Scotland the Brave II

Published by: Critical Hit. January 1999
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SCOTLAND THE BRAVE II covers events that took place to the north of StB I. including the first day of action for many British soldiers. 26th June 1944, was the baptism by fire of 15th Scottish division and its support arms. Only two of the Division's nine infantry battalionsĀ·- the 2nd Argylls and the 2nd Gordons - were Regular Army units, and those had not seen battle.

Scotland the Brave II includes a well-researched historical game map of the battlefield, special rules, ten new scenarios, and two Platoon Leader 2.x campaign games. As a special bonus, CG 3 links the maps from StB I with StB II for a giant Normandy battlefield. You will also receive a designer's notes booklet.

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StB 11: Pip Roberts' Run01 7.00South of Cheux, FranceWTOBritishGerman (SS)4 hrsBalanced3%
StB 12: Justify the Losses01 7.00Le Haut du Bosq, Normandy, FranceWTOBritishGerman (SS)3.4 hrs100% German (SS)3%
StB 13: Siegel's Stand 102 7.00North of Grainville-sur-Odon, France WTOBritishGerman (SS)3.1 hrs75% German (SS)7%
StB 14: Siegel's Stand 203 5.67North of Grainville-Sur-Odon, FranceWTOBritishGerman (SS)2.2 hrs60% German (SS)10%
StB 15: Position Be Buggered!00 Grainville-sur-Odon, FranceWTOBritishGerman (SS)1.6 hrsUnknown0%
StB 16: Shout For PIATs00 Le Haut du Bosq, Normandy, FranceWTOGermanBritish2 hrsBalanced0%
StB 17: Grainville-sur-Odon00 Grainville-sur-Odon, France WTOBritishGerman (SS)4.5 hrs67% German (SS)0%
StB 18: We Blessed Them00 Bel Val, Normandy, FranceWTOGerman (SS)British9.6 hrs100% British0%
StB 19: Destruction of a Squadron00 Bel Val, Normandy, FranceWTOGerman (SS)British5.2 hrsUnknown0%
StB 20: DF 10900 Bel Val, Normandy, FranceWTOGerman (SS)British5.9 hrsUnknown0%
StB CG 2: Forged in Fire00 Normandy, FranceWTOGerman (SS)BritishUnknown0%
StB CG 3: The Lion Rampant04 7.00Normandy, FranceWTOGerman (SS)British75% British14%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 (Dark) grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

Median length of scenarios: 3.7hrs

Average rating of scenarios: 6.73

Total playing time: 41.5hrs

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