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Kock StrongI almost got there with a hard push up the centre - but failed at the last to get to VC buildings macrobosanta
Euphrates Clash jwert02
Nameless Hill igycrctl
Abandon Ship! Danno
Abandon Ship!The American defense was too strong for the Germans. One MKIV was recalled and then a BAZ 45 got a CRIT HIT on my Panther and that was game and an American victory. grumblejones
Autumn Approach igycrctl
Not One Step Back! igycrctl
Use Your Tanks and Shove Lehr
Use Your Tanks and Shove Lehr
The BendAnother close game decided in the last CC Phase, though the Germans were well ahead by then. Excellent balance of pace and aggression by the Germans, pressing forward steadily supported with very good tactical play. Low American morale failed to stand up against superior German firepower, and I couldn't keep enough units concealed to offset this. Might have been harder for him if a few DRs had gone my way, particularly the CC against a Panther that need 8 or less to kill (I failed), but overall an excellent and very enjoyable game. Andy_Bagley
The Bend ChuckD
Verrou Alpin (Alpine Bolt) ppalma
ReactionThis is the best scenario I played from the Inor pack so far. It's mainly an infantry affair BUT those two AFV are instrumental to french victory, play them wisely. The scenario is re-playable since you have many options as defender and as attacker. As defender try not to defend in force the rowhouses since they became easily death trap for your troops, place wisely the roadblock in order to be able to connect the town blocks you plan to defend and place your GUN in orde to boost your defence. With OBA SMOKE the french player can easily overcame the outer ring of defence but the internal one is a different affair since there is not LOS to the second row of houses. where to attack is the question for the french. The answer is: it depends on German defence the only thing on which the attacker has control is the placement of the observer, try to put in a position where it can spot beyond the outer ring of rowhouses and make the OBA be felt in the later turns of play. Great scenario. cosarara
First CounterattackThis is a good fast-playings, (we played under 2 hours) scenario with a lot of replay value. I believe both sides have a good chance to win. Being small, the dice have a large impact on the game. Our game came down to the last player turn. RJenulis
Rolling ThunderThe German barrage was not as effective as the Germans needed. The German Kill stack with both MMG's went on a rate tear and broke three of the five remaining Russian positions. The Russian sniper got revenge and popped the German 9-1 with the MMG's. The game ended on Russian phase of Turn 5 when the final 4-4-7 was broken by the last two good order German units...both of which were 2-4-7's. It was a bloody mess of a game...and bloody good fun. grumblejones
Clash at BorisovkaFinished in two turns thanks to a lot of good rolls on the German side. Scenario seems very "brittle" - there doesn't seem to be much chance for the Russians if the Germans get a few good rolls. Between the Germans getting to all try for APCR and the Russians not having smoke, it's really tough going for the Russians. dgrabski
Morgan's Stand jacelm
Where the Winter LingersIt was bloody and intense (VASL Log) LastViking
The Cat’s LairCalled after Russian 3. Germans set up too far forward and couldn't pass morale checks. All three Panthers taken out by then as well. wwillow
Hueishan DocksMuch like "Le Herisson " was the second time I played it, a much different experience this time around. Both contended for a spot in my Top 10 scenarios before, now not even close. This time I was the defending Japanese and, first of all, boy was that boring. Secondly, the Japanese just have way too little to try and stop the slew of Chinese armor. So all I did was hold tight to my buildings and hope the few traps I could spring would be effective. The traps in the north were a shambles, as the Chinese came on heavy NW and just ran me over and wrapped me up. In the process at least two of their tanks were immobilized. My HMG in the SE (a vital part of my defense there) broke down, leaving me in a bit of a pickle. This forced me to reassign a large part of my force to protect the vital "J" column buildings. This bought me a little time, and that's all the Japanese are hoping for at start. Turn 2 saw me lose my other HMG and 2 squads, but this time the Chinese learned that going toe to toe with the Japanese was no picnic, losing 1.5 squads and two more tanks. The key would be if I could continue to hold them off Board BFPG for two more turns, because if I could bring my substantial reinforcements on risk-free and plant them in defensive positions it would be very difficult for the Chinese to uproot them. This is exactly what happened, and the Chinese offered an early concession. buser333
Rolling Thunder Danno
Pavlov's HouseNothing I tried seemed to work. One tank was destroyed by the AT gun with a frontal hit on its third ROF shot for the turn. When I rolled low enough for a MC the Russians also rolled low enough to resist (Damned fanatics!). By the end of turn 6 I only had one squad in the victory building (which broke immediately) and the Russians had only lost 2 half squads (no one broken). Even when their MMG jammed, the manning squad and leader rolled low enough to destroy my late desperate charge. Pte Parts
Morgan's Stand jacelm
Fresh Grist igycrctl
Go Down FightingFanatic 2021 Round 3

I had success moving out two tanks but the INF 37* managed to kill the other two. I took the first building with a banzai charge but had many losses and then a slow firefight ensued where I slowly advanced, took two more huts but then lost a final critical 3:2 HTH CC attack that would meant assaulting the final hut and the Americans moved to regain the other huts so I conceded.
