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Retrained and RearmedMain assault came against the hill on board 58. I was able to knock out two halftracks relatively quickly and then took out a Hetzer with a lucky CCRF attack. However most of my infantry on this flank was broken and quickly mopped up by the Germans. The two surviving halftracks were threatening to exit but an advancing fire shot from the Croation ATR that flamed the half track containing the 9-2 leader and 548 put victory out of reach for the Germans. Rich Weiley
The Puma ProwlsWow, what a game? Loic is learning ASL and we are going through Beyond Valor. Before going into ASL 6 Red Packets, we did this gem.
Loic is a very fast learner. This game also showed that you can do the right thing and still lose. I swarmed a Puma with my forces. Loic didn't take the bait of the hull-down T 70. He did fire at the fleeting T 70 with at
least a net +6 TH DRM and got him nevertheless with a critical hit; but that just gave me a Russian Smoke Screen. LOL
I continued to swarm until I had 3 T 70s facing him from front and both sides. Loic had wisely popped an sD to protect his Puma and then I simply shot to acquire. I expected to lose one T 70 and sure enough, Loic tried for APCR (failed) so went with AP and hit with rate. That was to be expected. He then turned the turret 2 hex spines and fired against the hull down T 70 (miss, rate. Rate was going to kill me!), then hit, rate and set me on fire. Finally shot the last one, hit (no rate), but again, set me on fire.
That Puma got 4 (four) of my T 70s and that was game on turn 2. Still lots of fun!
von Garvin
Taste of Blood jwert02
Action at BalberkampGerman reinforcements arrived first but next turn the British turned up so no extra squad for them. Norwegian forces defended the board 5 forest (almost) to the end. The British dominated board 6 from the "chateau" and prevented the Germans from mounting an attack on the British units at the north end of the board. Magnus conceded on turn 13 when a British ATR knocked out his halftrack. etopp
Dingoes At DamourAfter several abortive attempts by myself to do a competent Vichy defence, John had a go. I ran out of Smoke with two MTR but the third did the job. With the help of the Smoke Hindrance and suicidal Carrier attacks, my Aussie infantry moved in. On the final turn, Advancing Fire broke the remaining Vichy defenders. etopp
Wise's War Danno
Wise's WarMy Americans advanced on a broad front and promptly ran into trouble as one M-10 was stunned and another immobilized. But after Turn 2, my Americans began a steady advance that eliminated the Germans up to the main building. On Turn 6, I managed to get into Melee with the only remaining Germans and since they were no longer good order got the immediate victory. Tough scenario for the Germans. Dan had no luck with his Panzerfausts and was not as successful in Close Combat as he usually is, which really helped the American cause in this scenario. grumblejones
Yankee PrideI divided my force equally amongst all three VC areas. Magnus went heavy north to try and first displace me from the Level 2 square. The rest of his men aimed to knock me out of 60AA3. He would find the challenge of moving into the snowy hills difficult. The arrival of my tanks on T3 was a much-needed shot in the arm, and his attempts to take AA3 were rebuffed, T4 saw me finally try and reposition my Board 41 men after he pulled back most of the men he had on guard duty to prevent just such a maneuver, but they would turn out to be non-factors in the end anyway. I conceded the square VC area during my T5, but my attempt to create a wall of bodies fell one hex short. He tried to use his last three remaining tanks to knock out one of my guardian Panthers. One mired trying to navigate the icy roads, one was knocked out by my Panther, and the last was destroyed by a PF. He then tried the silly endgame rush, but all his reachable infantry came up short. Not one of my favorite scenarios. buser333
Workers Unite! Lehr
A Small Stack and a SchnappsPut the IS-2ms up front and despite achieving a few turret hits the Jagdpanzers couldn’t get a result against that tough armour. Once they were pushed aside the superior Russian infantry was able to advance through to the victory building and achieve the win Simonstan
Liberating BessarabiaWas impossible to tell who had the upper hand at any given time which made it very tense. It came down to last Turn & looked sealed for Romanian win, but a Russian HS Prisoner made the Escape TC & eliminated their Guards then on last Turn re-took 2 VC buildings to steal Victory! Kydder
Never On TimeI should've saved myself a bunch of time and conceded early as I knew those stone buildings would just be too much to take with all the British infantry and tanks. With Brits getting last move I really don't see the Germans standing much of a chance. A really boring scenario. buser333
The Commissar's HouseTraining game.. and something odd probably occured concerning the phase tracker. Good attack by the germans but the last russians held the second lvl of the building and denied german victory. DrDryg
Into Vienna WoodsHard times for the russians. Not even a minor dent on the germans when they were running up the hill and all russian defenders slaughtered when reinforcements came on. The counterattack from the russian side was too spread out and careful in the beginning and soon thereafter half of them were gunned down by accurate MG fire and then a few more squads when they tried to move up the hill. Game ended russian turn 4 because of heavy losses. DrDryg
Katyusha VariationsAs the Swedes, I spread out a _lot_ to avoid too much damage
from the Katyushas. I think Rob was a bit unlucky with the rockets:
I lost a half squad to a KIA and four dummies. The Katyushas also
generated a lot of shellholes that Rob could use later.

