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Sunday of the DeadMoist conditions so no dust. Strong winds so no smoke. South Africans began well picking off my armour at long range. However, casualties don't count against me and Germans have so much that the tide slowly turned and the game was over on turn 7. Pte Parts
War of the RatsGood game, very tense for the Germans attacking into the Russian line. Germans quickly captured the one building to the west, before stalling against the two eastern buildings. Ended with troops in both eastern buildings, but locked in melee and unable to gain control. Eaglewso
Pentecost Sunday Meeting The French strongly defended the two stone buildings adjacent to the east-west road on board 11a. Only the HIP AMD 35 with armor leader protected the southern approach, assisted by a 7-0, squad, and LMG. The Germans swarmed the southern approach, lost the PzIIa, but eliminated the French defenders in that area during the AFPh and subsequent RPh. A centrally located AMD 35 disabled it’s MA and the remaining one failed to pass a non-platoon movement DR. This gave the Germans a clear route to exit much more than the required 14 EVP. The French deployment could have been better. This is a fast playing scenario that has potential to be a nail biter. Tomkrny
Absolut Märkäjärvi Rindis
Stand For New Zealand Rosebluepaint
Last Ally, Last VictoryDespite knocking out most of the Russian tanks the Germans lost through just not quite having enough time.
It just goes to show that the harrassing action of the Russian tanks, despite resulting in great losses to themselves, was a very useful tactic in that the German tanks could not all concentrate on infantry support.
The Guns of NaroMy Italians went for the upfront defense and I rolled terribly on my D-Fire and Dann was able to get onto the board and hit me hard in Advancing Fire. In two full turns, I would roll 5 boxcars and MALF one of the guns twice and eliminate another in Intensive Fire. Dan would take out two with direct hits. I did destroy both jeeps with my machine guns on Turn 1 and then managed to eliminate both half-tracks and Stuarts. Dan then boxcar'd a MC on the 9-2 and wounded him. I then managed to capture and eliminate a US squad which put Dan over the 32 CVP and gave the Italians a very improbable victory. grumblejones
The Guns of Naro Danno
The Road to WiltzDespite the Board 2 setup limitations (and believe me I stretched it to the absolute limit), things started off well for my Americans, with my MMG nest making the job of the Germans getting on board using the road difficult, and my TD cold clocking the first Panzer. By the end of the turn two German squads were dead, with three more broken. If Turn 1 went well, Turn 2 went very poorly, with an AT gun demolished with a CH, my MMG nest busted up with another, and my TD being knocked out with (I believe) yet another. The good news was that I eliminated the German sniper, so all those CE tanks of mine could breathe a sigh of relief. All my thinly-skinned HTs had been scuttled and stripped to add more infantry support. Turn 3 was relatively quiet, but still very disheartening. His 10-3 MG nest blew apart the remainder of my own MMG nest, but worst of all was him locating and dismantling my roadblock like it was a pile of matchsticks. Thankfully my much-needed armor arrived to bolster the scene. Turn 4 saw us trade a few more blows, while Turn 5 went my way again - knocking out a couple more HTs, 1.5 squads, and a leader. His radio operator had got into position though, and the next turn was able to bring down some dreaded smoke. Turn 6 was a mixed bag, with me knocking out two more tanks/two more squads, but he smashed up both my wire and trapped and eliminated my 9-2 and gang (there must have been another CH or KIA somewhere here because I lost an unplaced DC and a BAZ). I was really starting to be stretched thin by Turn 7, but still was doing a decent job of keeping him at bay. The majority of his troops were still only halfway across the first board, but Scott rightly realized that the totally cleared roads meant he didn't need to push the attack, and I could not afford to keep trading casualties in a 1:1 ratio. Eventually he would have his breakthrough, and this would happen on Turn 9. Normally I'd say my ML=10, but Scott made me feel like a 6+1 by the end of that turn. While I may have still had a theoretical chance of holding him off, he just had too many tanks and loaded up vehicles to start racing for the exit and I conceded on Turn 10. I think there could be some further improvements to this monster old-school scenario, but overall it was still a very fun play. buser333
Heroes at Leros ppalma
Defenders of StalingradReally hard for the Germans to mount any defense. Maybe a lone squad or two try to run and flank to drag Russians or have an off chance for a VP location steal? Boogaboo
A Bloody WasteNWASL Championship 2021 RJenulis
Tettau's AttackGreat scenario ..resolved at last turn..simply rules but strategic moves manzoliandrea72
Audacity! ColinJ
The Road to WiltzOld-school ASL...never played the original but this brought back memories of looking through the SL scenarios back in the 1970's! Absolutely diced Jeff...his mortars were nearly ineffective and I think I had at least 7 CH's to sweep the Americans off the hill. We quit around Turn 10 when nearly all American resistance was eliminated and the road to Wiltz lay open to the German panzers. sherersc
Objective: MouenThe German attack began very well and I was confident that it would be an easy victory. Then, a PIAT scored a turret hit on a hull down MkIV and another MkIV fell victim to close combat reaction fire during an overrun. All of a sudden the game was in the balance. If it weren't for some late game expert marksmanship the game would have been lost. This scenario turned out to be much more fun than originally anticipated. Though the Germans outclass their opponents in every category the victory conditions are very tough. Tomkrny
Ten-Ton Tank etopp
The Guards CounterattackMy 4th game. Went down to the last half-turn, but the Russians were in a strong position from, really, turn 1, and definitely turn 3. Their first big Human Wave (of the Guards) swept the 1F5 building, and then on turns 2 and 3 the Soviets mopped up some broken Germans and then Human Waved again. The central building was the ultimate victory building, whilst German pressure on the southernmost building was stymied by very poor rallying. In the last turn they finally made a couple of breaks for it, as they'd finally broken the Soviets inside, but their Prep Fire hadn't broken enough overwatching Soviets in the central building, and it wasn't enough.