End Station BudapestLost when i got hung up on wire. I could have gone around. Lost to my own wire. Danno
End Station BudapestA grueling advance on the train station saw plenty of CC action with dramatic results on both sides. Dan opted for a lightly defended upfront defense trusting concealment and firelanes to slow down the Romanian advance. In the end, it came down to the last CC in the victory building, which the Hungarians needed to win, they did not. Great game which we played in 7.5 hours. dmareske
Green Berets ppalma
Go Down FightingResultat obert fins a l'últim torn Adelaidafx
Cavalry Brigade ModelHad the defending Soviets in this one. Rally point was in 32W7. German turn 1 assault came down the Soviet right flank, which was defended by the artillery gun, MMG and one ATR. My opponent kept three squads,8-1 leader and DC back for entry on turn 3. My sniper was active early killing the German 8-0 leader and wounding the 9-2 in the first two turns. The gun when on a rate tear but was only able to shock the Pz3, which subsequently recovered. The gun crew was then broken by infantry fire, rallied immediately but then killed in a torrent of fire when trying to reman the gun. Its sacrifice did allow me to reposition the 9-1 and MMG to a less exposed position. The real hero on this flank was the ATR squad in a foxhole in 37O4. These heroes gunned down a couple of half squads and then immobilised the Pz2, but the icing on the cake came in turn 3 when the Pz 3 tried to bypass them and the ATR got a hull hit in the side at 3 hex range and I rolled a snakes on the kill.

The effective demise of the armour and the leader casualties effectively dislocated the German attack from the north and I was able to reposition most of the surviving defenders to meet the attack from the south. This attack was repelled when the DC wielding squad ate a KIA on a 16 -1 from the leader directed MMG. At that point my opponent conceded.
Rich Weiley
The Roer BridgeheadAwesome scenario with lots of decisions for both sides. I made the (potentially unwise) decision to put both HIP German observers on level 2 in the 3M2 victory building with the idea that it would be the VC that I would defend to the last man. Put both AT guns fairly far to the front on that side of the board but back from the river crest so I wouldn't be able to shoot at the LTVs in the water but they wouldn't be able to take any fire from the LTVs either. The US first wave got across the Roer relatively unscathed...I took out one LTV (passengers survived) and an AFV on the south side of the river with my OBA, OBA knocked out a couple more LTV's north of the river, but it didn't take long for Jeff to ascertain that my observers were in the building. Soon, the US boom-boom was raining down on the building, and even stone couldn't save the observers from 150mm and 100mm death from above. Towards the middle of the game, Jeff had bldg M2 firmly in control and my plan shifted to the other side of the board. I brought my reinforcements in on the east side in an attempt to grab Hill 498 back from the Ami's as it was very lightly defended. My reinforcements got to the hill and put up a stiff fight, even getting a squad to the summit in the foxhole I had but up there, but Jeff concentrated both his modules on the hill (even to the point of killing his own 9-2 in the blast area) and I couldn't hold on. When my final weak attempt to get someone to the top was shredded by OBA and superior American firepower, I conceded in the top of Turn 12. Loads of fun, and the LTV's (amphibians) play differently than landing craft or rafts which we had used in other water scearios. sherersc
First Soviet LostOne of the worst scenarios I have ever played. The Red Chinese start with 14 (C)VP, the Nationalists don't get Dare Death squads, the Partisans can multi-location FG, the 2x37mm ART guns are terrible, the Partisans have no incentive to not park themselves in every stone building you NEED to capture as the Nationalists, they are stealthy, the terrain saps any movement from the conscripts.... terrible.

