Guerra Civil: The Spanish Civil War

Published by: Critical Hit. April 2001
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Two 8" x 22" new maps created with full-size 'escarpment type' color cardstock overlays and a large 8" x 8" 'Spanish Castle' overlay;
736 color die-cut counters providing the men, aircraft, AFVs and ordnance of the combatants; aircraft counters for the air war of the Spanish Civil War includes counters for the Polikarpov I-15, Henschel Hs123, Heinkel He 51 and more
Rulebook complete with historical, ordnance and AFV notes
Complete DYO presentation with rarity, aircraft, SW, ELR and artillery data

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GC1: Teruel's Tooth09 5.67Teruel, SpainSCWSpanish RepublicanSpanish Nationalist5.5 hrs63% Spanish Nationalist14%
GC2: Last Stand on Hill 19702 5.00Asturias, SpainSCWSpanish NationalistSpanish Republican10 hrs100% Spanish Nationalist3%
GC3: Son Servera05 7.50Majorca, SpainSCWSpanish RepublicanSpanish Nationalist6.7 hrs60% Spanish Republican8%
GC4: Pingarron Hill05 9.00Jarama Valley, SpainSCWSpanish RepublicanSpanish Nationalist10.1 hrs80% Spanish Nationalist8%
GC5: Dombrowski's Stand07 8.00University City section, Madrid, SpainSCWSpanish NationalistSpanish Republican5 hrs57% Spanish Republican11%
GC6: Brihuega Disaster01 4.33Brihuega, near Guadalajara, SpainSCWSpanish RepublicanItalian13.8 hrs78% Italian2%
GC7: Resist or Die07 7.00Madrid, SpainSCWSpanish NationalistSpanish Republican5.3 hrs57% Spanish Republican11%
GC8: Ay Carmela05 2.00Asco, along the Ebro River, SpainSCWSpanish RepublicanSpanish Nationalist12 hrs60% Spanish Republican8%
GC9: The Road to Torija01 6.00On the road to Torija, near Guadalajara, SpainSCWItalian (C.T.V. Fascists)Spanish Republican10.9 hrs100% Spanish Republican2%
GC10: Falangist Pride05 2.00Villanueva de la Canada, near Brunete, SpainSCWSpanish RepublicanSpanish Nationalist8.3 hrs100% Spanish Nationalist8%
GC11: Noi Siamo Italiani di Garibaldi03 3.00Near Brihuega, SpainSCWItalian (C.T.V. Fascists)Spanish Republican7.1 hrsBalanced5%
GC12: Ring of Iron06 5.00Outside Bilbao, Basque Provinces, SpainSCWSpanish NationalistSpanish Republican15.8 hrs100% Spanish Republican9%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 (Dark) grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

Median length of scenarios: 9.15hrs

Average rating of scenarios: 5.38

Total playing time: 110.5hrs

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