The key stat is shown in losses, though: with no extra losses in Turn 5 on either side, the Germans had lost 7.5 squads, 2 x LMG, and 3 Leader, to 5.5 squads and the Commissar for the Soviets. The Germans couldn't buy a final K, even with big FGs. Not that the rolls were wildly divergent - but it was definitely a factor with all the stone buildings.
Totensonntag MoriQuessir
Prelude to Festung Brest TigerAce
Silence That Gun jacelm
Purple Heart DrawVery good campaign game, but was unbalanced by Martin rolling a 1 to finish the second and third scenarios on turn 5. Gamer72
Ten-Ton TankA good, fast-playing game that presents both sides with a number of options. As the Russians I decided to try to move my tanks along the top edge of the board but managed to get one bogged. This was then abandoned by its crew when the German 'door knocker' started pinging it. Eric made good use of his OBA and this caused a number of Russian casualties. In the end a good roll for his FFE placement resulted in my Russkies having to run through a hail of artillery to win. Sadly they didn't make it. An enjoyable game, I didn't even think of the possibility of using a human wave until Eric mentioned it afterwards. Nicho11
LinkupVery interesting scenario, however it is very difficult for the American to advance avoiding losses and 25 CVP can be reached quite quickly with Jeeps and AFVs. The OBA (no smoke) was basically useless but for the hindrance. I would replay it as American. Maybe the balance for the American would help? Maurizio.Grassi
Audacity!Very tight scenario, and the French took brutal casualties in the first few turns, as the Germans executed an expert fighting withdrawal from initial positions.

Massive deployment and an armored push over Hill 534 took pressure off the center and allowed the French to close.

