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The Sangshak RedemptionHad a blast playing this scenario. The Gurkha heavy weapons were unscathed during the initial Japanese attack but didn't contribute much in the battle that followed. In the end, it came down to an assault on one victory building which only one 648 survived long enough to enter CC against one and a half Japanese squads, both of which were pinned. It all came down to the final CC DR. The Gurkhas needed to kill the Japanese defenders in hand to hand combat at 1 to 1 odds and then survive a 1-4 attack in return. On this occasion, the dice gods were with me and I pulled of the win...just. Great scenario and it is easy to see why it has achieved "classic" status Dougban
Abrams' Charge toffee
Hands Off The Loot! Danno
Hands Off The Loot!Germans captured a squad and ran them off the board on Turn 4.
Bertoldo the Brave Blaze
Rage Against the MachineGerman PF's ruled the day by taking out all but one Russian tank. My infantry, on the other hand, couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. That, coupled with pulling back maybe a turn too late and not collapsing towards the Russian main thrust in the middle of the playing area, had my forces way too strung out. However, the German reinforcements got into good positions, and I was able to run enough guys back to make taking the HQ or crossroads very difficult. By mid game, the Russians were down to one tank and mired on the other side of the road splitting the village. With little chance of taking one, let alone two of the three victory condition options, we ended it. Jude
Newborn Partisans igycrctl
Texas Flood A15.4er
Break In On Rollbahn A A15.4er
A Saar SoireeLots of scrambling early on to get the most advantageous positions. The bridge quicmly became a scene of chaos as French trucks tried their level best to zoom past the defenders, some still trying to unhook their guns, for some quick points. They were quickly turned into wrecks, burning or otherwise, which simply added to the struggles of the French to mve past the myriad wrecks, and for the Germans to get a bead on their targets.

In our playing, the French lost steam on the offense due to some lucky shots, being flanked on the right side of the board, and losing their best leader to an absolutely disgusting roll that had no reason to succeed.

Overall, the scenario needs more time in the workshop, but the situation is nice and worth exploring
Oliwa's EscapeOliwa was able to escape with about 5 other squads giving the victory to the Partisans. The Germans came in second with some successful PF shots at the Russian tanks. dmareske
A Quick Strike Cpl Wright
Hart AttackHUMAN WAVE 2024. The German player must be selective about setup since he has a lot of ground to cover and cannot defend everything. I focused primarily on the north and center of the map, leaving only my ATG, MMG and a light Mtr to cover the intersection at the south of the map.

Jeff entered primarily on the south and center, with his main effort in the center. Throughout the game I prioritized knocking out his armor to reduce his victory options and try to preserve some freedom of movement for myself. In the south, I lost my lt mtr and 40LL to his infantry assault but managed to knock out a tank and hold him up until my armor reinforcements arrive. In the center I traded ground for time and scored a lucky Deliberate Immobilization hit with an ATR firing at point blank range. My armor entered as he was moving his armor from south to north, setting me up for side shots from the hill at M13/M12, where 2 of my 3 tanks found good hull-down positions. I had some pretty hot dice with my APCR shots on German Turn 4, knocking out two of his three remaining tanks.

Although Jeff's infantry was had not taken many losses, he felt that he no longer had the firepower or the time to take the buildings he needed in the two turns remaining and conceded.
For an Army Routed Danno
Forest Gumm A15.4er
For an Army RoutedGot my butt whipped before the end of Turn 1 and had to concede after a 4-3-6 with a Panzerfaust KIA'd my 6-4-8 stack with the 9-2. Then the SS 81 MTR nuked my other boys and that was it. Game over. grumblejones
Stryker's ChargeDefense allowed clean board entry. No ROF for HMG and I was able to close quickly. My berserk Squad CR’d during its charge but took a squad out in CC.
So I would say this was fun but dicey since so small.
Oliwa's EscapeDave was Partisans and won by exiting. Rex Loewen was the Germans and Dan Best was the Russians. Danno
St. Kilian's Bloody SwordA very Easy German win. The Germans swarmed the overlay factories and moved most of the other group around towards those factories.

It's tough for the Americans to delay the factory attack without transferring forces from one side to the other.

