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The Golden Arrow2024 Texas Team Tournament. grumblejones
Defiance on Hill 30 tpdorsey
Making a Break for It Bongiovanni
The Only Safe Place toffee
The Fraternal Grave2024 Texas Team Tournament. grumblejones
Death Solves All ProblemsTexas Team Tournament 2024 Danno
Under FireA very aggressive German setup saw quite a few breaks (and ELRs), but they managed to constantly rally broken troops. The Poles, on the other hand, could never get back to the fight after being taken out, and the artillery missed any devastating hits (on top of drawing a Red card on its second draw.)

The Germans ran up the hill to the surrounding hexes of X5 and the Poles simply couldn't stop their movements. I chose to Final Protective Fire instead of waiting for the CC Phase, but the IFT rolls were pitiful and high. An early Turn 3 victory awaited.

Definitely feels like the Poles should have gotten an extra squad...
Under FireA very aggressive German setup saw quite a few breaks (and ELRs), but they managed to constantly rally broken troops. The Poles, on the other hand, could never get back to the fight after being taken out, and the artillery missed any devastating hits (on top of drawing a Red card on its second draw.)

The Germans ran up the hill to the surrounding hexes of X5 and the Poles simply couldn't stop their movements. I chose to Final Protective Fire instead of waiting for the CC Phase, but the IFT rolls were pitiful and high. An early Turn 3 victory awaited.

Definitely feels like the Poles should have gotten an extra squad...
Under FireA very aggressive German setup saw quite a few breaks (and ELRs), but they managed to constantly rally broken troops. The Poles, on the other hand, could never get back to the fight after being taken out, and the artillery missed any devastating hits (on top of drawing a Red card on its second draw.)

The Germans ran up the hill to the surrounding hexes of X5 and the Poles simply couldn't stop their movements. I chose to Final Protective Fire instead of waiting for the CC Phase, but the IFT rolls were pitiful and high. An early Turn 3 victory awaited.

Definitely feels like the Poles should have gotten an extra squad...
Under FireA very aggressive German setup saw quite a few breaks (and ELRs), but they managed to constantly rally broken troops. The Poles, on the other hand, could never get back to the fight after being taken out, and the artillery missed any devastating hits (on top of drawing a Red card on its second draw.)

The Germans ran up the hill to the surrounding hexes of X5 and the Poles simply couldn't stop their movements. I chose to Final Protective Fire instead of waiting for the CC Phase, but the IFT rolls were pitiful and high. An early Turn 3 victory awaited.

Definitely feels like the Poles should have gotten an extra squad...
Under FireA very aggressive German setup saw quite a few breaks (and ELRs), but they managed to constantly rally broken troops. The Poles, on the other hand, could never get back to the fight after being taken out, and the artillery missed any devastating hits (on top of drawing a Red card on its second draw.)

The Germans ran up the hill to the surrounding hexes of X5 and the Poles simply couldn't stop their movements. I chose to Final Protective Fire instead of waiting for the CC Phase, but the IFT rolls were pitiful and high. An early Turn 3 victory awaited.

