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Ripple Effect Bongiovanni
Red DonRussian stayed out of italian LOS on turn 1 but were able to get an 8 hexes LOS with concealment units to an italian one, the 10 units Human wave that ensued was able to pass the river and get to the wood in the advance phase with a couple of units. In the meantime, no access to italian OBA and the radio observer was first broken and then killed by a sniper. The russian sniper took another italian leader and the killer MG stack led by the 9-2 wreak havoc into the italian lines. My opponent conceaded with good reasons.
A scenario not for everyone, The defence has to be prepared very well, and you cannot get the attack wrong.
A difficult scenario.
11th Company Counterattack Lorenzoknight
Race to the RiverThe Japanese blew the 4O12 & the 4I2 bridges. The game became out of reach by the end of turn 6. Highlights for the Japanese was a flamethrower that took out a Sherman and a Dozer. IMO, this one is hard on the Americans. RJenulis
To the Rescue GOUREAU
Goats to Lure the Tiger Bongiovanni
Deadly AssumptionNot a fan of this scenario. The start is very dicey, mostly luck determining how many American tanks will survive the initial PF onslaught. In our game three did (mainly by successfully driving through buildings), but even then the Americans had a tough time approaching the village, and only managed to grab a few buildings on the outskirts by the time they conceded on turn 5. After the game, my opponent suggested he could have placed his tanks around the church so that their burning wrecks would hinder LOS/LOF from the steeple (where the German HMG will inevitably be)! Even then though, the Germans will have plenty of opportunities to his the Americans in open ground - and their infantry outnumbers the American infantry anyway. Andy_Bagley
Forest Fighting in LatviaPeter is a veteran player and well out of my league, and the game played out as one would expect. Nevertheless, I did have a longshot (ok, VERY longshot) chance to pull out a win on the last turn. Alas, counting on several lucky DRs to bail one out is a poor substitute for sound tactics.

I find the balance statistics a little confusing. ROAR has it tilted in favor of the Germans. The Archive, admittedly with fewer postings, has it lopsided for the Russians.

Taking the required FH/entrenchments was easily accomplished very early. It was going up against those two artillery pieces at PBR that was more than I could pull off.

Still, it was a win for me. Peter was very patient, and I picked up a new tactic or two, not to mention some shortcuts for maneuvering the VASL mechanics.

The scenario is obviously an old classic that is uncomplicated and quick to play. Worth considering for those reasons alone.
Bailey's BridgeFun and fast playing. The Japanese are outnumbered but have the advantage of starting HIP and only have to defend a narrow footbridge. Bob played a sound defense which forced me to risk multiple CC. I benefitted from some crazy DRs time after time. In the end, he only had two HS, 1 LMtr, and an MMG defending the crossing.

Once the Americans were able to mass their (massive) FP along the river on either side of the footbridge, those two FGs were soon DMd and the route to victory was open.

This scenario is the SK version of a couple of ASL scenarios, one of which is in the mini HASL "Hell's Corner." IIRC, both of the ASL versions are difficult for the Americans to win. However, IMO this SK version is tilted noticeably in favor of the Americans.

That imbalance, coupled with unlucky dice, was more than Bob could overcome.
Nothing Left to Lose toffee
Shoulder to ShoulderThis game was a quick American victory thanks to my mediocre play and very hot dice. Before getting to that, I'd like to mention that LOS on this map is tough. Although the orchards are out of season, the trees are pine trees which makes them level 2 -- as Ken pointed out before we started -- and thereby highlighting the flaws of my setup. Ken's attack cleared my HS outpost on the south-central hilltop by Turn 2 and advanced up both sides of the board. Both of us started with crazy dice rolls, as we rolled either 3s and 4s or 11s and 12s, thanks to Ken got a low odds hit on my M16GMC from a STuG on his recently-captured hill, knocking it out before the HT fired a shot. I malf'd my poorly-positioned 60mm mortar on a shot which I didn't actually have. Meanwhile Ken malf'd the MA on one of his STUGs and later disabled it, forcing a recall. My hot dice won the game for me, as I typically rolled 2s and 3s on my IFT shots while Ken rolled 8s and 9s on his MCs. The rolls were so crazy that by my Turn 3 Ken had only 10 of his 16 squads online, with the remainder being broken or KIA and only 2 STUGs still in the fight. Other than the loss of my halftrack, I had suffered no casualties... and this was before my Turn 3 reinforcements entered. Understandably frustrated, Ken failed his PMC and we called the game. Agoldin
Raff's Army Bongiovanni
KleckerweiseQuite tricky victory conditions that need to be read thoroughly. The French were able to hold on to enough hexes of the hill by turn 5, forcing the Germans to focus on the village in which the French had dug in. atomic
Panzerpioniere! igycrctl
Stutzpunkt LezongarDon't bother with this one. I put the pillboxes in hexes FF9 (surrounded by wire, mines, entrenchments, the AT Gun, and my best squads) and L10 (one wire and three entrenchments). My opponent went hard for L10. He called it during turn 6(of 8) when I broke his FT toting leader on a tank trying to reposition it for a last ditch try for the FF9 pillbox. He still hadn't taken the L10 pillbox but had two Free French (partisan) squads on it trying to take out the lone squad and wounded leader in there. Not one of his infantry even came within LOS of the three hex EE9 woods cluster. With two turns left, there was no way he was going to be able to dislodge the men there.

To have any chance, I think the Free French need to go after one pillbox while the Americans go after the other. Even so, having to traverse basically two boards, and a lot of open ground, takes a lot of time - and time is the problem. I put out some "spare" conscript HS and a couple of conscript squads forward and unsupported just to delay the infantry even by one turn. It worked and I even lucked out and took out a tank with a PF. With a crummy ELR of 2 and a six morale, I FPF all of them if anything got PB. Yeah, they usually broke and disrupted, but I did break a few units and that's what they were there for. It was better to do that instead of allowing them to get fired at, disrupt, and have nothing to show for it.

Anyway, pretty much a dud scenario. Currently there are no Allied wins on this forum and ROAR. I totally see why.

