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One Story Town GOUREAU
Dew of DeathThe scenario was hardly a fight. The Japanese player had terrible luck with their WP FFE, attempting to have it land just south of the stone building, but ended up shuffling to the lonely hill down and to the left of the original target. This prevent a lot of Japanese movement through cheaper MF territory. Still, they tried to make do, sending units through the bottom map and getting into CC versus the few troops stationed there. Turn 1 looked alright for the attackers, minus the few squqds that were striped on the advance.

Turn 2 however, that's a whole different story. A Chinese MMG got rate for some 8 or so shots, rolling an average of like... 5 with a -1 leader. Suffice to say the MMG operators could count 5 squads to their names. At the same time, a banzai-turned-close combat fight saw the Chinese score numerous victories for few losses by themselves. We called it by turn 3, the Japanese no longer having the required CVP even with the bonus leader on turn 4. A devastating game where the dice clearly favored the defender. A very punishing scenario for the attacker, I would love to know if the designers ever released notes for this one...
Not Fade AwayA good take the buildings scenario. I have played this a couple times. Germans favored. Time is the issue. Both games I played USA comes up just short at the end but the Germans don't have anything left. The key is the 3 hex building worth 9VP and pretty much needed to tip the balance in your favor. This building only has a stairwell towards the rear so to enter this building and clear it you will need to arrive earlier than the last 2 turns and cross open ground to get there. good luck. nekengren
Crickets in SpringGerman win. Panthers were able to stay alive and quickly repaired a malfunctioned MA. Not the best placement for the Russian 76s and they were most ineffective. Panzerfausts took their toll. Viking_CTO
Last Defense LineDrew card 2 (Control buildings). By the end of turn 2 both French guns were malfed and both French MMG were out of action. By turn 4 both guns were back in service, by turn 7 both crews were gone but both MMG were back in service with the French. The French sniper took care of the FOO and my sniper opened up S3 on turn 8 but the French managed to move a surviving gun crew into the building to secure it.
Turn 9 was crazy with each roll seeming to affect who would win: A French squad rallied from DM to hold Y8. My HS approaching Y8 was killed with PB DFF. The heroic 10-2 then had to leave X3 to attack Y8. DFF MMG fire sent him (and a squad) berserk as he set off. PB SFF from Y8 wounded the leader and reduced the squad but FPF broke all remaining defenders when the HS entered the building. This gave me 3 buildings and potential victory.
French Prep at S3 (at no risk now of falling to the Germans) set off the French sniper which pinned both the squad and HS in T7. The last active French squad and 9-1 in U6 then had to attack over the hill to an empty X3 which was covered by 1 1/2 squads, an LMG and 8-1 leader (they had failed to recover the French MMG whose manning squad they had dealt with in AF last turn) or attack T7. They picked T7, survived all defensive fire and needed to roll a 4 in CC for the win. They rolled a 5.
Pte Parts
Kids These Days von Garvin
A Bad StartAlmost all the Japanese were sitting in the jungle. Marines moved at a run through open terrain and left the map in turn 2 along hexrows A,B,C. Losses 3 CVP. Ireneusz
The Hills of LagonovoWell...this scenario feels like it's scripted to be a Russian butt kicking and it was for my Russians. By Turn 2, I had lost all of Board 2 and the Nebelwerfers had hammered my boys crossing Board 19. I was rolling terribly and Dan's Germans were rolling very well. That combination made for a dismal Russian defeat. I threw in the towel at the end of Turn 2. There was no way my boys would succeed in retaking the hill with the German force completely intact. Very tough scenario on the Russians unless you have some good early luck. grumblejones
Aussie Spirit
The Attempt to Relieve PeiperMaybe I'm not seeing this one right, but against a competent American opponent, and mine is way more than competent, I'm not sure how the Germans can pull this one off. Their entry area is atrocious, the terrain to get to the exit is restrictive, the Americans can easily play a fallback defense to the exit area, the exit area small and confining, the Americans have more troops (and HIP and OBA), and the Germans pretty much have to exit at least one of two AFV's to have a prayer of winning (one should bite it at some point). Needless to say, I got totally hung up in the hill that is transformed into woods. My guys were popped for 7 or 14 FP PB shots and crumbled. Not many scenarios I say skip on, but this is one of them - at least as the Germans! Jude
Prelude to Festung BrestClose Combat really saved me in this! von Garvin
