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Kock StrongI almost got there with a hard push up the centre - but failed at the last to get to VC buildings macrobosanta
Contested SettlementPolish went all in for the closest building with a pinzer movement. Best Slovakian units were there, and when they fired FPF they rolled a 12. With Polish surrounding them, they had nowhere to rout to.
A lucky shot broke the 81* Minometz mortar crew (they accomplished absolutely nothing during the game, even if they had some great opportunities agains the careless polish).
Slovakian tried to recover the building but Lady Luck favored the now-defending Polish and by turn 4 my opponent conceded.
Tettau's AttackVery tough. A wall of british fire. Unbreakable troops despite a few 16 and 24 FP shots to try to punch a hole. In the second half of the game a window opened up and the germans rushed the northern flank with what little forces were left. A few troops were left behind to try to prevent the british to come after but they were quickly shattered and in the end a brave leader and a created hero were on the brink of getting out when another snake from the brits killed the leader and the game was lost. DrDryg
Lenin's Sons Serge
Not So DisposedEnded up being a close game despite a bad start. Needed to break two more squads to win. Even though the game was close, I still think it's a tough scenario for the Americans. (VASL Log) BravoCo
Night of NightsAs the defender, I was a bit surprised just how quickly the Americans were able to force some action, but thankfully the majority of their force took some time to close in. I had placed my FlaK38 quad on the top, and it almost single-handedly kept the northern bank secure. One of my guns overheated early and was soon lost for good. Other than that the first casualties didn't appear until Turn 3. He wisely avoided giving my convoy any opportunity to break up until late in the game, preventing any realistic chance of the trucks being able to exit, but wasn't able to really start making a push against the buildings until Turn 5. Considering there were also some outlying guns to be dealt with, this was just too late. Besides the fact that he needed almost all he had during his assault, exiting units was never much of an option for him. And once he hit the town his shots were surprisingly quite ineffective. In the end he was at least a Turn short on time, and never accomplished even one of the VCs. A bit of a boringly static defense, but overall a decent night scenario, though the way the night routing rules work, building control is an extremely tough VC. buser333
Strayer's Strays wwillow
Zon with the Wind wwillow
The Head of the MaceGerman attack was all on their left with panthers supporting from level one. Polish had hot dice. Germans had cold dice. Germans conceded after two turns. mtrodgers99
Dash for the BridgeGave the Soviets the balance. German win. Loic exited his forces and rolled 3. I had 2 squads off so I was able to have my squads in place along the potential entry routes and my Panzerfausts made short work of his tanks.
Notable was his path that he took ended up about to plow into a HIP AT Gun. I was able to pivot, find an APCR round and made short work of him. My plan was if I missed to try for the Stielgrenate, and if that, then just AP. The old sleaze of three rolls. But I got him on my first attempt. Also, last Panzerfaust shot was from a building (ate the back blast). Blew him up but also took a K/1. My leader rolled HOB and battle hardened. Poor squad was cut in half, however.
von Garvin
Lenin's SonsTraining and learning scenario for my opponent. The germans went a bit spread out in the woods without a real schwerpunkt. Despite their enormous morale that tactic along with poor MCs took it´s toll and by the end of turn four it looked really hard and the assault had ground to a stop in the central woods. When the rally phase of turn five was over and a large stack of broken germans couldn´t muster the guts to assault Lenins sons, they gave up. DrDryg
Retaking ViervilleTight game became a runaway success for the Germans in Turn 4. The German's early deployment of a number of squads to the north cause the follow-on American forces attempting to reinforce the town to fight their way in, and those same northern squads really complicated the American's choice of rout paths. A solid win for my very able opponent...congratulations Cena! (VASL Log) Jplott94
Return to SenderUsed German balance. Both German 88L Guns Malfunctioned early and never Repaired but that did not help the Bulgarian cause much since the 20Ls setup in excellent position took a terrible toll against the attackers. Trucks turned into death traps at every turn, ELR losses crippled the advance once it started Raining immediately on Turn 5. The Bulgarian's impotent rage carried them to Turn 9 with only one Hill hex Controlled ... pretty humiliating loss that should have been called by Turn 7. Kydder
Return to Sender 7-0 duval
Obian Highwayanother classic German Sledgehammer destroys village from this pack - he just went up the road and dispatched all in his wake macrobosanta
Lenin's SonsMy first full ALS scenario for learning the game. I chosed to go in the woods to consentrate my forces. The 2 first rounds where good and I took som ground and my tactic where to try to go around the russians in the open areas in the woods.
But in turn 3 my luck with the MC was bad and with bad tactic the russians made a wall that I couldnt forced. I made a broken engeneer go througt, but he died soon when a hidden halfsquad turned up.
Fun scenario and I learned a lot!
11th Company CounterattackA fast playing scenario. The Russians managed to destroy one BT42 and to hold up the Finns but were eventually surrounded and all squads were broken on last turn. Nicho11
Shouting Into The StormThe german assault was heavy in the southern part and a bit weaker in the center. Nothing came in at the north to begin with. The russians tried desperately to kindle parts of the wooden buildings in the south to hamper the german advance but 4 tries gave nothing. First shot with the flamethrower broke it as per usual. Things looked very bleak. Despite that, the german had to commit much infantry in the south and as the game neared the end he could not get enough troops up to the north and in the penultimate turn he saw that the war was lost anyway and gave up. DrDryg
Workers Unite!Some pesky factory workers stubborn held on to the two front factories, delaying the German advance. Only the miraculous shot by the "Jager squad" that broke three squads in the third factory, combined with concentrated fire from two from two German platoons allowed my Germans to bum rush the last factory and get inside as the game ended. Victory was elusive, and the final push was just a bit too late for a win. Great game, top notch opponent sgibson260
Bad LuckAmerican had a upfront defense with two ADVs hulldown on either flank on the hills, in reverse and CE. The 60mm mortar far back on the central 2 level hill.

