Berlin Final Days

Published by: Critical Hit. July 2011
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Berlin Final Days, which is in effect a de facto BFTR 4th Edition, with de facto 5th Edition Rules.

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Berlin I #9: Wagnerian Crescendo00 Berlin, GermanyETORussianGerman (SS)7.1 hrsUnknown0%
Berlin I #17: Thunder At Seelow00 Seelow, GermanyETORussianGerman15.5 hrsBalanced0%
Berlin I #16: Into The Lion's Den00 Berlin, GermanyETOGermanRussian14.1 hrsUnknown0%
Berlin I #15: Breakout From Hell00 Berlin, GermanyETOGermanRussian49.5 hrsUnknown0%
Berlin I #14: In The Belly Of The Beast00 Berlin, GermanyETORussianGerman (SS)6 hrsUnknown0%
Berlin I #13: Raise The Red Banner!01 7.00Berlin, GermanyETORussianGerman (SS) / German15.9 hrs100% German (SS) / German1%
Berlin I #12: When Diplomacy Fails00 Berlin, GermanyETOGerman (SS) / GermanRussian10 hrsUnknown0%
Berlin I #11: Over Open Sights00 Berlin, GermanyETORussianGerman (SS) / German12.2 hrs83% Russian0%
Berlin I #10: Clearing The Back 4000 Berlin, GermanyETORussianGerman5.7 hrsUnknown0%
Berlin I #1: The Last Fire Mission00 Wannsee, Berlin, GermanyETORussianGerman4.3 hrsUnknown0%
Berlin I #8: Gotterdammerung00 Berlin, GermanyETORussianGerman75.9 hrsBalanced0%
Berlin I #7: Himmler's House00 Berlin, GermanyETORussianGerman (SS)10.5 hrsUnknown0%
Berlin I #6: Send In The Fallschirmjagers00 Berlin, GermanyETOGermanRussian15.8 hrs100% German0%
Berlin I #5: Standoff At The Moltke Bridge 00 Berlin, GermanyETORussianGerman (SS)22 hrsUnknown0%
Berlin I #4: Clearing The Station00 Berlin, GermanyETORussianGerman3.3 hrsUnknown0%
Berlin I #3: Moabit Mayhem00 Berlin, GermanyETORussianGerman10.3 hrsUnknown0%
Berlin I #2: Jail Break00 Berlin, GermanyETORussianGerman7.1 hrsUnknown0%

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 (Dark) grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

Median length of scenarios: 10.5hrs

Average rating of scenarios: 7

Total playing time: 285.2hrs

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