Avoid this scenario at all costs.
Clash at Borisovka von Garvin
Monty's Gamble von Garvin
Return to SenderThe Bulgarians ran into a buzzsaw of MG and 88mm fire. by Turn 2, four of the MKIV's were knocked out and 8 Bulgarian squads were KIA'd with broken and ELR'd units on the field. The Germans had only a single broken squad. After 2 turns, it was over with a Bulgarian concession for a German win. grumblejones
Return to Sender Danno
Trouble at AgooFanatic 2021. Round 1.
A dicey scenario where the Americans can go for the exit on Turn 2. I moved carelessly and the Japanese wrecked two of my tanks so I had to attack them and a brutal firefight ensued where I destroyed all the Japanese tanks and infantry saving only one tank, for a close victory.
Taking HeadsThe Americans put an up-front defense that I was able engage with a couple of banzai charges, then he retreated and I slowly reached the first buildings but then the battle stalled there. I destroyed a vehicle with a T-H Hero and got one single smoke that landed on the .50 MG, being able then get close and break it. Finally with two truns to go I started taking buildings and the American had only one GO squad left and the gun and he conceded. esparver73
Cendriere’s FarmCame down to the last turn. RJenulis
Taking HeadsVaig fer una defensa dispersa. En perdre dos líders, el meu oponent va fallar la seva moral i vaig poder defensar les posicions sense gaires problemes Adelaidafx
Trouble at AgooVaig cometre l'error d'anar contra el japonès quan només havia de fugir. Em va petar els 5 tancs Adelaidafx
By OurselvesMy Norwegians made a strong push on the right, getting three squads into the cluster of buildings into the center of map 22. Accurate Germans fire held them up long enough for German reinforcements to to feed into the fight. I controlled 16 of the required 16 victory locations before the hammer of the German reinforcements came down on the last phase of the game, ending my chances at victory. sgibson260
Buchholz Station Danno
Buchholz StationMy Germans moved well along the backside of the close hill on Board 3. The Americans broke and ELR'd with frequency and Dan MALF'd 2 x MMG's and the 50 CAL. But the 50 CAL hurt me bad before it went away. I couldn't exit as Americans were covering the road. Going into Turn 6 , Dan and I were at 10 CVP Americans and 11 CVP Germans. I then rolled boxcars on back to back rallies and lost the game. ASL ain't always fun when your own rolls hurt you as much or more than they help you. grumblejones
The Roer BridgeheadAgree this one was a lot of fun. I had a rough time getting my head around the LVT rules, only to realize they're mostly just covered in D16 and (in the case of the LVT4s) a bit of reading in Chapter H. Going into this I assumed I'd cross the river, hit ground, and unload. But these LVTs are really versatile vehicles and (especially in the case of the LVT4s) can carry a ton! So I used many of them to drive deep into enemy territory before unloading. Scott and I both agreed the Recall SSR could've been worded much better however. Strangely enough, the Germans move first in this one, and I setup my weaker tanks and all LVTs out of LOS in case he had his guns in positions able to immediately fire. I also loaded each of them with minimal occupants for the same reason, which provided me some substantial infantry firepower waiting to sweep the hills and crestline. The US starts with a small bridgehead on the north side of the river. I had thought I'd be able to conceal most of them, but Scott sacrificed a HS to prevent this. One very important occurrence very early on was the change in wind blowing from the NW to blowing from the S. This rendered my plan of laying massive smoke cover impotent. In the end this may have been a boon later in the game as it provided some much-needed OBA late in the game. It also caused me to kick off the attack earlier than I would've liked. If the German guns got hot early I would be in for some trouble. Thankfully I just lost the one LVT on my side of the river (with all passengers surviving), Scott had troubles getting his OBA going early, and my infantry and tanks did a wonderful job of blasting any Germans that showed their faces. Thus