The last two turns were characterized by a flurry of Melees. Though initially inconclusive, enough ended in French victories to give them 10 building hexes, and a win.
Ten-Ton TankThis one looks like it has a lot of replay value.
The Swedes need some luck other than bad to win i think.
I had my defense with 2 squads and the MMG in the North and 2 squads in the South.
AT guns were back defending the road exit and the South side.
Jim did a Human Wave + Armored assault in the North
My MMG squad cowered on their first roll with a NE. The other squad with the 8-1 managed to break one Russian squad. So, i had all 8 Russian squads on my doorstep at the end of the first half turn and they FG broke the MMG squad (I actually can't remember 1 MC that i passed).
I got my artillery moved to the North with a 1 roll on the accuracy.
Swede turn harassing fire didn't cause a single result even though it affected 4 squads and both tanks.
Turn 2 Russian the artillery immobilizes one of the 2 tanks but all the infancy is now CX and well through the woods.
I catch the other tank PB with one of my AT guns but even with 2 hits only immobilize (he will later spin the turret and break the gun crew)
I fail to move the other AT gun
I manage to move the ART into the path and even with a full power (12FB) affecting 4 squads and harassing fire affecting 6 i only manage to get another hit on the immobilized tank and cause the crew to bail out so they can advance into my AT gun.
Final insult is that i have 2 squads and the 8-1 leader positioned to at least hit the squads trying to run from the woods and one 4-4-7 moves into CC. Swedes get the ambush and then ... roll a 12.
This one was over by turn 3
If the Swedish ART is ineffective, it is really tough on them.
March on Marche ppalma
Grab and GoNWASL Championship 2021. The Russian went all out on their right flank. They took 6 VP of buildings for the turn four contition. The Germans did not have enough EVP on turn 7 to equal or better the Russians. IMO the Russians can win without the ability to deploy. RJenulis
Agony at ArnautovoA close one. Russians swarmed in and took nearly all the buildings south of the stream, routing the thing Italian defenders. The reinforcements came on, with a fearless 10-2 who later battle hardened to a 10-3 and recaptured 12 buildings. They only needed on more. The 10-3 and two squads made a mad dash for a strategic building on the hill overlooking the crossroads, dodging small arms fire the entire way, and T34 HE. The made it adjacent to the objective only to have every unit get pinned, negating any chance to advance into the 13th building. Argh!! Great scenario. Thradar
A Breezeless DayThis is a very interesting scenario with toys and tricks for both sides. Americans have a 9-2, 50-cal, A-T Mines, and the 90L GMC TDs. The Germans have lots of Stugs, a FT Hetzer, and 2 awesome JgdPz VI. These latter vehicles are almost immune to American fire and so can move with relative impunity. This is rare on the ASL battlefield.
And with 9 turns, the Germans have time to press steadily, bringing the right tool to bear for the problem they're trying to solve: JgdPz VIs for the TDs and tanks, FT Hetzer for the MG and Bazooka nests, a swarm of infantry mounted in armored HT for overwhelm a position
In fact, the Americans would be hard pressed to win the scenario at all if it weren't for the brutal VCs faced by the Germans: 10 of the 12 buildings in the SE quadrant of the board AND >= 70 CVP exited, not including prisoners. That means they need to almost completely wipe out the Americans while keeping their force intact and still exiting. (And you can be sure at least a few factors of A-T Mines will be waiting on the road near the exit.

Phil deployed his infantry forward and his tanks back, only lightly covering the hills on the west (his left flank), but strong in the eastern woods and the main road from north-to-south which is the easiest line for the Germans.

I had my Jadg Tigers and two Stugs clear the hills while two platoons of infantry mounted in the HTs made their way on board. Everything else started working both sides of the major North-South road on board 42, advancing cautiously and looking for mines.
Turns 2-5 went brilliantly for me as everything I tried worked, and Phil's excellent defense rolled poorly.
I swarmed the board 43 building compound with mounted infantry, risking HTs to save my other AFVs. All fell before me!
On board 42, the advance was more difficult, but aggressive maneuver was rewarded, and I could always shift forces to bring the right tool to bear.