War of the Rats toffee
The Road to Lyon Danno
Ferenc Józef Barracks mcgallons
The French PerimeterI started out my game with Lee assuming that there were too many things that could blow my tanks to kingdom come. Because of that, I planned to feel my way forwards with the infantry, and then follow up behind with the tanks to support and clear out hard points, or drop smoke as needed. Lee set up with all of his squads and heavy gear on level 2 building hexes overlooking the other map, and managed to kill off a 9-2 and a squad or two on the way in. He dropped down once I got close, and I started pushing through the center with my troops, supported by my tanks periodically lobbing shells and getting a pin or break. I had a couple fortunate melees go my way, and we called it around Turn 7 when it was clear I had what I needed to win, and there weren't any obvious pushes Lee could make to dislodge me.

Solidly entertaining scenario, though it felt like a hard go for the French. Unless they manage to take out a lot of the Germans on the way in, it feels like there's a relatively easy crawl through buildings to get the win for the Germans. 11 turns feels a bit too long. Still very entertaining with a nice mix of hardware. Would play again, but would add the balance to the French.
The Road to LyonI think this is a tough on on the French even though my AFV malfed its MA on its first shot, a SMOKE attempt. The German Elite INF made steady work of the French taking prisoners, clearing the road Turn 7 and preventing a small counter-attack on the French turn. If you take the French, definitely ask for the balance, though you might need more help than that. dmareske
Great Vengeance atomic
Trenches in FlamesVASL w/RU balance jrwusmc
Trenches in Flames wwillow
Down by the River Bongiovanni
Belgian TigersThe Germans effectively used INF SMOKE to get across the bridge unscathed, but the Belgians were ready to defend. Slow but steady progress up the middle and finally breaking the AA crew helped the path to victory. Still, the Belgians took the game to the final CC as the Germans put all their resources to capturing the Q6 building. dmareske
War of the RatsVery tense game, Russian victory thanks to a last turn counterattack after a bold German assault Olivier
War of the RatsVery tense game, Russian victory thanks to a last turn counterattack after a bold German assault Olivier
Last Ally, Last VictoryThe German tanks easily cut down the Russian AFVs, but the infantry was slow to close the distance to the VC buildings. Trying to make up time, the German infantry made risky moves and paid the price. With few good order squads facing numerous GO Russian squads in stone buildings, the Germans conceded. Heloanjin
Death at the Cement Plant Danno
Death at the Cement PlantGermans advanced under cover of smoke with a northern Schwerpunkt. Little things went badly for the Germans with many missed opportunities. Good shooting and dice gave the Russians the opportunity to take down German squads. The 45L got one STUG before dying in Close Combat. Russians reinforced the Plant as the Germans stormed it from the west and north. Germans got in despite losses and the STUG went in as well locking up three squads. Everywhere was close combat and if the Germans could lock up the last Russian 9-1 and 6-2-8, they would win...but the Russians got ambush and infiltrated out for the win. Fun scenario and a must play. Both sides were in it to the final dice roll. grumblejones
TotensonntagPolish Mortar very effective at dispersing German forces early. Was able to flank West edge and head for the buildings by turn 2. Meanwhile Germans took a chance crossing the street in a stack and ended up eating a -3 shot that broke everyone. They routed ok but didn't rally and Mike decided to call it early. We reset and tried again same sides but gave the German the balance for the re-do. asevenson
TotensonntagThis was our 2nd time playing this (same sides) this day. Mike protected center and West with his setup but left East side lightly defended. Massed sizeable force this side with engagement force in the center. Polish mortar was again effective but not quite as much so as previous playing. Was still able to skirt East edge and eventually overwhelm center. By turn 4 had 5 German Squad equivalent eliminated and 1 building taken (with more troops headed toward village. German desperation set in and a lucky shot K'd a Squad and Casualty reduced 6th squad equiv. for the game. With decent Polish dice, this scenario seems tough on the Germans. Maybe a broader defense with central reactionary force would work better though the defense would be thinner everywhere. Good infantry scenario and Mike was a good sport about my great dice. asevenson
Hell's HeadacheLooks pretty tough for the Germans. Russian advanced up though the middle of the village, forcing the Germans to fall back. German reinforcements weren't able to turn the tide. We wondered after the game if it would be better for the Germans to not defend the middle buildings with just a token force but set up in back for the counterattack. sherersc
Ferenc Józef Barracks mcgallons
The Yelnya Bridge Rich Weiley
Panzerpioniere!Great scenario, really exciting game, and couldn't have been closer. Germans needed 12 VPs to win and by the end of the game had managed 11.5!
Tough decisions for both sides. The Germans have a choice of attack routes and some powerful weapons, but can't be too aggressive or they may breach the CV cap. The Americans have to decide how quickly to fall back, where they will attempt to hold, and whether to commit their tanks to defence or hold them back to avoid losing them (which costs VPs).
Our game started badly for the Germans, with one tank knocked out early and two others malf'ing their main guns (one later repaired). I felt fairly confident early on, but the luck then swung in the Germans' favour, with several low rolls devastating the American defenders. Then right at the end, two 8-morale German squads tried to rush the last building they needed for victory. Both were broken by defensive fire, the building held and so did the Americans to win. Certainly a scenario I'd play again.
Bullets For BreakfastMy North Koreans managed to do serious damage to the Americans in the beginning and successfully stormed the village after the American 10-2 was dead and the other officers wounded and broken. The North Koreans were able to take the locations and that was game. grumblejones
Bullets For Breakfast Danno
The Guards Counterattack hussar04
Aus der TraumGermans opted for a heavy north approach, with only a very token force in the middle to limit a mad-dash reassignment of my men. The first couple turns were simply the Germans getting themselves in position for their assault on the first large stone building, with the Americans mostly just holding their fire and sitting concealed. The Americans, knowing this was an untenable position locating en masse mostly to the 23Y7 building, with a few units across the street in the CC8 building. The next couple turns saw the Germans regroup themselves for these next assaults. With American retreat options limited, the CC8 building was relatively easy to take, and we saw the first casualties of the game when the Americans were completely ousted from here. The Y7 building would prove much more of a thorn however, especially with the interior building hex allowing the Americans prime skulking territory. Having yet to discover an AT gun, the Germans had been meticulously methodical and patient throughout the game. With the Germans closing in on one of the HIP guns' positions, I thought I was being extremely obvious in my attempts to protect it, but the Germans didn't push the envelope and risk too much RBF. When I did reveal it it was to blast 2/3 of the Wasps. By now it was obvious the Germans were simply going to skirt Y7 as much as possible and go for a northernmost bridge crossing. I had only two HS in the two stone buildings there, with some FL-capable units across the street behind the hedgerow, so I scrambled to reposition my other troops on that side of the canal and position my TDs to assist. Meanwhile Y7 held as strongly as ever. A captured American 8-1 revolted, killing his full squad guard and holding up the rest of the Germans on the bridge. He died a heroic death by the end of the turn. Turn 7 then saw the Germans cross the bridge in force, being led by three of the Panthers. The other two followed suit, but the last AT gun finally revealed itself and immobilized the last one on the eastern side of the canal. By the end of the turn the Germans had exactly 48VP west of the canal, with very little I could do to stop him. The German 10-2-led stack of infantry (which had been playing rearguard defense), was forced to end their move just east of the bridge after a failed smoke attempt, and broke to the man during the succesive American DFPh/PFPh. They were able to rout across the bridge however, and if Mr. Big bounced back there would be almost nothing I could do to stop them on the last turn. This did create a small opening for me to get some men across the hedgerow and, with the help of some infantry smoke, I successfully did so. When the 10-2 failed to rally, the Germans would have to get every single unit west of the bridge off to exactly hit 48VP. When a Panther, in the process of trying to lay a last round of smoke, was forced to ESB and failed - leaving it immobile on the goal line - it was game over. This sure sounds like it was an exciting game, and in some ways it was, but the soft ground/mist SSRs and the nature of the game turning into a bridge crossing made it a bit too tedious. buser333
Cavalry Brigade ModelWent to the last CC Phase with the Russians surviving with a crew, HS and squad against overwhelming odds. The dice favored the Russians throughout. wwillow
Great Vengeance oybj
About His Shadowy SidesMost of the Russian infantry attacked the village while a couple of squads waited for the German reinforcements North. The KV2 also went North to prevent progress from the German reinforcements, and kept moving in order to flank the village. The German infantry entering as reinforcements was actually blocked with some success. However, these blocking Russian units were desperately needed in the assault of the village. The arrival of the Panzers from the West side definitely stopped the Russian advance. The Panzers gracefully dodge the KV2 fired shells with the help of smoke and threatened the Frontoviki directly. The KV2s moved forward to wreck some panzers. But one of the PzIVD achieved a critical hit with Heat ammunition transforming a KV2 into a blaze. The Russian decided to abandon with only one KV2 left and squads unable to achieve fixed objectives. lt_steiner
Reckless RaidWe played half this scenario then stopped because we had questions about if Germans accumulate CVP to add to their glider VP, and what parts of E1.54 (in SSR 4) apply. Perry answered, it's in the Gamesquad "Perry Sez" forum. Anyway, we made a few adjustments to our progress and finished, and it was close. Germans had 12 VP, Romanians 4 CVP. But the Germans had no other opportunity to get more VP (last turn), so we ended it.