Stop, Turn, Fight Lorenzoknight
Red Hot Hannibal Rich Weiley
Cavalry Brigade ModelA very interesting scenario. With half of my OB, I attacked in the center. A lucky activated SAN killed the best Russian leader in the first turn. Thereafter, I was pretty unlucky notably with my MC. Approximately, less than 3 or 4 were passed during the whole game... On turn 3 and 4, I managed to block the fleeing Russian troops on map 32 with my second part of OB. However, they were stopped just on their rally hex... Well played Manu ! lechiquier94
Goodbye, Geishas Bongiovanni
Rocket's Red Glare igycrctl
The Hills of Lagonovo Danno
Customs and DutiesAn aggressive start by the Germans allowed them to approach and threaten several objective buildings. Breaks still took place against the attacker, and the low ELR was punishing in every instance of a failed morale check. An aggressive response by the defender left the Y building open, where I eventually sent a leader and squad to control it. The back-and-forth on the left side saw lots of losses in close combat - punctuated by the constant breaking or loss of support weapons by the Czechs. By the end of the game, the Germans had the necessary number of buildings and the defenders simply could not finish off the various Melee combats that were taking place. We misplayed the fact that the Czechs couldn't recombine, so don't do what we did! Jobbo_Fett
Clash at Borisovka antro
Clearing Qualberg Danno
Clearing QualbergThe mud and the German OBA made the game miserable for Dan's British. The OBA was decimating the infantry and due to the slow mud slogging, they couldn't get away from it. The Germans were able to hang on to everything as the British just couldn't grind their way through the muddy gruel. grumblejones
It's a Battlefield igycrctl
Descent into Hell Ric of The LBC
Brush Off Bongiovanni
Hamlet's Demise antro
Cream of the Crop Cuddles McDeath
Spain's CrusadersThe Russians pushed the Spanish out of the town center but fell short of VP at the end. RJenulis
Buchholz Station igycrctl
Prelude to Festung Brest von Garvin
ReclamationJohn's risky move of pushing his gun on paid off big when he CH my HMG crew on the bottom of Turn 1. Next turn his stukas arrived and his OBA and a berserker ousted me from the church compound. Meanhile his kill stack led by the 9-2 eliminated a couple dummy stacks, only to turn their attention on Turn 3 to my last bastion of hope in the SW, one of my MMG nests, busting them up. What was supposed to be a strongpoint of my defense crumbled quickly. His surge cresting the river in the central east began in earnest, and the rest of the game was an extremely statically boring game of me trying to cling to concealment in the hopes of keeping my meager force alive (which was quite futile with all the toys available to him). Perhaps if he didn't have every shred of luck go his way for almost the entire course of the game it would've been closer and more fun but, well, it wasn't. And he easily claimed his last block needed on his last turn for the victory. buser333
The First Farmhouse My first game of ASL, graciously hosted by my new friend Indy. Him and my opponent Rob patiently led me through it all. This felt like the perfect learning scenario, well balanced, and just enough complexity for learning the rules, without becoming overwhelmed. I had a blast. I'm thoroughly hooked now, take all my money. Look forward to more games soon! tylerdforsythe
Break In On Rollbahn AAfter trouncing me in the VASLeague, Michael agreed to a re-match and suggested this scenario for a tournament that he is organising. This is an ideal size for a tournament but early returns suggested that this is pro-German. He took the Americans with a view to testing whether he scenario was as unbalanced as the early results suggested. What followed was an entertaining game where his superb defence came up just short. There is just too much for the Americans to do here and the Germans have too many ways to get the victory points that they need. Dougban
3rd RTR in the Rain usmcwo1
Whirling DervishesI liked the idea of creating the fort from crest counters. That was imaginative. Our game ended at the conclusion of turn three. The Italians in the fort were mostly broken and hiding in the center, waiting to surrender. The vehicles on both sides were mostly destroyed. RJenulis
Last Charge at UmbregaDave and I gave this a go the other day, with me playing the Italians. Dave started the scenario charging with a hero and one 458 into three consecutive hexes, charging each time. I had placed three 346s and the 8-0 to the west on the high ground and not in the valley. Two of the MMC were dismounted and both failed their PTCs. Needless to say I rolled poorly, breaking one 346 (FPF), Pinning the next, and then breaking the other 346, and Pinned the 8-0. The balance of the French arrived in their MPh, galloping from offboard and then charging what I had left in the valley. So much for the western camp.