By turn 6, I had my force in relatively good order to sweep the last parts of the building VCs. Only a few American strong points remained, and all their tanks and TDs were dead. However, a Deliberate Immobilization had blown a track off a Jagd Tiger, meaning its 10 CVP would not be gained. Ouch.
While it still would have been hard to finish taking all the buildings in 3 turns while also exiting so many CVP, we called it after German Turn 6. The American likely would have been mopped up, and the VC fulfilled. But one or two HTs could have been the difference.
I would recommend this scenario, but the American player has got to realize that they are going to be getting crushed the whole time. That doesn't mean you're not winning! The German VCs are really hard.
Futile Bravery ppalma
Objective: MouenWould never have picked this as SotM as it has nothing interesting to offer. Pretty blase if you ask me. But Tom and I agreed to play. Difficult for both players but the Brit is going to need some luck and will find it much harder to recover from mistakes. Took a pasting early on but managed to make a game of it for awhile with two really big DR but in the end the Germans got the win. I doubt I'll play it again as either side. SGT Mac
Between The Devil And The Deep Blue SeaDue to the ROAR/Sceanrio Archive record, we gave the Germans the balance. I set up heavy around the hill-area VC location and just a couple squads in the other building location. I should have place at least one unit to cover the open ground on the south-west. Because I did not, Nathan ran his troops quickly over that terrain to pressure the west VC building and interdict my reinforcements. the latter's only impact was to divert some of his forces; I never got them in the western VC building... As usual, Nathan played his AFVs well. His two nasty JgPz Vs pushed forward and took out one of my SUs on Turn 2. He did run out of HE quickly which did help. My two remaining SUs also ran out of HE (crazy with the SSR giving us both HE9). His near-invulnerable armor moved up adjacent to one of my SUs and I took a desperate APCR shot. I hit, then rolled a "2" TK, resulting in a burning JgPz. On my turn 4, my two remaining SUs bracketed his remaining JgPz; the SU with my AL rolled a "2" on the bounding fire shot and that burned the other JgPz. He pressed forward with a large infantry force into the western VC building, but I KIA'd one leader and a squad and broke two other squads on the assault; I then I rolled a "2" in CC to kill a squad and HS. At that point, I would have been able to get two more squads and a leader into the building in preparation for the last turn. We called it at that point as a Russian victory. The record is certainly pro-Russian, but as the Russian player, it really seemed like I was barely able to hold on. A series of '2" DRs decided the victory. The combination of PFs and the JgPz Vs are just tough. Nathan had a great attack. Always fun and a challenging game with him! worksp2018
From Matilda with LoveThe German radio broke on the first radio contact roll and was eliminated on the repair. The falling snow turned to heavy falling snow on turn one and lasted until turn 5. RJenulis
Between The Devil And The Deep Blue SeaLot's of board area for the Russians to cover. I pushed across a broad front but with only a squad in the back building it was tempting target. Fate with me early game and I pushed up to the edge of victory building compound when the SU85s came on. I knocked out one with a JPz and the game looked within my grasp. However a snakes on a TK at point blank took out a JPz and a bounding fire snakes at a moving JPz took it out. I still had enough infantry in the area to make it interesting but a third snakes on an 8-1 and squad took it out crossing the road and the coup d'etat was a snakes in CC by his 6-2-8 vs 1.5 squads of mine.
Ouch 4 snakes in 2 player turns that totally decimated me...
Silence That GunCraig and I switched sides and went at this one again. The Americans made a good attempt at the fortified building as I skulked away the AT gun, it never fired once! It came down to the last turn but the Americans were not able to break the full squad holding the fortification. Some good rolls on both sides, though the Germans did not get one Sniper Activation, despite plenty of opportunity. dmareske
Duropa PlantationVery short scenario. It seems to be a run toward the exit. Could be dicy (in our game the ROF of the HMG made the win for the Japanese breaking a leader and three MMC with a 6FP +2 / +3 shots. Maurizio.Grassi
Simple EquationWe forgot the rules for Inexperience (ie. 3MF and double cowering), but still the Americans must really push forward to win this. Rosebluepaint
End of the Beginning etopp
Clash at Borisovka JavierRB
Audacity!Germans reached the French CVP cap slunts
Cautious AdvanceJune 1944. US Friendly vs Germany Enemy. feralhuntsman
Forest BastionAs the Finns, I made some poor early moves and suffered accordingly, but then my ARTY managed to fix Dan's Russians in place as I moved from one end to the other to take out the pill boxes. I managed to secure the final pill box in my Turn 8 Close Combat. Dan's final counter-attack to retake a pill box failed and the Finns had the win. grumblejones
Forest Bastion Danno
Russian StyleAnother Chas Smith & George Kellin collaboration, which means the attacker (Americans in this case) basically has to blast down the road to reach the objective on time. The plethora of Culin hedgerow device equipped Shermans gives the attacker some flexibility in creating a bypass around knots of German resistance, at the cost of time. The Americans have plenty of fun toys (rocket launching fighter-bombers, a flamethrower tank, gyro-stabilized tanks and two armor leaders) against a brittle German defense. The American player needs to make maximum effective use of ALL his capabilities to meet the challenging victory conditions. Even with all that, a shrewd defender (such as Jim) is going to make the attacker pay for each intersection, usually with a knocked-out Sherman (or two)!

In our game, Jim effectively used his HMG in the steeple to force my riders off their tanks, resulting in me having neither sufficient time nor infantry to clear the town, earning him the win. One thing we figured out was that FB's MGs are much more effective against tanks than rockets (or such is my understanding of BFP's rules for them). To pull off a win, I think the American player needs to attack down two axes of advance, know how to effectively use American armor (gyros, gun duels, the 75mm's multiple hit potential) and aircraft. The FT tank is most effectively used in the town. And stay out of the orchards with riders.