I have mixed feelings about this scenario. But definitely different, with a very interesting premise. But E1.54 (or a portion of it?) only applying to the Germans was strange. I guess they are supertroopers? I dunno, before playing make sure you both agree on how the VPs accumulate and how SSR 4 works (or see the Gamesquad post), because it wasn't crystal clear to us.
Neal Ulen
Early Battles toffee
Forest GummGermans have a ton of smoke in this one. A ton. Four rounds were shot to protect the infantry as they rushed forward. The 9-2 took it on the chin when he and his stack of boys came into sight of my mortar, but he was quick to bounce back. There's not much the Americans can do with their 6ML vs. 8ML except sit there and hope to remain concealed or hope for a rare -2 shot without smoke. The next turn saw the Germans reveal all my dummies and eliminate 1.5 American squads as they just bullied their way forward. They had yet to grab a building, but it was only a matter of time. Turn 3 saw the VBM sleeze fest begin as the Germans killed anouther 1.5 squads plus the 9-1. I managed to burn a HT with a BAZ which had snuck behind me, providing my quickly retreating infantry with at least a little cover. My tanks came on and positioned themselves to await the continued onslaught. By this time it was obviously apparent John would completely ignore the northern building so I ran half my troops down under cover of some mortar-provided WP to join the fight. Turn 4 saw yet another 1.5 American squads lost plus a tank, as I started to drive them into the front buildings to at least give my men some protective smoke when they were undoubtedly flamed up. But there's not much you can do against PB shots from this awesome batch of SS except hope for poor results. In fact I don't recall ever seeing a better-armed batallion than the one here. The last couple turns got to be a complete mess of counters amassed in the middle of the board, and it just degenerated into an even worse VBM sleeze fest than what it had been. It really was no fun for either of us. On the last turn the Germans had to oust me from three hexes to grab control of the last two big buildings. A DC knocked out one pile, massive FP another (except for a tough 8-0), but my fanatic squad in the middle held out. He would succumb in CC, leaving only my 8-0 in control. John had gotten a bit sloppy at the end in just trying to end this POS scenario as quickly as possible and had left a hex open in this last building when he advanced. When my 8-0 ambushed the Germans he was able to safely withdraw here and preserve the exceedingly hollow-feeling victory. buser333
Ejected From EloiWhat a wild ride this one was...

The Germans brewed up a truck/AC and eliminated a French squad
on turn 1. Then, Rob's methodical play took over and his relentless attack seemed to be on the road to victory.