But with mortars with WP and a plan they can do this, even though a HIP MMG with a FL can really interfere.
A Quick StrikeStarted with 13.5 squads and 3 leaders. Ended with .5 squads and 1 wounded leader. A15.4er
A Hard Push A15.4er
Absolut MärkäjärviI liked the unusual victory conditions. My opponent rolled bad and he finished with 9/12 VPs still. Mortar got struck with a critical OBA hit early. Radio malfed. We concluded it might be beneficial to do a HW early to get that extra movement. KalleW
The Cloak of Disorder Danno
The Cloak of DisorderYeah...this was not a lot of fun. Dan's Japanese just walked right over my grave like Doc Holiday talking to Johnny Ringo. The Japanese tanks just walked up the middle and broke apart my defense. My poor rolls on D fire let the Japanese just walk on top of me and cut my throat in Close Combat. I hate scenarios where I have crap troops just get slaughtered and no way answer to back, My Chinese were completely beaten at the end of Turn 2. Dan is an uber aggressive attacker and Japanese are exactly the kind of troops that will roll right over you. Good luck if you're the Chinese in this one. Order your tombstone in advance. grumblejones
800 Heroes A15.4er
Hot TigersCraig did the right thing and tried to immobilize my Tigers. I used the two STUGs on a level one hill in the north to lay out some SMOKE which was very effective, but still the Russians were able to deliberately immobilize 4 tigers and I got another one on a start up. Down to my last two tigers I was able to park them behind a wall in the village and pepper the Russian positions with HE. It still came down to the last CC and the game ended with a Russian crew locked in Melee. A very narrow victory for the Germans. A great game! dmareske
Hot Tigers Heloanjin
One-Eyed JacquesHUMAN WAVE 2024. A close game with Jeff pulling off a win on the last turn, as he had a stack in the factory I couldn't reach, since its 36 FP attack blew away the only guys I had who could have possibly CC'd them... In this game I attempted to 'blitz' up the right side of the map only to be stymied by his OBA and the 37* which he hurried into position. Jeff was substantially aided by scoring critical hits on my armor with an LMG, the 75, and the 37*. My best move of the game was probably driving my armor through a fortified location, into the factory where I was able to chew up his infantry with my MGs. Even so, it wasn't enough for the win. Good game! Agoldin
Race to the RiverAmerican fire power carried the day with low dice rolls. Kydder
Bidermann's Escape Cpl Wright
Landstorm Over Arnhem Bongiovanni
Alcazar! fdapra
End of the Rope... Danno
End of the Rope...Games like this always beg the question about how well it was play tested. The ROAR stats are clear indication of how hard this will be for the Commonwealth, who cannot beat the Japanese reinforcements to the top of the hill...ain't every going to happen. In our game, I MALF'd the British gun on the very first roll of the game. Should have just conceded right then and there. I would concede on Turn 3 after losing the 8-1 and three squads to Japanese squads in close combat. We also had heavy rain which messed everything up. Additionally, the level 2 jungle hexes block LOS for both sides to a large extent. This is a scenario that the winner is determined by the sad sack who rolls the Commonwealth. Accept your fate with dignity. grumblejones
Rocket's Red Glare igycrctl
Royal Marines GOUREAU
Former FoesViet Minh held on early. Japanese flanked and British pivoted. Viet Minh did not react and skulk and fall back effectively. Initial dice luck went south for Viet Minh. British win. Fun hit and run scenario.. BobMcKenna1966
A Veritable DelayGreat Game. As the British, my husband got enough points in the exit area. Last turn I ran a 7-0 out in the open who survived defense fire from multiple targets. Got a panzerfaust and blew up the trailing tank to win the game. Right out of Hollywood baby. Dispang12
St. Kilian's Bloody SwordAs Todd's game, a similar experience. All 5 factories fell, the church held and the road was mostly un-touched. I could have won with a wild run into the factory on the last turn, but a 1+1 shot broke the leader and pinned the squad. Close game but we both felt like we didn't play as well as we could have done. Dave
Obian Highway oybj
L'Union Fait la ForceGerman use of Fire Lanes carried the day. Having unit in V0 and V10 had significant effect, due to disrupting many Rout possibilities for the Belgians.