The German has to take his time I think by moving in AFVs and 81mm mortar to provide smoke cover for T2 infantry push. The Panther should also be very aggressive.

(VASL Log)
Second Hand NewsExciting championship game for StLouis 2021! Bid the Italians in this. Set fire to the rear grain to help channel the attack. Opponent obliged by ripping dow the street blasting me out of the way. Looked grim but I caught a couple SS squads in the open, breaking and capturing them. A Stg drove adjacent to my 7-0 who found a MOL to take him out. Opponent still had enough left to exit and win but the baby mortar hit the other Stg3 in the engine deck and immobilised it injuring the commander. That 45MRT saved the game for me. nebel
Ride of the 200thThe Chinese come easily onto the high ground and try and push into the village - the lack of effective anti-tank capability means a hard game which I lost to the Chinese - did not see a dare death macrobosanta
Severnaya SerenadeEverything went right for the Germans in the first 3 turns which set me up to go for the victory. The bulk of the attackers crossed the river between hexrows N and G on board 40 and the two lightly defended VP locations on board 40 fell rapidly. The game turned on the battle over the last three turns to take the final victory location in 9H5. This turned into as back and forth slugfest as the Germans struggled up the hill in the face of enfilading fire from Hill 733 from the artillery piece and a Commissar directed firegroup and a reverse slope defence on Hill 654 itself. German casualties mounted rapidly. Just in time the Gun was neutralised and the Commissar fell to the sniper, relieving enough pressure for the Germans to secure the last needed victory location.