Definitely feels like the Poles should have gotten an extra squad...
Gunning For Gas2024 Texas Team Tournament. grumblejones
The Cannes StrongpointTexas Team Tournament 2024 Danno
Mount BelvedereTexas Team Tournament 2024 Danno
Point of the SwordTeam Texas wwillow
The Five Pound PrizeSave for three forward squads in victory buildings P9 and X8, the British favored rearward defense, positioning the AT Guns in J2 and L3. The German plan - which envisioned entering from the South, seizing and holding the Southern 8 Buildings (P9, N8, P7, X8, W9, V6, U7, and U6), and forcing the British to counteract - worked seamlessly due to VERY opportune DRs. Thompsonmg(MGT)
Mius Mischief2024 Texas Team Tournament. grumblejones
One-Eyed Jacques2024 Texas Team Tournament. grumblejones
Four Stars of ValorTexas Team Tournament 2024 Danno
Liberation DayThis should be an excellent scenario, although imbalance of dice luck made it rather one-sided in our game.
The very first German shot got a NMC vs two Partisan squads. BOTH squads roll HOB and BOTH get Battle Hardening AND a hero! Things continued in pretty much the same vein; in the end my DR average was 6.4 on >80 rolls, my opponent’s was 7.9 on >50 rolls.
In addition, I used both my SU-76’s – with riders – to sweep west from the outset, and managed to keep the German reinforcements away from the station. By the end of Russian Turn 4 I had taken all but one of the station buildings, and also had the majority of multi-hex stone buildings in the village. With my reinforcements just arriving too, my opponent conceded.
So to anyone who says that small scenarios can be dicey, I say yes, but large ones can be too!
Last Train to Leningrad2024 Texas Team Tournament - FEROCITY FEST Game. grumblejones
Last Train to Leningrad2024 Texas Team Tournament ferocity fest. Danno
Le Jeux Sont FaitsThe Free French were able to prevent some of the Germans to reinforce the casino. But the progress was still low towards Riva Bella. The British German DD provided some smoke cover and dealt with the German defenders to the South before being turn to blaze by a panzerfaust CH. Flamethrowers helped a lot. And eventually all Germans ended broken or eliminated and driven aside. The French won but suffered massive casualties. lt_steiner
Hohenstaufen Hoedown2024 Texas Tournament. grumblejones
The Cost of Non-ComplianceThis game came down to CC in the final Russian half turn. The Russians were down to 4 squads, a single leader, and 6 AFVs. The only reason they were able to eek out the win was because the German defense had difficulty shifting north in time to cover the mad dash to the stone buildings. BenB
Pipkorn's AttemptThe German Panthers and King Tiger were too tough to thwart. It didn't help that I forgot to attempt Deliberate Immobilization early on. While the Russian AFVs and Baz did get a few opportunities for side shots or Deliberate Immobilization, the results ended in either a miss or no effect. Attacks on the infantry were equally ineffective. The Russians were able to slowly withdraw in good order, the Russian sniper did have some success, and there were a couple attacks that actually eliminated a German HS, but the German numbers and firepower were too overwhelming. Once the Germans were in a position to fire on the Russians or enter CC, the end result was clear. Heloanjin
Last Train to LeningradTeam Texas. Ferocity Fest scenario. I was not ferocious enough. wwillow
Good, Lucky, or Both AlexB
Balkan Sideshow Lorenzoknight
Balkan Sideshow Dispang12
A Lion in the FieldWe had to end the game early due to time; this is likely a German win but there is enough doubt to call it a "draw." By the end of German turn 4, it was clear that CVP would be in favor of the Germans. However, it was not certain the Germans would be able to control all the necessary buildings. Fun game, but it feels like British concealment (such as 12 concealment counters) would really help to balance this one out. dsoukup
Shouting Into The StormIlluninating Rounds Paul Legg
Shouting Into The StormPlayed in Round 2 of the Illuminating Rounds competition. Tim outbid me to play the Germans and I got the balance in the shape of a T34/85 tank which joined 3 IS-2ms in the hope of stopping the German juggernaut. The performance of the Russian armour here could euphemistically be described as disappointing. One IS-2 disappeared into a cellar, another succumbed to a sniper attack and the third managed to kill precisely zero German AFVs or infantry. Tim did a great job of moving his armour and infantry forward and the Russians were overwhelmed with one one player turn to go. Dougban
The Terror of the CastleRussian win on VPs on Turn 6, though they did lose both of their tanks to PF shots. Interesting lock-up situation in the Postal Palace, with the Hungarians hemmed in by two FT wielding 628s and a Set DC. ASLSKGwahlur
Transylvania 6-5000 manzoliandrea72
Sur le Toit de l'Europe (The Roof of Europe) Danno
Sur le Toit de l'Europe (The Roof of Europe)A bit of dicey game. The French managed some hard hits on Turn 1 with two German 2-4-8's eliminated. By Turn 4, another two went down and that was game and a French win. The French managed to avoid the German MMG by falling back over the hill as the Germans trudged up the Alpine Hills in the deep snow. grumblejones
Bridge Busters2024 Chicago Open (round 7)
The first 4 turns were clinical for the Germans. They pushed all the Russians off the hills. It looked grim for the Russians who lost the AT gun and the crew for the HMG. Turn 5 Russian reinforcements scored the first points for the Russians. Turn 6 went poorly for the Germans as the Russians quickly scored more than enough CVP for the win.
Contested SettlementA hard-fought battle by the Polish with great shots from the defenders and not-so-hot rolls when checking for Morale. The reinforcements tried to get on-board without much trouble, but were instantly caught out by some snake eyes, killing the leader instantly. By the end of turn 6, almost all of the Poles had broken, and they'd barely gotten close to any of the multi-hex buildings at all.