I think this is a bit tough for the Russians. They are attacking uphill
over a fair bit of open ground against 8 morale Swedes. The Swedes
reverse slope defence looked like a bad idea after they lost their 80mm
OBA with a 12 on a radio contact followed by a 6
repair roll.

If you are playing someone a bit less experienced, give them the Swedes.
As John Smith says, the Russians have to move quickly to win as they have
only five turns.

Our playing came down to the Swedish half of turn 5. Rob had 2 Russian
squads on Level 4, and I managed to break one in Prep Fire for the win.
Indy Lagu
Liehr Launches FirstI'm a great fan of Hatten in Flames and this scenario is no exception. The Germans tried a huge enveloping manoeuvre sending tanks and infantry wide round both flanks to reach the victory area from the rear. My response was to pull the Americans back slowly, covering all the approaches without conceding too much in the centre.
The luck swung both ways. I inflicted a few early infantry losses on the Germans, but my first HIP M10 failed on several shots to kill a PzkwIV, while he destroyed it with his first shot. Things then started to go my way: the PzkwIV malf'ed its MA, a critical hit destroyed one panther, and the other PzkwIV fell to a bazooka shot. Even so, the Germans made progress on their left flank (my right) and successful CC attacks secured the victory buildings on that side of the main road. The last American turn was very successful however, with fire immobilising the last Panther and multiple shots breaking most of his infantry. With insufficient forces lest to complete the task, the Germans conceded on American turn 5.
Debacle at KorostenUsed German balance. I was too slow getting my Russians into position which allowed Germans to recombine into squads which then proceeded to give as much as they were taking. Excellent use of German vehicles to prevent routing & keep placing DM was too much for the Russians. It was a debacle, just not for the side I had hoped! Kydder
Spain's CrusadersExcellent small infantry only scenario, initially the Spanish attack floundered but in the middle game it looked like they were going to win. A devastating last two turns when the Russian units passed their morale checks while the Spaniards didn't saw the game swing back to the Soviets. waynebaumber
Duel at Reuler jacelm
Slamming of the DoorUsed German balance. Was looking fair for Germans in first 3 Turns but reinforcements charging headlong into the rear facing of Russian AFV on Turn 4 did not pay off. Lucky Intensive Fire shots knocked out two for the win. Kydder
The Price of ImpatienceDisciplined and concentrated fire took it's toll on the Germans as the immobilized traffic slowed up the German advance preventing the needed exit VP. Kydder
Slamming of the Door 7-0 duval
The Price of Impatience 7-0 duval
Contested SettlementFull 6 turns, aprox 6 hours of playing.
We enjoyed the scenario, despite making some mistakes while playing.
Released from the East TigerAce
The Vital HoursBritish were too timid getting through the woods and into the village. aiabx
Per L'Onore Di Roma manzoliandrea72
In Sight of the VolgaAs always a fantastic game. I've yet to win this one as German, but I'd play it 100 times even if I knew I'd not win. Every match I had a chance to win and in this one it was no different. I was trying to balance my attack to keep his forces off balance and for the most part it worked.
That said, his reinforcements were timely, especially the player turn after I eliminated some 7 or so of his squads, mostly through failure to rout and also a very spectacular Close Combat.
Key event was his sniper activating and on a "1" hit a hex with my 9-2 and a kill stack that was slaying the Soviets and keeping them pinned up in various buildings. My 9-2 went down and the resulting LLMC saw the rest of the troops melting away. 10-2 "Muench" made it to the far edge with some troops and could have exited to keep a few reinforcements from entering, but there was nobody left to follow up.
By CVP count, the Germans suffered some 40% losses and the Russians were down some 70% of their starting force, offset by the 628s coming in from the other side of the Volga.