In the east, Dave entered dismounted and there was too much LOS hinderance for me to get effective shots off. I also had moved off two squads from the southern camp up towards the northern two; forgetting that Dave only needed to control 3 out of 4 camps, I just handed him his second. French shooting slowly whittled away my GO Italians, and he easily rolled into the last camp. There were only broken Italians at the end, and the French only lost two HS total.
Retaking Vierville GOUREAU
The Winter CityOpponent tried to rotate troops to minimise exposure to fire. Got a couple of good rolls on my first prep fire phase and then rushed . Over in 3 turns. nebel
Ebro TideThough I was very worried before the action commenced, the scenario developed rather well for the attacker, surviving enough morale checks to be able to advance up the hills surrounding the starting deployment zone. Several turns, exchanging fire, and the Nationalists had to give up ground to the furthest southern hill, while keeping several squads in the village to prevent them from falling to the attackers.

Through horrendous rolls, the Nationalists simply didn't have many survivors by the time the reinforcements came on, and the Republicans were able to muster enough squads to run off-board by game's end to seal the victory.
Ragnarök toffee
The Shan CapitalI really didn't expect to survive to the end of the game let alone win. However, I did. This is, as the record indicates awfully tough on the Chinese. I won because, Tom's CC rolls were abhorent locking down squads an inordinate amount of time giving me a chance to get my final defense in place. I also managed to take out all three tanks. A vickers fell to a mtr, the second to street fighting and the Type 83 to a HMG. Lots of HOB in this game as well, I managed two battle hardens, a beserk and the chinese 9-1 heroic. Tom battle hardened a 1/2 squad and made a hero. Overall a good game if a bit standard. SGT Mac
A Ridge Too FarThe British started off strong, but the 3-in. mortar only managed one round of smoke and the 2-in. never did. After the first turn surging forward, the British were unable to rout enough German squads, which let them reform along xG to create a strong line of fire. It also did not help that all three British leaders broke within the first two turns and then two of them rolled boxcars to rally. By turn 3, there were no more leaders on the British side, which was the beginning of the end.

The Germans managed to either pass MCs or stay under their ELR, so their line hardly broke while the British could no longer effectively rally their squads. The game was called at the bottom of Turn 5.
The Price of ImpatienceI aimed to hit both of the German Leaders and the 75mm on the initial ambush and set up accordingly. My opponent moved as predicted and the ambush was sprung - unfortunately the dice never got the memo and all attacks were missed! I did recover during the later game however, making it a tight contest to the end. My opponent played a good game and used Smoke well to cover his advance - victory well deserved.

This is a surprisingly good scenario and a change of pace from so called "normal" gameplay. I think it shows that the ASL system can really depict many kinds of combat situations. The Maquis are very much outnumbered, but they get to use HIP with all their units and the Germans need to exit a really big chunk of their initial force to win, so we felt that the game was also surprisingly well balanced.

I am not too sure about replay value though, as the German exit route choices will be quite limited. But otherwise, I would recommend this scenario.
Kachin Rangers
To the Bitter EndYou have to cover a town with your assests
The ability to move unit sfrom one flank to teh other allows any penetrations to be plugged
No such luck for the French - Alex's Germans punched a whole and slowy exploited inside teh town with little chance of my plugging
Counterstroke at StonneSo close! Both sides had 8 VP a the end. Neither side could hit the side of barn for the first few turns. I finally captured the chateau on turn 6 but had trouble getting into the town. Pte Parts
The BorderThanks to the ability to Banzai on turn one, and starting so close to the Russian deployment area (and victory hexes), the Japanese easily managed to gain access to the hill's upper level hexes and put the hurt on any Russians they came across. Granted, the advance over mostly open ground didn't go very smoothly, but the Japanese killed more than they lost at the end of every turn.

I have no clue what the horses are for, as any sneaky play I could come up with simply gives away control of the victory hexes. Perhaps a lucky cavalry charge could send the Japanese packing? Either way, the Japanese fought well for the hilltops and the tanks that had gone for overruns were now in perfect positions to prevent the BT-5s from gaining any advantages. The Russians rolled 5 separate boxcars on morale checks, decimating their forces.
Chuikov's Revenge Bongiovanni
Bazooka Butts Danno
Raining Bullets Lorenzoknight
The Bridge at CheneuxTough game for me as my friend's dice were blisteringly hot. His average roll had to be 5 - or less! Mine, on the other hand, probably was around a 9. Regardless, after MANY PMC's, I got a narrow win as the Germans.