Fun, quick scenario. Feels like the more inexperienced player should get the balance.
Blood BrothersI can't pinpoint exactly how I won as the INA. My friend flanked either side and made decent progress. However, as he moved up the hills in open ground vs stone buildings, the casualties began to mount. Strangely, one side of his flank couldn't fail a MC, but the other side seemed to only fail. About halfway through the scenario, he moved a bunch of HS's CX into CC (uphill in a building) on the west flank and lost every one of them (four, I think). That side started to look secure. His eastern flank made slow progress, and some stone buildings began to fall. Unfortunately for him, by then it was too little too late. By that time, there was little chance of the British taking all the stone buildings in the southern hill mass, let alone take one more on the northern one. The British had some bad luck early with the smoke, but they would only be able to mask the initial moves anyway.

I think the British player needs to be pretty aggressive because his forces have a lot of buildings to take. My friend started to push harder as the turns slipped away, but how many -2 open ground point blank shots can a person's forces really be expected to survive? I kept my forces in place for the most part and with decent rolls, good use of resid, and strong defensive positions, they were hard to push out. I thought this one was going to be a dog, but both sides need to make some tough decisions. It turned out to be a pretty fun scenario.
Black Day in Hatten Blaze
Shklov's Labors Lost mcgallons
Lost Opportunities toffee
Sink's Encouragement AlexB
Bunker BurningVASL jrwusmc
Bertoldo the BraveVery exciting game, with American victory at the CC of the last turn. A pined crew ambushed a 548 squad and the +1 was enough to survive and prevent the German capture of the last building needed for to win the game jesuspiebatlle
Defiance on Hill 30A rare FtF game for me at "The Whitmore House," getting together with the Milwaukee-area gang. We settled on this in honor of the 80th anniversary of D-Day. I took the Germans, even though Zoltan's dad was an Iron Cross-winning Hungarian commander memorialized on cardboard in ASL117-With Tigers on Their Tail. I approached straight up the middle, with an outlying force north of the road/woods mass on the bottom to try and flank. Dealing with the almost-scripted MMG nest and mortar on top of the hill would prove exceedingly difficult, with his mortar breaking a stack behind the wall and me also losing a HS. Meanwhile his boys on the hill shrugged off MC after MC from my kill stacks. Turn 4 saw a drastic turn of events though as my mortar rolled three snake eyes in a row. First a CH on the mortar, then another on the results, then another on the MMG nest. The resulting "5" was almost as good here after Zoltan rolled snakes of his own to have both leader and HS affected equally by the CH. His leader bit it with a mortal wound, and the HS of course was killed outright. Once the hill was clear I was able to storm up quite a few Germans into the hill. Just in time too, because the Ami reinforcements arrived early. It looked to be a tough fight. But when a berzerk Ami was K'd and then boxcarred his MC, and his attempt to take me out in one of the foxholes on the hill in CC met with doom he called it a day. Despite me currently not having a single building, his broken 9-1 and another squad would be sure mop up casualties, and me grabbing a sole building from his sorely pressed five remaining squads would be rather simple. A fun time with a great group of guys! buser333
The Recapture of OckenburgFirst to play and post. Danno
The Recapture of OckenburgVery good scenario. My Dutch started off good, but then faltered. By Turn 5, the Dutch has taken two trenches and a single building, and didn't have the time to get any others, so that was game. Germans did a great job of delaying. grumblejones
The Daring OnesVery tough for the Italian (at least for me. I am curious about how a better player would attack that barren hill). strategos
Late for Chow Ric of The LBC
Back in Force Larry
Headhunting For Bloody Huns A15.4er
Probe Toward The HagueGermans suffered early breaks to a 47 and then the Dutch on Turn 2 went after the broken stacks and took prisoners and/or casualty reduced the squads. The Germans managed to get into the 71E7 Building but couldn't take it and in the final CC were eliminated. The Dutch managed to hold on for the win. Recommend using the German balance. grumblejones
Probe Toward The Hague Danno
Panzerpioniere! Bongiovanni
The Chivres Shivaree Danno
The Chivres ShivareeThis scenario is very tough for the French and the ROAR STATS bear that out. Germans lost both Armored Cars and did nothing with them. The Germans on the southside were reduced to a single half-squad that survived the entire game and took a French half-squad in the final CC. The German MMG was on the hill and broke up the French moving across the causeway. The French tanks all got across when I rolled a 10 on the DC which was set on the bridge. Dice sucketh majorly. The French tanks didn't have enough movement to overrun the German 4-6-8 on the hill with the MMG. They did get a 75 hit in Advancing fire with a K3 result. But the half-squad passed the MC and that was game. A very improbable German win. And again, very tough on the French, when the Germans are able to win with just a single half-squad. It is a fun scenario though and I would recommend playing it if the opportunity arises. grumblejones