The scenario is very quick to play and we had fun. Of course, it's dicey, as small scenarios will almost always be. Playing the Germans here would probably provide good practice in the use of Fire Lanes for beginners.
Having a GoThe German Fire Lane done the road broke a couple of British MMCs and slowed down the progress just enough. Also, the British could not finish off CCs fast enough. Some German conscript squads were able to hold a couple buildings in the end. Good tight game. dmareske
Bydgoszcz CoupA punishingly hard scenario for the Germans who did whatever they could to take ground early and steal ammo wagons where possible, only to fail many of their CC rolls and be killed in the process. This scenario is nearly impossible for the Germans outside of tremendous luck or a braindead opponent. The only positives here are that it uses deluxe boards, and has an interesting premise/concept, but its so one-sided youre better off skippibg this one. Jobbo_Fett
Le ManoirThis is a fast, and fun little scenario. The German defense is very fragile - if they lose one of their small, but powerful positions, the whole thing comes tumbling down quickly if the US can manage to press from all sides, i.e., outflanking. MNov
Le ManoirGreat to have a new F2F opponent move to live within 100 yds of my rural home in the UK. Our first meeting to break the ice was this old classic. The US paras did a simultaneous left and right flank manouevre to get into position and I missed a great shot on a big stack moving into the bocage at long range which allowed the paras to get close and personal. Once they were close in numbers the demise of the defenders was inevitable. A snake eyes on a final assault advancing fire withered the German defence of the final building to nothing on US Turn 5. Game over. bulletbaron
The Orsha PlainVASL jrwusmc
The Prelude to SpringMight have been a good scenario but the dice ruined any chance for a competitive game. The Russians made decent progress the first two turns as I kept my meager German forces out of LOS on board 4. When my reinforcements came on, that's when the dice got stupid. On turn 3 I lucked out and nailed a T-34 with a PF in the north on the second of two PF shots by that squad. Then one Mk. 4 got four(!) rate shots and knocked out an IS-2. I revealed the hidden AT Gun and destroyed the SU-100 with two rate shots and, still having rate, got off one more shot on a T-34 but failed to hit. On the bottom of the turn, the Panther shocked the JS-2. With the two Mk. IV's set to finish off the IS-2 in the AFPh and the AT Gun still trained on the T-34 and yet to fire, we calculated the points. Unless some miracle happened, there was no way for the Russians to meet either victory condition. I'm glad for the win, but would rather do it because I outplayed my friend, not out diced him. He kept a good attitude about it, but I apologized in embarrassment anyway. Jude
Raff's RulesThe Germans conceded at the end of Turn 3. The German rolled my SAN 6 times and I rolled a deadly 1 four times. Fortunate direction got the US sniper on the German 105 guns on the first turn, and wiped out the two German crews by the end of Turn 2. With no more opportunity to gain VP by firing the cannons, the 88 missing shots, and Americans knocking out the flak gun, it was game over. A very cheesy lucky win for my Americans. Augie
Lorraine Series #3: Misty Morning Melee Danno
Lorraine Series #3: Misty Morning MeleeFirst Sherman rolled a 12 on the first hit attempt at a Panther from the rear in a bore sighted location. Then another Sherman would MALF its MA on an intensive fire shot. But, a Bazooka got a critical hit and brewed up a Panther. A Sherman knocked out another and the 76L Sherman immobilized a third Panther. The Germans knocked out one Sherman with a MALF'd MA and then made a move to the exit. The last Sherman fired and got a side shot to knock out a fourth Panther and that was game and an American victory. grumblejones
Quinauan Point Lionelc62
A Bridge Too Near... Dispang12
Murai State FarmGermans attacked the ford on the right side. Russian 76 knocked out the lead MKIII and KIA'd the 9-1 Armor Leader. Then the Russian MMG managed to break and eliminate the 5-4-8's as they moved up with the German 9-1. The 8-1 stack armored assaulted and the Russian MMG managed to break the stack. With the German infantry down for the count, the Germans didn't have enough EVP for the win and gave the concession for a Russian victory. grumblejones
The R.C.R. RedemptionThe OBA was finally effective, and the tanks did their job. The Canadian infantry were terrible as usual. This product has too low an ELR for volunteer troops and too many handicaps on use of tanks and OBA. Thus, making the Canadian in effective on attack. Danno
Murai State Farm Danno
A Polish RequiemA German victory thanks to hot dice at the start and at the end. The Germans were very aggressive early on, managing to wreck 3 of the 4 Polish tanks by Turn 2, with infantry making steady gains. Some gutsy defensive moves saw half-squads planting DCs on a German tank, reducing it to ash and twisted metal. By the end of Turn 5, the Poles decided to throw in the towel, as the Germans were within spitting distance of securing their objective and all resistance was too far out of position to be able to stop the German advance. A real test of a defensive setup, and punishing for the defender when things go poorly. Jobbo_Fett
Pot of StewI learned a lot playing this scenario. First, the SS with good leadership are very hard to break. Second, Russian armor should not get into a long range gun battle with elite German armor. Fun scenario but mentally draining. I conceded to Jim after the Russian turn 3 didn't go very well. With the Germans not having PF capability, I think I would have been better off getting into a very short range slug fest. The German advantage really starts to multiply at over 6 hexes and really over 12. I think bunching up the forcing in and near the village and making the Germans try to clear you out would be the way to go. Oh and the Germans won every gun duel. tatumjonj
The R.C.R. Redemption dmareske
¡Vìva La Repùblica!Tough game with low factor squads trying to pry better squads out of Stone Buildings. Not one of my favorite kind of games. My Republicans couldn't get the rolls to do anything and were cut down by the two guns and the HMG. Not a fan. grumblejones
¡Vìva La Repùblica! Danno
Fitzgerald's Fire toffee
Sumatra SkirmishThe Marmon-Herrington armored cars moved forward and blocked the street preventing an easy walk to the other key buildings. Japanese troops were still able to progress but the Dutch got time to reinforce the buildings. Eventually, the armored cars were destroyed but the Dutch were able to eliminate several Japanese units. A lucky Japanese shot broke Van de Ploege and a few squads forcing him to rout out of the buildings. Last turn and the Japanese were able to enter HtH CC with the remaining Dutch units. In one CC, everyone was killed. But in the other a few Dutches managed to survive and kill their enemy. A Dutch victory. lt_steiner
Orange Blossom DisasterFirst to play and post. Danno
Orange Blossom DisasterThe first two scenarios out of this pack seem to be tough on the Canadians. The Germans have a lot of fortifications and even though Dan avoided most of the mines, wire and the German MTRs were able to pin and break several of the Canadian troops. Some poor Rally Phases in turn 5 and 6 for the Canadians made exiting enough CVP impossible. dmareske
Coal in Their StockingsGreat scenario. I nearly failed my personal morale check after nearly all AFV, halftracks and vehicles were destroyed after 2 turns, but the game came down to the wire. Americans could have won if I played the turn 5 MPh better. Would definitely like to play again. dsoukup
Flying TurretsA massive tank melee that I think is very difficult for the Soviet player. I put my Tigers on the hills and basically just picked off the Soviet tanks with impunity. My infantry suffered due to my forward defence and I didn't really take advantage of the OBA or air support. The tanks were sufficient to do the job. Nicho11
Bowden's Wood Bongiovanni
A Meeting of PatrolsFun game and the first draw I ever played.