I split my forces up with a HS picket line in the village with the bulk of my forces in the stream near the bridge. My picket line was smashed in two turns (I had hoped to slowly fall back with them) with only one full squad left to run around to cause a bit of mischief with the rear buildings. The forces in the stream had a massive amount of FP, but I usually only mustered up 1MC's at best. A couple of timely rolls later in the game made getting to the bridge a suicide mission - but my friend tried. Too much resid in open ground ended any chance of taking it with one turn left.
Bazooka ButtsDan's Germans came straight in with the 7-0 and one Panther shuffling around to hit my left flank. My Hero with a BAZ 45 was in the woods on the left board edge and that Panther went right by in the adjacent hex. A rear shot, a hit and a knocked out Panther. On the right, the 8-1 and his Panther were cautiously moving to the center and right. I managed to break the 8-1 and his two squads. I sent a 6-6-6 forward to keep them DM'd, but was pinned in the open by a CX 4-4-7. That was the beginning of the end for me as that Squad would be broken and captured for 4 of the 6 VP Dan needed for the victory. I would fall back and the Hero would MALF his BAZ 45 and that would open my left flank. As one of my squads with the MMG was surrounded, my 9-1 had the other BAZ 45 and attempted to put WP on the Panther. I rolled a 3 and hit, but KIA'd a half-squad and then the broken half squad would fail the 2 MC and be completely eliminated and with that Dan had his 6 VP and an American win. grumblejones
Cream of the Crop usmcwo1
Sudden FuryThis is one of those scenarios that make you scratch your head. It's solid history based, but Three Jagdpanthers versus 10 Churchills is hardly a game worth playing. The Germans have a 10-2 Armor Leader as well. In our game, Dan's Jagdpanthers would knock out 8 of the Churchills without a scratch. I would smoke every chance I got and keep my Churchill's in Motion. At game end, one Jagdpanther exited and the other moved up to try and kill the last two Churchills which were smoked and in motion. Dan's boys couldn't get hits in Advancing Fire and so the British would win. Yeah...cheesey...sleazy feeling to my win...but I did what I had to get the victory. Not a very satisfying game. How could it be? Every hit was a kill from the Jagdpanthers. We only rolled to see if the tanks were burning. And the 75's had zero change agains the frontal armor of the Jagdpanthers. There's a reason this scenario doesn't get a lot of playings.'s not competitive and #2 the German player still loses because of silly stuff. So there's that. This is a great scenario to teach the game for a newbie. Give him the Germans and watch his smile grow as he brews up Churchill after Churchill. He'll be hooked after that!!! grumblejones
Sudden Fury Danno
The Guards CounterattackSecond full scenario ever played against human opponent. First round took many hours but then it got much easier. Less mistakes rule-wise as on first time. Russians lost it after making desperate assaults on second-to-last turn. tauno
Seoul Saving Danno
Seoul SavingDan's Chinese came forward in a grand, sweeping attack. I drew back to back Red Cards and had no OBA and my Mortars did nothing. The Chinese swept over me and by Turn 4, all of the British were dead on the field. Nearly all of them killed in Close Combat. My boys took just enough with them that by the end of Turn 7, Dan had only barely exited the 55 points necessary to win the game. The win -loss stats don't lie...the British will get mauled and badly. grumblejones
Armored Car Savikurki Bongiovanni
Lions and Tin MenGermans stuck one hex too far away. Started blasting into a melee hex trying to clear it out. Would advance enough units into a final hex, just one hex short of winning though. Viking_CTO
Initial SkirmishThe Germans launched their infantry towards the north with their tanks further south, but quickly ran into trouble with two tanks malf'ing their MA early on, then rolled 6's on subsequent repair attempts. I brought my Armoured Cars on to the south behind his tanks, but thought the luck had evened out when both were Shocked by lucky hits. Fortunately however they recovered, which left two remaining German tanks caught between these armoured cars and my crew with the 37mm Inf gun which refused to break despite numerous shots against it. Meanwhile the German infantry was unable to make sufficient headway against my line of defenders in hexrow J, and the Germans surrendered on turn 3 when it was evident their losses were too great. Andy_Bagley
Having a GoA close game that came down to the last CC phase.

Rob set up 2HS as speed bumps on my side of the stream.
My plan was to have two platoons go straight ahead and
one flank on the right. Two turns in and I changed my plan:
a second platoon was sent to the right.

I think this delay cost me the game. If I had one more turn,
the Germans would have been eliminated.