Raff's DilemmaVASL jrwusmc
Mai PhuWent to the last turn. wwillow
The Paw of the Tiger antro
Rescuing the PocketGreat fun used on the LFT boards! von Garvin
Regalbuto Ridge A15.4er
Bridge Busters A15.4er
Battle for the Warta LineThe German attack concentrated on the Polish left and center, with a sole HS flanker on the right to strip concealment/block rout paths. Polish OBA harassing fire/picket forces slowed the center and wire on the left hill mass significantly hampered progress there. With fortunate DRs when needed - including ATR- and CC Reaction Fire-destruction of both Panzer 1s - the Poles managed to stop the center and severely attrit the left board edge exit run with a 9-2/MMG stack in 3F5 laying down a hail of fire. With 15 EVP tallied, the last DFF DR of the game broke the HS and pinned the 8-0 that represented the German margin of victory or defeat. Great fun and well-played. A fun classic that offers several options for defense/OBA utilization. Thompsonmg(MGT)
Onwards! toffee
Second Crack at Caumont Bongiovanni
KNIL Before The Emperor Gamer72
Road KillIn the very first turn, the soldiers I got from the balance were dead, via Snipers and his on board mortars. In the end, I was able to force my way into the building. The 10-2 AL was a boss and his gyro stabilizer really made the difference. Mid way, most of my force was broken and out of position. I ended up getting some key rallies and that sealed the deal with some final heroics. von Garvin
Raid Into The ReichA very close game that came down to the last roll in Close Combat Phase and, although the Polish side managed a casualty reduction, it was not enough to eliminate the last German units from the last building hex CC. It was a tense back and forth affair, and I can easily suggest this one for some entertaining early war Polish aggression. More balanced than "First Invasion Into Germany" Jobbo_Fett
Intimate WarTough victory conditions for the Americans. As the Japanese, I kept shuffling and skulking squads around to slow the American advance. Once they got a foothold in the building, I advanced units up the stairwells to further impede their movement. More fun for the Americans as they have a lot of tactical decisions to make, but the Japanese defender also needs to make choices (basically, who to sacrifice and when) as they skulk around the sole victory building. Decent scenario, but nothing special. Jude
KNIL Before The EmperorA Japanese win in their final half turn with too few KNIL troops left to hold enough buildings in the village. I was well in the game through T4 but the Japanese advantages of for example Stealth and a well executed Banzai turned the tide Simonstan
Shouting Into The StormGreat game with Martin that came down to the last CC. Lots of 2s and 12s in the game that made everything interesting which eventually swung to the German favor. The Russian FT ran out of gas on its first shot, which was both late in the game and started the slow decline of the Russian defense. Played as part of the Illuminating Rounds Tournament. dmareske
Dutch CourageSome badly timed CC for the Germans left them unable to capture enough buildings for the win. Well-played by Paul who had some low rolls in the middle part of the game breaking the German morale. dmareske
Dutch Courage worksp2018
Commandos at KaiapitTense stuff, went down to the final turn. The Australians were fairly cautious at first, in response to which I fell back slowly taking few casualties. My reinforcements came on at just the right time and place to prevent encirclement of the village. Even so, it looked as though the Australians might be able to grab victory on their final turn, by moving into three more hut hexes and winning the CCs there. however, a lucky DFPh shot pinned one of the squads he needed to do this, which was enough to secure the Japanese win. Andy_Bagley
Borodino Train Station Rich Weiley
Borodino Train StationLaate game counterattack saw a German HS weave through fire to recapture the railway station. Russian 9-2 surrendered via HOB! Minedog
The Paw of the Tiger antro
The Guards CounterattackMy sniper was decisive, killing the German 9-1 and 9-2 early in the match. von Garvin
Terroristen!! Danno
Terroristen!!ROAR STATS paint an ugly picture. But our playing came down to German 8-0 surviving a 16 -2 shot to help surround the Partisan 9-2 with a 5-2-7 and 3-3-7. Then everyone else swarmed the 9-2 who rolled a 10 on a final protective fire and broke the stack. Unable to rout, they were eliminated and the Germans won with 15 CVP. But had the 9-2 survived, the Germans would have been unable to take the last two buildings with only a single turn remaining. So...the Partisans can win this one. Really, they can. Think like Partisans and make it happen. grumblejones
