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Faugh A Ballagh!The Irish got lots of smoke and made the Germans retreat rather than fight. The allies kept their tanks out of the way of PSK, PF and the SP gun, but eventually lost one tank and another to a bog check, but eventually swarmed over the German defense to capture the necessary buildings. dmareske
Dutch Trucks grumblejones
Villy Muss Fallen! WestI completely diced my opponent. The Germans ended the game with no GO units on the board. The only casualties the French took were to the last turn OBA that came too late to make any difference. RJenulis
A Push in the BushThe first wave of British Ghanaians advanced quickly in the brushes but suffered deadly accurate shots from seasoned irregular Italian troops that killed their leader. The second wave pushed the Italians back without breaking their defense. The Fiat 611 armored cars came in reinforcement of the Italian troops, but did not have great effect as both jammed their MA. Nevertheless, the Ghanaians rushed to the exit and despite average defensive fire, they did not have enough EVP to win. A very quick game, a bit dicey with a British player that cannot waste time at all. lt_steiner
Defiance on Hill 30Germans approached fairly typically from the south central. Americans used their 8-0 to spot for their mortar fire to keep them safe. German 8-0, helping tote their own mortar, got brained Turn 2 by the sniper. Turn 3 saw the Americans lose their 9-1 and a squad to NQ. But the German 9-1 was lost as well (cc?), leaving the Germans with only one leader. Thankfully their push up the middle was proving successful however, and they were already starting to sweep into the village from the south. By Turn 4 they had captured all the buildings, the American spotter was brained by the sniper, and reinforcements were nowhere to be seen. Despite receiving them one turn earlier in the re-issue, late-arriving Americans is still too much of a hurdle to overcome. Once the last Americans who had been holding out around the village went berserk and were mowed down by numerous German guns, it was easy enough to meet the Americans up in the hills and stimy their approach. buser333
Raff's RuffiansSecond time playing, this time as the US.

I went hard on the US right. The AA Gun was on the US left.
The US firepower was overwhelming, and captured the chateau
on turn 5. The Germans did not have enough units close enough
to retake the building.

The 88L went on a rate tear in the German defensive fire phase, taking
out 1.5 squads and wounding an 8-1. It was too little, too late.
Indy Lagu
Bridging the WuA rather poor showing from a technical standpoint, with audio, setup, and rule issues. The SSRs for this scenario need a heavy polish before it could be very playable. That said, it is an interesting scenario, only counting as a victory for the KMT after many unfortunate bridging failures and a lack of time. The KMT Conscripts hardly ever rallied, adding to the defenders misery. Jobbo_Fett
Tiger, TigerGermans destroyed 2 tanks on turn 1 with CH and immobilsed the other in that platoon. I managed to wipe out all of the Pz IIIs but could not touch a Tiger. Still quite close with 7 tanks out of 8 required reaching board 11. Pte Parts
L'Union Fait la ForceLe rush des belges au départ et la précision des tirs allemands a posé de nombreuses questions de routings et les failure to rout (+ une disruption) des belges leur ont coûté la victoire. Les allemands ont enfoncé le clou avec deux CH du mortier au 4 et 5e tour. gruhl
Goch YaA close one, with the British just securing the required number of buildings in the last Advance Phase.
Things started out as planned for the Brits, with the infantry advancing under cover of lots of smoke, aided by a German MG that malf'ed to cancel a fire lane. The bridgelayers also did their thing with no problem, so the tanks were able to cross the A-T ditch. Casualties mounted as the Brits approached the village however, and I was over-aggressive on a couple of moves resulting in the loss of one leader, breaking another, and several squad casualties. The Germans were taking losses too though; they had rubbled building on the western edge of the village, but could not pull back much because the Brits need only five buildings to win. It then became a running battle around the village with buildings being taken and retaken in a mass of close-quarters fighting. With very few troops left on either side, the Brits just managed to clinch it by virtue of having the last turn!
More than the normal amount of rules-checking needed for this one, due to a combination of unusual vehicles and unusual situations, but we got through it OK - an enjoyable scenario.