A very challenging scenario against a great opponent. I'd play it again!
Sherman Marches WestAnother in the Game of the Month Series sponsored by Tactical Tuesday, scenario balance given to the Russians. My first time playing this scenario and using a large(ish) Russian combined arms contingent to drive the Germans from the Motherland. My attempt to use the tanks to equally support the three axes of advance I was attempting led to the armor being picked off and the infantry attacks not getting where they needed to be before the heavy German reinforcements arrived. Conceded after 4 turns. Well played defense, Craig! Jplott94
Second Step Boogaboo
Simple EquationStill wasn't using using the Inexperienced rules, but the Americans can really afford to push forward: with their number of troops and high rally rating they can keep rolling forward whilst the rear rallies to take over from the next broken wave. Rosebluepaint
Prelude to Festung Brest TigerAce
Start Fall GelbThe Belgian AFVs died early (one was recalled due to a stun in the 1MT, the other got killed by a PzII), but the Germans had just too little time to clear the village and needed to win 3 melees in the last round, one of which was in the Steeple. Fun game! oybj
Start Fall GelbThe Belgian AFVs died early (one was recalled due to a stun in the 1MT, the other got killed by a PzII), but the Germans had just too little time to clear the village and needed to win 3 melees in the last round, one of which was in the Steeple. Fun game! oybj
Extraordinary BraveryHigh rolls kept the Axis forces from getting any results in the early turns against my Poles. By Turn 5, the Axis forces managed to get into the building, but could not take control from the Poles still holding out. Fun scenario and a good win for my Poles. grumblejones
The Milling Crowd ppalma
Morire in BellezaItalians decided to go for the center but the front was too small, it bogged down on wire and che jugos were able to beat it back quite easily.
This is a classic and well balanced scenario that every ASLer should play.
Morire in BellezaWe played another game back to back, this time the italian attack was better prepared and with the help of 3 SMOKE made a lot of road, unfortunately for my opponent a CH of his mortar on my MMG wasn't enough, his 10-2 leading the way was encircled and then smashed to pieces by jugos and a well placed GUN did the rest. By turn 3 there were more GO defender's squads than the attacker, and we called off this excellent scenario. cosarara
A Frosty MorningTalk about close! The Brits failed to exit, but could have won had they achieved 30 CVPs. They managed 29! I probably made a mistake in over-committing the Italians, who had little effect on slowing the British movement west, and simply gave them some easy CVPs. I also lost a halftrack to a freak shot, but otherwise was able to defend the hill successfully to prevent a British escape.
Great scenario with lots of movement and decisions for both sides. My only reservation is that I can think of a British strategy that I reckon would be very hard for the Germans to stop. I'll have to try it sometime.
Short-Lived OffensiveShould be a good scenario, but the Slovaks never really got going in this one. Two armoured cars tried to run the gauntlet by driving straight through the village; both were lost to MG shots into their rear. Then their Turn 2 reinforcements were sliced up by a well-positioned MMG. And when their main force finally reached the village outskirts, they were faced with a line of concealed units which they lacked the firepower to break. Their only option was to charge across open ground, and whilst one or two units reached the buildings, many more were lost. The Slovak player conceded at the end of turn four, at which point they were outnumbered by the Hungarian defenders. Andy_Bagley
The Lock of ColmarWow - just wow
Got all the toys and more
SO the Germans have to defend both sides of a town and an over watch position
US attack one edge
French the other (plus some US)
and Tank on the French side but easy to skirt the town and help the other attack
My Plan - that failed......
The over watch position must fall so I tasked a group from each side (encirclement was fun) and ground them down - the ldr even manned the MG for a while to stop me but I got that in the end)
The French had tank support - smoke and got into that edge of town well
The Panther was a threat on that side so I stalked it with two bazookas and two Sherman's after they did their job with smoke
The stug seems to be not really a problem till the end game and did little
The US tried to crack them with FP and with Sherman support crossed into that edge of town
Problems that occurred
Both sides of town had CCs that would not resolve quick or in my favour (my usual problem)
The Panther got out of jail so many times from shots - It survived to be a real pain in the end game

So then the Flank with US - ldr dies early from snipe - men collapsed and lost
French take forever to get thru CC - attack on the centre of town a disaster since a fortified building there - very evil plan!!! for an end game by Martin
I never gave up but my plan just fell apart little by little
Great game with a unique attack from two side
Sherman's are cool with toys
Hunting a lone Cat is always FUN!!