I really like the concept in this scenario. I would however probably lower the EVP needed for victory, maybe to 9 or 8. I think that would help keep the game more dynamic.
Surrender Or Die Danno
Surrender Or DieAmerican 8-0 knocked out both MKIV's with a Bazooka. The Germans continued to attack aggressively and the game ended with three final CC's. The Americans would win all three for the scenario win. grumblejones
Red StormWent to the last turn. Russians had OBA the whole game. wwillow
Abandon Ship! GOUREAU
One-Man Wrecking Machine AlexB
The Hawk toffee
Debacle at Yeang Dang wwillow
War of the RatsThe German set up a kill stack to help cover the advance across the main street, as well as a second to put pressure on the right flank. The Germans ground away at the Russian defenses, breaking units to limit FGs and using the higher smoke exponent to keep pushing the roads to put pressure on the Russians. The constant pressure forced the Russians back across the map in a shrinking pocket that collapsed in on the O6 building, where they were eventually eliminated. Turuk
Raff's DilemmaCame down to the last turn, but the Americans rolled over the Germans. RJenulis
Initial SkirmishNice little scenario with some options for both players. cosarara
Second CristotSome good SMK placement by the British, though they MALFed two guns in trying, others were turned into burning wrecks by the PSK. Still, the infantry made good progress and were able to capture the Victory locations in plenty of time. dmareske
Bloody Bois JacquesGerman OBA worked really well on the center and their two MG nest defense was effective. Still, The Americans almost managed to slip through a 2 x MMC + Leader stack on the western flank, stopped only in the nick of time by MG fire. I would describe it as a close run thing.

