Time on Target # 1

Published by: Kinetic Energy Productions. December 1994
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TOT 1: Take Ten!05 5.50Krewinkel, BelgiumWTOGermanAmerican10.1 hrs80% German2%
TOT 2: First Attack011 6.50West of Neuhof, GermanyWTOGermanAmerican3.4 hrsBalanced3%
TOT 3: The Pride of Lions018 5.50Eigelscheid, GermanyWTOGermanAmerican5.7 hrs72% German5%
TOT 4: Stoumont: The Break-In014 6.00Stoumont, BelgiumWTOGerman (SS)American35.1 hrs62% American4%
TOT 5: Retrograde out of Stoumont018 5.50Stoumont, BelgiumWTOAmericanGerman (SS)8 hrs59% American5%
TOT 6: Bastard Tanks & Shootin' Fools014 6.50Stoumont Station, BelgiumWTOGerman (SS)American4.9 hrs57% American4%
TOT 7: Tiger 2220122 Stavelot, BelgiumWTOGerman (SS)American2 hrs66% American37%
TOT 8: Nightmare00 Noville, BelgiumWTOGermanAmerican3.8 hrs74% American0%
TOT 9: Beat Feet to Foy02 6.67South of Noville, BelgiumWTOAmericanGerman7.7 hrs64% American1%
TOT 10: Winter Wonderland050 Butgenbach, BelgiumWTOGerman (SS)American4.7 hrs84% American15%
TOT 11: Bitter Reply00 Chaumont, BelgiumWTOGermanAmerican7.8 hrs73% American0%
TOT 12: Hill 490011 6.00Outside Wiltz, LuxembourgWTOAmericanGerman9.5 hrs73% American3%
TOT tA: Sweep Along Skyline Drive03 South of Marnach, Luxembourg WTOGermanAmerican2.7 hrs100% German1%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 (Dark) grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

Median length of scenarios: 5.7hrs

Average rating of scenarios: 6.02

Total playing time: 105.4hrs

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