On turn 4, Rob said "Sorry, I'm just dicing you" when I lost a
dashing squad on a 2(-2) shot. In his player turn, I had a 2MC
on his remaining leader with one elite squad. Both rolled HOB,
with the leader being promoted to a 9-1 and the squad going

I ended up getting very lucky in CC on the last French turn to
get a victory. I thought of resigning on the second-last turn,
but decided to continue as I had almost nobody left.

My win was not deserved at all. I still feel like I lost!

I would love to try this one again. Neither of us felt as though
our playing was indicative of anything since the dice seemed
constantly high or low, with little in between.

Indy Lagu
Falangist PrideA rather dubious scenario where the defender has all of the high ground, bore sighting, defensive artillery, and a healthy selection of troops and weapons - while the attackers have a variety of vehicles, high quality troops. Both sides have plenty of leaders, but ultimately it is the attacker who will need to make the most of them. My game ended with a whimper as the Republican vehicles were blown apart one by one thanks to the quick-firing AT guns hidden in buildings, while troops were unable to gain the same amount of ground without breaking. Several snake eyes further reduced troops as the HMG + 9-1 pair caused havoc. I would remove the artillery for the defenders, it is far too strong in this circumstance. The removal of all the woods hexes makes it really hard for routs as well. Jobbo_Fett
Falangist PrideA rather dubious scenario where the defender has all of the high ground, bore sighting, defensive artillery, and a healthy selection of troops and weapons - while the attackers have a variety of vehicles, high quality troops. Both sides have plenty of leaders, but ultimately it is the attacker who will need to make the most of them. My game ended with a whimper as the Republican vehicles were blown apart one by one thanks to the quick-firing AT guns hidden in buildings, while troops were unable to gain the same amount of ground without breaking. Several snake eyes further reduced troops as the HMG + 9-1 pair caused havoc. I would remove the artillery for the defenders, it is far too strong in this circumstance. The removal of all the woods hexes makes it really hard for routs as well. Jobbo_Fett
Go Big or Go Home Rich Weiley
Brasche EncounterShort with few troops. Very Dicey sensitive. GOUREAU
To Have and To Hold Serge
Unnoticed VictoryFunky short scenario. Dicey. If the Americans get rate it or snipers it can go the other way. 8ML Japanese in cover are hard to dig out. RJenulis
Tiger's Roar toffee
Forest GummIn fact, this was the first game after a 1.5 year hiatus - the longest ASL-pause since I took up the game in the late '90s. I played the attacking SS which has an OoB with quite some punch. The game did not start off optimally for the Germans, as one of the PzIVs and the 75* SPW failed their SMOKE special ammo on the first roll - an asset that the Germans did sorely miss. Unfortunately, my 9-2 rolled Boxcars on his first MC, surviving wounded but being basically out of the game after taking several turns to recover. Being somewhat rusty after my hiatus, an early move with a PzIV (the one without Smoke) may have been somewhat daring and was immediately punished by being taken out by the HIP American M8.

These early setbacks took out some steam from the German attack. The Americans were quite adept at finding WP time and again, which made it difficult for the Germans to bring their firepower to bear and caused numerous MCs with SS-troops breaking and taking too long to come back. On the bright side, I was able to take out the US 81mm MTR and to eventually capture it. Alas, I broke it on my first shot turning it against a 9-1, 667+MMG combo which had stepped out into the open. Eventually, I was able to kill both M8s and to capture the outer multi-hex building, but within the village, progress was too slow. It took until Turn 4 for the German pressure on the Americans to mount significantly. The Panther with the Armor Leader malfed its MA, the evening was getting late so we called it a day agreeing that the US would have won this shoot-out had we played til the end.

Altogether a nice scenario, though.
von Marwitz
Paper ArmyInteresting scenario. This is an exercise in fast infantry movement tactics (under fire!). The ASLSK version of "Fighting Withdrawal".

It seems that it is very hard for the Italians to win against a competent Greek pursuit, but I can see that the scenario would become much more balanced if BOTH balance options are taken: the board shortened to A-Y AND the Greek reinforcements entering no later than turn 3.
Paper ArmyInteresting scenario. This is an exercise in fast infantry movement tactics (under fire!). The ASLSK version of "Fighting Withdrawal".

