The Long March

Published by: Heat of Battle. July 2009
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The Long March contains 17 tactical scenarios covering the Communist Chinese fight with Nationalist Forces between 1931 and 1937. Also included is a campaign game linking 14 of the included scenarios to represent the entire struggle of preservation and revolution. Most but not all of scenarios focus on the Long March of 1934-1935, when the Communists relocated their base from southern China to northern China. Designed by Jay Long.

These scenarios require counters and maps from other Heat of Battle offerings such as High Ground.

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The Long Playthrough
Jobbo Fett: 4.0 out of 10. [Review score: 0] [Agree] [Disagree]

After months and months of playing this on stream, chronologically, I can well and true say that Heat of Battle's The Long March is a bit of a slog to play through. My score is based on the scenarios specifically, rather than other aspects.

This pack has a vision of what it wants to be, but not quite how to get there. You can't fault it for trying, and it has to be said that it touche... Read full review...


HOB LM 1: Recruiting Tactics011 5.50Jiangxi Province, ChinaCCWRed ArmyKMT3.3 hrsBalanced11%
HOB LM 2: Resisting the Constriction07 6.00Guangchang, ChinaCCWKMTRed Army8.1 hrs57% Red Army7%
HOB LM 3: The Culling at Xiang River07 6.00Xiang River, ChinaCCWKMTRed Army6 hrs100% KMT7%
HOB LM 4: Taking a Different Route04 4.50Shuiche, ChinaCCWKMTRed Army5.7 hrsBalanced4%
HOB LM 5: Bridging the Wu02 6.50Wu River, ChinaCCWRed ArmyKMT4 hrs60% KMT2%
HOB LM 6: Forced to Reconsider03 5.50Huangpidong, ChinaCCWRed ArmyKMT5.9 hrs67% KMT3%
HOB LM 7: More Than He Could Chew03 4.75Qinggangpo, ChinaCCWRed ArmyKMT8.3 hrs57% Red Army3%
HOB LM 8: The Race to Loushan Pass02 5.00Loushan Pass, ChinaCCWKMTRed Army4.4 hrs60% KMT2%
HOB LM 9: Return to the Wu River01 5.00Zunyi, ChinaCCWRed ArmyKMT9.4 hrsBalanced1%
HOB LM 10: Those Left Behind01 6.00Shihan, ChinaCCWRed ArmyKMT5.9 hrs100% KMT1%
HOB LM 11: Medieval Warfare02 6.00Huili, ChinaCCWRed ArmyKMT4.6 hrsBalanced2%
HOB LM 12: Two Coins for the Ferryman04 4.00Anshunchang, ChinaCCWRed ArmyKMT3 hrs75% Red Army4%
HOB LM 13: Fierce Tiger in the Fog02 4.00Shiyueting, ChinaCCWRed ArmyKMT4 hrs100% Red Army2%
HOB LM 14: Luting Bridge01 2.00Luding, ChinaCCWRed ArmyKMT4.1 hrs100% KMT1%
HOB LM 15: Lazikou Pass02 4.50Lazikou Pass, ChinaCCWRed ArmyKMT3.9 hrs100% Red Army2%
HOB LM 16: Cutting Off the Tail01 4.00Wugi, ChinaCCWKMTRed Army7 hrsBalanced1%
HOB LM 17: More Than Four Horsemen01 3.50Jiangyuan, ChinaCCWKMTRed Army4.5 hrsBalanced1%

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 (Dark) grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

Median length of scenarios: 4.6hrs

Average rating of scenarios: 4.87

Total playing time: 92.1hrs

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