ASL Action Pack #15 Swedish Volunteers

Published by: Multi-Man Publishing. October 2020
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Action Pack #15: Swedish Volunteers is MMP’s production of the original Swedish Volunteers scenario pack by Martin Svärd and Erik Leander. Technically neutral during WWII, Sweden still offered her assistance in the wider defense of her Nordic neighbors through the formation of Frivilligkåren (the Volunteer Corps). Though this corps was demobilized in 1940, Swedish volunteers continued to see action during the German invasion of Norway and later during the Continuation War allied with Finland and Germany against the Soviet Union.

The 16 scenarios in Action Pack #15: Swedish Volunteers include all 14 from the original release, which have been updated using official layout and terminology, and in some cases updated for balance, as well as two additional scenarios, one previously published by Friendly Fire and one brand-new scenario. These cover a variety of actions from the Swedish defense of Märkäjärvi, Finland in 1940 during The Winter War to Swedes united with Norwegian and British forces in Norway during Operation WESERÜBUNG to battles against Soviet forces during the Continuation War of 1941-44.
ASL AP #15

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AP144: Ten-Ton Tank011 6.92Märkäjärvi, FinlandETORussianSwedish2.6 hrsBalanced3%
AP145: The Swedish Voluntary Corps033 6.29Märkäjärvi, FinlandETORussianSwedish4.2 hrs60% Russian8%
AP146: Absolut Märkäjärvi018 5.20Märkäjärvi, FinlandETORussianSwedish3.5 hrsBalanced4%
AP147: Frivilligkompani Benckert031 7.09Kongvinger, NorwayETOGermanNorwegian/Swedish3.6 hrsBalanced8%
AP148: Beacon of Hope023 5.45Selbu, NorwayETOGermanSwedish/Norwegian2 hrs77% Swedish/Norwegian6%
AP149: Lions and Tin Men030 6.91Os, NorwayETOGermanNorwegian/Swedish2.4 hrs70% German7%
AP150: Norwegian Edelweiss031 7.22Stein, NorwayETOGermanBritish/Swedish4.5 hrsBalanced8%
AP151: Probing Korsus015 5.00Jandeba, RussiaETOSwedishRussian2.3 hrs62% Russian4%
AP152: Through Mud and Blood05 8.00Shemenski, RussiaETOFinnish/SwedishRussian6.7 hrs75% Finnish/Swedish1%
AP153: Across the Rio Grande08 7.00Jandeba, RussiaETOSwedishRussian2.7 hrsBalanced2%
AP154: Mexico and Morocco041 6.33Jandeba, RussiaETORussianSwedish2.5 hrs59% Swedish10%
AP155: Katyusha Variations016 5.83South of Näätäkä, FinlandETORussianSwedish3.7 hrs57% Russian4%
AP156: Swede Revenge015 6.67Tali, FinlandETOFinnish/SwedishRussian2.9 hrsBalanced4%
AP157: Trap by Mishap056 8.06Tali, FinlandETORussianFinnish/Swedish4 hrs60% Finnish/Swedish14%
AP158: Rather Uncoordinated033 6.50Tali, FinlandETORussianFinnish/Swedish4.3 hrsBalanced8%
AP159: Day at Night018 5.14Tali, FinlandETORussianFinnish/Swedish6.1 hrs77% Russian4%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 (Dark) grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

Median length of scenarios: 3.55hrs

Average rating of scenarios: 6.48

Total playing time: 58hrs

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