Oblivion Pack

Published by: Fanatic Enterprises. January 2006
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FE116: Bad Neighbor Policy06 6.00Ubrez, SlovakiaETOSlovakianHungarian4.7 hrs67% Hungarian19%
FE117: Sanok Action02 Sanok, RussiaETOSlovakian/GermanRussian12.7 hrsBalanced6%
FE118: Zaporohze Island09 7.00Zaporozhye Island, UkraineETOHungarianRussian4.2 hrs78% Russian28%
FE119: The Face of War02 Kerch, RussiaETORomanianRussian7.8 hrs100% Romanian6%
FE120: Nasty Business06 7.00Lojev, RussiaETOSlovakianPartisan5.2 hrs100% Partisan19%
FE121: Allies in a Few Days01 Podul Iloaiei, RomaniaETORomanianRussian15.1 hrs100% Romanian3%
FE122: Slovakian Slugfest00 Zilnia, SlovakiaETOGermanSlovakian/Partisan8.6 hrsUnknown0%
FE123: Enemies All Around05 5.00Vakarel, BulgariaETOBulgarianGerman5.2 hrs80% Bulgarian16%
FE124: Paulis Detachment02 Paulis, RomaniaETOHungarianRomanian10.9 hrs100% Hungarian6%
FE125: Lessons Learned the Hard Way02 4.50Biala Palanka, BulgariaETOBulgarianGerman (SS)2.4 hrs100% German (SS)6%
FE126: Path to Retribution01 Knin, DalmatiaETOYugoslavian (NOVJ)German/Croatian13.2 hrs100% German/Croatian3%
FE127: Junkyard Wars04 Yastrebci, HungaryETOBulgarianGerman9.9 hrs75% Bulgarian13%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 (Dark) grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

Median length of scenarios: 8.2hrs

Average rating of scenarios: 5.9

Total playing time: 99.9hrs

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