did manage to get within striking distance they found the entire ground floor fortified and, let's face it, 8ML SS in fortified locations surrounded by mostly open ground against an only moderately numerically superior force are not going to be ousted. Scott said they may have a chance without the forts, and he's probably right, but the way it's written now there's just very little chance. Not the best scenario out there. buser333
TotensonntagThe Germans had brief success as the Poles began their attack. But initial hope was quickly dashed as the Poles made steady progress across the battle field. The Germans were able to withdraw in good order on Turn 1, but could not get a result with defensive attacks as the Poles pressed on. The Poles began to surround broken German units sweeping up prisoners as they advanced. A poor tactical move by the Germans cost them another full squad with a leader that should have been able to rout away, had the Germans been a little more thoughtful a turn prior. The loss of one squad was enough to give the Poles a large opening to press the attack. The few remaining German units withdrew to the village, hoping to hold off the final push and forestall any more losses. On Turn 5, German defensive fire could not get any results. With no where else to go, the Germans Prepped. The few Polish units that broke did not reduce the attacking force much and the follow on Defensive Fire resulted in another 1 1/2 squad loss for the Germans, sealing a Polish win. Heloanjin

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March Madness 2023: 10th Mountain Division pack - now available for download
Thanks to the guys over in Kansas, and Encircled productions, the archive is now hosting the 2023 10th Mountain Division pack.

Price is $15 and the pack features 9 scenarios and a 4 scenario campaign which can be played as individual scenarios or as the connected mini-campaign.

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You can now add balance to reported games and view a balance report for scenarios. The balance range comes from assistance of Indy and is an implementation of the Wald Interval algorithm.
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A quick reply
If you wrote this message to me I couldn't reply as I didn't have a reply address: "May be you can help me. We play LN3-8 scenario. Japan has 6 pillboxes worth 1 vp each and 3 caves worth 2 vp each in the OB as start. US must earn 10 vp by controlling or destroying them to win. Can the Japanese use: G11.91 OB: The number of caves available to the Japanese is listed in their OB. However, each cave set up as an Upper-Cliff cave (11.113) subtracts three from the number of caves available for setup. Cave Complexes (11.2) are not listed in the Japanese OB. The number of Cave Complexes available to the Japanese side is not reduced by the setup of any Upper-Cliff cave(s). This eliminates many vp for the US hence limiting his chances to win. I don't think the scenario was built that way. Right or wrong? Thanks". My interpretation (without any specifying SSR saying otherwise) is that it's possible to swap and yes, probably an oversight by the playtesters/designer. It's probably worthy of a house-rule prior to selecting sides.

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The Long March 175.11
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