Zwarts' MadhouseQuick and interesting scenario. Fire lines seems to be the only way to stop the Germans. Once the German went around the pillbox, the game was over. Maurizio.Grassi
Black Day in HattenWasn't my finest attack. The game is featured, in full, from our livestream on Episode 40 of illuminating rounds. Dave
L’embuscade du Geneste The French conducted a successful defense of the village. This one appears tough on the Germans; they must be ruthlessly aggressive. Tomkrny
Silence That Gun jacelm
Zon with the Wind algonra
The Fox's First BiteThe more complicated of the two scenarios available for "The Great War" module is definitely a harsh pill to swallow. There's very little that makes this scenario interesting, with the Germans facing dozens of Wire and Trench counters/hexes and an unclear objective that requires the Germans to capture 32 hexes in 6 turns, or 21 hexes, depending on your interpretation. The French are hampered by a poor reinforcement location as well.

By the last German turn, things had gotten close for either side, but the poor ruleset was the true victor, and we called it a draw to avoid having to spend an extra hour or two going through all the trenches and the sorting that ensues.

Avoid this scenario.
Ears for SouvenirsMy Japanese went down hard moving across the street and then went berserk and got mowed down trying to get into a fortified location. Bloody game, but the Chinese held out for the win. grumblejones
Up the Liri ValleyAn excellent and very enjoyable scenario that seems to offer a lot of different strategies for both sides.

My strategy as the Germans centered around building P8. Taking control of this building in turn 2 and then holding on to both it and my three starting buildings until the end would bring me exactly to the 19 VP required to win the scenario. I therefore committed almost all of my reinforcements to a large-scale attack on P8, which I managed to take on schedule despite suffering heavy casualties. This turned the setup of the scenario around, as it would now be the French who had to take away one of my buildings to achieve a win.

With the ball in their court, the French went for an assault against my fortified building in J3. Although I managed to hold it until the end and therefore eek out a win, in hindsight, I assigned too many forces to the attack on P8 from the West and too few to the North to reinforce the defense of my starting buildings. My defenders in J3 were hopelessly outnumbered, and with a bit less fortune on DC attacks or sniper target selection, the building could have easily fallen on turn 5. (VASL Log)
Ears for Souvenirs Danno
Heroes' Day residood
The Crown of Thorn residood
Smertniki von Garvin
Probing the VillasUS loss on CVP. A Sherman76 fell immediately to the ATG. German SAN is 5 and it took out 2 of the 3 US leaders. No luck with CC. Half tracks proved easy prey as they tried to manoeuvre round to create encircling opportunities / cut rout paths. Simonstan
Satisfaction and ConfidenceRussians chose the intermediate variant of 5.5. turns. As the Germans I deployed my HIP ATG in Y3 and covered my other flank with infantry and the Panzerschreck. I rolled 2xPzIVJ + PzIVF2 for reinforcements. After four turns the Russians threw in the towel, having lost three T34s to ATG and tank fire and counting that their infantry would be very hard pressed to make the victory conditions. I found the scenario good and fairly balanced, making the setup as the defender is quite interesting when you don't have exact knowdledge of what you'll be facing and where the enemy will be entering the board. Two thumbs up from me! ASLSKGwahlur
Another Day, Another Field Lorenzoknight
Kwajalein CrushThis is an action packed scenario with tons of toys for the US and many potential surprises from the Japanese. I defended heavily on the Japanese left with an upfront defense. My 75 was HIP in the forward kunai behind the road with some overlapping fields of fire from the MMGs in a trench with the 10-1 and a pillbox - all connected by trenches to one another and to the second pillbox with LMG. Eric did not oblige me by running tanks in front of the 75. But it was moot. My plans did not consider the possibility of malf'ing the 75 and both MMGs by the end of turn 2. Once the crust was broken, the Japanese could not hold back the US horde. Hidden Tank-Hunter Heroes chocked and only provided some interesting diversion; even with two having ATMM, they choked on the big stage. Flamethrower Stuarts were tough. Both sides took a lot of casualties and it went down to turn 6 after the Japanese reinforcements swarmed into the rearmost buildings. Too many remaining US squads and functioning AFVs earned a concession at the end of Japanese turn 6. Highlights for the Japanese included staying HIP in cover, allowing US squads to pass through and get shot/broken, and then dropping HIP to eliminate them for failure to rout. I would play this again in a heartbeat after paying tribute to the dice gods. pensatl1962
Costly BaptismGreat fun, excellent little scenario and couldn't have been closer. On the last CC of the last player-turn I needed a DR of 6 or less to win, and failed. I went with an up-front defence, with pretty much everything meeting the Germans as soon as they came on-board. The Germans took heavy losses but eventually broke through in the north, capturing five buildings by the end of their last turn. I managed to recapture two of them in the last Polish player-turn but could quite manage the third. My HMG was quite effective, but so were the pesky German Kfz13's, running around and drawing my fire. Andy_Bagley
Blood on the TracksTough defensive nit for the Germans. They ran out of smoke early and the Rocket OBA was not that effective. Boogaboo
Point of the SwordGreat Scenario! learning a lot about smoke usage and tricks for advancing under enemy fire manzoliandrea72
Silence That Gun jacelm
Fighting WithdrawalFins got off to a storming start... breaking by ELR 2 russians squads on the other side of the road... but it meant a slow advance... the russians fell back to the wall and formed a solid line, when the fins got there the russian HIP MMG and squad fire laned the road but the fins weathered the firing and pushed through the middle.