Bolder Than BeforeI chose VC 1 which became apparent when the russian Conscripts went on an offensive to find a HIP DC in a neighboring room. Simon’s Russian went on a total surrounding operation, and the Partisans had to concede after turn 4. oybj
20 Years Later mcgallons
The Citadel von Garvin
Second Step Danno
Second StepA very fun and tough scenario. Luck favored my Russian as Dan's Germans blasted forward. I had placed the 6 x 4-2-6's in the Plate Mill and expected them to go down fast. But they didnt'. They held for four turns. And one 4-2-6 would kill 3 x German squads in Close Combat and then battle-harden to a 4-4-7 and survive the battle. By the end of Turn 6-1/2 it was a clear Russian Victory as only the Plate Mill had fallen to the Germans. The Germans would lose two officers to snipers and roughly 9 squads. The Russians would lose roughly 12 squads. Fun scenario. grumblejones
Retaking Vierville Droechai
Human BulletsSub optimal SK setup. Over in 8 turns. VASL wwillow
The Sangshak RedemptionDeux banzai charge trop prématurées (tour 2 et 3) et un mortar au ROF increvable ont considérablement réduit les forces japonaises. Ils ont quand même réussit à prendre l'église et trois huttes mais trop vulnérables à la contre-attaque ghurkas n'ont pas pu faire grand chose. Tout s'est joué à deux CC dans les huttes très désavanageux pour les japonais (1/4 et 1/6) au dernier tour (où un snake eye japonais a failli créer un hold-up...). gruhl
The Guards Counterattack TigerAce
Dutch Trucks (VASL Log) Dmitriy Alexandrov
The Martinofendecided on last turn. A high FP loaded scenario. Russians need to exact as much losses to Germans as possible with little regard to theirs. rangercote
Tavronitis Bridge von Garvin
The ProfessionalsA funny scenario. The Germans easily crossed the bridge using armored assault and the Yugoslavian shots were particularly ineffective... Well played Stéphane ! lechiquier94
The Niscemi-Biscari HighwayGOTM for the ASL RECON Group! Discussion.
With no knowledge of Kevin's Experience, I just defaulted that he would take the woods approach as it "appears" to have the best cover. So, my AT gun's BS hexes were on the roads on the woods side AND most importantly POINTing that way. The Right half of the map (bottom half on the ASL ARchive image) had NOTHING but dummies.

Where did Kevin come in ....Yep, The dummies.
I was scrounging on how to setup a defense to salvage what was left of my game.
I had setup Paskevich (9-1) in the Grain with the 2 minefields at the bottom of the map...(left side from the ARCHIVE) Plan was to TORCH the grainfield to leave nothing but OG to get to the bottom buildings...the mines covered the 2 hexes he could traverse...WELL< someone forgot the matches!!! 2 turns I tried...Nothing with 3 rolls, I abandoned that plan...and had to duke it out with the Germans...

Crazy fights and skirmishes all game... Germans were ADJ to my last hidden gun in the 3 hex Grain next to the gully...Again, pointing the wrong direction...His AC comes behind the gun....well. it's captured and if he's moving and I have to turn....I can't hit him.

Firefights ensued with some Tricky LOS shots led to an American Victory on Turn 8...the LAST turn!!
Great opponent in Kevin!

(VASL Log)
Beachhead at Ozereyka BayAxis set up was flawed but the dice were against them as well. I set up my 82 mtr where I could see both guns at start. My first shot with the mortar said I had no smoke. So the second shot at the gun was HE and snake eyes - 1 gun destroyed . The first return shot malfed the 105. It recovered and malfed again. Recovered again and on its first intensive fire shot disabled. Axis rolled at least 6 box cars for the game - 3 for the 105. (it did also get 2 CH - one vs the mtr that got the first gun) Romanians also malfed both MMG. Axis conceded turn 6 with both tanks mobile north of any defenders and 10 VP of infantry at the edge of town. Pte Parts
First Matanikau atomic
Elephants Unleashed atomic
Dying for DanzigAu départ on voyait pas comment les allemands allaient pouvoir résister, PF inefficace, AT 88 mal placé, Mais malgré des lourdes pertes allemandes et une fin inéluctable, 3 squads étaient encore en good order à ls fin du 5e tour (dont 2 avaient survécu en éliminant à 1/3 odds les squads allemands dans la mélée finale). Les allemands s'étaient trop dispersés dans les recoins pour que les russes les rattrapent partout. Mais un tour de plus et pas un allemand ne serait resté sur la carte. gruhl
The Triangle jwert02
From Matilda with Love Paul Legg
Taking a Different RouteSimply the Log file for the game between Stephen and Mark D (VASL Log) Stewart
