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It's a BattlefieldGave it a good shot, but too many Germans to withstand. Highlight : CH on a Panther with the Firefly. However, the resultant Sniper stunned the Firefly crew ! My dice luck cancelled out by his deadly Sniper, which had four effective shots to my two. Gamer72
Silver & Bronze atomic
Ratushniak's SacrificeThe Russian were able to score two CHs, one on a Tiger preventing the SS from getting enough points exited. Though they were able to eliminate two guns and the 9-2 leader died in CC. One Tiger bogged in a trench trying to exit. A fun scenario with lots of action. dmareske
Unhorsed Bongiovanni
Race to the RiverMy first playing of S&F:M. Turned out to be a dud. I set up the Japanese exclusively on the northeast landmass (with a strategically placed unit within six hexes of the southwest bridge eyeballing a Set DC). With only a few hexes to push forward to get to my units, the Americans faced an uphill battle. Firelanes, Set DC's, AT Mines, Mines, Bore Sighting, T-H Heroes, hidden units, 100mm OBA with Plentiful Ammunition - and that's not everything they can do. My friend tried his best, but his forces were torn up pretty badly from the get go. I gave the scenario a decent rating because I was the Japanese player. There are so many sneaky tricks they can pull on the poor Americans. On the other hand, I'd rate it a 1 if playing as the US.

If you set up like I did, then you won't get a feel how the new rules affect this module. The terrain in the little area I set up in only had two new terrain types, so it wasn't even good as an intro to Manila scenario (again, as I played it). I'm sure they'll get better as my friend and I progress through this module.
The VeluweThe Dutch bunkers blocked with efficiency the way through the roads of map q. The SS reinforced by several PSW 221 and PSW 222 armored cars managed to destroy the Dutch infantry but were unable to pass through the bunkers. Several PSW were recalled due to HMG shots. The SS were running out of time and decided to cross the large forest to the South guarded by some Dutch infantry guns. At the time, Dutch armored cars arrived from the East and chased the two last PSW. The German panzers were finally destroyed and only a few squads (6 VP) were able to cross the firelane and exit. A Dutch victory. lt_steiner
Gunning For GasGame got out of whack on Turn 1, when Russian PREP eliminated the German 9-1, 2 x 4-6-8's with an MMG and LMG. Also confused as to the Victory Conditions. It seemed odd that the Russians began the game with six stone building hexes. grumblejones
Gunning For GasThis scenario has terrible victory conditions and set up. The two side just set up and start shooting and there is not movement or defense. Just smashing into each other. This scenario is won by the first side to get a good roll. All dice -no skill scenario. Danno
Vilnius BreakoutPaul Works as Partisan and Dave Mareske as Russians. Good game Germans destroyed three Russian tanks and exited 19 VP. Danno
Sticks And StonesThe Nationalist made steady progress and were able to capture three trenches, but they lost one tank to a recall and both MMGs to malfunction and so just did not have enough FP to break the defenders in the fortified building. Close game to the end. dmareske
Fighting at World's EdgeThis was a fun scenario, that presented some interesting challenges for the defenders. At first glance, you’d think that the highest points on the map were excellent locations for the HMG and the sole German mortar but SSR prevents entrenchment. That meant the best TEM I could get was +1 for height differences. The HMG kept ROF for a couple of attacks but not enough to keep the allies from making multiple kill stacks that could lay a substantial amount of firepower down.

The allies have twice the number of troops and 9 turns to move 18 hexes, so there was no need for them to take considerable risks during their advancement. Timing on extremely poor dice rolls did the Germans no favors (I somehow managed to roll boxcars three times in a row) and fortuitous timing on a couple of important rolls for the allies (1 in 6 chance to bring tanks on at the end of turn one followed by a 1 in 2 chance to have both tanks join) further pushed the scales in favor the French/Norwegian team.