A very good, tight, scenario. As the attacker, you need to
be a bit aggressive. With the 648s that's easy to do.

The defender has to accept that their forces will get

As you can expect, a small scenario such as this is
sensitive to the vagaries of the dice: Rob generated
two leaders, broke two weapons, and lost 2HS on
12s on NMC rolls. I generated a hero and broke two
SW myself.

Definitely worth a replay.
Indy Lagu
Hunters at YlimaaLooked like a runaway for the Finns at first. Then the panzerfausts took a heavy toll. Ended up with just enough Finn units mobile to achieve exit VP but came up one turn short of that needed to get off the board. Viking_CTO
Armored Car SavikurkiMy mostly inexperimented Russians tried to stop the escape of a group of Finns supported by a Swedish-made armored car. My initial plan to slow down the Finns in the woods worked quite well. My Russians resisted one or even two rounds of close combat, eroding the enemy forces a bit. My HMG pierced the enemy AFV with the first shot. And my forces managed to channel the enemy and close the accesses. However, the Finns found a way around with just enough VP, under a few inconsequential shots. The Russians repositionned themselves and my HMG guarded the exit. The brave Finns ran through the snow under enemy fire (4FP at -2), passed their 2MC. The HMG fired... and jammed! The last sporadic shots were unsufficient to stop the Finns, who escaped. A victory for the Finns in a suspenseful scenario, with the Russians unexpectedly close to victory. A very dicey and quick scenario, but also fun to play. lt_steiner
The Field of FuryFirst to play and post. Danno
The Field of FuryFirst official playing of the scenario, which helped tweek the design and make the necessary improvements. I designed this one back in 2014 and 9 years later, I feel that I have a better grasp of scenario design. This game came down to a final close combat. Dan's Germans took out all four Shermans and held my infantry at bay for most of the game. My final desperate movement into Close Combat resulted in many broken squads and I would lose by Close Combats and of course the game. Dan and I updated the German AT Guns to include a 75L and added some updated SSR information. The new scenario card has been added to show a much improved scenario. My thanks to Dan for giving this one a good shake down. grumblejones
Thorne In Your SideThis was a tight and often frustrating game for both Dan and I. Dan's Germans ELR disrupted which allowed my boys to move up and take them prisoners. Game came down to the final Close Combat. A 6-6-6 knocked out the Panzer in CC and a newly formed American Hero KIA's the German 8-1. With that is was an American victory. grumblejones
Lend-Lease AttackMy opponent made a really good infantry attack in the midgame, taking a bunch of my guys prisoner. The Tigers did prevail in the end, but it took some careful play and also a lucky PF shot to achieve.

This would be a good scenario to play if you want to practice Gyros or for general AFV rules learning also.
Brasche EncounterGerman attack came straight at the bridge. Glass jawed 5-4-8's would pin and then the French Sniper would KIA the German 9-1 and break two squads with LMG's that were with him. One 5-4-8 managed to get across the river with a DC but was then KIA'd with a snakes on a 2 down 2 shot. Then the 5-4-8 would roll a 12 on a morale check. Then on Turn 3, one 5-4-8 with an LMG attempted to move to the stone building as was broken. With only a single good order squad, Dan gave the concession. The French has captured the German DC and everyone was at the bridge. Snakes and Boxcars did their thing is this small scenario. grumblejones
Down by the RiverA skewed playing because the east side Germans lost all three leaders in the first three turns. mtrodgers99
Hit It & Quit It Bongiovanni
Clearing Colleville Mad_Anthony77
Power Struggle on ProvisorAmericans won in turn 7, just one Japanese MMC left, and buildings basically under control. This is a really good scenario to start to get the hang of playing the Japanese without all of the PTO terrain/concealment changes. (Still are some new building types though.). A few early boat landings were just wiped out. American flamethrower was devastating and stayed operational the whole game. Lost several American squads that I landed in the southwest corner when they had nowhere to rout. Really fun small scenario. Viking_CTO
Thorne In Your Side Danno
Night HodgepodgeA night scenario with many SSR not really appealing... however it was fun to play ! A really tight finish with only 2 GO MMC on the German side. With one more turn, the reverse result was guaranteed for the Germans. In addition, using mopping up is probably one of the key to victory for the Free French. lechiquier94
Stand And DieThe title is false advertising. My opponent (the Japanese) may have discovered a flaw in this scenario that deflated the fun factor for both of us. Since this is pre-1938 (December 1937), No Quarter (G18.7) is NOT in effect and Chinese KMT troops can surrender. Given double CVP for captured units, the Japanese have more incentive to capture Chinese squads (4 CVP each) than buildings, one prisoner squad is worth as much as 4-hex building! Similarly, the Chinese gun and AFV are each a CVP bonanza if captured. So, the Japanese need not banzai, but rather just use their MMGs, mortars, and AFV to gang up on one squad per turn to reap huge CVP rewards via capture without any need for substantial territorial gains. The scenario also has some historicity issues worth noting.