Zon with the WindA really entertaining scenario. I managed to place half of the American troops near the exit hexes but the 88s were on fire from the beginning to the end game. They performed outstandingly inflicting many kills in the American side while maintaining ROF...Tony's last moves finally ruined my last hopes. It was a very nice game ! lechiquier94
Foreign LegionsVery interesting defense options as the Nationalists had to retreat and defend several positions early in the game in an attempt to slow down the Republicans. Dennis' Russian tanks made short work of my tanks with some CHs in advancing fire. However, the Republicans ran out of time and were unable to take the victory building and only 7 of the 11 other buildings. dmareske
Prize For A Panther Danno
Prize For A PantherVery hard fought battle. The Germans managed to flank from the north. All four MKIV's were destroyed by the 57L's. Dan's SS Grenadiers took the advantage in the infantry fight, but couldn't take out the fortified location as a single 4-4-7 with an LMG held out for the duration. At game end, Dan had 39 points and the British had 44 points for the win. grumblejones
Lehr SanctionCame down to the last DR. The first two turn looked like a German blowout. Then the British defense tightened up. Lots of carnage. RJenulis
Dutch Trucks (VASL Log) borodont
Gloster Hill Danno
Gloster HillDan's Chinese came at me hard and fast from the north, east and west. The east group got mowed down, which allowed the British to focus on the north and west. It also opened a safe passage to the exit. At the end of Turn 5, the British exited 11 VP while the 9-2 and a 4-5-7 were locked in Melee with a CX Chinese 3-2-7. At the end the Chinese only had 7 half-squads left on the board. The British lost the 1-2-7, and 2-1/2 squads. Brutal Korean War action. grumblejones
ANZAC BoysNice game. Lots of smoke and banzai charge get the advantage for the Anzac at the start, but then losing smoke on all mortars before turn 4 stopped their progression and they took a heavy hit trying to assault with no smoke protection. A sniper hit on turn 5 against the lone german inside the southern walled farm was the decisive event to allow the ANZAC to get control of the 10th building at the last minute. Lots of fun for a narrow defeat. gruhl
Insufficient ResolveWe changed the sides with Fedor. This time Russians prepared the ambush in the woods on both flanks, meeting incoming Germans in the open. Ambush bogged down German advance for the couple of turns, but the panzers took solid positions near the village, breaking the defenders out of reach of immobilized tank (AT Gun malfunctioned instantly and never repaired). But on the last turn of the game German infantry barely reached outskirts of the village. MoriQuessir
Three Bars of ChocolateThis is a great scenario, highly replayable, great tournament value, so many choices for both sides.
The chit pull system for residual is a game within the game, and I love totally HIP set ups.
Situation seemed totally lost for Germans, then during last american turn the german berserked a leader and HS with MMG into the heart of american lines, situation looked grim for American, then a Sherman evoided one PF and SMed the MG nest and bypass freezed the other german building.
American squad stormed the buildings and couple of CC ensued, 4:1 -1 and 3:1 + 1:2 , One german HS survived and Fred won the scenario.

Highly recommended.
Not So Disposed Lehr
L'Abbaye BlancheIn the end a relatively comfortable win for the Germans with all the onboard US forces eliminated or broken by T4. Germans pushed hard along the Eastern edge finding a Gun, MMG etc. and whilst lost HSs to initial shots the main bulk of the force was able to stay in tact and retain enough EVP to achieve victory. Had to risk a few 6FP minefield attacks with mixed results but crucially one squad got through to the Gun in that area and was able to take the crew out in CC thus opening up an avenue for exit. Simonstan
Taking a Different RouteAnother strange scenario dominated by Open Ground, a need for the KMT to Human Wave, and terrible amounts of Conscripts that are meant to break and die. I struggle to understand what the designer was thinking regarding the structure of this scenario. How is the KMT expected to attack? Is there something regarding HWs I'm just not grokking? In any case, this scenario felt like a real stinker; one I would never play again. Jobbo_Fett
Adolf's AmateursGreat scenario, really challenging for both sides. For the Germans, moving Green squads through streams and woods is a nightmare, plus the danger of a -1 capture attempt against them in CC. And only two leaders slows things even more. The Russians on the other hand need to slow the German advance whilst not losing casualties, in order to keep under the VP level.