The real break through was on the east edge of map , where several Finnish squads swept through the Russian defence squad and moved through the smoke, frantic melees broke out in the middle and the Russians stifled out the Finns in the centre blockhouse buildings, But just enough Finns on the east edge were able to keep the pace up and a count up showed the Russians couldnt get enough of the board to match the Finns with 2 turns to go having made a fight of it around the graveyard. The Finns on the west edge were wiped out leaving just 2 broken leaders within reach of the exit edge too...

Fun game, which is what matters.

Do the FInns just have to deploy everywhere and swarm in a mad rush forwards to get off in time?
A Long Way To Go RJenulis
A Day By the ShoreUsed German balance. Came down to very last British Turn with Germans hemmed in with two HMGs reassembled in last Trench held. It was uncertain if the British would survive the final push to surround the final trench, but with luck the great FP unleashed at PB in AFPh was enough to settle the matter without resorting to CC. Submitted last 4 Turns we played on Vassal. (VASL Log) Kydder
Tettau's AttackUsed German balance. The Germans were quickly shattered and given no chance to get back on an equal footing. Kydder
Dreil TeamUsed German balance. British made two separate flanking groups that both aggressively keeping contact with enemy. German AFV was drawn out and dispatched with very lucky rear shot with PIAT fairly early in the engagement which only strengthened the British boldness in eventually overwhelming one strong-point and diluting the other defender's focus. Submitted log file with last couple of turns. (VASL Log) Kydder
Dreil TeamA disaster for the Germans. 7-0 duval
Tettau's AttackStopped cold by the British.
7-0 duval
A Day By the ShoreGerman morale was high. The defense felt solid by turn 8. Then they were overwhelmed. Came down to the wire.
7-0 duval
Opening FireI was keen to play one of my new Leibstandart Pack 1 scenarios. I was playing an experienced player, Eric who played the Germans. I had set up too far back and was unable to deny him the bridge on Turn 1 but I had HIP's a half-squad in the brush to the left of the bridge and I hoped he would remain hidden until the end game. The Poles gave a good account of themselves until they broke and then they proved difficult to rally. This was not helped by Eric's A/C moving around and DM'ing them. Managed to immobilise one A/C with my mortar before disabling it. Last ditch mad rush on turn 6 almost resulted in victory for the Poles with a number of units surviving heavy fire before breaking just short of their objective. I thought I had snatched a victory when I un-hipped my half squad to advance within 3 hexes of the bridge only to find that Eric had a different version of the scenario that did not include HIP units. As I had only bought my pack a month ago I would have thought any updates would be included. Apparently not.
I found this a difficult prospect for the Poles as it is difficult to prevent the Germans from capturing the bridge on turn 1 as well as the custom house. Anyway, a lesson learned about making sure both players have the same hymn sheet.
Fire on the VolgaLooked bad for Russians until last 2 or so turns. Reinforcements forced the Germans to pick a different exit/aim point. Lucky shot breaks MMG stack and a few other breaks for Russian win. Germans could have won with a more focused push. They kept a few squads and guns back to cover flanks. Boogaboo
Chasseurs at Yvoir ChuckD
The Lock of ColmarI didn't do enough as the Germans to prevent the Shermans from getting around the sides, and malfing the MMG on the hill on the first shot, followed by the manning squad to break on the first return fire didn't help the cause. American/British attacked cautiously and determinedly to secure the win. Nice situation although most of the German effort will be in the setup. (VASL Log) Dave
Take The CrossroadsFantastic game. The Germans received the balance and was definitely needed. A nail biter all the way and great Infantry/Gun/Goodies West Front favorite. ChrisB
Bastard Tanks & Shootin' FoolsA claustrophobic traffic jam. The Germans won by exit VP on turn 6 after the Americans broke all vehicle MA except one. A turn 5 left flank push by the Americans put a squad and 9-1 leader in the victory zone. Had the Germans not exited the VP on turn 6 the Americans still had a shot. RJenulis
