Kreta - Operation Merkur

Published by: Heat of Battle. February 2008
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A Battle Study by Andrew Hershey, Shaun Carter, Derek Ward, Michael-Hastrup-Leth, and Magnus Hindsberger

KRETA contains:
• Huge Color 56"x40" Historical Map featuring Crete battle area, drawn by Tom Repetti.
• 120 full-color counters.
• Chapter OM, that includes rules for new units, terrain types and weapons notes.
• Historical Campaign Game.
• 7 Historical Map Scenarios.
• 10 Geomorphic Map Scenarios.

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Don't let the Negative Noise Scare You Away.
nathan wegener: 8.0 out of 10. [Review score: 5] [Agree] [Disagree]

After a long wait I finally got my copy of this pack. Contrary to the level of noise elsewhere - I found the components quite well done. The issues have been well documented so I won't repeat them.

Rules introduced in the pack are limited to terrain and the specifics of the forces involved - including plenty of captured weapon use for both sides.

I think the invasion of ... Read full review...


OM-1: Morning's Peril028 7.00Maleme, CreteMTOGermanCommonwealth2.8 hrs67% Commonwealth13%
OM-2: Glide Path to Hell031 7.29Maleme, CreteMTOGermanCommonwealth5.2 hrs62% German14%
OM-3: Hill 107023 7.70Maleme, CreteMTOGermanCommonwealth3.5 hrs64% Commonwealth11%
OM-4: The Umbrella Men028 7.60Pirgos, CreteMTOGermanCommonwealth5.6 hrsBalanced13%
OM-5: Stentzler's Wary Reconnoitre020 6.29Maleme, CreteMTOGermanCommonwealth6.5 hrs74% German9%
OM-6: Waltzing the Matildas024 6.78Maleme, CreteMTOCommonwealthGerman3.5 hrs82% German11%
OM-7: Too Little, Too Light05 7.50Maleme, CreteMTOGermanCommonwealth34.3 hrs70% German2%
AoC01: Rushing Hill A010 6.60Retimo, CreteMTOGermanAustralian / British6.4 hrs56% German5%
AoC02: The Venetian Fort010 6.40Heraklion, CreteMTOGermanGreek / British5.2 hrs100% German5%
AoC03: The Olive Oil Factory016 7.17Retimo, CreteMTOGreek / AustralianGerman4.2 hrsBalanced7%
AoC04: Town and Country011 5.71Heraklion, CreteMTOBritishGerman4.4 hrs60% German5%
AoC05: At the Apex09 7.29Babali Hani, CreteMTOAustralian / BritishGerman2.9 hrs71% German4%
AoC06: 42nd Street06 7.33Suda, CreteMTOCommonwealthGerman5.5 hrs100% Commonwealth3%
AoC07: Their First and Last06 4.33Canea, CreteMTOGermanBritish3 hrs80% German3%
AoC08: The Game's Up Aussies04 5.00Retimo, CreteMTOGermanAustralian5.4 hrs100% Australian2%
AoC09: Unsung Heroes02 Alikianos, CreteMTOGermanGreek7.4 hrsBalanced1%
AoC10: Glide Path to Invasion00 Chania, CreteMTOGermanBritish4.3 hrs100% British0%
OM-CG: Kreta - Operation Merkur Campaign Game06 8.25Maleme, CreteMTOGermanCommonwealth80% Commonwealth3%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 (Dark) grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

Median length of scenarios: 5.2hrs

Average rating of scenarios: 6.77

Total playing time: 110.1hrs

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