The Russians started well, with an upfront defence that retreated as soon as German units entered the stream, and the minefield placed just across the bridge on the main road. However, I eventually managed to take two bridges and the northern building whilst keeping both my tanks alive, so just needed to eliminate three Russian squads to win. This I did during turn 5, kindly helped by the Russian commissar (perhaps a mistake converting the 8-1 leader) who repeatedly failed to rally broken Russian squads/HSs. One Russian tank made a last dash to try to eliminate one of my tanks, but failed when a fanatic HS and hero caught it with CC Reaction Fire.
Skiing in LaplandNot one of my favorites.
7-0 duval
Szacked mannyuk99
Kangaroo HopAn interesting scenario with lots of things to consider...more so from the Canadian perspective with all of the AFV capabilities they possess. My general strategy was to avoid the direct frontal attack and try to encircle the hill by sending most of the 'Roos with infantry around the right (southern) flank and send a mobile force of AFV's up the valley road between the two hill masses to flank from the other side. Only the AVRE's (without fascine) would come up the middle, probing the hill directly and hopefully getting close enough to the summit to get the Petard in action and maybe provide some DC's via the crew to assault any pillboxes there. One AFV with the AL went to the northern hill mass to provide some scouting and direct fire/smoke support, which turned out to be very fortunate as the Germans had a pillbox with an AT gun in CC8 so it was brought on board fairly quickly. The infantry made reasonable progress in the south until the German artillery came into play, with a harassing fire FFE1 that broke I think five 8ML half-squads on 6(0) attacks. Meanwhile one tank was knocked out around the east side of the hill by the aforementioned AT gun in CC8 and my Croc was making very slow progress up the hill trying to get into position to use its feared FT. The SW FT was able to get safely into the CA of a pillbox in J4 thanks to cover provided by a Kangaroo and flame it to allow supporting infantry to capture those two Level 3 hexes. However, things weren't going well for the Canadians and it appeared they wouldn't have enough push to take the summit. However, the AFV on the northern hill mass was able to put some smoke into CC8 which limited the effectiveness of the AT gun there (until it eventually malfed and rolled a 6 on its repair attempt) and two straight poor rolls on radio contact prevented any additional OBA from slowing down the Canucks. The Kangaroos were able to carry the summit, supported by just enough infantry to control the pillboxes. This one seemed to be more fun from the Canadian perspective with lots of unique AFV's with interesting capabilities. The Germans get to set up a static defense of wire, mines and AT ditches but then just hang out and watch to see if the Canadian player can overcome the obstacles. Jeff did a masterful job making use of the wire and AT ditches in conjunction with the cliff hexsides to really limit the maneuverability of the Canadians, but luck deserted him in the end. I ended up winning without the Croc getting off a single shot... sherersc
Cat's Cradle Fiedler
Cat's Cradle Fiedler
Kangaroo HopCanadians surprised me by making a strong push up from the south but, as Scott said, the west was bound to be protected strongly with forts - which it was. This would be one of those rather boringly static defensive games, where I would rely on forts and concealment to keep me safe. As Grumble Jones mentioned in his blog, I was under the misunderstanding that AT ditches connected to opposite hexes like wire. I agree it should be part of the standard ruleset, as without this it renders their effectiveness much more impotent. Turn 2 saw the Canadians lose one of two Shermans on their sweep around the east to my 50L in the south, but its position (as well as my radio operator's) would prove to be safe but rather limiting. Meanwhile I broke my much-needed 75mm, never to return. Turn 3 was bad for me. Having lost awareness of the position of his FT, I allowed him to move up concealed point blank and blast my PB contents. Meanwhile the first of what would be two full squads of mine turning berserk met their doom. He did gack CC versus my broken PB boys, but was finally positioned on a Level 3 hill, which meant my days of skulking on and off the crest while maintaining concealment were over. Turn 4 saw his FT run out of juice, him lose a 9-1 to a sniper, and my OBA finally get a chance to wreak some devastation, but at this point the writing was on the wall for me - I simply had not knocked out enough vehicles. Turn 5 saw this remedied to a degree when I knocked another out with my smoked-in 50L and a PF, and I still had hope that my hard-to-reach northernmost PB would hold out (the HS occupying it having broken/rallied/broke/rallied), but Scott made a very bold move advancing a crew into the hex to risk 1:2 CC, surviving, and limiting my ability to potentially reinforce the PB. When we wiped each other out in CC at the end of his turn it was game over. I wouldn't say this was a boring game, but I'm just not much of a fan of vehicle swarming scenarios when the defender has limited options. buser333