Retaking ViervilleGermany rushed in with full platoons to the East and West and took two victory buildings on the first half of the first turn. America turned around and faced the onslaught bravely and pushed the Germans back to never rally again. A dangerous thrust by the Germans mid game turned into a disaster and Germany conceded by turn 4. (VASL Log) Slickyoung
The Big Cat’s LairPlayed on VASL during COVID. The Russian lost their FT tank on a long shot CH, which made their progress more difficult. In the mid game the Germans had 2 panthers in/in bypass of the stone building in the middle of the board, but both were freezed by an adjacent stack of 8-0/447/447 going berserk (the sNs did not work). So this made it possible for the ISUs to move into the village going head to head against the Tigers defending the back stone building. However, a dud from a hit on one of the Tigers made it impossible for the Russians to gather enough forces to both take the stone building and exit 22 VPs, and the Russians conceded after turn 5. oybj
Released from the East TigerAce
Weissenhof CrossroadsVASL jrwusmc
Weissenhof Crossroads wwillow
Storm Over ChampagneFrench armour set up to cover an exit run by the infantry, I set up 2 38t's at 7 hex range and let size, BU and better guns give me the edge in a multiturn tank duel. French infantry were intercepted in town and the infantry fight was fairly even but the French couldn't prevent the other German tanks from exiting on turn 6. aiabx
Bosq BarbequeI took what I thought was the safe option of entering on the west edge. This proved to the right move for my armour as the 88 was eventually revealed in BFPD FF1. What I completely failed to appreciate was the LOS opportunities offered by the combination of half level bocage and 3/4 level slopes. Consequently my infantry attack was soon bogged down and suffering constant casualties from a combination of long range MMG fire from BFPD S2 and, more demoralisingly, the quad flak that revealed itself in BFPD P3. My opponent had his own tribulations, having two SPGs recalled by an active Scottish sniper and malfĂ­ng both the aforementioned FlakVeirling and the 88, the latter however he did manage to repair. I conceded during my turn 5 movement phase when consecutive boxcars on morale checks had whittled down my Good order infantry to about a third of its original strength. It looked to be too tough an ask with most of my surviving infantry still a couple of movement phases from the VC buildings and the German infantry virtually intact. Really like the map layout in this one, gives a good feel for Normandy combat. Would like to give this on another go as the Scots if Monty doesn't sack me for my initial incompetence. Rich Weiley
A Less Peaceful ChristmasI built up a big VC lead at the start of the game by holding onto the buildings. On turn 3, I exited most of my infantry. My opponent conceded after a calculation showed he could not win even after eliminating the remaining Filipino units and capturing the buildings. etopp

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Twitch Stream coming up!
On Thursday 18th Feb, at 2pm UK time (currently we're in GMT) Martin and I will be playing Black Day in Hatten. Martin's taking the defending Germans and I'm the one trying to capture a bunch of VC locations and not lose my tanks.

The archive will host the stream (but it's probably viewed best directly from Twitch. Hope to see you there!
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Not only that - but I've also added the option to include your VASL log file directly onto the "Record a Playing" option on each scenario page, which is then linked to your playing so others can see the game, if you're happy to share the game.
More packs :)
The Kansas City guys have dug up some very old, very out-of-print packs for everyone who'd like to get their hands on them!

Head over to the Hollis Partisans, Texel, Partisan or the Irregular Forces Pack pages for more details.

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40 Fort McGregor5 miles south of Medjez el Bab, Tunisia1943
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