my bridgehead was able to secure Hill 522 on Turn 2 already. Turn 3 saw me land in force in the east, with Turn 4 seeing the LVTs in the west reach land. The only further casualty to them before both German guns were overwhelmed was one being immobilized. Both Hill 498 and Hill 534 fell on this turn, the latter still having some remnants of German resistance. As I thought going into this, the last holdout would be building 3M2. If I could crack that before the Turn 7 German reinforcements arrived I'd be golden, and thus I threw everything I had at it. With help from my OBA, I was able to effectively accomplish this by the end of Turn 6, but Scott had repositioned his force enough that my hold was not nearly as strong as I would've liked. Thus I was completely taken aback when Turn 7 came and the Germans entered heavy east. As Scott mentioned, I had almost nothing on this side of the board, and I could see this being problematic for me. He counted on his remaining onboard force being able to hold me off long enough for him to get situated on and around Hill 498, but I foiled his plan by almost completely eliminating the village remnants during my own half the turn, Thus I was able to switch tack to that side of the board before most of his infantry could make it. The endgame turned into a really entertaining firefight, with individual battles for position centered around the 4I6 wood, the I road, and Hill 498 itself. In the end my OBA was able to blast into oblivion anyone coming close to the summit, and the Amis prevailed with a hard-fought victory. buser333
The Professionals jwert02
The Professionals jwert02
Sherman Marches West dgrabski
Buckeye BlitzkriegBrutal terrain. That will be the Americans' biggest obstacle. If the Japanese can block the way with bodies they should be able to eke out a win, though you will probably have some fun along the way. I played a strong upfront defense, making the Americans earn their stream crossing stripes. I also had a fair part of my force in the large jungle mass south of the Board 37 stream. After some brutal back-and-forth beatdowns, the Americans finally made some inroads on Turn 4 in the center of the board across the Board 32 stream. They were still a long way from capturing any of the PBs, with the east and west PBs looking nearly unreachable. They took their first PB on Turn 6 on the east end of Board 32, and the PB in the middle of that Board would be taken the next turn without a fight. The once seemingly unattainable PB on the western part of the board would fall on Turn 8, but the easternmost one on Board 37 would truly turn out to be unassailable. This left one more in the middle. In a bit of an anti-climax, the Japanese were able to keep units both in and outside the PB, making it impossible to capture. One more turn and I'm sure the Americans would've had it. Nice scenario. buser333
Defiance on Hill 30German attack stalled from the beginning under US mortar and machine gun fire. Germans were just not able to to concentrate in force and seize any of the objective buildings. 502Bull
Requiem for a Dreadnaught igycrctl
Cream of the CropWent to the last turn and by the slimmest of margins. wwillow
And So It BeginsSeems a little too easy for Japanese, maybe consider reducing their reinforcements by a squad or two? Regardless, the Chinese must be aggressive as early as possible and follow it up with a fighting withdrawal. Good for practicing such tactics, but while under the threat of banzais! Jobbo_Fett
Extracurricular ActivityBoth T34/85 MALF in round 1 and was recalled in R2. The Russian defence was carved up. jacelm
All The King's EnemiesManaged to keep the Australians together and push up a gap in the Japanese defenses. Smoke was prevalent and the Aussies managed to initiate a lot of CC attacks keeping the H-H advantage of the Japanese out of play for the most part.
We both missed the entry side of the Japanese and Dave brought them on in the East instead of the North making the Central hill easier for the Aussies to clean off (and a couple good CC rolls helped).
In the end the Aussies overwhelmed the remaining Japanese for the victory. Dice were in my favor and too many Australian squads that came back with ease.