In our game, Japan came on strong along their right (the Chinese left) to target gaps in the jungle and bamboo at 24CC9 and FF7; the KMT had three squads nearby with an ATR and LMG on defense. Chinese defensive fire immediately knocked out a zippy TE-KE (with an ATR) and KIA-ed one Japanese squad. A single Japanese platoon entered center south to take the (empty) board 35 hamlet. The Chinese left flank then retreated in good order to better cover while half the Chinese armor, including the 20mm MAs, rumbled to the 24CC9 gap area to establish over watch, but none of that mattered.

Japanese armor drove right through Chinese covered arcs and laughed as rounds missed or bounced off. Then the Japanese stopped, fired, and killed the Chinese armor. But, even if the armor battle was a wash, with equal losses to both sides, that would have been ok for Japan as they pursued their core strategy of capturing one Chinese squad at a time. They just picked the nearest KMT squad and ganged up on it with 75% of the Japanese OB using MMGs and mortars to break the target and then seal route paths while one infantry element moved adjacent. Copious smoke certainly helped, but the root problem is double CVP for captured units. The Japanese never advanced further than 10 hexes from the board edge since by then (turn five) they had racked up more VP than the Chinese by winning the armor battle, capturing three squads, and taking the eight outlying buildings, which the Chinese cannot afford to defend for fear of getting captured. The Chinese still had their 9-2 leader, seven GO squads, three AFVs, and their gun as well as unchallenged control of the central village on board 24 with its 20 VP bounty, but essentially lost the game because three squads got taken prisoner, rather than KIA.

None of that reflected “Stand and Die.” And the Japanese had zero incentive to “assault the last Chinese defenses surrounding Shanghai.” Instead, they just nibbled at the edges in a really slow game that covered only a small fraction of the map board.

On historicity, the scenario seems to conflate the battles of Shanghai and Nanjing because it refers to Shanghai and Chabei without ever mentioning Nanjing even though the circumstances actually match the Nanjing campaign. The scenario claims to be set in Shanghai on December 7, but the fighting for Shanghai ended in November, just as the fighting for Nanjing was picking up. The scenario refers to “Chabei Province,” but there is no such province anywhere in China; “Chabei” was an urban district of Shanghai that was in rubble at the time of this scenario, no rice paddies or wide open spaces like on the map. The PzK IAs of the “3rd armored battalion” presented in the scenario never fought in Shanghai, but rather Nanjing, see Chinese vehicle note 3 on page H101. And the aftermath says “within five days the Japanese then smashed their way into the city itself,” again that’s Nanjing which is not mentioned in the write up. The Japanese were, however, in central Shanghai (and Chabei) in August. And so on and so forth.
Storming The FactoryGermans win in turn 8. Last 3 Russian units couldn't rout anywhere. Factory TEM is brutal. The short range of the Russian units really hurt. Germans were able to sit in the level 3 building and keep that side of the factory under a lot pressure. 76mm artillery wasn't effective; crew broke early and was eliminated and no other squads could get it it going before a KIA destroyed the gun. Viking_CTO
The Grand CanalAfter 4 Japanese turns, the game was decided. The Chinese lost almost every CC they found themselves engaged in, broke their ART piece on its first shot, and, despite getting lucky with multiple KIAs on the best Japanese Leaders. The Japanese OBA got 1 shot off and then drew double Reds. Not quite sure how I would balance the scenario, but it definitely favors the Japanese. Jobbo_Fett
The Horiuchi HustleThe Japanese quickly controlled the runway airfiled and eliminated KNIL Group 1 helped by the early malfunction of the AA gun. KNIL Group 2 reinforced the eastern building buit KNIL Group 3 was unable to reach the southern building on time before the Japanese. On the last turn, the eastern building surrounded by Japanese finally fell with another successful banzaï charge followed by hand-to-hand CC. A major Japanese victory. lt_steiner
Two the Hard WayGermans win. A single 4FP German in a fortified building kept getting ridiculously low IFP rolls. US flame malfunctioned early. Theres a lot going on in this small scenario with Bocage, tunnels, wire, fortified buildings, minefields, trenches, pillboxes. German HMG was a non factor due to being placed where bocage obscured all of his shot lines. Viking_CTO
The VindicatorsI played this as the Italians. What I liked about this scenario is that both sides move onto the board - sort of "old school" - but at the same time, the scenario is short with 5 full turns. An unusual thing.