Hard ROKVASL. Had to run the gauntlet on the last turn and couldn't do it. wwillow
Released from the East BravoCo
Kempf at MelikhovoMy third playing of this one somehow always as the Russians. As usual hectic action in the village with in this playing my ATG and KV both popping up with APCR to nail the German AFVs before they could do serious damage in the end game. Left to the 9-2, 8-1 and supported squads / HS to assault the final victory building but they just came up short getting broken adjacent. Always a fun game Simonstan
Aachen's Pall krutkowski
A Lion in the FieldJason had poor luck with his MC. By turn 3, the Germans had taken many prisoners without losing much in return so he conceded. etopp
Slamming of the DoorRussians started by assaulting all across the line with infantry and without AFV backup which proved costly. Then, luck decided that german AFVs come in turn 2. All Russian AFVs came in along the western side and so did the german AFVs knocking out one right away, immobilising a second. Then hunting down the remaining russian AFVs managing to knock out one more and immobilising another. Russians had run out of infantry and couldn´t push it any further. DrDryg
A Lion in the FieldSetup wasn't optimal and I failed to use my OBA on the opening turn which was a mistake. Poor LOS from the steeple and the fact Eric's panzers were able to keep it covered in smoke didn't help. My ATG missed an opportunity to take a shot at a MkIV and Eric was able to infiltrate with half-squads around the British positions. Fragile morale meant my broken squads were quickly captured and I lacked the strength to hold on to the village. Would probably make a better fist of things if was re-played. Nicho11
Torment at TormuaWe goofed the board set up. Finns still managed a win. Danno
The Guns of Naro von Garvin
Raff's Ruffians Danno
Raff's RuffiansMy Germans were able to get good breaks on the attacking Americans as they neared the chateau. By Turn 5, the Germans looked to be in charge, but then Dan's 8-1 with 2 x MMG"s went on rate of fire tear that killed the German 8-1, 4-4-7 with an LMG and the 88 Gun Crew all of whom had been concealed. On the final turn, Dan managed to break everyone in the chateau, but broken German squads in the lower level kept him gaining control, so a German win. grumblejones
Welcome Back borodont
Raff's RuffiansI think the key to the game is the German 88L.
It's not expendable (lost it and lose the game). So I
set mine up behind the chateau.

The Americans made good progress even though
they lost 2 HS from good German shooting. The Germans
withdrew to the chateau without so much as a broken HS.
The Cavalry arrived just in time to shore up the
chateau defense. At the end, there were too many
Germans in force in the chateau.

Well worth a playing. The most complicated rule is that the US gets two 57 RCL.
Indy Lagu
A Real Barn BurnerLe gun allemand positionné pour couvrir le flanc ouest, les francais essaient l'option est. Une opposition forcenée de deux squads allemand armés de l'ATR (1FP est utile parfois!) dans les bois et la maison I1 /J10 retardent suffisamment les français pour qu'ils soient obligés de se lancer tête baissée à travers le champs labourés pour rejoindre la ferme à temps et se fassent faucher un à un par les MG disposées le long des haies. Le MRT broken au premier tour n'a jamais été un facteur. gruhl
The BendClose but not close enough. The Germans couldn't push home a decent looking start. Full video replay on Illuminating Rounds 61. (VASL Log) Dave
Closing the NetAmericans opted to start with group B on board in the hope of approaching the HMG pillbox from the rear and taking it out. However, I have discovered previously how vulnerable a pillbox is to CC when approached from the rear so set a highly successful trap on the path for him. In the end the 10-2 and HMG did more damage from the front. I could not resist CC though and these usually went poorly - I did not achieve ambush once. My snipers also slept through most of the scenario. In the end I won by maintaining concealment and slowly backing away from the marines. At game end I had 50% more VP in the victory area and only 2 HS had exited the map. Pte Parts
CanicattiIt took me a while to figure out that Glen chose a 'reverse slope' defense. While that granted me (largely) freedom of movement to the hill, I ran into a buzzsaw once I got there. Cautious play resulted in the loss of only one tank but my infantry had a heck of a time dealing with his MG point blank fire. Glen's sniper KIA'd two of my leaders, making it tough for me to rally troops and send them back up the hill. I couldn't clear the bunker at 2-1 odds in CC, which left me vulnerable to his reserve hiding in the woods behind the crest. In the end, I got my tanks and some infantry to the hilltop but couldn't clear it in time. German win. Agoldin
In Front of the StormCame to the final turn. My tanks were able to be the key in this one, freezing his forces and sacrificing infantry in order to get the final road hexes. Still, came to the final DR in CC. I got exactly what I needed and eliminated his crew while surviving for the win.