Great match!
von Garvin
The Vital HoursBritish were too timid getting through the woods and into the village. aiabx
An Uncommon Occurrence hussar04
Frontiers and Pioneers jwert02
TomforceI still hate carriers. Both sides started with attacks of snake eyes - Poms resist, Jap leader wounded and squad reduced. All carriers dismounted turn 2 and I reached a high point of 3 buildings. Then the reinforcements arrived and I slowly lost ground. Japs rolled another pair of snake eyes including a CH from the 57 (which I again shook off) but by turn 5 I only had 1 HS unbroken and no buildings under control so I conceded. 8-1 broke and ELRed around turn 3 and never rallied. Pte Parts
Cold Crocodiles RJenulis
Second Hand NewsDefinitely an intriguing situation. The Germans can completely overpower either (and likely both) opposing forces. However, doing that AND getting off the board is a challenge. I charged headlong and made great progress. A single picket squad and LMG remained behind and wiped out half the Italian force and another HS stopped a squad and a half.
However 3-4 squads and a leader got through and were able to get into position. The little mortar on the hill single handedly saved the game Killing 1.5 squads wounding a leader and breaking 2 others. I might still have made it, but the HIP MMC got lucky with his MOL roll and took down a STG.
Among the Ruins krutkowski
Morning MassacreCrazy dice gave me early advantage 4 American HS broken. Pz4 had no smoke but I got a critical hit on American 667+Baz and by GT 3 had eliminated all but 1.5 US squads. Armor battle made it close as the Shermans took out 2 Pz4 w no losses but PSK and PF stopped the Sherman threat. The remaining Pz4 got the 2 M20s and sealed the win nebel
Gloster HillManaged told the Chinese long enough to exit 7VP on turn 4. The remainder of the British force was all dead except for Drum Major Buss who was last seen still playing his bugle at the top of the hill as a wave of Chinese closed in on his position. Rich Weiley
Italian Brothers ppalma
War of the RatsAnother bloody slugfest in Stalingrad. Despite ineffective PrepF and AdvF on the first few turns, the Germans successfully secured the first building on the north and crossed the road to the center building. Continued assaults suffered heavy casualties aided by numerous 1,1 Russian rolls. In return, the Russian losses were also heavy. The Germans seized control of the final building on Turn 6. With one MMC and 9-2 leader, the Russians hoped to retake one building hex in CC. German DefF failed to stop them 3 times. However, on the low odds 4th DefF shot, the Germans succeeded in eliminating the Russian leader and breaking the MMC ended the scenario for a win. Heloanjin
Stopped ColdThis was one of those scenarios that I wish I hadn't played. My 4-2-6's were wiped out as I failed all my morale checks and disrupted every squad. Then I broke all of my machine guns as well as my flamethrower tank and two other tank guns. My dice were as bad as I have ever experienced and made the game completely unfun. I conceded on Turn 3...because my force was wasted. grumblejones
Stopped Cold Danno
A War of Their OwnChallenging situation for Japs to use force effectively but they can definitely get it done. I broke my 45ATG on the first shot which didn’t help. nebel
Capital PunishmentRussian over stretched on turn 3 and the reinforcements saved the day.
The river crossing was a sideshow.
Pössl’s Posse ChuckD
Milling AboutThis is a tournament size PTO action that has seen plenty of play with 43 Japanese wins vs. 46 British ones and received an exceptional Excitement Rating on ROAR of 7.14 by 83 players (as of May 2021). Almost perfectly balanced looking at the win/loss record and that fine rating, it seems to number among one of the quality designs of Gary Fortenberry. With this designer, you can also be pretty sure that you will have something to think about attempting to grok the fineries of what to do.