In the west the assault engineers served mainly as a threat to pin down the defenders in the castle. They did launch a forlorn hope assault in the last couple of turns to threaten the 9Y6 victory location but this met a predictable end in the "Valley of Death " around EE7/DD6.
Rich Weiley
"Hunt The Hun"The British troops decided to attack from the northwest. The first three turns were undecided but since most of the losses were in the German side, the British troops progressed unmolested. The reinforcements rushed for occupying the buildings in the southeast. However, the British awaiting them from advantageous positions and the German fresh troops were scattered. Nevertheless, the issue of the game was decided at the end of the last German turn ! lechiquier94
The Weigh In Danno
The Weigh InDan's German vehicles came at the Poles hard and paid the price. CVP cap was met at by the end of turn three making the game unwinnable for the Germans. The Germans need to take their time, use their smoke and try to break the Poles with their superior Fire Power. dmareske
Last Of Their Strength Danno
Last Of Their StrengthDan and I traded blows and bad rolls for the first 6 turns. Our combined 12's were killing us worse than we did to each other..but in the final turn, I launched a massive banzai charge which took back 5 of Dan's captured 7 buildings for the Japanese win. grumblejones
Bridgehead Over The VentaLost during close combat phase of last turn. BravoCo
Saluting a GeneralI Bid Russians as they have a bit of an advantage. Less than ideal squad placement cost me a couple squads earlier than appropriate but the delays they caused allowed my Tanks to save the day. Came down to a last turn push for the victory area where my last squad and two Lee’s held off the remaining German rush. StL2021 nebel
The Beasts Have ArrivedHook attack around my right flank with the Tigers and 2/3 of the squads. Pushed aggressively and was able to reach the hill in turn 2. The Panthers and remaining squads struggled but in turn 3 I rushed the IS2 on my left flank which isolated much of his infantry defending the forward building. One Tiger got ROF breaking the defenders in the town center which allowed my LH flank to advance risk free. Rolled a couple critical hits with PF/PSK that wiped out the two big pigs and sealed my victory. StL2021 nebel
Göring's Men Lehr
By Ourselves rangercote
Commando Raid at DieppeDodgy victory conditions and some poor rolls sapped all enthusiasm by the end of turn 3. Cpt Murell (10-2) was captured - he broke on a NMC! Sylvester and 6 other commando squads were broken and the Germans in the strongpoint were untouched. I managed to kill the German sniper (instead of touching anything in the strongpoint) and caught a few of the reinforcements as they entered. Tally at the end of Turn 3 was 5 to 38 VP with Germans set to increase this by 6 every player turn and no one even close to slow this down. The 12 VP per turn for the German guns really put the pressure on the commandos (I did pin a gun crew for 1 turn). Pte Parts
Commando Raid at DieppeAfter my previous rapid capitulation, I tried again but had the same result. Conceded turn 8 with 36 VP to 70. I may have been able to destroy the remaining 4 guns but would not be able to exit the necessary 14+ VP. I think the scenario would be more even if the complicated victory conditions were dumped in favour of British victory with the destruction of all guns.
As it is, this will not go into my list of Favourites.
Pte Parts
The Liberation of TulleThe partisan attack was a two pronged assault along both flanks after securing the middle building which was done in a turn. The german conscripts broke and couldn´t get back into action and were made prisoners quickly. By turn four, four buildings were captured and there weren´t many german units left. Some tough rolls on the german side when it mattered made the mass of partisans too much. DrDryg
Over Open SightsAmerican reinforcements arrived in turn 3 (as per balance)
German south group was promptly eliminated. But both west and east groups eliminated american defenses, captured an american mortar an got close to the big guns. When one of them malfunctioned, germans drop their mortars and run for close assault. Every american unit was eliminated but one leader. By turn 7, the 155 AT gun was captured.
Lagus Assault GunsRussians got the balance. wwillow
Anhalt PandemoniumRussians pushed hard up the left flank but I was able to knock out 2 tanks w/PF when he swarmed my Kubelwagen thinking it was a STG3. The lack of cover on the canal side cost the Russian just enough infantry and a third tank (to a Stg3) to swing the game my way. StL2021 nebel
Dingoes At DamourSmoked out the forward Vichy defense and my armour swirled around causing havoc. My dice were hot and opponents were not which made the outcome ugly. StL2021 nebel
Mexico and MoroccoThis scenario is conceivably winnable by the Russians but not when your commissar kills off three squad equivalents for failure to rally. The Swedish defender can set up basically two defensive lines, both of which must be penetrated by the attacking Russians. The Russian attacker must also retain a sufficient force to make for the exit. Like all the three other scenarios I've played in this pack, it plays quickly, and the attack and defense are pretty scripted. Also like the other scenarios there is probably only one way to win. Since I've lost all the scenarios I have played from this pack I obviously haven't figured it out yet. Agoldin
They Fired on Odessa...No balance used. The Russians failed to kill the last crew in their last CCPh, preventing them from capturing the Gun on the Romanians final RPh. 7-0 duval
They Fired on Odessa...Romanians did an excellent job of wasting Russian movement. Was looking good for Russians near the last two Turns since they had many units charging the Guns. In the end however Russians were forced to commit everything to get into CC with last two Guns but even with 4to1 odds failed with a 10 DR in CC. Kydder
Help Our Troops Out grumblejones
Never On TimeVery interesting and well-balanced scenario, IMHO. As expected the Germans swept forward in the first 2-3 turns, capturing the stone buildings and most of the others in the victory area. The British counterattack then arrived, and could have succeeded had I executed it better. Stupidly though, instead of firing AFV smoke to cover my advance towards the stone buildings, I used infantry smoke, so my opponent got a decent shot in the DFPh. My 10-2 leader then promptly failed a 1MC, and everything fell apart from there. Good scenario though - recommended. Andy_Bagley
The Mad MinuteGermans went on their left. Took too many casualties on the way in to town. Conceded after six turns. mtrodgers99
Hill of Death 7-0 duval
The Penetration of RostovRussians did not have much luck. Pz IV entered turn 3. Their MGs kept jamming, About the only thing their 6 SAN sniper achieved was killing my sniper. Russians conceded turn 8 with only 1 squad, 1 LMG and 1 building left. Pte Parts
Operation NIWIWe used balance condition so German played with one less squad and no LMG. First mortar shot, boxcars. Repair attempt: a 6. So I fought without weapons.