As part of the 2022 virtual Winter Offensive
von Garvin
Aiding the Local Constabulary (3 player)Great 3-Player game, which came down to the last turn, but flames and SMOKE prevented the South Africans from getting into the needed buildings. The Italians were whittled down to a good order half squad which ended up holding onto a building. Dave won as the Mutineers, Paul lost as the South Africans, Dan lost as the Italians. dmareske
Aiding the Local Constabulary (2 player)Played 3 player style. With Paul Works as South African. Danno
Skiing in LaplandUsed Finn balance. Russians opted for Group A on board 4 & AFV managed to tie down Finns enough to link up the needed squads in the Woods west of the Hill. Kydder
Rommel at the MeuseLong scenario. RJenulis
Audacity on OmahaAmericans went hard at the instant win, and got caught out. Some luck with OBA helped the German cause as well. Boogaboo
Fuller's FollyIf all goes well the Germans should prevail. They have a decided advantage in ML and terrain. But the Americans have the numbers, and the Germans a large front to protect with limited troops. They are a turn away from an American breakthrough with either one bad round of shooting, one broken MG, or one unlucky sniper hit. Our game saw the Americans have an extremely tough time crossing the G3-R8 lane. Being caught broken out there led to 1.5 squads surrendering, on top of the 3.5 other squads eliminated by German fire (at least a couple by KIA). With the numbers evened up, and the Germans having a decisive advantage in defensive position, the Americans called it a day after Turn 3. Somewhat entertaining, but way too small and dicey to be taken too seriously. buser333
Venturi EffectDavid chose the Sernovente M41M as his variable OB choice and camped the exits with his AT guns. I chose the additional M4. In an interesting twist, he tried lighting the woods-road on the right side of the hill (50U7) on fire before I could pass through it and nearly succeeded. My radio broke and later repaired but that didn't give me enough time to get the observer in position, so my artillery fired zero rounds. That is not a winning formula. Although I had some good fire attacks with my MGs and took out one his 47L ATGs in an infantry assault, my troops had to run a gauntlet of direct and indirect fire to exit the board. Had my artillery been reachable, I could have broken up his troop concentrations, but... David's terrible dice rolls turned at the right time -- just as I was trying to exit. The gauntlet of fire through which I had to drive drove up the CVP, resulting in an Italian win.

Important safety tip: the SSR which prohibits the Italian player from Emplacing guns also prohibits them from setting up HIP. Had we checked that rule before playing, it would have had a big impact on the game. Not sure this playing should count for the win/loss tally in light of that.
Show of ForceA slight delay in the german offensive when the AFVs waited for infantry running to the village may have swayed the balance to the russians. the hideous rolling on the russian side swayed it back. Malfed the Gun on the second shot, malfed a tank MA, hit with a 76L into a building and then dudded the shot and so on. It came down to the last turn where a close combat against a pinned russian squad didn´t succeed and the russians won this time. Taxing on morale and several personal moralechecks resulted in pin for the german player who was ready to throw in the towel at least five times during the game but stood as the victor in the end. DrDryg
Red DonSet up as the Italians rather far back with only a few units overlooking the river. Once the Russians had crossed the rivers the Italians has a magnificent bashing hitting the Russians hard. OBA was tough. After finally gaining radio contact the access chit was red and the next turn the second red chit was drawn. The leader got mad and threw the radio at the Russians.
Quite a few weather changes came about with snow increasing twice after which it disappeared. The Italians has some good luck not only with rate on the mortars but also with IFT rolls and although rolling the Russian SAN quite a few times, the Russians did not get payback through effective snipers.
In the final turns the Russian 9-2 rolled for HoB and became berserk.
All in all a very nice scenario.