I played the defending British in this one.

The full AAR can be reviewed at Gamesquad Forum follwing this link:
von Marwitz
Lions and Tin MenVery average scenario IMHO. I am surprised there has been two allied wins, as both Joel and I think that the German forces are too strong and should win fairly comfortably. Although I was careful not to give the 81 MTR any -1 woods shots it still did lots of damage against units in wooden buildings, the Pz1 did it bypass freeze thing and the Germans walked of 3 squads and a half for the win. Add that its not even a particularly exciting scenario and I'm not sure this will get another playing from us. waynebaumber
Second Step 7-0 duval
Odd Angry Shot Danno
Odd Angry ShotI set up my Japanese on all the reverse slope except for the mortar and HIP HMG. Turn 1 and 2 were good for the Japanese. The remaining turns saw my Japanese hammered in close combats as the Australians moved on to the hill. I was finally overwhelmed and completely destroyed on Turn 6. Dan's attack went pretty much to form with just a few hiccups. Can't say I enjoyed the scenario. grumblejones
New and Untested hussar04
Ramsey's ChargeThe initial charges went well and the Japs in the village were all killed on turn 1. The breeze increased in strength on J1 and prevented smoke for the rest of the game. The squads in the river crossed safely into the jungle (but got no further). Ramsey (9-2) crossed the river with a squad but this turned out to be a bad idea as the reinforcements quickly eliminated them and gained 40Q1 on turn 3. I retook 40Q1 on my last turn. Japs broke my squads on 40Q1 with mortar fire and had the potential to take both victory hexes but low GI rolls of 3, 3 and 4 prevented any Japanese advance. Pte Parts
Probing KorsusInteresting scenario design, where the Swede must only find the two hidden bunkers. Key to this is maintaining the mobility advantage provided by the skis without becoming engaged in CC. I think the way to work it is for the Swedish player to find or punch a hole, find the first bunker, and then have his remaining mobile forces to exploit to find the second bunker.
That would be the plan anyway... I give the scenario a low-ish enjoyment ratting because the small squad count for both sides makes it very dicey and my dice were clearly playing for my opponent. In my case, my average dice roll was a '9' which meant my 8 morale troops broke and ran like little girls even when faced with an NMC. I lost two HS to "12s" and two squads in CC (one got ambushed with its skis on) so that by turn 4 I was down four squads and it was Game Over. This is the fastest I've ever lost a scenario.
Thugny-TrugnyThe French were overwhelmed on the 9a map in the first turns losing 2 key hexes. Even with their early war unattainable AFVs, they cannot regained these hexes at the end game and the French lost.. Overall, it was a nice scenario and a nice opponent ! lechiquier94
Extracurricular ActivityI'm lame. Ric of The LBC
The GovernorThis one is an uphill struggle for the Australians - literally! Yes, they are stealthy in CC, but usually have to move/advance uphill into buildings, resulting in CX that more than negates this. Even so, I nearly made it, but fell just short of taking the key victory building. Andy_Bagley
Trapped!During Part I, the Germans made steady progress against the American left flank. The Americans slowed the German forces enough to prevent any from exiting. However, loses were heavy, leaving a thin force to face a reinforced German advance for Part II. The American right flank was weakly defended, relying on a fire lane to keep the Germans at bay long enough to shift forces, if necessary. However, the German sniper broke the MMG MMC. With the fire lane removed, the Germans advanced quickly. The Americans conceded after Part II Turn 2 when it was clear the Germans would easily exit more than enough VPs. Heloanjin
A Bloody Harvest mcgallons
Norwegian EdelweissRob and I continued our Swedish odyssey with this excellent scenario.

