Beyond the Beachhead

Published by: Heat of Battle. January 2004
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Beyond the Beachhead offers players the opportunity to do cardboard battle on more "Normandy-like" terrain. The scenarios range from 6 June to 25 July, 1944 with a variety of forces including U.S., British, Canadian, German, and SS. The Battlepack includes the following:

2 geomorphic mapboards depicting Normandy terrain (HOB III, HOB VI)
2 geomorphic overlays (the overlays fit on to either Normandy board: village; Bocage hill)
8 Action Packed Scenarios
Cover that includes special rules (describes terrain, Light Bocage, etc) and LOS examples
The 2 overlays fit on to either mapboard in the pack, essentially creating 6 possible boards. Also, the overlays can fit on to some other boards.
With the new Bocage artwork it is possible to have hedges and Bocage on the same mapboard!

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BTB1: Taking Tailleville094 6.78Tailleville, FranceWTOCanadianGerman4.6 hrsBalanced23%
BTB2: Merely Hanging On045 6.33St. Mère Église, FranceWTOGermanAmerican7.8 hrs64% American11%
BTB3: Kraut Corner020 6.63North of Cloville, FranceWTOAmericanGerman5.5 hrsBalanced5%
BTB4: Firestorm in St. Manvieu04 7.00St.Manvieu, FranceWTOBritishGerman (SS)9.4 hrs58% British1%
BTB5: Martinville Ridge04 6.20Martinville, FranceWTOGermanAmerican3.8 hrs66% American1%
BTB6: Men Against Tanks02 7.50Near St.Lo-Periers Highway, FranceWTOAmericanGerman2.7 hrs61% American0%
BTB7: Blood on Hill 19201 6.50East of Cloville, FranceWTOAmericanGerman13.9 hrs60% German0%
BTB8: Steel Inferno074 8.00Fontenay le-Pesnel, FranceWTOBritishGerman12.6 hrsBalanced18%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 (Dark) grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

Median length of scenarios: 6.65hrs

Average rating of scenarios: 6.87

Total playing time: 60.3hrs

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