Rivers to the Reich

Published by: Multi-Man Publishing. January 2013
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From the MMP Website:
Rivers To The Reich is a scenario pack for Advanced Squad Leader with 15 scenario adaptations by Jim Stahler, completing the official Squad Leader scenario conversions begun with Turning The Tide. The 15 scenarios in Rivers To The Reich cover actions on the Western Front after August 1944. Two sheets of overlays, replicating those that originally appeared in the Squad Leader module GI: Anvil Of Victory, are also included.

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U34: The Dornot Watermark04 7.00Dornot, GermanyWTOGerman (SS)American13.4 hrs67% American2%
U35: Semper Paratus045 5.62Oorderen, HollandWTOCanadianGerman2 hrsBalanced21%
U36: Operation Switchback02 7.00Leopold Canal, HollandWTOCanadianGerman23.6 hrs60% Canadian1%
U37: Scheldt Fortress South00 Fort Frederick-Hendrick, HollandWTOBritish/CanadianGerman45.3 hrsBalanced0%
U38: Clearing the Breskens Pocket04 6.00The Scheldt Estuary, HollandWTOBritish/CanadianGerman140.7 hrs100% German2%
U39: The Clearing055 6.93Hürtgen Forest, GermanyWTOAmericanGerman1.3 hrsBalanced25%
U40: Vitality I09 6.33South Beveland, HollandWTOCanadianGerman10.2 hrs78% Canadian4%
U41: Infatuate II09 7.14Westkapelle, Walcheren Island, HollandWTOBritishGerman5.8 hrs56% German4%
U42: Stand Fast028 5.80Hamlet outside Obergeich, Germany WTOAmericanGerman0.9 hrs63% American13%
U43: The Roer Bridgehead018 7.67Koerrenzig, GermanyWTOGermanAmerican29.8 hrs65% German8%
U44: Operation Varsity00 Hamminkeln, GermanyWTOAmericanGerman10 hrsUnknown0%
U45: Bridgehead on the Rhine02 Speldrop, GermanyWTOBritishGerman13.1 hrsBalanced1%
U46: Encircling The Ruhr07 5.00The Ruhr, GermanyWTOAmericanGerman (SS)18.8 hrs67% American3%
U47: A Small Town in Germany016 6.40Friesoythe, Germany WTOCanadianGerman12.3 hrs80% German7%
U48: The Rag Tag Circus016 5.20Barby on the Elbe, GermanyWTOAmericanGerman3 hrs60% American7%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 (Dark) grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

Median length of scenarios: 12.3hrs

Average rating of scenarios: 6.34

Total playing time: 330.2hrs

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