My plan was to move my eight squads straight up the hill and trap the Brits
who set up near the stream. Alas, a well-placed MMG stymied my plan. Said
MMG held out (and held me up) for two (or three turns)!

As usual, Rob played an excellent game and I hampered myself by making some
silly but crucial mistakes.

In the end, I ran out of time (see British MMG). I would certainly play this again,
and thoroughly recommend it. So far, I think this has been the best of the bunch.
Indy Lagu
Rage Against the MachineCame down to the last CC but in truth a good start for the Russians meant that even with some lucky dice at the end the Germans couldn't stand up to the onslaught.

As featured on IR 46.
Bridging the WuSSR in this game as in many of the LONG MARCH SET are very imaginative.
Engineers cleverly use Unarmed troops, New locations along the river bank were defined well.
1st half of the game is attrition by the Chinese "sniping" units on board 8 while the bridge is being built.
Then a mad dash across for some close in fighting!!
I really enjoy the storyline of this scenario.
VASL LOG TO be coming
Mila 18 ASLSKGwahlur
Second StepUsed German balance. Hard luck for the Germans, no Smoke from Mortar attempts and Stug got caught PB of AT Gun for burning wreck. Stukas did not arrive until Turn 5 which was much too late to help the stalled attack. Russians kept them contained in their first VC building & prevented any break out from there. Fun for me as Russians, frustration only for my opponent. Kydder
Welcome Back TigerAce
The Last Drive mcgallons
Avenging Panther 101 ppalma
Norwegian EdelweissCouldn’t penetrate the upfront defense. Lost my 9-2 to a sniper in the first turn and then no ability to rally back from failed MC’s. nebel
Totsugeki!Japanese are hard to stop and Chinese squads stay broken too long. Good game to play to see the way the Japanese employ banzai. Guns are next to useless. Nicho11
Strayer's StraysA decisive American victory before the end of Turn 3. The American assault came on the far West side though the grain. The German defense was unable to shift quickly enough, leaving the attack an open route to the south. What few German MMCs were in the American path mostly cowered and/or broke. Heloanjin
Woodland PursuitPlay test. Danno
Going to New York!The Italians attacked in strength on both the northeast and southwest sides of the map. Came down to the very last Italian Advance phase, but the home defense boys could only manage 9 FP on the railroad and 12 FP was required do deny the American invaders a victory. Highlights included a very bloody melee where one Italian and 2 American squads met their demise...all destroyed when a Yank kill stack (20 FP/9-1 ldr) fired into the cauldron. For those keeping score at home, 2 Italian and 2 American squads were KIA during the entire game, and ALL of them were eliminated by copious amounts of .30-06 slugs delivered by Garands and Brownings. Pretty sure the 9-1 leader directing the Yank kill stack was a Soviet Commissar in disguise. Brutal. Jplott94
Maczek Fire BrigadeThe Germans were given the balance provisions. The game was very close in the end and was finally won by the Poles thanks to a well played defence by Marc. Great scenario! atomic
Old FriendsIt's not often that I can claim the dice ended a game prematurely but that's what happened here. Within two consecutive player-turns I managed to malf 3 AFV MAs and 2 AFV MGs (all on boxcars, no IF involved). With a further tank lost to US fire, the Germans had virtually nothing left so we called it on GT3. Andy_Bagley
Urdaneta AmbushSecond round of IR Tournament. I played the Americans. David did well in sighting his hidden tanks and panjis. I lost one tank early and couldn't score a hit on the Japanese tanks. Hindrances, TEM and a burning wreck didn't help.
The American infantry pushed through on the left flank and succeeded in killing off some of the defending infantry. By the time the Americans had killed off the two Japanese tanks and were able to push through in preparation for exiting it was turn 5 with only one movement phase remaining and still one hidden Japanese tank to deal with. The Americans needed everything to go well on the last turn to win. However the last Japanese tank was revealed when it ambushed my Sherman and set it ablaze, killing the riders as well. Game over!
Well played David. Good luck with the next round. (VASL Log)
Strongpoint 11The first shot of the game malfed the dutch HMG. It was instantly repaired but prep fire disrupted the Dutch 8-1 and destroyed the squad (ELR/CR). A green squad grabs the HMG and immediately jams it again. This time permanently. I broke the other Dutch leader on turn 3 who never rallied but I could not get any other result better than a pin. My 9-1 was mortally wounded on a 1MC. Needed to win 3 CC on the last turn. Could only win 1 (both of the others managed a CR but Dutch managed a kill) Pte Parts
Urdaneta AmbushDuplicate reporting for my own personal record.

