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Used and AbusedMy GI's started out hot and really put it to the attacking Japaneese however, after malfing a Baz and 50 cal which, disabled on the next turn. They fought on bravely but by turn 5 were surrounded. Roar currently has this at 17 to 4 in favor of the japaneese. Suggestions after 2 playing to even that up would to be have the Japaneese enter from off board and allow bore sighting SGT Mac
The Winter CitySlovaks attacked on the West side, breaking some of the Polish defenders with machinegun fire in the first few turns. Many Slovaks broke while trying to cross, but more were able to hug the west edge of the map, eventually appearing behind the Polish positions. On the east side, the Slokaks set up in the woods and waited for the West side attack to develop. By turn 5, the Slovaks completely overwhelmed the West hill, and pushed onto the East hill with the two groups. The Poles had revealed too many of their units and the Slovaks were able to bat aside most of the decoys, which made the East hill look a lot more defended than it really was. It came down to the last turn, but the Slovaks were able to end the game with 13 building and area VC and all Poles either broken or in cc. allegedlycaleb
DASL Series #3: Special Delivery Danno
DASL Series #3: Special DeliveryOne word...Molotovs... grumblejones
For an Army Routed Bongiovanni
Burn Gurkha Burn!An excellent game that came down to the a close combat on the last turn which the Japanese won.
Martin defended hills 507 and 502 in depth whilst lightly defending hill 526. As the Japanese closed in he fell back towards 502. By the end of the game he had lost a significant amount of his strength whilst the Japanese were able to mass their fire power just around the level two hexs of 502.
Nothing was settled until the last close combat which the Japanese won to take the game.

The game was a blast and it became very tense during the last couple of turns.
Clearing with a BayonetAn interesting scenario with a wild ending.

I would agree that this can be tough on the
CPVA, but they are tough to dislodge. It's
perhaps typical of a scenario with so few
defenders that, once the shell cracks, the
roof can cave in.

That didn't happen when we played: the
shell stayed mostly in tact, but the British
weight was too much for the CPVA to bear.

We misplayed a few CPVA rules, but none of
the mistakes were fatal, imho.

With one turn to go, I thought my Brits were in
dire straits. Fortunately, Rob's defenses were
strained and I managed to maneuver and force
him into some tough FPF shots. He botched two
crucial ones: both MC failures including a 12.

I ended with the minimum 12 hexes for a very
close win.

BTW, I forgot to even try a bayonet charge with
the Brits.

I think the Chinese need a bit of help. The balance
(a crew with an MMG) might be a bit too much.

Great fun...highly recommended.

Indy Lagu
Dutch Courage Heloanjin
Panzerpioniere!Lost on the CVP cap. Enjoyable scenario for both sides. Gamer72
Strayer's Strays igycrctl
Shoot-N-ScootGreat scenario if, as the American defender, you can consistently roll "5" or less on your APCR checks, otherwise it's going to be very challenging.

Jason attacked across both boards. In the south, he ran into my infantry and AT mine ambushes, where, over a few turns, I knocked out all of his halftracks. In the center and north of the map, where Jason made his armor attack, my M10s got exactly one APCR round off, destroying a JgPz, while my hidden ATG got a flank shot on a Panther, knocking it out as well. This made the exit victory condition impossible, so Jason had to take the village.

The effective strategy for me was to use my OBA to destroy his infantry as they moved across the open area and woods to get to the village. By the beginning of Turn 6 I had eliminated over half his infantry (thanks to my artillerymen and effective small arms fire), at which point Jason believed he no longer had sufficient infantry to take and hold the victory buildings, so he conceded.

Even so, Americans suffered substantial losses, losing all of the M10s and the M8. The Shermans stayed alive only by moving around alot ('scooting') and a suicidal sacrifice play by the reinforcing halftrack. I thought it important to keep them alive to retain the threat of eliminating another Panther.

This scenario easily could have gone either way, as at that time he conceded, Jason had plenty of tanks remaining to shoot up and eliminate my infantry in buildings due to failure to rout. Timely and (mostly) accurate artillery fire was essential in scoring this as a 'win'.