I tried to focus on being slightly less aggressive in my defense and to allow for some elasticity in absorbing attacks and falling back to more advantageous positions. That allowed me to shift some of the defense early on but once the tanks got close enough, my chances of getting across the street were greatly diminished (as evidenced by the squad that was immediately broken trying to make the run). I did leave the ATG crew and a squad with an MMG in place but that MMG held up both tanks and 4 or 5 enemy squads for 3 turns and was the only unbroken unit I had in a position to do any damage to the enemy by the start of turn 6.

If I were to play this again, I’d establish a final protective fire line further forward and start collapsing the defense as soon as the enemy got closer. I’d also probably hold units in reserve to reman the HMG if the original get broken.
De Veer's Counterattack Danno
De Veer's CounterattackThe Japanese got some early breaks and took out the Dutch HMG and 75 by Turn 2. Japanese swept over the hill, did some Banzais and managed to get all the buildings under control on Turn 4 for the immediate win. Very bloody as 5-1/2 Dutch squads died and 4-1/2 Japanese squads died along with two of the leaders. But the Japanese managed to prevail. grumblejones
Shoulder to ShoulderReally good scenario, although I reckon it's tough on the Germans against a very skilled opponent - as I had here. I went for the "right hook", attacking up the eastern flank and aiming to capture as much ground as possible before the American reinforcements arrived. I captured a couple of multi-hex buildings and two American squads, but then the M8 armoured cars arrived and caused havoc with "hit and run" tactics - basically using two or three of them to swarm a StuG, so that at least one of them got a rear shot to kill it with bounding fire, then running away. I tried to protect the StuGs with infantry, but their IFT and panzerfaust shots all failed, and they broke in the face of American firepower. I conceded at the end of turn 5, at which point I could certainly have met the exit VP condition, but was hopelessly behind on the other two VCs. Might have been different if I'd had a couple of lucky shots against the armoured cars, but really well played by my opponent as the Americans. Andy_Bagley
St. Oedenrode BridgeDespite losing as the German, this one is heavily slanted against the American player. The GIs are almost forced to clear the south side of the river before storming across the bridge to capture the remaining 5 victory hexes. It took Herbert 4 turns (out of 5) to finally clear a path to make the last turn "Devil take the hindmost" dash across the bridge. I had been keeping several units under concealment for just that very thing. In that last turn fusillade, I had 9 shots, 7 of which were -2 DRM shots, and all I accomplished was one broken HS. Whatever managed to survive his PBF in the AFPh, was mopped up in the CCPh. A fun scenario vs. a quality opponent. Jwil2020
Swan SongThe Germans set up a stout outer perimeter that the French could not easily break. The French OBA struggled to maintain radio contact and even then, battery access was only allowed once. The German 88 halted the advance of the tanks, taking out five R35s and three B1-bis tanks. Ultimately, the reinforcements for the French could not break the outer defenses of the Germans and after a crazy amount of CVPs, the French conceded. badger317
Johnny 1NOBA caught group of Germans in the woods, but one scout car surprisingly found the SFCP HIP in nearby Brush, Overran them and eliminated the threat in next turn. Lucky Germans managed to win 32-18 VP (with POWs) on hill hexes in last turn. Kydder
Schreiber's Success A15.4er
Fallschirmjäger GraveyardPlayed over two days at Bitter Ender 24. Had a blast. Plays fast. SGT Mac
Kampfgruppe LangFascinating scenario, which at first sight looks really tough for the British, because the Germans start on hills on both sides of the valley, and can easily surround and encircle the British defenders. Moreover, the Brits have little defence against the German tanks other than their two 25-pounders, which can't scratch the Tiger (except from side/rear) and aren't a guaranteed kill against the PzkwIV and PzkwIIIs either. However, to win the Germans not only need to capture all buildings, they also have to accumulate at least 12 CVPs more than the British - with no bonus for prisoners.
In our game I tried to create a stronghold around the E8 and F8 buildings, protected by wire and mines. This held off the German attack from the north, but in the south they broke through with ease and by turn 3 I thought I was doomed. However, helped by some fortunate DRs, I managed to destroy 3 tanks and accumulate enough CVPs that the Germans needed to completely wipe me out to achieve the 12 CVP advantage, and this they just failed to do. A win by the narrowest of margins
UnhorsedPoor choices for vehicle movement cost the Americans 2 AFVs early on. When the German AT crew broke, there was a brief opportunity for the Americans to make up lost time. But the Germans failed to break while the Americans failed to rally. On Turn 6, the Americans attempted a final push on the north side, but the German 6.4 average IFT roll ended all hope. Heloanjin
Sweeping North Cpl Wright
Schloss HemingsteinSelected a broad front strategy with my (American) right flank a bit heavier. My opponent then had the worst run of dice I have ever seen. As my right advance pushed forward, he malf’d his HMG on the first shot of the game…and it went downhill from there. By sheer luck and bad German dice rolls, his flank crumbled on Turn 1, and one of my TDs ran through the sunken road and got into the German backfield after being briefly held up on some wire. The rest of the game turned into a slugfest with the Americans finding each and every wire/mine obstacle as they slowly pushed towards the objective. Had just enough firepower, flamethrowers and good luck to break the last significant reinforcements in the church. A real nailbiter that could have gone very differently but for that disastrous streak of boxcars on the German first turn. Great game Steve! Jplott94
Panther CullWhat a crazy scenario.