Stand FastAs one would expect, this scenario lends itself to being dicey. I gave my Germans leaders each an LMG and then put my 8-3-8's adjacent each with ammo dump. Dan broke his MMG on the first shot and lost it on a Repair dr of 6. Everything went south for the Americans with even the American Sniper being taken out by the German sniper. The Americans kept breaking under the heavy German fire even with smoke deployed. A final American attack on Turn 6 was turned back and it was a German victory. Tough on the Americans if they get caught in the open by both 8-3-8's. grumblejones
Stand Fast Danno
War of the Rats BravoCo
With Friends Like TheseUsed American balance. French Guns made devastating hit after devastating hit. Americans couldn't even make it past the Gully line and not one Gun was Eliminated or even Malfunctioned. Kydder
With Friends Like TheseNot sure how the Americans can pull off a victory here. They are forced to run the gauntlet while the Vichy French enjoy a relaxing time of target practice. I have not felt this bad for my opponent in a very long time. I would not play this scenario a second time. 7-0 duval
All The King's EnemiesThe Aussies chose a strong push right up the gut, leaving me feeling a bit naked and exposed, and with one less precious leader (9-1). Next turn saw me lose a broken MMG for good as I tried as best I could to scamper higher into the hills. But the Aussies had already taken one victory hex in K13, a hex which would later prove to be their key to victory. My mid-game reinforcements all went to try and support this area, The Aussies would suffer many breaks along the way, but in the end they just had too many units that could easily rally back and get back into the fight. This was by far my favorite scenario from AP16 that I've played, though that is not exactly high praise. buser333
Patton's GhostA good scenario that offered both defend, counter attack, and then fall back. The Americans had to make a rush to try and get some folks off the board and failed to get any. The highlight was having a suicide hero roll a "2" on his CC with an American tank. With such a wide front it was hard to know where the Wire and Roadblocks should go...I guess blocking the exits is best, which I did not do. dmareske
Turned AwayGood solid assault by the germans in the beginning, making good progress and killing a russian squad in the go. Then suddenly things turned nasty and a leader was wounded, another broke and squads were breaking left and right but a few brave germans managed to get around the head quarter building and somehow the russian MGs didn´t manage to keep that good fire going. Germans managed to rally back and when getting close enough, surrounding the russian HQ, encirclement and 20-30 FP shots broke the defender and then they were eliminated for failure to rout. The last russians got in the HQ for a last stand but were exposed to the same fire and stilness reigned in Stalingrad while germans assault troops ruffled through russian maps and dispatches. DrDryg
The Attempt to Relieve PeiperHIP Bazookas...100mm OBA...hill top MMG...yeah I question. grumblejones
The Attempt to Relieve Peiper Danno
Elephants Unleashed jacelm
Desantniki Serge
Rescue Attempt Serge
City on the EdgeCraig and I switched sides and played again. The Germans were tentative in their first two turns advancing concealed using armored assault. While effective, it slowed down the attack and made the Germans take risks in the later turns. Still, the game was close, but the Americans had too many half squads left within three hexes which forced to Germans to divide their attack on the last turn, falling short of victory. dmareske
The SawmillAmericans came on the board in good order with the AFVs generally on the east side. It was a slow and steady advance preparing to take the sawmill on turn 6 for the win. Some crack shooting when I needed it most broke 2.5 squads and a leader on a 4 +1 attack preventing him from securing the building. With many Americans broken on Turn 7, they did not have enough strength in position to exit for the win. SNicewarner
Wooden HellThis is a fun, short scenario. There is a lot of maneuvering despite the size and plays like a chess match. Our game played like a repeat of the Schlieffen Plan and Plan XVII with both side pushing hard on their own right flank and a race to see who exits first. RJenulis
Breakout From PrääzäThe Finnish defense along the stream was quickly routed back along the forest road, and the they could not regroup afterwards. The remaining isolated defenders were cleaned up completely by the bottom of turn 7. 7-0 duval
Slamming of the DoorRussians pulled it off achieving the required VPs on turn 6 with a T26 hitting and knocking out a StuG while on the move. Excellent scenario and pretty well played by both sides. The StuG's did manage to knock out 5 of the 6 T26's but a German mmc surrendering really put the Soviets over the top. 502Bull
Going To ChurchHard advance for the Canadians. They did spend too much time on prep fire in midgame when they were getting close to the church in hopes of making a gap in the German defence but then the final steps in towards the church took it´s toll. In end game the stairwells were cramped on most levels by Germans refusing to let go. DrDryg
Sparrow ForceA slow cautious advance was held up enormously by the 10-1 who would not fail a MC or go down in CC, but thanks to the Australian banzai that went well and the Australian sniper taking out the 6+1 with reinforcements, slowing down the Japanese defence. It came down to the last CC which I needed to win outright and my dice did enough. Dave
Breakout From PrääzäRussian infantry caused a total rout, did not have to exit one wagon or truck before the Finns were cleared from the battlefield. Kydder
Shaken Not StirredDecided in the last turns CC phase with both sides rolling to high and it ending in a melee with the French retaining control of the fifth building. ChuckD
RagnarökSupporting Fire 2021, Round 5 atomic
Ranger StrongholdCame down to the last defensive fire phase. The Germans rolled 4 10's, 3 11's for Defensive fire attacks ranging form 12@+0, to 6-2, and a couple 4-2's and failed to stop the American's maintaining a foothold in the victory area.
