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Going To Church jacelm
Lost OpportunitiesI decided to make my main push on the eastern side of the board, concentrating most of my infantry and both Pz35's there. The Marder was going to go up the middle to provide HE fire support and smoke, while the two mortars and a token force of 1.5 squads, a leader and a LMG manned the west flank to keep the US occupied on that side of the board. One of my early goals was to get the HMG with a -1 leader into 2D4 to limit the US ability to pull units back from the west side and reinforce the east flank. The German attack fared very well in the east, capturing 1D8, 1F8 and getting forces into the American rear at 1H7 and 1I7, The Marder ran out of HE very early, but did get an important smoke round down in 1E5 that allowed several conscript squads to tie the Americans down in the 1F5 stone building either through melee or upper level encirclement. The Germans were able to capture the necessary buildings and with little chance of a successful counterattack, the US conceded. sherersc
Liberating BessarabiaI hold the line for 4 turns then the Romanians get on my back through the center and it was over for the Russians. A very nice opponent but the scenario seems unbalanced and pro-romanian with only 6 multi-hex buildings to control. lechiquier94
War of the RatsGerman dispersed his troops trying to take all VC buildings at once, and almost succeeded thanks to some extremely long row of low rolls. When luck tide went out F8 building was well out of reach and the German conceded. Nice game, though. Quite good for learning some basics. Enriqo
Gotta Get OutNeil conceded after his Turn 2 when we realized that we both had completely forgotten about his reinforcing tanks. I think I did a bit better managing the Americans with all their tools this time, but I still need to remember about doing smoke first in the DFPh too, and that BAZ have WP in 45, and that I have WP infantry smoke too! I'm not sure why I find the Americans so hard to drive in offense, but I'll get it one of these days... CTKnudsen

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Welcome to the new look and feel
Ok - finally, we're here!

There's still plenty of work to do in order to get the scenario page looking decent, but it's a start!

I've tested most of the code but there are certainly going to be minor issues as there's so much that I've not been able to thoroughly test, so if you do spot any issues, please drop me a note via the contact form.


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I've finally got around to improving the speed of the advanced search, going from 10-20 seconds to milliseconds. Enjoy!
Scenario Archive update!
Hi all,

So - it's been too long since the site's had an update, so work is beginning on a full revamp of the whole scenario archive! It's a big job and it will take me a few months, but it's something I enjoy doing and the feedback I get across the world from users and those who do so much work to keep the site updated means I know it will be worth it in the long run.

I'm not asking for anything, subscriptions, etc - there are a couple of paypal donators who make a small monthly contribution to the hosting costs and I'm grateful to those guys. If you would like to help, can I suggest taking a look at the Brave browser rewards, which reward content creators with tokens that you can receive for free. My referral link, for those who would like to benefit from this is and I'd also encourage you to look at the Brave browser, which is a streamlined browser designed to strip out adverts and tracking cookies. It's lightning quick, too. If just a couple of you sign up this will pay for a month or so of hosting and if you're not 'into' the cryto side of the internet, this is a nice introduction.

I'm targetting the end of the year for the new site's launch. I need to have a think about how we categorise scenarios that are slightly updated in new packs or reprints of the same scenario in others. If you have any ideas, drop me a note through the contact form or email and I'll take a look.

Until then - roll low!

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GeneralDanno updated collection14h 22m 16s ago
At The Mouth Of The TsaritsaDanno Added the scenario14h 22m 47s ago
Gully GrindDanno Added the scenario14h 25m 41s ago
Strum GruppeDanno Added the scenario14h 28m 38s ago
Cost Measured In BloodDanno Added the scenario14h 30m 54s ago
Payment DueDanno Added the scenario14h 33m 7s ago
Gotta Get OutCTKnudsen Added a playing14h 34m 48s ago
Grid Square 63D4 DisasterDanno Added the scenario14h 35m 23s ago
South-East WheelDanno Added the scenario14h 38m 3s ago
Time, A-WastingDanno Added the scenario14h 41m 9s ago
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Heart of a GuardsmanDanno Added the scenario16h 37m 39s ago
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Paid DearlyDanno Added the scenario16h 48m 15s ago
Duty BoundDanno Added the scenario16h 51m 4s ago
Armored AssaultDanno Added the scenario16h 53m 22s ago
Street WisdomDanno Added the scenario16h 56m 9s ago
To The FerryDanno Added the scenario16h 58m 34s ago
Generalbuser333 updated collection17h 28m 50s ago
GeneralHutch Updated the Internet: Cary Tyler intro text17h 30m 8s ago
Generalhoxson1 Uploaded an image for Afrikakorps - AK005 Operation Torch17h 47m 19s ago
War of the RatsEnriqo Added a playing18h 19m 50s ago
Liberating Bessarabialechiquier94 Rated the scenario18h 46m 43s ago
Liberating Bessarabialechiquier94 Added a playing18h 46m 50s ago
Generalrangercote updated collection23h 9m 29s ago
Guryev's HeadquartersBinchois Rated the scenario23h 34m 24s ago
Lost Opportunitiessherersc Rated the scenario23h 40m 11s ago
Lost Opportunitiessherersc Added a playing23h 40m 49s ago
Going To Churchjacelm Added a playingYesterday
Lehr Sanctiongrumblejones Added a playingYesterday
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Pointmen of Authiehoxson1 Modified the unit countsYesterday

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