I entered on the south edge as it was the shortest
path to two victory buildings.

Rob left the southernmost building undefended.
Later, I got bogged down on the middle of
board 67. Then Rob got a bit aggressive with
a Panther that eventually went down to a
Cromwell IV.

I was foolish with another Cromwell and the
Daimler SC, and that made the game a bit closer
than it could have been.

Rob made a major mistake by abandoning
24oP1, and therefore allowed me to end the game
with two buildings and one wrecked Panther.

Even though Rob took out three of my AFV, It
was not enough to deny me a victory.

One of the highlights of the night was a German
CX leader taking out an motion AFV with a 2 in
CC followed by a 2 on the subsequent DR.

Lots of replay possibilities here. I'd suggest it.
The only downside is that it's such a small
scenario that it's susceptible to the whims of
Indy Lagu
BlockbustersFist-fight ... American firepower carried the day. Kydder
Liberation DayPartisans went full on toward the station but couldn’t get across the open ground. In the village a conservative attack could not get the momentum to push the Germans back quickly enough.
B.Ender 2024
Across the BorderLost leader and 2 HS in turn 1 on self rally attempt by the leader. Polish ATR got 3 kills and the MMG took out another. But still pushed the Poles back just quickly enough to win by a 2:1 CC in the 3rd Victory bldg
Full ASL
B.Ender 2024
Montgomery AttacksThis one is quite unbalanced, too many AFV for the Brits and 8 morale paras, are too much for 7 morale germans and some late comers reinforcements. The fact that the reinforcement are not sure until 4 turn makes things very bad for the germans. The blanket is just too short for the defender. Avoid it. cosarara
Battle of the BarricadesChicago Open (Round 3). The Americans cleared one roadblock and suffered 25 CVP. But... I illegally set up a roadblock. Read setup instructions more carefully. :( RJenulis
The Tiger Of Toungoo GOUREAU
Rabka-Mszana RoadNeeds some SSRs to reduce the amount of movement the Germans can do on Turn 1. The failure of the Polish AT rifles meant that the Germans easily ran some units across the board and out of harm's way. The loss of the TKS (and further breakdown of the MG TKS) meant the game was over before it had even really started. I can see what they were going for, but it needs a revision. Jobbo_Fett
Fortress VercorsPartisans can't fight & they cannot hide for long ... Kydder
Absolut Märkäjärvi von Garvin
No Post Here!Fast, fun beer and pretzels ASL. I'd play it again. RJenulis
Corridor To Extinction Bongiovanni
The First ApproachFirst try at an ORS scenario using the historical map, and very much a learning exercise for both of us as lots of new rules to learn, particularly with the village in play. We both thought the "feel" of the game was excellent, certainly showed the historical difficulties involved in fighting in terrain like this. The New Zealanders gradually dropped back, avoiding significant losses whilst inflicting casualties on the Germans (lucky OBA shot helped!), and by German turn 7 it was evident that they were not going to clear the village in time - and they were close to their CVP cap anyway - so my opponent conceded. Our initial impression was that the scenario is tough for the Germans, although after the game we thought of several ways they could have approached the attack differently, so no real verdict on play balance. Very enjoyable scenario anyway. Andy_Bagley
Monty's Gamble AlexB
Bidermann's EscapeRussians collapsed very quickly. One T26S was immobilized by a lucky SdKfz shot. The other malf'd it's MA, then was stunned for 2 player turns by another super lucky SdKfz shot, then permanently disabled it's MA trying to repair and was recalled. MMG malf'd just when it was most needed. 8-1 leader CR on a routine MC and then failed WC...poof...gone. Game was over on turn 3. Wouldn't say it was the most fun ASL game I've ever played. Just utterly gutted by dice. Sometimes it feels like neither side should put any thought or effort into setups or tactics with small scenarios. Just yolo and hope you get the favor of the dice gods because that's the side that will probably come out on top. :-/ Neal Ulen
East WindPoor setup - too many units committed to centre of the map where they were isolated by T34s on overwatch on the hill and unable to redeploy in time to counter the main assault down my left flank. Extreme winter was also a factor, both ATGs on my left flank malf'ed (both rolling '10s') on their first shots, as did one of the StuGs. And the only successful sniper attack of the game KIA'ed the German 9-2 and broke the accompanying squad manning the MMG. Rich Weiley
End Station Budapest A15.4er
Dropping Like FliesAs the Japanese, I didn't set up many units up front due to the serious firepower and ROF weapons the Americans have. However, those that did quickly were stripped of concealment and striped. Through the first turn and a half my rolls were ugly while my friend's were red hot. On one occasion one squad did roll snakes, it went berserk and ran into a -2 40+ PBF shot with predictable results. I had to take a PMC mid turn 2. Then, my dice heated up and my friend's went cold. Eventually, those six MC Americans couldn't keep moving forward and their momentum was stopped well short of achieving the VC's.

The Japanese should not set up anywhere close to the Americans at start. Choose a "line in the sand" point and hold on. Defending the church is pointless. I did put two 2nd line troops in there just to maybe hold up several of the American troops for at least two turns. They lasted half a turn. I set the trench line where Board 22 and 45 met and defended the four hex building in front of it as well. The AT Mines extended the irrigation ditch to prevent an AFV end around. With luck, the lousy American morale will come into play and they will have too many broken troops and not enough leaders to bring them back.