It seems that it is very hard for the Italians to win against a competent Greek pursuit, but I can see that the scenario would become much more balanced if BOTH balance options are taken: the board shortened to A-Y AND the Greek reinforcements entering no later than turn 3.
Careless at Bakri Bongiovanni
Encounter at Le ValtruGermans moved first and had the jump on two Churchills. One Panther MALF'd its shot and the second took out a Churchill. The remaining Churchills and infantry moved into the village center to spar with the SS Grenadiers. Turn 2 - German Panther with MALF'd MA moves and gets a Crit Hit from a PIAT with back to back snakes for a burning wreck. The SS Grenadiers struggle to make progress as the Churchills get critical hits against them. The remaining Panther goes on a vengeance ride and gets smoked by the British mortars, but still destroys the remaining two Churchills. It then attempts to escape and gets a CRIT hit from the same PIAT team that destroyed the other Panther and is destroyed. With only 11 VP left, the Germans conceded for a Canadian victory. grumblejones
Encounter at Le Valtru Danno
Bats Outta HellI thought this would be a somewhat hokey scenario. In some ways it was, but in many ways it was much better than I expected. My biggest decision was deciding if I wanted to be aggressive going for the exit, or just try and keep as many vehicles alive as possible. I opted for the former. My first wave of infantry headed for the central woods mass, as I knew this would be a strategically important location, with most of my tanks hiding behind the north central bamboo. All of them stayed in motion, and would the entire game. The Americans were semi-aggressive in moving up to engage me, and deployed fairly liberally. Turn 3 saw the start of many banzais, as I was hoping to exit as many units as possible before the Turn 4 American tanks entered. I quickly lost two of my tanks, with another three to follow during the American half of Turn 3. As expected, one AT gun was in the north, and one in the south. Only one more tank was lost on Turn 4, and I was able to exit my remaining half for a quick 30VP. But this would leave my infantry without any armor support with their backs against the northern board edge, though many close to exiting. So I was a bit surprised when Scott decided to enter his remaining tanks safely in the south and immediately make for the airfield to situate himself for his own infantry exodus. Him losing one to a THH during my half of the turn perhaps made him exceedingly wary. So, with the help of another banzai, on Turn 5 I was able to exit 16VP of infantry to bring my total to 46. The rest would have their hands very full dealing with the aggressive HS wave the Americans sent their way in the north/central part of the board. I would not be able to exit another unit until the last turn, and this was a sole HS. The CCs had been hot and heavy the past couple turns, with the results probably more or less 50/50. But the Americans could afford the trade much more than I could. I would need to be a bit conservative with my remaining troops, which got to be harder as the airfield tanks drew their beads on them. Going into the last turn Scott had managed to close his CVP gap to just about even with my EVP number. With all but one of his tanks and many of his infantry close to the goal line I was thinking my days were numbered. But he had one straggling tank with a broken gun that had loaded up his 9-2 and two HS that had to run a gauntlet through some of my men before they were safe. I unhorsed one of the HS during DFPh, and failed to send a THH their way on my half of the turn, but did manage to close ranks with a striped squad and a HS. In desperation Scott had risked a bailout MC in turning his turret to shoot them, and the remaining HS broke in the process. My 9-1, whom I fervently wanted to join my men in their assault, was injured trying to make his break back. When I did get into CC with the tank I whiffed with both units, and his tank was able to join the others in exiting, but losing the 9-2 and both HS ended up costing him the game, with the final score being 104-47, or 3 points shy of a victory. This ended up being quite an exciting game, going down to the very end. buser333
Black Day in HattenCanCon 2023 round 5 - Championship game. Rich Weiley
The Valley of GlorySet the village as my target, sent the whole force to swarm the left hill. Sent two tanks home at the earliest opportunity, but the Germans abandoned the hill before I could unleash the human wave. The German mortar broke a couple of squads but was never effective, but I cracked the village with a berserk commissar and two 527 squads, followed by a critical hit from the remaining tank that took out the best german leader. After that, it was just a case of numbers in close combat, and the Russians had it. aiabx
Death at the Cement PlantVery static scenario for the defender, with ELR 2 those conscripts that are not fanatic into the Cement Plant are going to be captured, unfortunately the russian cannot keep the germans at bay from the plant with dummies and 4 1st line squad either. So set up is very important, it's all about skulking and voluntary break (in the plant), until reinforcements come.
I wasn't able to keep the germans out of the plant, the FT and the DC were scary and efficient. The Commisar and the AT GUN didn't help, Anyway I was able to snatch victory out of the jaws of defeat with a wall of bodies, and succeded in breaking the FT toting AE and all those that tried to take it and the DC that were ADJACENT to my GO units in the Plant.
Interesting scenario that becomes quickly quite crowded in those 7 hexes.
Today We Take HyeresMisplaced some German units during the setup added to the inspired playing of Laurent and the result was a decisive victory for the Free French side at the end of turn 5. Nevertheless, it was an Interesting scenario. lechiquier94
Black Day in HattenCancon 2023. Didn't feel in a winning position for the whole scenario. Looking back, luck was not against me, just poor play on my side. Pte Parts
A Deadly TideFun scenario with lots of D.C. Hero action. Americans set up S to N from V4 to the woods. Japanese came in at the top of the E board edge and a small force from the water on the W side. Japanese pressed early while there was an LV hindrance to help with approach and got into several close combats by turn 4 that sealed the win. wlee123
A Deadly TideFun scenario with lots of D.C. Hero action. Americans set up S to N from V4 to the woods. Japanese came in at the top of the E board edge and a small force from the water on the W side. Japanese pressed early while there was an LV hindrance to help with approach and got into several close combats by turn 4 that sealed the win. wlee123
A Deadly TideFun scenario with lots of D.C. Hero action. Americans set up S to N from V4 to the woods. Japanese came in at the top of the E board edge and a small force from the water on the W side. Japanese pressed early while there was an LV hindrance to help with approach and got into several close combats by turn 4 that sealed the win. wlee123
The Beleaguered CapitalAn easy win for the Republicans, with the Nationalist side barely being able to pierce the defenses of but a few Green squads. There is something to be said about the amount of low rolls Rootin was able to throw down and whoop me with, but this is the first scenario from Hazardous Movement that truly has be scratching my head. The difficulty for the Nationalist side is absurd, especially after re-reading the Objective, coupled with the starting locations and the fact that all the defenders can conceal for free. There's just no way to move into the city without taking easy losses and breaks and if you're average roll is an 8 on the MC, you just won't progress. It would've been hard against just the initial forces, but by turn 4, with the vast amount of reinforcements (and their ridiculous entry area!) and merely losing 4 CVP in combat... It was a no brainer for the depleted attackers that had to start facing tanks and troops with only a faint selection of Good Order. This was further hindered by an immobilized Pz Ib, and a second with a broken MA and under Recall.

Played with the balance, with offers nothing of note.
Holzthum Hold OutDan's Germans moved around my left flank, entered the village and by Turn 5 had won the game. grumblejones
Climax at Nijmegen BridgeOld school ASL. Lots of turns, lots of units, not many concealments. I remember playing this way back when when I got GI:AoV and then later when the G.I.'s Dirty Dozen came out. That's when my (same) opponent and I did smash mouth gaming. No finesse, no smoke, no deployment; just in your face see who will flinch (and break) first. Now, with more experience it was interesting revisiting this golden oldie.

Unfortunately, the dice helped me make short work of my opponent. Mine were very hot and his were ice cold. It was so bad that he actually threw in the towel before turn 4 (playing it several times in the past also helped in his decision). I really can't blame him. I even felt guilty getting rate shot after rate shot and then watch his forces disintegrate through horrible MC rolls.