Belgian advance was timid and too cautious. I was not specially lucky with my IFT rolls, but my opponent was sure next roll would be very low so he didn't came close. He advanced mostly on the flanks, specially the west one.

At the end won 5 VP with german eliminated units and 8 more because 3 squads and a leader exit the map. Not enough!
First Contact, First Defeat ppalma
Defiant Confrontation mcgallons
Trap by MishapAn excellent, close scenario. Rob held back two tanks and the HMG to thwart
my backdoor reinforcements.

This one came down to the last movement phase, Rob was able to get exactly
the number of units off that he needed.

I would gladly play this again as either side.
Indy Lagu
Indirect PantherThe luck went back and forth in this one, first Russian, then Germans, then Russians and finally some key German shots to seal the win. I think the scenario probably favours the Germans though, as they have plenty of time, powerful OBA and several MGs to form kill stacks. Not to mention the OP tank which can fire with significant advantages as well as direct the OBA (see scenario errata). I used this plus the kill-stacks to basically blast the Russians off the hilltops, while the infantry came round in a pincer movement and managed to control three of the victory hill hexes fairly comfortably. Andy_Bagley
War of the RatsSolo Playthrough riotinferno
Dying for Danzig igycrctl
Through Mud and BloodWe are playing through the pack and got to Mud and Blood. It looked just like a slog and i wasn't expecting much but it turned into one of them most fun scenarios we have played from the pack.
Swede/Finns pushed up and knocked the Russians off the both hills. Artillery scattered them but didn't do a significant amount of damage. However, it did do enough in the big hill area to weaken the defenses for a counterattack. Russians managed a human wave on turn 6 which overran all of the finn/swedes. Russians suffered badly but crushed the resistance. Finns managed to w/d 2 different times from CC helping their cause. I had traded for a commisar expecting losses and he was at the back to rally troops. Unfortunately for me he wound up executing 2.5 or 3.5 squads before it was over. Low morale on these boys.
After the Russians took the big hill they had just enough to throw what was left at the small hill and managed to get into CC in both hexes. One hex Finn's couldn't get them. The last hex the Finn's managed an ambush even though the Russians were concealed and with the down 2 got the Russian squad to hold the hex for the win.
Lots of destruction and fun. The SSR on morale and Ammo Shortage really mix it up toward the end of this one. I would recommend it.
Swede Revenge2.5 Swedish squads attack 3 Russian squads (all elite) in an attempt to take two of three hills.