If I played as the Americans, I would push hard on Board 22. Their firepower is awesome, and smoke makes their push forward easier. The Japanese should wither and die as long as you take it slow. Eight turns is a long time so don't be in a rush.
Workers Unite! (VASL Log) MoriQuessir
Dernier Baroud Serge
De Zwarte Duivels Danno
Back To SchoolWe actually used BOTH balance provisions (German and Russian). This is a great scenario for teaching/refreshing a newbie on basic Chapter A and B rules. ASListheBomb
Too Little, My Friend ...I took the 7 buildings, but couldn't hold them. Tycho's defense was solid. RJenulis
Fighting Withdrawal Blaze
The Battle of AlgiersThe French started out strong when they broke a MMC with MMG on the opening Prep removing a critical Fire Lane. The French stormed around the American left flank. In the center and right, the French advanced slowly establishing blocking shots keeping the American forces divided. The French were able to push into the west VC building, but took casualties in the effort. On the right, the French HTs parked on the east side and began to shell the east VC building. Even though the American's were losing ground, they were able to steadily eliminate French units gaining CVPs. The French made a mistake and moved the HTs attempting VBM freezing an American unit. However, the HT was wrecked by a MMG, adding 2 more CVP. Finally, the French 2-2-8 broke twice under DFF for 2 more CVP and the American victory. Heloanjin
The Battle of AlgiersAs Craig mentioned, this was a tight one that came down to a MC DR. With one turn to go, the Americans were clinging to a couple of hexes in each VC building with 2.5 SE in both. If that French crew had not succumbed to double-breaking on the American turn 4 DFPh, I believe the French would have either pushed the Amis out of both buildings or eliminated enough SE to get the win. In the end, the dice were kind to the Americans. Jwil2020
Hell's HeadacheWe had to call it with time having run out and a couple of turns to go. As the Russians I had taken most of the hexrow L to R buildings but was weakened by losses and the German infantry counter attacking force was in good shape to push me out. We had exchanged most of the AFVs with only a single StuG remaining, the Russians had some prisoners, so it was shaping up to be a close finish on VP Simonstan
Feuer Frei!The Polish suffered few losses from the opening shots of the Schleswig-Holstein and the shots mainly missed their marks after the opening BB turns, much to my relief. The Germans were aggressive in there advance, with weapons and men only focusing on known units, rather than blasting away at potential locations of resistance. I rolled 10 times for the Polish sniper to activate with no joy. By the end of Turn 4 the Germans lost too many of their men and chose to end the day and with for reinforcements instead. I fear the coming of more ship-based aggression, and the sting of Stukas to come... Jobbo_Fett
Guryev's Headquarters oybj
The Rat HouseRussian reinforcements walked into a 16+0 and lost 7CVP to FTR killing their momentum. Game ended on Turn 5 with Russian conceding defeat but they were getting fairly close to hitting the CVP cap. Would play again, a nice scenario to get used to the TotR SSR. zgrose
