Peleliu: White Beach One

Published by: Critical Hit. January 2011
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White Beach One: Peleliu 1944 is just for you if you are ready to smash your way ashore at the infamous island, as one of the soldiers of the 1st Marine Regiment under Marine nonpariel Chesty Puller. It's for you if you are ready for a colorful map, new die-cut counters depicting weapons like the T20 shoulder-fired mortar. If you want historical leader counters, a battlefield unlike any other in the annals of historical modules. Taut scenarios, easily digest special rules in two column format.

ASLComp White Beach One contains:

8 action-packed scenarios depicting actions on Peleliu

A 24" x 34" color mapsheet

VARIANT Special Rules pages with color bar at the top just like you like it

2 sheets of color die cut counters including new historical MMC/SMC and more

A second set of the die cut counters FREE!

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1: Spitfire Three00 Peleliu IslandPTOAmerican (USMC)Japanese9.1 hrsUnknown0%
2: "...Get Off the Air!"00 Peleliu IslandPTOAmerican (USMC)Japanese7.2 hrsUnknown0%
3: "Knock Out That Big Gun..."00 Peleliu IslandPTOAmerican (USMC)Japanese7.6 hrsUnknown0%
4: "Able Marines Fill the Gap..."00 Peleliu IslandPTOAmerican (USMC)Japanese10.7 hrsUnknown0%
5: "Here Come the Jap Tanks!"02 6.33Peleliu IslandPTOJapaneseAmerican (USMC)15.5 hrsBalanced100%
6: Valley of the Dead00 Peleliu IslandPTOJapaneseAmerican (USMC)5.6 hrsUnknown0%
7: Captain Harada's Counter-Attack00 Peleliu IslandPTOJapaneseAmerican (USMC)2 hrsUnknown0%
8: White Beach Blood Red00 Peleliu IslandPTOAmerican (USMC)Japanese99.6 hrsUnknown0%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 (Dark) grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

Median length of scenarios: 8.35hrs

Average rating of scenarios: 6.33

Total playing time: 157.3hrs

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