Boxcloth dmareske
BoxclothAmericans came from both island crossings. The HMG killed two squads with snakes, one on each crossing. The south group was then wiped out in CC. The north group was pinned before it could get adjacent to the building in the last turn. Japanese win! Danno
Might Makes RightVASL WO rd3 wwillow
The Queen's PrequelPretty dominant German win...dice heavily favored the Germans and the Brits did not get close to capturing the VC building. Quick-playing scenario good for a short FtF session. Played at January CAASL meeting. sherersc
Gavin TakeI played American Attacker. Defender set up a multilevel defense in center to cover as much in LOS entry as possible. German fire Broke several paratrooper squads on entry turn. But they rallied quickly with 10-3 leader influence. German player did not roll well when his broke squads tried to rally and had trouble recovering from it. I had a HOB Hero creation, I was able to effectively use him to get close and DM his broken squads by moving adjacent. I was able to charge the Entrenched squad at the exit point on Turn 5 with a HS and 2 Squads - he broke his squad due to a FPF MC miss. One squad in the charge survived and took the entrenchment. Enough paratrooper good order squads/leaders were in reach to exit on turn 6 so he conceded last part of turn 5. Robert7721
The Niscemi-Biscari HighwayThe Americans held off the German advance, taking out the armored car as it came up out of the gully. Keeping concealment and limiting the German fire is key. The mines ended up being well-placed slowing the advance even further. dmareske
Ace in the Hole Danno
11th Company CounterattackI set up a fairly up-front defence, with just the 9-1 leader, 6-2-8 squad + DC back in CC8. The Finns attacked this aggressively, taking some casualties but catching two of my squads in CC and making it hard for others to retreat. So the Russian "withdrawal" was quite shambolic (I should probably have avoided setting up in foxholes), with voluntary breaks and units enduring interdiction, but somehow I managed to get a few units back to defend the eastern buildings. It wasn't enough though, and the Finns sealed it with a 114mm shot into a melee, which broke my last units and gave them the win.
This looks a dicey scenario, with SANs of 5 and 6 respectively, but neither of us got a successful sniper shot in the entire game! A couple of other DRs could have been game-changers had they gone the other way though. Despite losing, I still rate this a fun little scenario.
ANZAC BoysAs the data suggests, this one probably favours the Germans slightly. I was happy with my plan as the ANZACs though, sending a couple of squads to take and hold the southern buildings while my main attack approached the main village area from the north and east. The dice gods didn't agree with me though; I couldn't get an ambush, lost two CCs where the odds were in my favour, and repeatedly failed MCs with my 8-morale squads. I also couldn't try the Banzai option because all my leaders were scurrying round trying to rally brokies! In the end the Germans outnumbered me and were counterattacking, so I threw in the towel at the start of Allied turn 4. Andy_Bagley
The Bridge of Verdalsöra von Garvin
Ace in the HoleHarsh game for both sides. The Pershing went down to a long range panzerfaust shot and then the tank battle went to the Germans with all of the American tanks ultimately destroyed. The Germans then still had the Tiger and the MKIV beside the center building on Board 4. The American mortar then went on a rate tear with criticals that wiped out the defending German 9-1 and MMG at that location. From that point, Dan's dice were blessed by the dice gods. He would roll so many snake eyes that I lost count. The effect was devastating as my tanks were eliminated and all of my squads, except for 2 in the J7 building on board 46. But with 9 squads and a now Heroic 9-2, Dan easily broke the and eliminated the squads for the win in the top of Turn 8. The momentum shift at the end of Turn 4 resulted in a strong win for the Americans. OOPS...Dan and I forgot about the 44 CVP Cap for the Americans. When all the US tanks went down it took the CVP Cap to 46 and a German win...quite the shocker. grumblejones
Cream of the CropThe Germans advanced covering all the perimeter, forcing the Russians to slowly concede ground and killing some defenders, but good Russian defensive shots broke some attackers, slowing them. Then the German conceded in Turn 3 after my KV wrecked one of the StuG and the T-60 were about to overrun some German squads ill-positioned, and we did not have much time to play so we called it a day. esparver73
Villy Muss Fallen! EastA v close game coming down to 2x CC in the final turn. French moral proved resilient against the OBA so they retained control of the village into the final turn and the German moral waivered just when they needed to get more squads and leaders adjacent for the final CCs. A good close fun game Simonstan
BridgeheadPlaying Hans Mielants SASL HC Barbarossa campaign, which uses this mission. Hans' MSR stipulates that the EN gets three Artillery Strikes upon the first GE unit that lands on the enemy side of the river. If RNG goes against you, you will likely lose this mission before you even get started. (VASL Log) Ahriman667
Under the Noel TreesI managed to pull out a win in a 'squeaker' of a game against George as the defending Americans. Based on my read of the terrain and his setup, I came in on the center and right (north) of the map, with the idea being the woods and hedge would mask my movement. Instead, George chose to position both of his Tank Destroyers forward, knocking out one of my STUGs on Turn 1 and immobilizing a Mk4. It could have been much worse had he made rate. Luckily his dice didn't help him and I was able to move most of my vehicles out of his line of fire, leaving only the immobilized Mk4 and his wingman moving far behind. Since my AFVs had to be mobile to exit, he chose to engage the moving Mk4 and... missed. My immobilized Mk4 which had range by that point then hit and turned the TD into a burning wreck.