I found the scenario quite enjoyable. SSR4 really transforms the battlefield in a novel way, allowing some interesting gameplay possibilities. Thumbs up from me!
Brush OffThis is as much a puzzle as it is a scenario; lots of choices for both sides despite its tiny size. My plan as the Japanese was to approach the USMC forces using concealment, and then attack in CC to cause casualties. However, this quickly unravelled when the dice had their say: first USMC defensive shot rolled snakeyes and my 9-1 leader promptly failed a 1MC and died of wounds. Things then went from bad to worse - not even my 10-0 leader could pass a MC, and my squads were quickly losing strength. By the end of my third turn, I had virtually nothing left and had killed just a single USMC squad, so I conceded. Don't agree with other AAR's that say this is hard for the Americans! Andy_Bagley
Panzer GraveyardThe German infantry progressed through the buildings with the help of smoke cover from the Panzer. But the German lost 4 panzers too easily hunting British tanks instead of providing support to the infantry. The British sniper won the day breaking and killing various German MMC and leaders at key moments, freeing a prisoner that rearmed in their back. It forced the Germans to split and get him.. Nevertheless, the German was still gaining ground. By dusk, the British were able to force their way and capture back some buildings. Despite a tense game until the end, I did not particularly enjoyed this scenario contained in a very small area which emphasizes the micro-management style of play. lt_steiner
Jakacking AssThe scenario objective clashes with the convoy restriction in a bad way, leading to a potentially devastating loss as soon as the Germans line all their ducks in a row for the Polish AT gun and supporting cast and crew to deal so much damage in their first attack or two as to make any attempt at victory by the Germans a fool's errand. If there were an exit VP condition instead, I could see this scenario being vastly improved. As it stands, it could only be used as a teaching moment for someone wanting to practice their PRC elimination/bail out rules. Jobbo_Fett
Espirito InaspettatoMy Greeks were slaughtered moving up the hill. A combination of good play by my opponent and unkind dice sealed the Greek fate. I think the game could go either way and this scenario is worth the play. RJenulis
Taking Tailleville manzoliandrea72
First ContactGreat first CG SASL mission. I managed to flip four additional boards. I am playing this SASL CG slightly modified, I added in a AC platoon (2x PSW 231 rad 6 and 4x PSW 222) and am using parts of the TSASL (Tank SASL) rules for these units. dlazov
Shoot or ShovelPlayed in the VASL league. This was a fun scenario with all kinds of crazy moments as my Japanese charged the US defenders. Lowlights for me included two elite squads suffering casualty MCs just before they could create a DC hero. Despite this, my troops managed to capture all three victory locations but the game came down to the last CC DR when a USMC squad counter advanced into CC against striped Japanese berserk squad. Both survived CC in the US final turn the Japanese position was reinforced in the final turn leaving 10 FP factors against 6 in their favour. To win, they just needed to roll an 8 in CC to eliminate the US squad or alternatively dodge a DR of 5 or less if the the marines survived. DRs of 12 and 4 gave the win to Kris. Dougban
Blood Amongst The PinesMy Finns sucked life. 1st roll for the MMG was an 11...that was game. I had to concede on Turn 3 as my lousy dice rolls allowed the Russians to just walk all over me. So much fun. grumblejones
The T-Patchers Bongiovanni
Vogt's Ritterkreuz Bongiovanni
All Down the LineGreat little scenario. My plan to concentrate my attack on the northern flank quickly unravelled when the German sniper took out my 9-2 leader. Fortunately, a successful CC on the southern side gave me the initiative there, and I got my revenge later when my sniper broke a German 548 holding a critical defensive position, which then failed two rally attempts. Approaching the last turn, I had just enough units to give me the 13 VPs I needed, so the Germans mounted a last-ditch attempt to stop me. This time the dice didn't fail me, so my opponent conceded on his Turn 5. Andy_Bagley
Raid at Cerreto AltoAt first, I couldn't hit anything. Then the odds changed and I was able to keep my AFVs mobile enough to survive. I ended up snapping quite a few PW and then was able to exit with them, securing the win. von Garvin
Breakin' Into the SlammerDecent scenario. Don't bother defending 4G49 and 4G54 if playing as the Japanese. Just pack most of your forces into the Police Station. That's what I did, and it was very difficult for the Americans to make any headway. I picked some likely canister locations to put the AT Mines, and lucked out (needed a 1) and immobilized a priest and the MTR halftrack. The smoke Fire Mission helped me more than the Americans since they got shrouded in the resulting smoke. A BUNCH of skulking kept my forces concealed most of the game. Sound strategy, but not very exciting. In the end, the Americans got close to the building, but couldn't get a coordinated attack going to gain a foothold.

