AH:ASL Annual `91

Published by: Avalon Hill. January 1991
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The third annual magazine/supplement for ASL, containing articles and scenarios

Articles and Resources:

Series Replay: Red BarricadesCharles KiblerAfter Action Report5 - 17
The Forgotten LegionsCharles MarkussReference Material21 - 25
Early Victims; Early VictoriesMark C. NixonAnalysis29 - 45
The Numbers of OctoberMark C. NixonReference Material57 -59
ASL On-lineUnknowReference Material61
The Mouse that RoaredBob McNamaraRules and Strategy63
Market-Garden: Notes on the New ScenariosJon MishconAnalysis49


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A 26: Beachhead at Ozereyka Bay054 6.29Near Glebovka, USSRETORussianRomanian / German10.2 hrsBalanced3%
A 27: King's Castle029 5.00Weisweiler, GermanyWTOAmericanGerman8.5 hrs68% American2%
A 28: The Professionals0127 6.62Pirot, YugoslaviaMTOGermanYugoslavian 6.3 hrsBalanced7%
A 29: A Meeting of Patrols0122 6.52Hofen, BelgiumWTOAmericanGerman (SS)4.1 hrs57% German (SS)6%
A 30: Defeat in Java030 5.67Soebang, JavaPTODutch / BritishJapanese11.8 hrs87% Dutch / British2%
A 31: On the Road to Andalsnes038 6.89Near Dombass, NorwayETOGermanNorwegian7.9 hrs66% Norwegian2%
A 32: Zon with the Wind0577 6.50Zon, The NetherlandsWTOAmericanGerman2.4 hrsBalanced30%
A 33: Tettau's Attack072 6.00West of Arnhem, The NetherlandsWTOGerman (SS)British3.8 hrs56% British4%
A 34: Lash Out0257 6.45Northwest of Schijndel, The NetherlandsWTOGermanAmerican / British3.5 hrsBalanced13%
A 35: Guards Attack070 5.67Near Aalst, The NetherlandsWTOBritishGerman4.2 hrs65% British4%
A 36: Oy Veghel080 6.60Northeast of Veghel, The NetherlandsWTOGermanAmerican3.9 hrs72% German4%
A 37: Dreil Team0145 6.25South of Dreil, The NetherlandsWTOBritishGerman4.5 hrsBalanced8%
A 38: North Bank0189 6.30Oosterbeek, The NetherlandsWTOGerman (SS)British2.6 hrs62% German (SS)10%
DASL A07: Lehr Sanction051 5.67Lingevres, FranceWTOGermanBritish7.4 hrs65% German3%
DASL A08: Gruppo Mobile034 4.67Gela, Sicily, ItalyMTOItalianAmerican2.8 hrs71% American2%
HASL A01: Fire on the Volga032 6.33Behind the Barrikady, Stalingrad, USSRETOGermanRussian9.6 hrs64% Russian2%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 (Dark) grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

Median length of scenarios: 4.35hrs

Average rating of scenarios: 6.09

Total playing time: 93.5hrs

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