De Zwarte DuivelsMy Turn 1 Prep Rolls were trash. So not able to prepare the way. Dutch lost one AC and managed to get 11 CVP vs. German 13 CVP. German win. grumblejones
ShumilinoVASL jrwusmc
Meet The Old Boss Danno
TotensonntagChip's excellent defense combined, with my lethargic attack plan, resulted in a Polish loss. Still, if just one of several squads had managed to survive the relatively low odds gauntlet run on the last turn, the Poles would have captured the final VC building for the win. Jwil2020
Meet The Old BossRomanians got one shot with the 50 and broke shot with the ATM and broke it. Broke the 76...Mortar was not able to see anything. German 9-2 death star did the rest for a commanding German win. Boxcars really did my Russians a bad turn. grumblejones
Left BehindTouch and go initially. The Russians were able to make great progress on the right. The Russian KVs ran into the roadblock in H9/I10, one being immobilized by a daisy chain. This slowed the progress and the vehicles were no longer able to make a difference. The infantry pressed the attack but ran out of steam climbing the hill. In the end. the Germans won with two hexes still in their control. Heloanjin
Left BehindClose scenario as the Russian made steady progress but ran out of gas at the end failing to get two hexes of the hill. Tanks were diverted from their main target by the roadblock and a successful Daisy Chain use. dmareske
Insurrection at Cividale toffee
Huns of SteelMarc wanted to try a meatier scenario, so I suggested this one. Given that it appears to be pro-Russian based on reported results, I agreed to give the balance to the attackers since it was my turn to defend. I set up with the conscripts in the victory hexes in the western grainfield with the Commissar to supervise foxhole digging. Both mortars set up here with bore sighted hexes in the woods in front of the grain. The ART gun set up in an overwatch position from the other side of the river. Some squads started in these woods to slow down the advancing Hungarians but they were destined to fall back into the grain when things got too hot for them. The rest of my force set up in the walled buildings with the heavy weapons and ATRs. Wire was set up to prevent bypass and movement through gaps in the woods and buildings.
The first three turns saw the Hungarians moving fairly cautiously and, by the time they were in a position to attack the western grainfields, I had Stuarts and Valentines waiting for them. Turn four saw the Hungarians charge the grain with their light and medium tanks and some infantry. This did not end well and the Hungarian armour took heavy casualties without inflicting any casualties. To the East, a lone MK IV got involved in a "dance of death" with a Stuart in the Russian MPh which ended with the Stuart putting an AP round through its turret. At this point, Marc had seen enough and conceded.
St. Oedenrode Bridge Bongiovanni
The RoadblockVASL jrwusmc
Left BehindThe initial Russian attack was immediately stymied by accurate defensive fire. The Russian center struggled to recover. The Russian right made better progress, but were still help back by a stalwart German HS and another full squad. The AFVs flanked the German right, setting up to fire on the hill top. However, the Russian progress was so far behind, the Russians conceded by Turn 4. Heloanjin
West Front Series #6: Land SharkeyOur playing was not representative, imho.