Raff's DilemmaI took the low-ELR, ML6/7 Osttruppen to face Robert's armor and Trevor's glidermen. My plan was to stop the Amis from crossing the T6-U21 road and form a last-ditch defense around building Q15. The US attack hit my left flank except one platoon that came at W10-11 and was turned back by the AA gun. My MMCs around the pillbox could not stop the gildermen. Once the Amis were on the hill north of the road, my defense crumbled. The 50L missed its first shot and its crew was broken by tank fire. The 75* got a tank with H7 and later a 436 got one with a PF but mostly the Shermans blasted away with impunity. My big mistake was putting the 8-1 in the pillbox. He got trapped and killed in CC leaving me without a leader with a negative modifier making rallying broken conscripts almost impossible. A good attack plan won this one. It's fun but the German defense has a very small margin for error. Hiding in the NE corner orchards on the hill might work but it would be very boring. As played, it was fun for all! dieneuner25
Battle for the Warta LineThe Germans attacked in force on the south side of the battlefield with a small force moving through the woods in the center. The Poles placed a majority of the wire in the woods which severely slowed the German advance. However, the major thrust on the South moved quickly while the Poles struggled to shift their forces from the North and center to the South. The Poles were able to break a number of German squads on turns 2 and 3. But the 9 broken morale allowed the German units to rally quickly. By the end of Turn 4 the Germans were on Hill 547 in force with two MMGs and the 9-2 leader. This position blocked the Poles from being able to reinforce the south side leaving the door open for the Germans to exit. The German gun was never unhooked and OBA played no roll. Heloanjin
Escape to the Elbe Danno
Escape to the ElbeRough battle as the terrain is maddening to move through. Russians need to defend the choke points and placing rubble prior to play is key. Danls Germans came in and fought the terrain for the first two turns. By Turn 3, we were fighting it out. By the end of Turn 5, The Germans had exited three full half-tracks, but all three STUG's were knocked out along with several of the halftracks. Turn 4 had been devastating as two STUGS and two full half-tracks were destroyed in that turn alone. Scenario looks to be very challenging for the German player. grumblejones
It's a BattlefieldFairly straight-forward scenario won with a fairly straight-forward attack. The Germans seem strong in this one. As featured on IR103. Dave
What Doesn’t Kill You Bongiovanni
Panzer Graveyard Bongiovanni
The Fifth's Rearguard Danno
The Fifth's RearguardMy Russians couldn't get across the fortified MLR. My reinforcements got clobbered by the HIP 75 with both SU-76's knocked out and two squads and the 8-1 broken. Unable to get through the mines and wire, I was forced to give it up and concede. My PREP Fire and D-Fire rolls with 12 and 16 factor shots were not landing. Gotta get some results or you ain't going anywhere...movement only gets you so far... grumblejones
Show of ForceThe German tanks moved aggressively to the Russian right flank in Turn 1, peppering likely hide-outs for Russian Gun with AFPH MG and MA shots. The Ht-borne infantry followed suit on Turn 2 after the German tanks VBM'd the Russians main positions (including the stumbled-upon Gun in 70L6 which improbably missed a same hex shot) and things unraveled very quickly for the Russians thereafter, who conceded in Turn 3. Everything went right for the Germans, and the Russians - who had a good set-up - were dogged by poor DRs (including failed PAATCs), but this one seems hard on the Russians absent a strong intervention of fate. The Russian 76Ls are not a very compelling weapon against the German tank force without more side-shot opportunities. Allowing some Russian set-up on Board 69 and/or adding the T-34 as HIP might make this more interesting. Thompsonmg(MGT)
Used and AbusedMy GI's started out hot and really put it to the attacking Japaneese however, after malfing a Baz and 50 cal which, disabled on the next turn. They fought on bravely but by turn 5 were surrounded. Roar currently has this at 17 to 4 in favor of the japaneese. Suggestions after 2 playing to even that up would to be have the Japaneese enter from off board and allow bore sighting SGT Mac
In the Vanguard Bongiovanni
Race for the BerezinaTigers knocked out 5 Shermans and then MALF'd one in Intensive Fire and then it was RECALLED. Another Tiger would be knocked out in a Bounding Fire Rear Shot. The remaining Tiger moved to cut off the exit and then Boxcar'd the First Fire Roll and the Russians exited off for the win. Bad dice afflicted the Germans. With decent dice, the Russians would probably not stand a chance in this one. grumblejones
Race for the BerezinaFirst to play and post. Danno
Light 'em UpAnother static Manila defensive scenario for my Japanese. The low American morale isn't much of a problem with good cover. With US HS's the same strength as a 2nd line Japanese squad, most CC's - and there were a lot - went to the Americans. The Japanese don't have much incentive to fire as retaining concealment and skulking might buy enough time for the them.