The Italians enter first and the first turn plays fast, as they only move and there are not that many options make sense unless the Italians want to create additional difficulties later. Similar for the British, who have the chance, however, to take advantage of any mistakes the Italians may make in their first turn.

My objective as the Italians was to reach the buildings first and to delay the British "West force" reaching the victory areas/buildings. As Italians are brittle, I factored in some losses in the process and intended to stage a fallback-defense as well as I could.

Despite a number of 11DRs and Cowering results, my defending force in the West did surprisingly well, with one Italian 346 contrieving to break no less than 3 British squads and a 7-0, which I managed to keep under DM. Since the British have no time to lose, the rest of the British "Western force" had to push on, but had lost some significant punch, while my Italians were in better than hoped condition. This probably played an important role for the further development.

In the East, my Italians reached the victory buildings, while the British attacked across the hill and through the buildings and orchards at the foot of the hill. The "heat was on" as one of the British squads went Berserk (not too bad for him, while my opponent disagreed) and my Italian 9-2 battle-hardened to become a Heroic 10-2. I believe I had this never ever happen while playing the Italians. My King Kong turned Kaiser Kong did neither excel, nor did he flunk either. In a 9 @ -4 shot, he killed the Berserker with a final DR of zero... The first and final British Smoke Round by the MTR was well placed, but the lack of further Smoke was dearly felt. It allowed me to make the approaches to the victory buildings very hazardous, and eventually, I could severerly weaken the British atop the hill by breaking units and/or keeping (too) many under DM.

I spread my Italians into as many victory Building Locations as I could and also had a chance to reach a Lvl. 3 Hill Location, when my opponent conceded as his punch was reduced too much to tackle all remaining challenges in time.

I found this to be an interesting scenario with a tilt in favor of the Italians. My plan worked better than anticipated, mainly because I was more successful than could be hoped in delaying the British "West force". Had instead of the British more Italians broken - which seems the generally more likely flow of events - then the pressure on my Italians would have been much greater, maybe with a different outcome.

