Barbarossa North Pack

Published by: Fanatic Enterprises. January 1990
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Paul Kenny does it again with 8 new ASL Scenarios from the Barbarossa Campaign and Continuation War north of Finland. Actions include Russians, Germans, and Finns.

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FE108: No Walkover02 7.00Rybachiy, RussiaETOGermanRussian2.4 hrsBalanced4%
FE109: Salla06 Salla, RussiaETOGermanRussian2.9 hrs83% Russian13%
FE110: Not So Supermen04 Salla, RussiaETORussianGerman (SS)4.2 hrsBalanced9%
FE111: French Castoffs05 Salla, RussiaETOGermanRussian7.5 hrs100% German11%
FE112: Old Tactics, New Victims07 Kestenga, USSRETOFinnishRussian2.1 hrsUnknown16%
FE113: Blood on the Timbers01 Allakurtti, RussiaETOGermanRussian4.2 hrs100% Russian2%
FE114: Hide & Seek015 Litsa, RussiaETOGermanRussian3 hrsUnknown33%
FE115: Reindeer Games05 Tjasajoki, FinlandETOFinnishPartisan4.7 hrs80% Partisan11%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 (Dark) grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

Median length of scenarios: 3.6hrs

Average rating of scenarios: 7

Total playing time: 31hrs

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