Tactical Wargamer's Journal Issue 1

Published by: tacticalwargamer.com. July 2013
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Tactical Wargamer's Journal (ISSN 1918-9729), published on a non-regular schedule, covers topics of interest in the world of commercial tactical wargaming, focusing on land warfare at platoon level and below in the 20th/21st Centuries. TWJ places emphasis on both military and wargaming history. The premiere issue includes articles on the history of tactical wargaming, board wargaming packaging/box art, ASL components described at the Desperation Morale website with background on the site, the Red Army in World War II and its depiction in games, Soviet tanks in miniature, board and PC games, Soviet tank unit history and organization, and a comparison of CMBB and PC:K. A 2014 supplement adds a second feature on the Infantry Regiment "Grossdeutschland" as well as a custom made ASL scenario with detailed playtest report. Issue 1 is now available in both print and e-copy format.

Articles and Resources:

Kriegspiel: The History of Tactical WargamingMichael A. DoroshReference Material5-38
Containers: 20th Century Tactical Board Game PackagingMichael DoroshReference Material39-58
Keeping Track: The Desperation Morale WebsiteMichael A. DoroshReference Material59-62
The World of ASLMichael A. DoroshReference Material63-72
Frontovik: The Red Army of the Great Patriotic War in Tactical WargamesJohn KosarAnalysis73-102
Diversity of Design: Modelling the Red Army's Armor ForceAndrew DanylukAnalysis103-122
Red Armor: Soviet Tank Units 1941-1945Steve OvertonReference Material123-130
Platform Comparison: CMBB vs. PCKKevin ProutyAnalysis131-140
GroƟdeutschland: Defining an Elite in Wargaming TermsMichael A. DoroshAnalysis143-210
Errata: Updates and CorrectionsReference Material213-218


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