I feel as though I totally diced Rob. Rob never claims
he was diced, but conceded that it felt that way.

This is a good scenario, and we would happily play it again.
As with any small scenario, there's a possibility that the
dice play an oversized role (or roll?).
Indy Lagu
Bitter Defense at Otta 7-0 duval
Sand and BloodThe Japanese set up as best they could between the two islands.

A very accurate NOBA smoked out the INF gun placed on top of the hill on Gavutu. Once the smoke was present, the Marines quickly took the beaches. Poor rolls from the Japanese led to Gavutu falling in the first Assault Period, but not without the Marine 10-2 leader losing his life while taking out the Japanese bunker containing the .50 cal HMG.

Tanambogo was much less defended and the Americans were able to get a foothold on the north side of the island. Mortar crews from the Marines holding Gavutu shelled Japanese positions until there was no hope for a come back.

American victory in turn 3 of Assault Period 2.
Bitter Defense at OttaOnce the majority of attackers made it past the defenders setup in mid hill it all began failing miserably ... even before the Boats made to the opposite shore, the only AFV left made a daring OVR into Woods which broke British stack leaving too few units to muster a final defense. Turn 10 defeat. Kydder
Cohort and the PhalanxRound 3 of eASL open. The Greeks were able to catch the retreating Italians in open ground and wipe them out. A15.4er
The Battle of AlgiersThe Americans elected to defend only the North Victory Building (surrounded mostly by OG), placing the bulk of their forces there, with a 7-0/MMG/667/3-4-6 stack in G5 and a spotted mortar in the street, and only dummies in the South Victory Building (with a covered approach through the cemetery). The ruse worked, with the Vichy Schwerpunkt concentrating on the South Building, with an approach through the cemetery. However, they were decimated crossing the street by a Fire Lane from the MMG in G5, and reached their CVP cap in Turn 2. G5 IMHO is the key to game, and the French must place Prep or Op Fire on this hex to clear out the South Building. Thompsonmg(MGT)
It Ain't EasyA tough setup for the Polish to work around, they simply couldn't cover everywhere with the much-needed AT guns to punch through the German armor and stall the advance. With the tanks wreaking havoc on Polish infantry moving to consolidate the line, the German infantry were able to gain ground consistently. The Polish sniper was very active, but only ever managed to pin squads rather than kill SMCs (or even wound them!) Not a bad scenario, but it is definitely lacking a je ne sais quoi with regards to its design. The Poles defend too much, the Germans get a lot of units, there's no OBA. Just... a tiny thing missing somewhere. Jobbo_Fett
Sore Thumbs
Adolf's Amateurs igycrctl
Before the Blunder von Garvin
StuG of WarPlayed with the designer's errata (4 StuG IIIB). RJenulis
Cloak and DaggerAn excellent attack by my opponent as one would expect.. Despite a fair amount of ROF, the 37s were unable to get any serious effect on the Shermans or Scotts which were therefore able to move and fire with relative impunity. They did though take out the 2 Greyhounds. Similarly the defence just couldn’t seem to get any hurt on the attacking Free French (losing the German 81mm MTR for the game on its first shot didn’t help) who swept through the outer defences taking pretty much every Unit prisoner. A smokescreen from the AFVs / OBA then enabled the FF to move in with their DCs and CC Stealthy advantages and it was all over with a couple of turns to go Simonstan
Hatten in Flames Lluison
Rails to PerditionRomanians lose at 15VP on the last CC. A war of the poor.
Just what to do with the guns when Smoke and targets are exhausted except pushing them ?
Lash OutThe initial attack got off really well but my advance stalled a bit mid-game. In the end the game was decided only on the last Turn, with a really good PFPh Phase paving the way for victory. My opponent did very well, managing to stay in the game and contest it right to the end despite rolling quite a few boxcars along the way. ASLSKGwahlur
Nor Will Deep Hell Receive ThemThe variant of OB and purchasing of reinforcements makes this a fun scenario, my first out the of the new module. I think the Allies need to go slow until their reinforcements arrive and begin to flank the Germans. It is hard on the Germans as they seemed to be shooting in every direction towards the end. The Germans made some critical shots with their Marders that gave hope to the German defense bringing the game down to the last turn. dmareske
Liberation DayNote to self : stop Throwing DC ! Gamer72
The Art of WarWhat a fantastic game! von Garvin
