Jumping Cats

Published by: Hans Mielants. January 2005
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SASL Historical Campaign recreating the campaign of the 5th Japanese Division’s part in the Malayan and Singapore campaigns. You will find 10 Weekly Missions from December 1941 to February 1942.

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Mision 4: Daring Dash00 Telok Anson, Perak, MalayaCBIJapaneseBritishUnknown0%
Mission 1: First Contact00 Betong, SiamCBIIndianJapaneseUnknown0%
Mission 10: Ripe Pickings00 Bukit Timah, SingaporeCBIBritishJapaneseUnknown0%
Mission 2: Up the Hills00 Jitra, Kedah, MalayaCBIJapaneseBritishUnknown0%
Mission 3: Crossing the Perak00 Kuala Kangsar, Perak Province, MalayaCBIJapaneseBritishUnknown0%
Mission 5: Securing the Slim00 Kuala Kubu, Selango, MalayaCBIBritishJapaneseUnknown0%
Mission 6: The Gemencheh Disaster00 Gemencheh, Negri Sembilan Province, MalayaCBIJapaneseBritishUnknown0%
Mission 7: Hot ‘n Wet00 Mersing, Johore Province, MalayaCBIBritishJapaneseUnknown0%
Mission 8: Not So Much Of A Safe Haven00 Johore Bahru, Johore Province, MalayaCBIJapaneseBritishUnknown0%
Mission 9: At The Right Place00 Thong Hu, SingaporeCBIJapaneseBritishUnknown0%

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