I thought for sure that Jason had me, but my last tank (with AL) took out a Sherman at Point Blank, setting it ablaze and securing the win for me.

von Garvin
Simple EquationA very close American win. The German defense was helped by early low rolls while the Americans could not successfully place smoke. The German defense was cracked on Turn 3, but was able to reform a strong secondary line. The American flanked the German left, rushing through as many buildings as possible while slogging through the German defense in the middle. On the final turn, the Germans pinned 2 MMCs and broke 2 more. But the German player mistakenly held his fire with his HMG cracking the door for an American win. Through careful maneuvering, the Americans were able to gain control of exactly 25 building hexes in the APh. Heloanjin
Cautious CrusadersUsed Slovakian balance. Russian conceded in last turn

7-0 duval
Cautious CrusadersUsed Slovakian balance. Slovakian OBA caused fire which spread from the start and caused havoc for the Control of one building that was set ablaze. Came down to last Turn with both sides decimated and trying to compete for expanding fire "zone of Control" around burning VC building . Slovakians held the pocket for the win. Exciting & fun! Kydder
Cautious CrusadersMy Slovak attack focused on the main factory. Made some progress, but then AT Gun deployed and would take down 4 tanks. Early war 37L's are a bit powerful. My armored cars were caught in the Russian Arty and went down. My attack was ground down to the point that I simply didn't have enough men to take any more locations. The Russians reserves hit me in the factory and while I eliminated them, it cost me the opportunity to advance and take other locations. I called it at the end of 6, because I would only be able to take 5 buildings total. So Russian win. grumblejones
Cautious Crusaders Danno
Water FoulThe Canadians pushed against a single on the north part of the island and then advanced slowly. A ship was destroyed, another one got UK, some units got wading in the water... a nice representation of an amphibious assault. But even with the Germans losing their gun, the Canadians were to slow to advance inland to the southern buildings and conceded on turn 4 of 6. The scenario can be quite random as all scenarios with special entry of units, but uses rare rules as amphibious vehicles and wading, so it's worth a try. esparver73
It's So Easy! Danno
It's So Easy!Dan's Rangers got into a bad fix early and the Chinese surrounded and eliminated the broken units to get the win. Dan and I played it in just under 90 minutes. grumblejones
Trial RunFirst mortar shot was a critical hit and managed to unhinge the initial German trench line. Canadian infantry swarmed the south edge and would ultimately exit 16 VP. The Tanks would come in at Q1 and go up the dry stream only to run right into the 50L. One Sherman was knocked out, but the the gun MALF'd and the other 3 moved around and up over the hill. Fast moving German squads repositioned to take panzerfaust shots. They would succeed in destroying two more Shermans, but the final Sherman managed to exit for the win. grumblejones
Trial Run Danno
Kabuki TheaterA very close game that ended a little too son, in my opinion. The Japanese player needs to carefully plan where they will place their Direct Fire OBA, as the range will significantly affect its usefulness. The CVP limit can be harsh, so know when its OK to stripe a squad, and when its not! Jobbo_Fett
Breaking the Panzers JavierRB