Ranger Stronghold jacelm
Roucaud’s BlowThis is a fun little armor scenario. The French need to play aggressive. RJenulis
Indirect Panther Danno
Indirect PantherDan's Germans struggled a bit on Turns 1 and 2. Russians broke two AT Guns and Dan broke a German HMG. But the Germans then swept up on the hill and moved in for the kill on the reverse slope Russians. It was downhill (hahhahaa) from there as the Russians were tumbled out of their positions for a German victory. grumblejones
Retaking Vierville BravoCo
Swede RevengeAnother one from the Swede pack where the game turns on a good/bad run.
I do like the defend and attack nature of some of these scenarios
The Finns/Swedes managed to push the Russians off the 2 hill in the East section with the help of a killer sniper. Jim got greedy and send 3 squads and the leader of his reinforcements to try and threaten the 3rd hill. I attempted to use the artillery as harassing to hold back the Finns but i got a 2 hex drift and in the direction (that hurt most, 4 of the 6 hexes would have been fine). Then the counter came when Jim pushed up the stack and i managed to break all 3 squads with a 2MC.
That let me position the HW reinforcements at the weakest point an overwhelm the defenders.
Road KillPlayed as a friendly at Bounding Fire 2021, with German balance as my opponent had played this scenario before. Started disasterously for me as the Germans when the first American shot scored a critical hit on my HMG+crew in the steeple! The Americans then cleared my guns from the hill, and could then concentrate all of their forces on the village. This was when things started to change however, with the Germans putting up stubborn resistance on the western approaches, and the American tanks that got into the village unable to do much without infantry support. Then my sniper shot dead the American 9-2 leader when he was stacked with another leader and three squads, with serious damage then coming from the LLMCs.
We called it quits at midnight rather than play the last two turns, but we figured either side could have won so agreed it a draw.
Stuck DucksCraig crossed the river with ease, but couldn’t get out of his beachhead. His 9-2 broke and remained broken for the rest of the game, and when my 8-0 SMC pushed forward to bugger his rout options, he conceded. Gamer72
Road KillThe German outlying force didn’t do anything to delay the Americans and of the reinforcing AFVs 2 were quickly KO. However the infantry hunkered down in the stone buildings of the village, falling back slowly and just did enough to hold on and achieve the VC. American forces have high firepower but just couldn’t get it where it was needed to break all the remaining Germans Simonstan
Stuck DucksBounding Fire Blackpool - Played with out balance. My Brits got off to a bad start when one of the dukws was sunk crossing the river, however the assault boats were successful in ferrying units across. his went to the last close combat of the last turn with 15 of the 16 victory locations captured. Paul Legg
Tussle at ThomashofSupporting Fire 2021, Round 3 atomic
The Badger's BreathSupporting Fire 2021, Round 4 atomic
The Crux of CalaisPlayed with the British balance, which provided Stephen the ability to 'volley fire' his ATRs, scoring two kills. A hidden ATG killed a third tank.

My first attempt to cross the canal on the eastern-most bridge (which I had chosen as my 'schwerpunkt') was rebuffed, with each of my armor-assault infantry teams breaking and running. After a couple turns of killing British tanks and whittling away the infantry with my HMG and a separate kill stack of both MMGs, I got a foothold in the church. Good fire attacks gave me fire superiority and the British couldn't stay on the line. Stephen shrewdly used the smoke to reposition his forces and strike out at my Germans for advances into close combat, which resulted in the untimely demise of at least a couple of my squads.