George then sortied his remaining TD to get a rear shot on one of my other Mk4s. Although he missed, my tank gunner did not and by the end of Turn 3 George was out of TDs. What could have been an easy exit was stymied by aggressive play with is three Bazooka-toting squads which defended the eastern treeline and a fourth in the center. George's Americans managed to kill a Mk4 in CC (which didn't have enough points to exit). Another of my Mk4s got attacked on the woods road on its way off the board and, by firing with every weapon on board, managed to pin a BAZ team that came up the woods-road (which then missed), break another BAZ team and kill a squad and leader in CC. At that point I had 3 AFVs off the board and a lead in CVP. George failed his Personal Morale Check and conceded. That was a very close game!
March on MarcheVery exciting, with the Germans taking the final victory building on their last turn to win it. The Germans are mobile, but have a huge distance to cover so have to keep moving - one of my motorcyclists didn't dismount until turn 7! On the other hand, there's no CVP cap and the French tanks are not much of a threat - poorly armed, platoon movement and can't control buildings if the Germans occupy. Even so I thought around turn 5 that I would probably lose, because the last two (westernmost) victory buildings are on the southern side of the village and most of my forces were towards the north.. But I threw everything at the defenders on my last two turns, aided by a VBM freeze and successful CC; the French couldn't shoot everyone so I was able to get people where I needed to. Last defenders broke in my final PFPh, allowing me to move in. Good game. Andy_Bagley
Faugh A Ballagh!The Irish attack made good use of smoke during the initial assault, maneuvering a heavy force on the German right with a flanking force sprinting to the left. However, an early mistake placed an AFV within striking distance of a German HS with PSK. The Germans did not let the opportunity pass leaving the Churchill a burning wreck. The Irish pressed on making good progress. The Irish suffered steady casualties without inflicting any in kind on the Germans. The German HS with PSK, now with a Hero due to HOB, took out another Churchill before finally succumbing to superior forces. The Germans carefully fell back while the Irish were regularly Pinned, slowing the advance while the Jagdpanzer IV wrecked the last Churchill. The outcome seemed certain when the Germans made an error skulking out of a VC building relinquishing control to the Irish. With few forces remaining on Turn 7, the Irish captured the final required buildings for victory, but needed to hold them to the end of the Game Turn. The Germans counter attacked, retaking an undefended building while smashing the Jagdpanzer IV into a building with an Irish MMC and leader, followed by a German MMC and leader. The CCPh ended in Melee. The Irish made a last desperate charge, surviving DefF, and entered into CC in an attempt to again take control of the 6th building. At the end of the Allied Turn 8, there were two Melees which would determine the victor. The Germans had the upper hand, only needing to win one. But the CC odds were slightly in the Irish favor. The Germans tried and failed to reinforce a Melee. In the final CCPh, the Germans rolled low, regaining control of the mistakenly lost building. The Irish won the other CC, but it was no matter. The Germans secured the Victory. (VASL Log) Heloanjin
A Less Peaceful ChristmasThe Filipino's built up a healthy VC lead with building control , but suffered heavy losses to the Japanese Banzai charges, but a KIA result on the last Banzai sealed the deal and gave the Filipinos the win. grumblejones
Private Venture Boogaboo
Armored Probe at Sidi-NsirWent to the last turn. VASL WO RD1. wwillow
Over Open Sights angelito

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March Madness 2021 Three Player pack available!
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The pack features 6 scenarios, with Germans, Partisans, Russians, Belgians, Italians and Americans in the mix.

The pack is available for $15, from the publication page.
Twitch Stream coming up!
On Thursday 18th Feb, at 2pm UK time (currently we're in GMT) Martin and I will be playing Black Day in Hatten. Martin's taking the defending Germans and I'm the one trying to capture a bunch of VC locations and not lose my tanks.

The archive will host the stream (but it's probably viewed best directly from Twitch. Hope to see you there!
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EP61 Elusive ArmorNear Clark Field, Luzon, Philippines1945
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