von Marwitz
von Marwitz
Before the BlunderSlow and steady wins this race. Best if the Germans don't try to do too much all at once. Germans passed a bunch of morale checks on turn 5 which put them in a great position for Defensive Fire, breaking the Poles and winning the day. Finding the right places for the Pillboxes was big topic of conversation at the end of the game. dmareske
Brasche Encounter Danno
BIA's First BattleIn my opinion you shouldn't let the ROAR data of this scenario put you off it was still a lot of fun, that's not to say it isn't accurate becasue it is. The British (Indians to be exact) have a near impossible row to hoe. What I like about this fight is it's just infantry, a few lt. Mtr's and LMG's.
My internal sound track was CCR's "Run Through the Jungle" and my attack hit Tom's BIA hard in the center and on his left but, some stout MC's and well timed Dare-Death squads slowed my advance early. The reinforcements showed up and there was just to much BIA green on the board to overcome in the time given. In our ongoing B&J play through we don't play balance and neither of us think the balance is going to really help the British that much. but like I said don't let that stop you it's still fun and good PTO training. I would enjoy seeing BFP relook this scenario in a future re-release.
Han-Sur-NeidThe US OBA is the key to this old "rogue" SL conversion. Jim called it in on 1P1 and 1O2, killed a StuG and stopped my 9-1 led 548s cold. We traded AFVs as I pushed the 8-1 led 467s up to building 1G1. Fortunately, Jim drew a red chit then broke the radio in GT4 and was never able to repair it. Without OBA support, I was able to clear the 7H10 and 7L9 woods then pin the GIs against the river in 1I9 and 1K9. Without a rout path, his 9-2 and 667 with surrendered when broken. The US 149 and 8-1 died in CC, and that was the game. Jim: I should have been aggressive with the Shermans and forced Vic to fight away from the river. Tanks are expendable and real estate is precious in this one. It's a fun fight that favors the US with the OBA and the Germans w/o it. We had a broken vehicle crew low crawl into 7oI8 and agreed it was eliminated for exiting the map by SSR 2 which states the bridge is "not in play" but it would be simpler to crop board 7. Note: Both the river and the town are spelled 'Nied.' dieneuner25
No Quarter at Cluj Ireneusz
Vatutin's Right Hook Ireneusz
Burmese BanditsPaul Works as the Japanese. Dan Best as the Indian National Army. Dave Mareske as the Burmese National Army. Danno
Burmese BanditsI was lucky to roll for the defense. There does not seem to be a way to record a three player scenario. The BNA don't have to do much to win and their reinforcements can enter where they are most needed. The Japanese did three Banzai charges (the last one was desperate) which proved moderately effective, though on Turn 1 a Japanese leader went berserk and had to retreat to the closest BNA, delaying their progress 1-2 turns. The INA suffer greatly under the ELR:0 which littered the battlefield with disrupted units. Lots of crazy rolls. Definitely give the balance to the attacking forces, though the Japanese need another 4-4-7, not a 3-3-6. dmareske
Absorbing The ThrustI was French attacker vs German Defender. Had to get 10+ CVP off the west edge of the board to win, minimum 3 points needed to be Infantry. Initial French attack went well, and the Germans withdrew to his final defense line in stone buildings near the rear of the play area. I was unable to break and reduce his forces in the stone buildings mid game. I tried a flank dash by the 3 tanks to the left flank, one infantry group in the center, and one infantry group to the right flank. Center infantry was cut down quickly. Got two of three tanks off the board on the left flank, but my infantry dash on the right was cut down last game turn. German win. Close game. Robert7721
DesantnikiWe played 5 turns of this scenario. The Germans had a lot of bad luck.50L MALF'd on first shot, recovered and shocked a tank that survived that and helped take it out. The 75L managed one kill before it was wiped in CC. Effective use of smoke allowed the Russians to get in close and together with their remaining 5 Shermans were able to eliminate all the Germans for the win. Once the momentum swung to my Russians, it never sent back. In a small tight scenario losing the momentum is a killer. grumblejones
Desantniki Danno
Tettau's Attack sgibson260
Le Manoir Benassen
Down Number Two RoadPlayed at Bounding Fire Blackpool. Once you’ve flushed out the HIP HS, it’s a case of using the American firepower to intimidate the Japanese and force them back. That’s something seen in many other scenarios but here the IJA has limited options given the small playing area and the need to be adjacent to the road in order to win. A missed potential Banzai in the final Japanese turn would have made things interesting but otherwise once the American forces were able to engage their full FP they quickly overcame the Japanese albeit the win was only in the final turn Simonstan
The Winter CityBounding Fire Tournament - 3rd Round Paul Legg
Costly BaptismBounding Fire Tournament - Round 4 Paul Legg
Two Pounds in Return Danno
Two Pounds in ReturnGame didn't make it past Turn 1. Dan's British were hit hard by the Portee 40L's of the Germans. I got a lot of rate of fire and knocked out nearly 6 vehicles in the first D-Fire. In the German part of Turn 1, Dan would concede before the end of Prep Fire as the Portees went on another rate tear and knocked another four vehicles. It has become a bit of a slaughter. Dan had elected to go right through the Germans and that strategy was badly impacted by my high rate of fire. A German victory, but again...a grinding desert game where the time-consuming movement phases drain the fun out of the game. grumblejones
Escape to Wiltz Lorenzoknight
The Valley of GloryPlayed at Bounding Fire Blackpool 2023. An interesting tactical choice for the Russians with the Victory Locations being a hilltop on either flank and a central village, needing to take 2 of the 3. I thought my opponent would expect me to go for the village and one of the hilltops so I split my infantry force exactly 50 / 50 and went for the 2 hilltops. My opponent agrees that he had not put sufficient German force on the right crest lines to stop my initial moves so the Russians gained an early advantage sweeping one of the hilltops in T2 with the support of the T-26 platoon. I decided to keep this on board and accept the Unit Substitution risk, feeling their firepower and potential to generate some encirclement on the opposite hilltop would be a greater advantage. So it proved and as forces had to be redeployed from the village to assist with the defence of the second hilltop, that came under threat also forcing a German concession. Simonstan

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DASL A02 Last Act in LorraineSingling, France1944
J21 Scobie PreservesPiraeus, Greece1944
G02 Last Act in LorraineSingling, France1944
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