Liberation DayA good test, as the Germans you have to decide how much to commit to holding the Railroad Station (both initially and what proportion of your reinforcements) - ideally just enough to keep the Partisans from overrunning your defence for the immediate win. Leaving the balance of your force to defend (and initially likely lose) the village which the counter attack then hopefully retakes. I was able to KO 3 of the Russian AFV for no losses (MG shot, PSK, CC) and the 4-6-8s well led by the 9-1 did enough to secure enough VC Locations. An enjoyable game Simonstan
Tiger 222This scenario feels pretty unbalanced towards the Americans. Unless the Germans send infantry ahead to search through all of the concealment terrain around the road entry hexes, Americans can ambush the German tanks as soon as they enter the board (which is how I won this game). HIP HSs with BAZ44s took two of the German tanks out and the AT gun popped the third. My opponent conceded shortly after we realized how unlikely it was for him to get his infantry across the river. BenB
The Dead of WinterI felt like I was losing this entire game as the German defenders. I managed to eliminate one T34 and break a bunch of Russian infantry but lost my dug in tank and the AT gun couldn’t get anything but AP ammo which made it difficult to affect the remaining T34s. They both managed to exit the map but I had enough firepower to keep the Russian infantry to having things so easy and the Russians ran out of time before they could get enough units exited to clear the VP threshold. BenB
Arctic Crossroads veitikka
Adolf's Amateurs Blaze
At the Gates of ViipuriFirst turn Human wave caught my opponent off guard and gave me the first two building. The Russian were able to take the a flanking move around the south side.
The Russians squad were able to capture the German AT 50L gun. Proceeded to CH a Finish tank, causing a burning wreck, the in the next shot CH a squad in a building.
Shenam PassAn Ass wooping of the first degree. I drew red on my first battery access and never got a second chance as, Tom managed to kill my observer and it was brutal after that. With little fire support to cover the rush up the hill to the main objective the first Banzai though successful in gaining a foothold on the hill cost to much in blood and the follow on forces were to little to take the crest and hold against the counter attacking Gurkhas. A fun scenario that is just hard for the japaneese. If I had the Japaneese again I would ask for HIP observer as balance. SGT Mac
Silence That GunA real brawl scenario. Everyone is very close, and the Germans have both little capacity to defend in depth and absolute garbage infantry. The fun thing in my play through was the sheer ASLness of various results - the most striking was the American flanking column rolling three straight 12s on MCs, their prisoners escaping and then capturing the routed Paras. Paras did get a foothold in the fortified building, and there was a last turn desperation charge on the AT Gun which nearly worked, but it was all just a little too much to ask on the day. owenedwards
Goodbye Cruel WorldLots of Russians, kept re on forcing the station. Germans could not flank the Russians and would gain a hex or 2 of the station, then get tossed out. Germans countered 3 times and got thrown back each time. More flanking needed to hold off re-enforcements. Should have made better use of FT and DC. BobMcKenna1966
Shoot-N-Scoot toffee
La Mort de CharlemagneSudden death German 28CVP vs Russian 23CVP on Game Turn 3. High replayability. A future classic tournament scenario. Bongiovanni
Killer Carp rosssssss
The Closer jwert02
Howard's Men Danno
Howard's MenGerman attack went in hard and poor British dice allowed them to advance within 3 hexes of the victory hex for the win. grumblejones
CanicattiThe Germans ran a Trench line on the South edge of Hill 783, anchored on the left in J4 by an ATG/MMG and right in N5 by an ATG/HMG/9-1, with two sets of 467s/LMGs interspersed in-between. The right anchor doubled as a Bunker, with the CA facing M6/M5 to stave off the expected late game final assault. Fire from these positions eliminated 1/4 of the American infantry and 4 tanks by German Turn 3, with another Shocked. More than a bit of an embarrassment of DR riches for the Germans, who had only 2 fire attacks with the ATGs and MGs that DID NOT obtain ROF. Further, even without APCR, the ATG managed Turret hits at tanks behind the F7-I9 wall and low enough TK DRs. One ATG crew broke, but bounced right back with its Fanatic status…. In short, the DRs were King (and Kong) for the Germans, but IMHO this is a tough one for the Americans, even in the face of average German DRs. Might be better as a meeting engagement, with most of the German infantry (and MGs) having an initial set-up on the North slope of the hill complex. Thompsonmg(MGT)
Showdown At The Crossroads Danno