Even so, I think this one is very (too) tough on the Allies. I set my south river forces so they wouldn't get mauled during the turn 1 PFPh. This forced my opponent to make probing attack moves across streets that had nice firelane possibilities. There is plenty of time for them, but the spread out victory buildings forces the Allies to spread out as well diluting their unit advantage. My set up was also designed to keep the British tanks off board until turn 6 or 7 (they come on the turn after the Germans have less squads than the turn number on Board 1). This would take away a significant smoke making and rout path cutting opportunity for the Allies.

Irregardless, it's the south side of the playing area where the scenario will be won. I only put two conscript HS in building R9. The rest of the units were packed into the "castle" victory building area. There is only one avenue of approach due to the surrounding cliffs making hex W8 a death hex. One AA Gun in X6, one in W7 with and entrenched squad, both leaders and a squad and LMG each on the ground floors of the castle, one each deployed conscript HS on the first levels, another conscript in X7 to strip concealment and tie up fire, and the 88L in X4 trained on the 3rd level hex on Board 1 to hamper any OBA, and the Allies would have to be very lucky to make it through that gauntlet. My hope was for my opponent to get his reinforcements on turn 4. That would only give him four squads - one of which at the very least - would have to try for Building R9. Barring catastrophic DRs from the Germans, I don't see how the Americans could reach the castle even if they get the max six squads. Anyway, that's my two cents worth.

Interesting to try once, especially if you played it back when Prep Fire was king and maneuver was an afterthought. With the forces compacted so tightly, it actually plays pretty fast so you could get it done in one long playing session. Recommended more for the Germans than the Allies for sure.
Holzthum Hold Out Danno
Retaking Viervilleteaching session mcgallons
The Gin Drinker's LineCanCon 2023 - Round 3. Rich Weiley
The Gin Drinker's LineCancon 2023 Wire was placed well and held up the Japs but not long enough. One of my Squads went berserk then managed to ambush the Japs but died anyway. Reinforcements entered turn 2. I was never going to win the kill ratio but almost held on to the village. Pte Parts
Counterattack on the VistulaIMO, this is a bad scenario. It has been rebalanced (A134) but still remains pretty pro-German. As long as the Germans remain loaded in ht's they have too much mobility for a 9 turn game. Even if they don't remain mobile, all they have to do is get into the Gully, under a bridge hex and Abandon for the win. Not a scenario I will every play again. Sparafucil3
Rage Against the Machine atomic
Sting of the Italian HornetVery good scenario, really enjoyed it even though I lost. Excellent defence by my opponent, giving up the first factory quite easily to preserve his forces to defend the second and prevent me getting the additional stone buildings needed for victory. Fooled me with dummies and the placement of Semovente M14M, so that I channelled my attack in the north and south rather than the centre, which basically made my assault too slow, and I conceded at the end of turn 6 when victory was clearly impossible.
Fair share of (mostly bad) luck on both sides: the Italians managed eventually to break down both ART guns, the Semovente M14M and a 47/32, whilst my OBA didn't make it into the game until too late, my three tanks and two mortars only managed a single Smoke round between them, and my attempt to sneak a tank through the woods resulted in bog and immobilisation. I came fairly close, but not close enough.
One Story Town Bongiovanni
A Real Barn Burner cindel76
A Real Barn BurnerThis was a fun game. The French were able to reinforce the barn in force, securing the win. von Garvin
First Horse ArmyMy Poles dismounted and waited for Dan's mounted Bolsheviks to appear. The we proceeded to shoot them down for a largely unfun bit of ASL. grumblejones
First Horse Army Danno
Legio Patria Nostra apomarbarbeito
By Dawn's Early LightCanCon 2023 - Round 1. Rich Weiley
By Dawn's Early LightCancon 2023. I was maybe a bit cautious with my armour. I gave up on capturing the large instant win building early. I captured 4 buildings then remembered his last hidden HS was still unaccounted for. I fully searched one - but the wrong one. The Hidden HS was upstairs in a building I left. Pte Parts
Father SunshineClose game as designed but again the Russians prevail. Took a miracle to charge four Finnish tanks ready to exit, each which had a -2 acquisition on my T-34/85. All my infantry was dead at little cost to the Finns but did immobilize "Father Sunshine" and destroy a Sotka. The advance to try to kill one more tank succeeded after many misses and bounces but it took an intensive fire shot to kill the Sturmi in bounding fire. Tough for both sides. Finnish balance perhaps needed given the ROAR record. Ray Woloszyn
ShowtimeThe Germans got to move first and came on in force, but by the end of Turn 2 the Russians had a good line of defense and while the Germans were trying to go up the east side, the Russians were able to meet the challenge, preventing them from ever getting a toe-hold on the hill. In the center, the Russian T-34s matched up well and staying out of LOS from the Tiger tanks. Even so, the Tigers wrecked two tanks and the Russians lost one to Recall. The Germans missed some critical SMOKE shots mid game that slowed their advance and actually kept the initiative on the Russian side. Fun scenario, lots going on, but favors the Russians. dmareske
Black Day in Hatten jacelm
A New Kind of Cavalry Danno
A New Kind of CavalryThis is one of the scenarios where the most important roll is for sides. I lost that and ended up as the Bolsheviks. Dan's Poles attacked from the west with 2 tanks and 3 tanks from the south. Dan rolled snakes twice against my concealed units, which wasted them and allowed his infantry to get some early kills. My MMG's were ready and waiting to shoot at tanks. I would hit several times, but never got a kill. I then broke my MMG facing the three tanks. My other one just couldn't get do anything and Dan's tanks rolled past me for the win on Turn 4. Gee...that was fun. grumblejones
Death at the Cement PlantFirst DR of the game was a 6 -2 and a 1 KIA on a stack of moving Germans. For the Germans, this was a highlight as things went downhill from there. The 45L lined up on both German StuG, hitting one and getting a 3 TK DR, eliminating the first. In German 2, the remaining StuG fires SMOKE against a concealed target, rolls a 9 TH, depleting his last SMOKE round but missing the concealed target. A valiant 4-2-6 along the river CR's an 8-3-8, HOB's into a 5-2-7 and deploys a hero, wounds a leader, kills a unit in CC, holding up German progress for 2 turns. It was that type of game for the Germans. In the end, they threatened to get on GO unit into one of the rear VC buildings but the other was stuffed full of Russians. The H4 building was never really threatened either.