The Finnish Cavalry arrives on turn 3 in the form of 4.5 of the excellent 6-4-8 squads, then the
Russians get 11(!) squads in a human-wave like fashion on turn 4 (of 5).

There is an interesting SSR that gives the Russian on free 70mm OBA HE mission (with no need for
pesky radios, or chit draws, or LOS).

This ended up being a close scenario. A bit dicey, to be sure, since the initial forces are rather small.
Steve's 11 squad human wave was cut to pieces by some accurate Axis fire.

I would certainly play this again as either side.
Indy Lagu
Last Defense LineLots of things working against the Germans here. The no-DT rule and prevalence of grain will make moving infantry individually extremely difficult. I succumbed to the lure of stack moving and paid a heavy price. Considering my opponent went on rate tear after rate tear with four ROF=2 weapons, one ROF=3 weapon, two -1 leaders, and much open ground to cross the bloody mess that ensued wasn't really surprising. You may look at the old scenario and see an even win/loss ratio. It is blatantly apparent that this is predicated on the Germans getting smoke. When my radio operator was KIA (taking his radio with him to the grave) that sort of threw that plan out the window. buser333
Stand For New ZealandGreat scenario! The little bit of luck also makes the game very memorable... (VASL Log) StolIB
Used and AbusedA sever push down one side was hard to respond to due to the tanks blocking the move
US then could not deal with the sleaze tanks and the banzai combo
Cole's ChargeA typical delaying defence where the VC buildings require a long haul to get to! macrobosanta
The Czerniakow BridgeheadI gambled on a forward defense and it paid off this time - managed to contain the German attack for 8 turns for victory. My opponent did have some terrible luck during his PFPh phases, rolling 10s and 11s for his key high-FP shots.