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The way maps are stored under-the-hood has been changed. Previously maps were simply strings of text that were split into map_strings and added to the scenario. They weren't really unique map rows, which meant that there could be duplicates with similar names, and it wasn't really feasible to do nicer things with them, like attach images to them, or work out which publications they were from.

This has changed now, and the data has been ported across to the new map objects. All that's missing is the publication->map data, ie, which publications have which maps!

For those that like to edit and update these things, it's now possible to enter the maps for each publication (by logging in and editing the publication page and adding the maps). If we can get a good set of this data we can do things like "show me scenarios that I own the maps for" and other module dependencies for scenarios.

I've not done the same for overlays, because it seems a bit more of an overhead, but in theory it would be possible, but maybe a bit too much effort.

Finally - you can now hover over the map values within the scenarios and publication pages (if the maps have been added to them yet) to see a map preview. If the map image isn't there yet, it might need updating, but the standard ones should all work - I think!
Advanced Search tidy up
Thanks to JP whose eagle-eyes spotted a couple of small issues, the advanced search is now correctly handling third party/official searches and remembering your selection of starter kit preference during a search.
March Madness 2023: 10th Mountain Division pack - now available for download
Thanks to the guys over in Kansas, and Encircled productions, the archive is now hosting the 2023 10th Mountain Division pack.

Price is $15 and the pack features 9 scenarios and a 4 scenario campaign which can be played as individual scenarios or as the connected mini-campaign.

Balance reporting
You can now add balance to reported games and view a balance report for scenarios. The balance range comes from assistance of Indy and is an implementation of the Wald Interval algorithm.
Quickly see the games you've played
On each scenario page where you've played a scenario, there's now a small "show" button that will list all of the games you've played that scenario - this one will stop me having to find my name in the "view all" section of the games played list!

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Panzer Aces 65.45
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Firefights! 65.19
The Long March 175.11
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A 63 Action at BalberkampNear Balberkamp, Norway1940
CH 71 Bottom of the BarrelSoutheast of Zossen, Germany1945
PBP 24 Gurkhas and GrantsNingthoukhong, India1944
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