This is a very static game for the Russians. Without Smoke, this becomes VERY hard on the Germans.
Mala Zemlya (AKA Petite Terre, or Little Earth) toffee
Showtime Heloanjin
Trouble At Mile Post 27We had wanted to play the mini-CG version of these scenarios, but upon in-depth analysis the Japs really get hosed - especially in the leader category. Also, I wouldn't bother using the email on the website, as (besides the multitude of errata already posted there to clean this up) my additional questions went unanswered. And what's up with that 15-hex-minimum range mortar? There are probably only a handful of visible hexes that it can see on the board, and these will either be quickly left behind or completely avoided once its made known. The only use I could find for it was granting a MG crew which possessed it HIP and emplacement. It's inclusion (beyond possibly only for pure historocity) is highly questionable. Anyway, Turn 1 kicked off with the Brits attacking heavy west, with only an AC and a Stuart playing guard in the east. Since my plan was to knock out the AFVs pronto, and both my guns were on this side, they got the brunt of my attention. The Stuart managed to extricate itself, but the AC was burning scrap by next turn. The Turn 3 Brit reinforcements showed they were serious about taking the east, but a HIP THH flamed a Stuart driving into the eastern most hut, and this fire would shortly spread to the hut debris itself - making control of this hex subject to A26.161. Another marauding Stuart was immobilized by another HIP THH in the far north west of the paddies, which became burning fodder for an AT gun a turn later. The west was mostly just a standoff, though a berserk Japanese HS survived all sorts of OG fire to reach some Brits in the stream, only to die in CC. Meanwhile a Stuart and AC over there each broke their MA. The Brits were quickly cleaning up in the east though with the help of both ARTs dropping round after round of smoke. By Turn 6 they had the eastern bridgehead seemingly in hand, but by now their only real hope was to get more VP north of 20 than the Japs (being severely outnumbered in CVP with all their lost vehicles). My sole holdout HS in the east was an intrepid little bugger however, stunning the Carrier that had drove up next to him (and then stunning them again to force recall the next turn), followed by taking out a fanatic Brit squad and hero in CC. My HMG crew was blasted to bits by a KIA, but a HIP crew in the east went into CC with a Brit HS, forcing a melee. The Turn 7 Brit push was a disaster, made worse by my own men shooting into the melee and eliminating the Brit HS while leaving my crew unscathed. With no mobile units around him to recapture ground, he would be able to prevent a Brit victory on his own, but there was no way the Brits would win either the CVP or north-of-20 VP battle regardless. I like the map and the overall look of the pack, but it's a bit of a bust as far as scenarios go. buser333
Righteous Red ScytheDespite the nature of A26.3 applying, we played with the understanding that the lack of the Romanians fulfilling their VC would not result in a tie if the Russians do not fulfill their own VC, as I could not imagine this was the intent at all (confirmed by the designer later). With this in mind, I just don't see how the Romanians can ever fulfill their part of VC. Turn 1 started about as well as I could hope, as my front line traps killed 1.5 Russian squads (though I suffered a couple broken squads and a lost MMG of my own). I still couldn't stop the Russians from piling into the western gully and woods. But they would make very little progress from there on Turn 2 as my defenders moved up front to bolster the line. My small mortar kept the Russians' heads out of the eastern trees with his vantage from the elevated road. My Turn 3 reinforcements were welcome as I was starting to suffer the worst in the battle of attrition. Turn 4 was particularly bad for me as I lost two squads to his none, and also a MMG to permanent breakdown. Meanwhile he overwhelmed and ousted me in the east, grabbing his first four buildings, and also nabbed the one furthest NW. In the west central he finally stumbled upon some mines and wire, and these did a nice job of slowing him down sufficiently. By Turn 5 he had accumulated a lot of firepower in this area, but thankfully both my tanks found some smoke to keep my men safe. He grabbed one more building in the west, but I was able to trade two tanks for my one in the east, and brained his 9-2 in the west with a sniper. I would still need to physically hold him out of the remaining four buildings however, and this was looking tenuous at best. He was almost certainly going to grab two more buildings in the west, and possibly one more, but when a 628 couldn't make it under wire on the road this prevented him from taking F14. A move to grab an empty G17 was rebuffed, and when a 2KIA in the brush killed a 628 and a leader with a DC it was game over. I hate to sound like a broken record, but yet another HazMo scenario that goes down to the bitter end without providing a whole lot of fun factor (though this was better than most). buser333
Encounter at Le ValtruA quirky but excellent offering by LCP.

I was the Germans...I think that, as the Axis, you have to decide early
which VC you want to go for. I chose not to go for the exit and try
to hold off the Brits, because the at-start dr had the Brits go first.

As is typical in LCP offerings, there is some wording that could be
tightened up in the SSR. It's niggly at best, annoying at worst. We
did our best to interpret intentions.

The Archive lists the Germans as the attackers. From our playing
it felt as though the Brits attack. They outnumber the Germans 10-7,
and 3-2 in AFV.

