On All Fronts # 59

Published by: On All Fronts. October 1987
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“Partisan Leader” is a game of Partisan warfare on the Eastern Front. It is presumed to take place in the Bryansk region of the Soviet Union during the summer of 1942. It involves the movement of a German convoy across seven scenarios until it reaches its final destination. The game is lengthy and will require several periods of play to complete .. .The German player is in command of a convoy of supplies which is escorted by an ad-hoc security company with light AFVS for support. Crouching in the shadows are the Partisans, waiting for the Germans who must try to get through. The Partisan player generates a new force for each scenario and sets up hidden.

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O59.2: Partisan Leader CG - Scenario 200 Bryansk area, USSRGermanPartisanUnknown0%
O59.3: Partisan Leader CG - Scenario 300 Bryansk area, USSRGermanPartisanUnknown0%
O59.4: Partisan Leader CG - Scenario 400 Bryansk area, USSRGermanPartisanUnknown0%
O59.5: Partisan Leader CG - Scenario 500 Bryansk area, USSRGermanPartisanUnknown0%
O59.6: Partisan Leader CG - Scenario 600 Bryansk area, USSRGermanPartisanUnknown0%
O59.7: Partisan Leader CG - Scenario 700 Bryansk area, USSRGermanPartisanUnknown0%
O59.1: Partisan Leader CG - Scenario 100 Bryansk area, USSRGermanPartisan5 hrsUnknown0%

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Median length of scenarios: 5hrs

Average rating of scenarios: n/a

Total playing time: 5hrs

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