Bridge Over the River QueenThis was a flukey one - on the north front, the Russian attack was hammered, and the commissar finished the job by killing 2 squads worth of brokies. On the south, however, the Russians withstood the fire and smashed the German infantry. At this point fate intervened with flames spreading into the cars on the railroad bridge, breaking the Germans trying to reinforce the failing side and closing the bridge for the rest of the game. The Germans conceded at this point. aiabx
All The King's EnemiesAussies couldn’t pass a MC, opponent conceded. Not one of the great scenarios we thought, if Japanese can hold onto their Concealment, then it becomes very tough to wrinkle them out. Gamer72
Brush at TilburgBoth French and German split their force to get to the two bridges over the flooded stream. French with additional AMRs moved first waiting for the Panzers on the other side of the bridges. The Panzers crossed the northern stream but were eventually quite all destroyed by the AMD 35s or recalled by a sniper shot. On the southern bridge, the Panzers were more lucky and destroyed the AMRs. Still, one panzer was burnt on CC by French infantry. Two Panzers managed to exit but not enough to win. The Germans suffered 34 CVP and inflicted 26 CVP. A major French victory. lt_steiner
An Arm and a LegFirst to play and post.
An Arm and a Leg grumblejones
The Streets of StalingradOverall a very fun scenario! The gritty street fighting devolved into absolute chaos. The Germans quickly lost the West and a misguided charge at the Tractor Works lead to the decimation of the remaining German squads. 12/10, would play again (as the Russians next time...). badger317
Khamsin oybj
Engineering DefeatAn aggressive Polish defense (in part due to the ambiguity of "south of XXX road" as a setup condition) and a lot of good, early rolls for the Germans allowed them to punch through the defensive line and try to outflank the weaker Polish force. Despite the early advantage, the Poles did everything they could to stop fritz and their plans. Tense fighting in the center eventually led to a collapse pocket and the Turn 4 reinforcements had that much higher of a hill to climb. Ultimately, they were unsuccessful due to the Germans still have so many units that they couldn't move/advance into the required building to re-secure it and clinch a victory. Fun and engaging, it felt very well balanced. Another great scenario in a great module. Jobbo_Fett
Unhorsed Bongiovanni
Fill 'er up, Mac?Strange scenario based on the write-up of the battle. It makes it seem that the initial American forces should be beyond the Japanese 1st Naval Battalion with the 1st NB in position to interdict the American boat reinforcements. However, the set up has the US forces on one side and the Japanese on the other. Thus, the US amphibious assault can land unmolested - with one exception.

I picked a preregistered spot right on a possible road hex where the American amphibious forces would be if they used max movement on turn one. This took out two vehicles and their passengers. That was my one shining moment for my OBA as I only got one more fire mission the rest of the game (Pleva variant used).

Because of the way the Japanese set up, being able to use the half hexes for both forces, I set up my units so all the good weapons (except the MTR's which were placed on rooftops) and leaders from the Board 45 group were stacked with forces from board 21. I transferred the weapons and moved the majority to locations with great firelane opportunities on board 21. About half of the 10 2nd line squads stayed behind to slow down the US advance and conduct a fighting withdrawal.

The Americans struggled to make headway because of their low morale. They'd make a push forward, break, regroup, and be pushed back again. By the end of turn 7, the Americans had yet to take a single building so we called it. Fun for both of us, but frustrating for my friend playing the Americans. I can see why there have been no American wins. The Japanese can pack the buildings and have serious support weapons to make getting to them very difficult.
North Bank toffee
Dutch CouragePlayed this in round 5 of the eASL tourney vs Rich Jenulis. I rolled well early and got off to a great start. And things clicked into place from there. FWIW I think I actually managed my troops on assault well, hitting weak points without exposing myself to too much fire. Rich had a few unforced errors and my dice were extremely good the whole game.. so this one didn't go the distance. But that said I am impressed with this scenario design. I would play it again tomorrow from either side. It is imo one of the best small, infantry-only (okay there are 2 trucks) scenarios out there. When you are looking for an infantry-only scenario keep this one in mind! The Germans have a tough ask... to attack AND hold ground. But the extra-bad-by-SSR Green Dutch really can't go toe to toe with the German Fallshirmjager's... they will lose any engagement where they don't have a clear advantage. The Dutch need every trick they can come up with to stay in this game, and steal back the VP locations and prevent German victory. So much replayability here. Expert players may disagree. Pyth
Please Hurry Yllanes
Courage of Cowan mtrodgers99
Breakthrough in the Arctic GOUREAU
Hurricane Biak GOUREAU
Pipkorn's Attempt grumblejones
Death at Carentan von Garvin
Pipkorn's Attempt Danno
The ChocosThe 9-1 and a 4-5-7 squad with a light machine gun held out to the end of the game. Won three close combats and survived. Lorenzoknight
Ad Hoc at Beaurains A15.4er
The Sound of Hoof BeatsAn aggressive advance by the Polish was met by accurate and devastating fire from the defenders, costing them many CVP. By Turn 2/3 the game is teetering on a singular CVP of breathing room and, as can be imagined, a Close Combat occurred and the dice favored the Germans. Fun, if shortened by bad luck. Jobbo_Fett
All Down the Line Yllanes
Five-Oh-Sink Yllanes
Bridge Number 10 Yllanes
Go Tell It to the Mountain mtrodgers99
Shoot or Shovel mtrodgers99
Another Frustrating DayGermans steamroll and take tons of Greek prisoners. Germans an stop British reinforcements before they can get to harbor fort. Over in 4 turns. Dice extremes for Grk/British Lots of cowering for Allies. Not many options for Allies. Textbook play by Pooch.
St. Oedenrode Bridge
Sherman Marches WestThe first turn was general maneuvering; Germans laying down a bit of fire to slow the Russians, and three Russian tanks aim for the tM10-vU10 gap to flank around the Germans. On turn 2, the German luck took a turn for the worst. The Russian tanks move forward to engage the Tiger, the HIP 50L manages one shot before malf'ing, and one of the Shermans manages an incredibly lucky shot to take out the Tiger. On Turn 3, the Russians rush forward to hold ground before the German reinforcements arrive - this sets up the next two turns where the Germans struggle to take ground towards the objective buildings. The Germans manage to hold one briefly before being repulsed and then the remainder of the Germans were decimated. Turuk
Currie's FavorAnother FnF loss. I opted for a mass attack from the south. Got my infantry force in position to assault the VC buildings by turn 3 (hopefully under the cover of vehicle smoke). Unfortunately, I was a little too sloppy with my armor and gave up some unnecessary shots. I lost two to his 88, one to a PF, and one to his MTR. CVP reached- game over on T4. In hindsight, the better attack plan would have been to attack from at least two directions. Another lesson learned too late.
Gary is a great player and a real gentleman. I enjoyed the beatdown!
St. Oedenrode Bridge Danno
St. Oedenrode BridgeGerman defense did its best and managed to throw the Americans back on Turns 1 and 2, but on Turn 3, the hits rained down and the Germans ELR'd and disrupted. By the end of Turn 4, the Germans had been beaten. grumblejones
For an Army RoutedLost every single vehicle, squad and leader. 100% KIA. A15.4er
Draconian Measures GOUREAU
Spring CleaningI selected this scenario because I am quite interested in Indochina. The game went well, and the game remained uncertain till the very last turn before the FF won. PatSaj
The Beasts Have ArrivedAAR – AP169 THE BEASTS HAVE ARRIVED

