March Madness '99 Supplemental: British Rare Vehicles Pack

Published by: Kansas City ASL Club. March 1999
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Actually published by Kinetic Energy Productions.
2 scenarios, 8 pages of Chapter H notes, die-cut countersheet (British Rare Vehicles.) Given away at the March Madness '99 ASL tournament in Kansas City. This product was produced in only very small numbers and was never generally made available.

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BRV1c: Charge of the Bison00 Outside the village of Ban Ong Pet, north of Dien Bien Phu, French IndochinaINDOViet MinhFrench6.3 hrsUnknown0%
BRV2b: The Mines of February01 6.00South of Dier El Munassib, EgyptDTOBritishItalian12.1 hrs100% Italian100%

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Median length of scenarios: 9.2hrs

Average rating of scenarios: 6

Total playing time: 18.4hrs

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