In my game it almost worked, but the sheer amount of firepower the Americans have was too much. My friend's slow and steady pressure melted my forces before him. The game was effectively over with one turn to go, but I decided to see if some miracle would happen with my last leader, squad, and crew on the first level of the last building that hadn't fallen. The US flamethrower sealed their fate, and I lost every single unit in my OB.

Having played the first four M:S&F scenarios as the Japanese has not been exciting so far. They are put in pretty static positions and have to hope for the best. Not the most exciting way to play.
Kampfgruppe at KarachevIt took me 3 turns to get into the right position, On the forth turn I let loose the dogs of war. My tanks freezed german stacks (3 of them) his GUN did nothing, then the infantry pushed, 1 DC placed and I was able to send I squad in his backyard. He quickly lost 3,5 squads to Failure to rout. On his 4th turn he broke the GUN while the Stug try to get into position. Unfortunately for him on my 5th turn I CH his GUN and vaporizede it getting to 19 CVP while one of mine T34 got into the back of his TD and dispatched it with a CH.
The scenario ended here but the situation was not so bright at the beginning of my 4th turn, mine was a desperate move because if I had played it safely he would have put into better position his infantry and the reinforcement would have closed any possible exit strategy. VC are very hard on Russian that cannot risk his precious tanks (he need them to exit) but the terrain is horrible and the exit area easily defended. Basically you cannot plan to win on CVP if the German doesn't stand and fight because you basically need to wipe our almost his entire OOB. So you need to exit those points but it's really hard. Plan accordingly.
Remember that ground and level -1 hex adjacent to a marsh are BOG hexes for AFVs.

This is a classic on forest warfare and it's highly advised to be played.
Defiance on Hill 30came to the last round, German HS in one building location broke and American could advance and prevent German win SimonPz
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