A crazy weather roll on British turn 6 resulted in Heavy Winds, negating smoke. I was concerned about my ability to get across the canal until I realized that my HMG in the upper level of 20P9 could range basically everything and... went on a rate tear, shredding the squads he set up to interdict my movement across the canal. No longer able to contest my crossing, the Brits attempted to make a stand in 23D6. Heavy German fire drove back three squad equivalents which were unable to rally and were soon surrounded and eliminated for failure to rout.

With the Germans now greatly outnumbering the British on the north side of the canal, Stephen conceded. Total losses were 10.5 squads, 4 vehicles and the 9-1 on the British side and 6 squads and 3 vehicles and the 9-1 and a 7-0 for the Germans.
The Umbrella MenGermans grabbed Maleme easily but stalled when a kill stack disintegrated on a low odds shot. Disrupted the timing of the attack and the German played it safe the rest of the game to avoid CG CVP. nebel
Pentecost Sunday Meeting Played over two face to face Friday night sessions. Screwed this one up in the first session when I squandered about a thirds of my infantry on a fool's errand assault against the French defenders of the stone buildings on the right. My main assault came down the left. First blood in the armour battle also went to the French when AMD with the armour leader took out the Pz2A. The first session ended with a glimmer of hope as I managed to knock out one armoured car. Meanwhile my infantry was dispersed, both 8-0s were dead and would face a hard time exiting facing the unscathed French infantry.

I tried to be creative/aggressive with my armour in the second session, the plan being to overrun his CE armoured cars with the Panzer 1s, which would remain in their hex and allow the Pz2s to close in and shoot up the French vehicles point blank. Net result was two Pz1 blazing wrecks and and a Pz 2 stunned by an LMG shot, (my opponents low To Kill rolls were a feature of this session), The stunned Pz2 died in the next French Prep fire phase. Coming into turn 4 I had a mathematical chance of winning and the last surviving Pz2 did manage to immobilise one AC (which also malf'ed its MA) but this left it exposed to the AL led AMD. The panzer survived defensive fire but was hit and killed as it tried to move in turn 5, so at that point I conceded.

Looks like a good scenario, a more focused attack during the first session would have put me in a much better position. The sting of defeat was somewhat mollified by the excellent chicken vindaloo my opponent provided for dinner.
Rich Weiley
Last Gasp of the Wacht am RheinThe Germans tried to run everybody off the board as fast as possible. The Americans took down 3 MKIV's and a Panther by Turn 4. The Germans stopped one Jadgpanther, which took out all the Shermans. At the start of Turn 4, the Germans had 50 points with only the Jadgpanther left. I chose to start and attempt to move with a Chaffee sitting right behind me. It needed a 10 to kill and got it easily. Game over and an American victory. Tough scenario for the Germans if they don't try to destroy more American armor. grumblejones
Last Gasp of the Wacht am Rhein Danno
The Road to LyonA steady push by the Germans forced the French back and took a number of prisoners. The STUG was good support and provided smoke when needed to neutralise the French HMG. Came down to last turn and needed to eliminate remaining French squad and half squad. H/S eliminated in CC and the squad held in melee for the win. Nicho11
Busting in BaltaPlayed out as expected. German have to take prisoners but not foolish chances. Allen set up spread out to defend everything, and I think that is a death-blow for the Russians.

I was able to envelop and capture the board 56 defenders, losing just one Berserk squad in the process. From the east, a methodical push through the multi-hex buildings kept the Russians falling back, and I captured 4.5 more squads as the escape routes where reduced. The 10-2 became a heroic 10-3, and that certainly helped push through the wooden buildings in the center of board r.

The Russian tanks had a bad day. The reinforcements bogged next to the Marsh, and hadn't crossed the River by turn 3. The on-board tank failed his radio TC twice, and when he did move he malfed his MA.
Raff's RulesSupporting Fire atomic
Second ThoughtsSupporting Fire atomic

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On Thursday 18th Feb, at 2pm UK time (currently we're in GMT) Martin and I will be playing Black Day in Hatten. Martin's taking the defending Germans and I'm the one trying to capture a bunch of VC locations and not lose my tanks.

The archive will host the stream (but it's probably viewed best directly from Twitch. Hope to see you there!
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Thanks again for all your support!
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