Be prepared for toppling stacks when playing this one. Cellar, Fortified, Fanatic Strongpoint, 1st level, and Rooftop counters, PLUS, concealed units with leaders and weapons stacked like a Dagwood sandwich in a small confined place makes moving pieces extremely difficult. Once one stack falls from the constant shuffling, it's like a domino effect. Kind of a pain to play face-to-face because of it.
Bridge Over the River Queen Lorenzoknight
Bridge Over the River Queen Dispang12
Acts of Defiance dsoukup
Blood Amongst The Pines Danno
Scouts Out Ric of The LBC
Texas FloodRight off the bat we both made two big mistakes. I tried to ram my way to the 44X1 building by charging straight ahead like a bull and paid the price badly to the tune of 3.5 lost squads, a Panther, two burned DCs, two stunned HTs, and a broken MA. I lost a further 2 squads during his part of the turn. I would've been much better off making directly for the grainfields to the north and/or the buildings to the south and consolidating for a future attack. For his part, John let me on almost completely unopposed in the west, allowing my motorcade of HTs to reach the safety of the wooded road en route to their mission of grabbing the SW village. Turn 2 saw one of my precious ACs recalled from a sniper hit, the only consolation being he had already busted his MA. The Americans lost two mortars to permanent malfs. My second motorcade also made for the SW village, but I sent a rogue Panther to try and glean out the OBA observer. When a BAZ shot dudded against him John got desperate and dropped the boom not only on it, but also himself. And so ended that threat, to my great joy. John will be the first to admit his phone was very poorly placed to begin with. Turn 3 saw my men who had been wading through the shallows across the island be joined by some of my second motorcade to entirely secure the HQ outpost, grabbing the first of what would be a plethora of POWs (the only chance the Germans have to win this). I lost my second HT to a big stun, and another to a MG shot (a constant nuisance throughout the game), but he lost another mortar and two BAZ. In the east my men were lining the hedgerow, waiting for their brethren in the west to get in position to begin the encirclement process, and I had almost entirely secured the SW village. Things were looking up, but he of course got his reinforcements; and thus would begin the 3-board LOS headache of constantly watching my flank. Turn 4 saw more Amis rounded up and me lose another two HTs (one to stun and one to knockout), but was otherwise fairly quiet as I prepared my forces for full-on assault. Turn 5 saw two Ami AT guns go down, another lost mortar, and the first German infantry casualty in three turns when a berserk HS was shot down by the sniper before he could even cause havoc. 44X1 finally fell, and the pincers were beginning to close on Board 16. Turn 6 saw another German HS lost, more Ami POWs rounded up, and Board 16 and 44 begin to be assailed in erneast. Turn 7 saw a gaggle of POWs taken as Board 16 was secured and the 44M3 area just about. Next was R7-S7-S8, which was now enshrouded in smoke and feeling some OBA love. Turn 8 was yet another beatdown for the Amis, but R7-S7-S8 was still holding tight, and the last house on the left was going to be a tough nut to crack in only one turn. One big complaint I have about this scenario is that, by the end, just about every single German infantry unit will be toting POWs, and they simply cannot spare a single one (let alone 5-6) to run them off the board. If just one of these manages to escape and re-arm they could grab a bunch of unprotected buildings. Anyway, I digress. Turn 9 saw me secure R7-S7-S8, but John had wisely been able to ring 40R1 with a wall of bodies. None of my options were good. If I smoked him in I'd have to drive through Ami defenders and face CC with two Ami squads and a 8-1; if I dropped OBA I'd not only have to hope it did the job, but also quite possibly have to weather it myself. After much consideration I decided for the latter, thinking if I got lucky enough to clear even a one hex path I might have enough to throw at it and have somebody survive. When OBA did almost nothing I threw in the towel. A bit of an anticlimactic finish since I foresaw this seven turns before when the Ami reinforcements hit the map. It was a fun experience, but neither of us would be in any hurry to play this one again. For John's part it just couldn't have been very fun being a pincushion for 8/10 turns; for my part it made my head hurt pushing around the scads of vehicles all game long (and then having to watch their backs). We played it in 32 hours, just slightly under the estimated play time. Not an exact count, but VP were roughly Ami=100 (about half south of the river), Ger=140 (about 100 POW). buser333
The Coconut PlantationJim drew the defending Aussies in this late-war PTO scrap. My plan was simple: close in and Banzai! My first two charges broke four Aussie squads but they routed away and avoided elimination. My third and fourth banzai charges took out two Aussie squads, and my fifth banzai charge took AA7 and drove the broken Aussies out of AA6. The Aussie 9-2 directed MMG and OBA mowed down MMC especially Conscripts until turn 6 when the second radio malf'd and the 9-2 and 8-0 broke. I had all the hexes around the pond that turn but the Aussies took back AA6 and Y5 in CC. Then they took back Z5 in turn 7 to seal the win. Final CVP count: Aussies 56, Japanese 12. Great game that looked like a blow out early but became a nail-biter! Jim: My plan was to weaken Vic's force enough for my 9-1 and 457 w/LMG to hold bamboo hex AA7. Turn one started ominously when Hero Pearson broke Radio A then disabled it in the next RPh. The next turn 8-0 Griffith dropped Battery B on top of Vic's Japanese but their first banzai charge drove the 447s out of all my front positions. His force swept around the pond on both sides, but by Turn 4 it was melting like a carnival ice cream cone (34 CVP to 1 in my favor). Incredibly, the Japanese reached hexrow AA in turn 5. The HS manning the MMG broke and the Heroic 9-2 was killed in HtH CC. In turn 6, the 8-0 and two MMC rallied then took back two hexes for the win. Very close! dieneuner25