One-Eyed JacquesSecond playing of this scenario within just over a week. I was the French again, and tried a similar defence with roadblocks obstructing the German left flank. This time however, the Germans sent tanks through the woods on the extreme left (Row A), avoiding bog and creating a trail break. Meanwhile the German infantry started entirely on the left, then swung towards the centre threatening both victory buildings, so that I had to balance the defence of both. In the event the factory held easily but he surrounded Building I4 with tanks and a few squads. My last turn was a desperate effort to get enough of my own forces back around the same building to outnumber him, and I fell short by half a squad! Andy_Bagley
One-Eyed Jacques Serge
Ma Deuce Delivers Danno
Ma Deuce DeliversThe first Ma Deuce KIA'd a stack of three squads with the 7-0 who mistakenly thought they couldn't be seen. But after that the Germans met up with their three King Tigers and went to work taking the building locations. The German sniper managed to mess with the American 9-2 and casualty reduce his squad with the MMG. Then the 4 M10's came and and all went down to the King Tigers. After that, the King Tigers focused on the remaining US infantry, which allowed the Germans to take the necessary victory locations for the win. grumblejones
One-Eyed JacquesA very nice scenario. Initially, with the Germans, I put pressure on the factory hexes then after loosing 2 AFV by two devastating gun shots, I switched my objective for the I4 building. I rushed for the hills and the plan worked ! It was a tight victory since I lost a third AFV on the way for I4 but a lucky roll in the very last turn ruined the chances of winning for the French. German AFVs are essential to complete the VC, then you must keep them alive as long as you can ! lechiquier94
The Professionals wwillow
Claws of the SparrowCouldn’t seem to bring all that IJA combat power to bear against a wily opponent. Lost too many squads in CC - HtH can be a double edged sword and it proved to be the case here Simonstan
Claws of the SparrowA good scenario, lots of dice luck for me when I needed it. By the last turn, my opponent needed to inflict three more CVP on me, and not lose any more troops. CCRF could have given him those CVP, so I took a chance on a 16 FP flat prep shot, scored a 1MC, and his 9-1 failed the MC and the wound roll and the accompanying squad went to half squad. He conceded, but it was close. Gamer72
Lions and Tin MenThe German 81 MTR went on an rof tear on its first prep phase wiping out a large number of Swede units. But Swedes and Norwegians fell back well and they still had a chance, especially after generating a hero and battle hardening their MMG squad to a 548. German used VBP freeze to deal with them and managed the win. Game felt like it had lots of replay value with the variable German OB. The MTR really felt like the key weapon in this one, followed by the PZII. The cycles were useless. sushidog
For Want of Either Crust or Crumb ppalma
Take The CrossroadsFortified the 2 stone buildings and protected one heavily with all the wire which was just able to hold out in the final turn Simonstan
Airborne SamuraiMy MMG landed offboard and could not be recovered and one stick landed at the far end of board 38 with half offboard. FB arrive turn 4 and one heads straight home again with jammed guns. On turn 6, a MTR scores a CH to kill the Dutch 9-1 and his MMG squad. It looks good for the Japs then Dutch resolve hardens with a bunch of miraculous CC wins. On the last turn my last MTR tries WP on the last melee. It has some, it hits, my squad passes his MC and the Dutch squad fails. Victory! Pte Parts
Released from the East Lehr

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The pack is available for $15, from the publication page.
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37 Khamsin25 miles south of Tobruk, Libya1942
G32 A Helping HandNear St. George-d'Elle, France 1944
AaC3 Green DevilsOutside Carentan, France1944
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