It was Rob's usual methodical attack. With one turn to go, I made two
blunders that Rob expertly exploited. We would both highly recommend
this one!
Indy Lagu
Shadows of Death GOUREAU
Ring of IronA pretty big scenario with forces that need to be spread out. The attackers need to nab three of the five possible hills on the map, I decided to end my own solo attempt early with the battle for a 3rd hill still in contention. The major problem for the attacker is the CVP limit of 45, which seems a little harsh considering the forces involved on both sides (Those 45L's won't need much to blow up Pz 1s!) And a good run of artillery can do a significant amount of damage to the attacker. The balance also doesn't help the attacker in any way (Add 1 game turn) and should be something else. The attackers don't lack for time to take the objectives, its about holding them and not losing CVP in the process of it all. Jobbo_Fett

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If you wrote this message to me I couldn't reply as I didn't have a reply address: "May be you can help me. We play LN3-8 scenario. Japan has 6 pillboxes worth 1 vp each and 3 caves worth 2 vp each in the OB as start. US must earn 10 vp by controlling or destroying them to win. Can the Japanese use: G11.91 OB: The number of caves available to the Japanese is listed in their OB. However, each cave set up as an Upper-Cliff cave (11.113) subtracts three from the number of caves available for setup. Cave Complexes (11.2) are not listed in the Japanese OB. The number of Cave Complexes available to the Japanese side is not reduced by the setup of any Upper-Cliff cave(s). This eliminates many vp for the US hence limiting his chances to win. I don't think the scenario was built that way. Right or wrong? Thanks". My interpretation (without any specifying SSR saying otherwise) is that it's possible to swap and yes, probably an oversight by the playtesters/designer. It's probably worthy of a house-rule prior to selecting sides.
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Still not sure about scenarios on top of each other (with the same location) but I'll figure it out, shortly!

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ASL 7 - Hollow Legions (2nd Edition) 86.44
ASL Journal # 7 126.44
Dezign Pak 1 106.44
HASL 8 - Festung Budapest 206.44
Blitzkrieg Pack 186.43
Out of the Attic #2 166.43
Coastal Fortress 536.43
Recon by Fire! #3 206.42
ASL Action Pack # 9 To the Bridge! 106.41
Blitzkrieg in the West - Central Campaign 66.41
AH:ASL Annual `91 166.40
ASL Journal # 6 156.40
Tactiques # 7 86.40
Internet 1596.39
Franc-Tireur#12 126.39
Buckeyes! 106.38
Leibstandarte Pack 2 - Barbarossa 86.38
AH:ASL Annual `89 156.37
Waffen-SS II: The Fuhrer's Fireman 86.37
The Canadians In Italy 1: The Red Patch Devils in Sunny Sicily 86.36
Witches Cauldron: Oosterbeek Perimeter 166.36
Schwerpunkt #19 126.36
HSASL 1 - Operation Watchtower 176.35
Critical Hit # 4 106.34
Swedish Volunteers 146.34
Rally Point # 9 106.32
Rally Point #16 106.32
G.I.'s Dozen 136.31
Corregidor: The Rock 216.31
Franc-Tireur#13 176.30
Rivers to the Reich 156.30
Provence Pack (MMP Download) 106.29
Tactiques # 4 86.29
BFP: Operation Neptune 106.29
Critical Hit # 3 186.28
Tropic Thunder! 126.28
Schwerpunkt #21 126.28
HASL 10b - Red October 116.28
Schwerpunkt #15 126.27
ASL 7a - Hollow Legions (3rd Edition) 546.27
Hero PAX 1: Hurtgen Hell to Bulge Nightmare 86.26
ASL Action Pack #11 29 Let's Go! 106.26
HASL 10a - Red Factories 186.26
ASL Action Pack # 7 106.25
From The Cellar Pack #6 106.25
Winpak #2 66.25
Rally Point #18 106.25
Berlin: Red Vengeance 116.24
Out of the Bunker 146.24
Franc-Tireur #7 116.23
ASL 15 - Forgotten War 166.23
Tactiques # 1 106.22
Armoured Aussie Pack 76.22
ASL 2 - Paratrooper (2nd Edition) 86.21
Schwerpunkt #12 126.21
Dezign Pak 7 126.21
ASL Action Pack #12 Oktoberfest XXX 106.21
Onslaught To Orsha 2 326.21
Nor'easter Scenario Pack II 156.21
Tactiques # 6 86.20
Out of the Attic 166.19
Rally Point # 8 106.19
ASL 14 - Hakkaa Päälle! 176.19
Paddington Bears '97 Pack 86.17
High Ground! 86.17
ASL 4 - Partisan! 86.16
From The Cellar Pack #7 106.16
Into The Rubble 2 126.16
Franc-Tireur #8 106.15
Dezign Pak 4 156.15
March Madness `97 Pack 126.14
Hero PAX 2: Eastern Front Hero Fest 86.13
Tactiques # 2 106.13
Rally Point # 6 106.13
ASL 11 - Doomed Battalions (2nd Edition) 86.12
Dezign Pak 2 126.11
Schwerpunkt #18 126.10
Internet: MMP 66.07
Franc-Tireur#14 326.07
Backblast # 2 86.06
The Canadians In Italy 2: The Spaghetti League 126.03
ASL 6 - The Last Hurrah (2nd Edition) 86.01
Leibstandarte Pack 4 - Turning of the Tide! 86.00
Objective: Schmidt 176.00
Dezign Pak 8 105.98
SASL 1 - Solitaire ASL (2nd Edition) 215.97
ASL 8 - Code of Bushido 85.96
Schwerpunkt # 3 125.96
Recon by Fire! #1 85.95
Schwerpunkt # 2 125.95
Deluxe Pack #1 125.95
Schwerpunkt # 1 125.94
Waffen-SS I: No Quarter No Glory! 65.93
HASL 6 - A Bridge Too Far 125.85
HASL 3 - Kampfgruppe Peiper II 85.82
Dezign Pak 3 155.82
Blitzkrieg in the West - Northern Campaign 65.82
ASLOK 2005 - 20th Anniversary Scenario Pack 105.81
HASL 5 - Blood Reef: Tarawa 105.77
Time on Target # 2 215.70
Wacht Am Rhein 165.68
Southern Cross Scenario Pack `96 65.68
ASL For Fun-LCP 325.68
DASL 2 - Hedgerow Hell 85.65
Melee Pack I 65.62
All American I: Kellam's Bridge 105.52
Panzer Aces 65.43
Leibstandarte Pack 3 - Clash at Kharkov! 85.40
Hell's Highway 65.38
Firefights! 65.23
The Long March 175.11
Soldiers of the Negus 84.93

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CH 31 First and GoalCassino, Italy1944
FE31 Plenty of Time to Rest When You're DeadQuinauan Point, Bataan1942
SP58 Mars' Last FightHpa-Pen, Burma1945
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