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Thanks to JP whose eagle-eyes spotted a couple of small issues, the advanced search is now correctly handling third party/official searches and remembering your selection of starter kit preference during a search.
March Madness 2023: 10th Mountain Division pack - now available for download
Thanks to the guys over in Kansas, and Encircled productions, the archive is now hosting the 2023 10th Mountain Division pack.

Price is $15 and the pack features 9 scenarios and a 4 scenario campaign which can be played as individual scenarios or as the connected mini-campaign.

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Deep Into the French FrontHutch Modified the Attacker's AFVs19h 31m 21s ago
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Dans La Bataille, Pour La PatrieHutch Modified the unit counts19h 35m 39s ago
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Covered 136.20
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ASL 11 - Doomed Battalions (2nd Edition) 86.19
Internet: MMP 66.19
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Out of the Bunker 146.17
Schwerpunkt #19 126.16
Franc-Tireur#15 226.16
Rally Point # 9 106.13
The Canadians In Italy 2: The Spaghetti League 126.09
Schwerpunkt # 3 126.09
Schwerpunkt #18 126.08
Buckeyes! 106.07
From The Cellar Pack #7 106.07
Franc-Tireur#14 326.07
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ASL 8 - Code of Bushido 86.05
HASL 3 - Kampfgruppe Peiper II 86.05
Time on Target # 1 136.05
Leibstandarte Pack 4 - Turning of the Tide! 86.04
Schwerpunkt # 2 126.04
Backblast # 2 86.03
SASL 1 - Solitaire ASL (2nd Edition) 216.00
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Waffen-SS I: No Quarter No Glory! 66.00
Objective: Schmidt 176.00
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Schwerpunkt # 1 125.93
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The Canadians In Italy 3: D-Day Dodgers 105.91
Paddington Bears '97 Pack 85.90
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Hero PAX 2: Eastern Front Hero Fest 85.83
From the Cellar Pack#12 115.82
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ASLOK 2005 - 20th Anniversary Scenario Pack 105.71
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Melee Pack I 65.63
DASL 2 - Hedgerow Hell 85.60
All American I: Kellam's Bridge 105.52
Leibstandarte Pack 3 - Clash at Kharkov! 85.48
Panzer Aces 65.43
Shingle's List 85.42
Hell's Highway 65.35
Guerra Civil: The Spanish Civil War 125.20
Firefights! 65.19
The Long March 175.16
Soldiers of the Negus 84.93

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A 58 Munda MashNear Laiana, New Georgia, Solomon Islands1943
DASL A11 Sicilian MidnightWest of Favara, Sicily, Italy1943
J72 Cahier CarriersCahier, near Gavrus1944
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