Schwerpunkt #10

Published by: Sherry Enterprises. October 2004
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This issue’s 24-page booklet contains Brook White's article, The Shades of Poland: The Polish in ASL, as well as our trademark analyses and designer’s notes for scenarios SP109-SP120. Mark Pitcavage is back with us and we are proud to feature his interview with Squad Leader designer, John Hill. There is also an ASL Starter Kit compatible scenario that both new and experienced players will enjoy. Each of the 12 scenarios are printed on card stock in our easy to read format. The scenarios are in keeping with the Schwerpunkt tradition of tournament-sized as well as medium-sized actions.

Map board(s):


Articles and Resources:

The Shades of Poland: The Poles in ASL, 1939-40Brook WhiteReference Material3-6
Designer Genes: An Interview with John HillMark PitcavageReference Material22-23


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SP116: Loonies and Leicesters071 6.67Mendicité, BelgiumWTOBritish/CanadianGerman2.3 hrsBalanced11%
SP114: Seizing Gyulamajor039 6.50Gyulamajor, HungaryETOGermanRussian11.5 hrsBalanced6%
SP115: The Five Pound Prize026 7.32Fontenay Le Pesnel, FranceWTOGerman (SS)British3.9 hrs56% British4%
SP113: The Tigers Wrecked 'Em016 6.25Giberville, FranceWTOGermanCanadian/British9.3 hrs67% Canadian/British2%
SP110: The Chernichivo Shuffle014 6.29Chernichivo, RussiaETORussianGerman (SS)4.6 hrsBalanced2%
SP112: Foreshadowing Silvertop011 5.00St. Anthonis, FranceWTOBritishGerman2.6 hrsBalanced2%
SP111: Why at Erp011 6.20Erp, HollandWTOAmericanGerman1.8 hrs73% American2%
SP118: Seizing the Sittang Bridge011 6.92Toungoo, BurmaCBIJapaneseChinese2.6 hrs57% Japanese2%
SP117: Stranded Cats04 6.00Sittang, BurmaCBIJapaneseBritish (Indian)2.6 hrsBalanced1%
SP119: Captain Lambert's Factory03 5.67Bergen-op-Zoom, Holland WTOCanadianGerman5.7 hrs67% German0%
SP109: Olboeter's Escape01 5.00Coudehard, FranceWTOGerman (SS)Polish13 hrsBalanced0%
SP120: Kettlehut to the Rescue00 Bergstein, GermanyWTOGermanAmerican6.1 hrs78% German0%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 (Dark) grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

Median length of scenarios: 4.25hrs

Average rating of scenarios: 6.17

Total playing time: 66hrs

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