It was an interesting experience to play an "old school" type ASL scenario. Lots of time to develop an attack, with plentiful use of Prep fire.
Turned Back at Tylicz RJenulis
An Uncommon OccurrenceArmour only so very dependent on good dice rolls. My opponent retired German turn 2 when I rolled snakes to hit a tank in the AFPh after his DF shots had all missed. Nicho11
In Front of the StormUsed French balance. Tough German defense kept the French from capturing even one VC hex. French AFV got split up and could not make NTCs for non-Platoon movement which ultimately cost the French the game. Kydder
In Front of the StormUsed French balance. The French assault made early progress but the separated radioless AFV cost them two turns where both AFV could not move up to support the infantry, allowing the Germans to keep possession of the bridge for the win. 7-0 duval
The Czerniakow BridgeheadFailure of getting reasonable rolls for my 24 +1, 20 +1 and 16 +1 IFT attacks, hindering my original breakthrough plans on south flank. Surprisingly my best shots were my feeble 6 + 3 shots, which enabled a weak German force on the north flank to cross the bridge there and advance to big stone building. However, even there the advance was halted due the inability of Germans to break the single Russian squad left there (couple of good MC rolls by the Russians and one boxcar CC roll by the Germans). All this resulted the advance the Germans to be reduced to a crawl causing the Germans to concede after their turn 8, when it become evident (after a lucky snake eyes by Russians on 2-2 IFT against a last resort run by a leader + crew + HMG) they can't get enough firepower to the board 8. TLE68
The Joffre LineVery enjoyable scenario, infantry of both sides charging in every direction and the outcome in doubt until the final player turn. Recommended. Gamer72
The Sangshak RedemptionWe tried this one again. Dennis set up the Allied forces further back and giving up the church saving his forces for the counterattack. I was overly aggressive with the Japanese thinking they would simply stripe and then get into CC, but many of them were out right KIAed. Still, as the Allies tried to counter attack the Japanese returned the favor of breaking squads and they were able to narrowly hold on to two of the huts near the church. A very close game. dmareske
A Victory for Early Polish ArmorA lucky sniper and pin result forced my opponent to concede after it guaranteed a 2nd building capture before the Russian reinforcements made it on the board. I'm not sure how I feel about this scenario; certainly, the Russians should get a balance other than a shorter game. Perhaps giving them reinforcement a turn early, or an extra LMG, may produce better results. Jobbo_Fett
KhamsinBy turn 5, the Germans were likely to take two of the Hillock Summits with his infantry but Ron conceded after he lost his fourth Pz III. My two Grants were Shocked/Stunned respectively but I still had both Crusaders and the Stuart so it was likely that the DVP losses for the Germans would continue to mount. etopp
Under the Noel Trees krutkowski
Opportunité FugaceThis one seems tough on the Germans. The French can see where the 88's are and no dummies to hide SW well. Germans only get the points on the 88 if it is functional and manned by a good order crew so the 10 French tanks can bum rush.
My Germans fought hard. Dave pushed everything up through the village avoiding my 88's forcing me to reinforce that area. It was a tough slog through the buildings with the Germans getting some good CC rolls enabling them to withdraw and win some fights. Also killed a tank with the FT and one with AE's when tank tried to freeze.
French were able to loop around the back with infantry for the victory buildings on the German right flank. The Stuka provided a good boost managing to pin a stack of infantry and then hit them with the 200 KIA one unit and freeing some prisoners.
In the end the French tanks were too much. On the last turn the French had 3 buildings and rushed one 88 which malfed during intensive fire.
I think this one could use a French CVP cap. Dave lost 37 points and with the 10 tanks you can be very bold without concern at the end. Still a fun scenario.
Your Turn NowThis is the third clearance type scenario I have tried and the third one I have failed to clear anything. If I had managed to clear 1 DC I was in with a chance, 2 I may have won. The time is very tight for the Japanese. If the bombs went off at the end of the game turn instead of the start, maybe I could have pulled it off.
Knew it was hopeless when the 10-1 went down in CC turn 5.
Pte Parts
Simple EquationThe Americans attacked on a broad front. They were able to get across the open ground and roads with few losses. But then the wheels fell off the wagon. Failed MCs, TCs, and Rallys left broken squads strewn across the battle field. In combat, IFTs were ineffective and the Americans couldn't even win a 2:1 -3 CC roll. With no hope of attaining the VC, the Americans conceded on Axis Turn 6. Heloanjin
Abandon Ship! igycrctl
Swatting a Hornet Danno
Swatting a HornetMy Americans took some serious gut punches early on...but my bazookas came through for me and I managed to take out both German tanks and used my two remaining Shermans for a last ditch attack on the remaining German 4-4-7 and a Hero. I managed to win, when Dan couldn't rally his remaining 4-4-7 in Turn 6. Very close and very fun game. grumblejones
Mook Point ppalma
Hill of DeathUsed German balance. Germans aggressively attacked straight up the middle & split my forces and easily took out British AVF as they entered the battle. Kydder
Counterattack on the VistulaUsed German balance. Strong forward defense caused mayhem early on, racking up many CVP, but losing all units in P6 building after the dust settled. Weak units left to defend the Bridges but the SU-122 got off a lucky side shot vs an 88L and clinched the CVP needed to deny German victory. Kydder
Broich Bash wwillow
Counterattack on the Vistula 7-0 duval
War of the Rats PezBailarin
Sparrow ForceDivided the force into two. Northern flank with mortars and an assault force and a southern flank with a few more squads. The northern flank was to shoot smoke and complete a flanking movement around the hill while the southern force ground some japanese forces down and then assaulted the huts. It all started out with a few ANZAC HS killed but the sniper woke and got the 10-1 leader so it felt like an ok trade. Mortar HS broke and the flanking movement cost a bit but managed to get around in time. Their final push when they were up at the hill was devestated by a 6+1 shot which broke most, missed ambush and horrible CC. In the south I jumped the gun and made a banzai charge a turn to early which also cost too much. In the end the goal was close but the japanese prevailed. Good setup by Residood and a well fought game. DrDryg
The Krinkelterwald igycrctl
Revenge at KastelliVASL atomic
Polish PanzerjagersFinished with 82 of the 85 VP needed. Every German AFV malfunctioned their MA at least once. At one point I had 8 vehicles with MA malfunctioned. In one turn rolled 6 three times in row to disable the MA and real the vehicles. Both aircraft dropped their bombs but did little damage. The OBA rained down on a HMG position most of the game and rolled 10 & 11 for no effect. A good scenario but long. Took two full day sittings to complete. RJenulis
Per L'Onore Di Roma manzoliandrea72
Revenge at Kastelli sushidog
Retaking ViervilleSolo Play riotinferno
The GovernorThe Aussie went after the multi-hex building first. But after some beating they switched to the single building VC. Since the multi hex condition was still attainable I had to disperse my forces, on top of that the 9-2 BH to 10-2 and got hero status. of 4th turn he went for the building but my R35 saved the day breaking 2 and 1/2 squads and surviving the melee, on my last turn there was a wall of bodies around the building preventing access to the second hex and an R35 and a concealed squad of mine in melee with 1 squad and the 10-2. he tried to take off the tank with the leader but didn't succeded and the game was over. cosarara
Boy Soldier ppalma
Hickory Lickin'US tanks too careless in the first turn and lost 2 of them. German firepower was tough but they lacked ability to pass MCs. This allowed me to slowly envelop them and maintain DM on most of the brokies. nebel
The Trouble with TigersThe Russians defended low waiting for the tank brigade to reinforce them. As the Germans advanced unmolested with a panzer pincer move from the North and the South, the Russian guns fired at the infantry without effect. The Panzers rushed forward to overwhelm them achieving a Russian malfunctioning gun. However, they recovered quickly and destroyed a Panzer IV and a StugIII but failed to harm one of the Königstiger. The Russian tank brigade arrived from the North and surrounded it. The Tiger II survived a rear shot (dud) and helped with ROF destroyed two T34/85 and one IS-2, only to be shocked and thereafter destroyed by Russian artillery gunners. More than half of the panzers remain and the last IS-2 was shot down by panzerfaust. Without armor support, the German infantry pushed forward and with the help of panzers put several Russian units in failure to rout. Russian only hope was now to defend in close combat and gain time. They stuck the Germans in melee at first, but the Panzers fired in the two melees, routing everyone but allowing to disperse the last defenders. A German victory by turn 7. lt_steiner
The Cossacks Are ComingCame to the final turn. In spite of creating a Partisan hero, the Axis forces were successful in defeating the Partisans.

von Garvin
Hickory Lickin'Americans were coasting to an easy win on the backs of hot dice when it all went wrong on turn 3. Germans won a couple of low odds close combats taking out the best American squads and leaders and coming out with a new leader of their own, as well as a turn where no ground was taken. After that, the Americans had to press harder, and the 6 morale troops were not up to the job. The PzIV's were never crucial except as a threat, but the German LATW did the job for them. Americans conceded on turn 5. aiabx
Acts of DefianceUsed German balance. A Goliath destroyed one Russian tank in turn 3 and the other became immobilized adjacent to a Russian setup hex. Pinned the crew that abandoned it in the last MPh. Lots of HTH CC to kill off the Russian defenders who just could not be pushed out of their defensive positions. Many Russian double one rally attempts added to the German difficulties. It came down to two CC hexes in the last phase for the German win. Fantastic scenario! 7-0 duval
Hickory Lickin' ppalma
Acts of DefianceUndecided until last Hand-to-Hand for German win. Kydder

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Fighting Backhoxson1 Modified the overviewYesterday
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The Boys of Summerhoxson1 Modified the misc. rulesYesterday
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The Boys of Summerhoxson1 Modified the Attacker's AFVsYesterday
Guadalajara Offensivehoxson1 Modified the Defender's AFVsYesterday
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Villy Muss Fallen! WestLionelc62 Modified the turn countYesterday
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TFAT02 Fighting Along the MiusAlong the River Mius, Stepanovka, Russia 1943
FF13 Death RideKursk, USSR1943
TAC60 Partie De CampagneSept-Vents, France1944
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