Set in April 1944 in the Ukraine, this scenario tasks a German SS-force supported by Panthers and Tigers to charge a Russian village situated on a hill and to secure a certain number of victory Locations in it. On the Russian side, a Guards formation tries to prevent just that, with two „new“ IS-2 tanks as their „ace up the sleeve“.

The playing area consists of a full two Fort-style boads, one of which prominently featuring the village on a Level 1 hill. Being an „Andrew Rodgers“ design and having a duration of merely 5.5 Turns, I was surprised at first: This designer is known for his scenarios culminating in a close-in fight. Should this one be different with a greater role of maneuver?

Like with dreamlike intuition a bellicose Australian digger would find the single tavern in a vast outback to start a brawl, so do the forces here in short order on the playing area in the known „Andrew Rodgers“ style. Instead of pummeling the adversaries with tankards, broken bottles or the leg of a stool, here they hit the other in the face with Iosef Stalin-, Panther-, and Tiger-tanks. Ah, and the Attacker or Ambusher can choose to change CC into HtH.

This scenario has seen quite a number of playings (as of May 2024) with 32 to 42 wins in favor of the defending Russians per ROAR. So there seems to be some tilt in benefit of the Russians.

The Terrain:
Orchards are out of Season, while Grain is in Season per SSR. The Russians may set up atop the hill and within a 2 hex radius around it (on board 15a). The at-start Germans either set up along a line in the middle of board 9a or can enter from the northern edge onto board 9a having to cross some Open Ground hexes. However, the Russians do not have unhindered LOS to hardly any of these hexes, as it is crossed by the out of Season Orchard hindrances. Reinforcing Panther tanks will have to cross the entire width of board 9a to join the fray, but having 15MP, they are fast enough to need hardly more than a single turn to do so.

The village on and around the hill consists of one hex wooden buildings with the exception of the victory locations which are stone. Part of the Russian northern flank is protected by a Stream turned into a Water Obstacle by SSR. The Russians receive no less than 8 Foxholes to improve their position.

As part of their setup, both Germans and Russians place a number of scrounged – someone has apparently playtested – Wrecks of T-34/M43 and Panthers tanks. The Russians may also place one Rubble counter on a Building hex. It is worth contemplating the intricacies this offers during setup.

German Considerations:
You have 5.5 Turns. You need to cover around 13 to 17 hexes or so to reach the victory Locations. You have to attack up the hill. You will have to fight through a village of (mostly) wooden buildings. This translates to: „Digger, if you wanna have your brawl and be back to the barracks by reveille, you've got to hussle!“

The two SPWs in your OoB can create Smoke to cover your approach, their good chances being improved by being an SS-formation (Not sure if we played the increased Depletion Numbers for the halftracks correctly, as they are not designated by SSR but only by the unit name „Elements of...“. Q&A exist on this matter.) Even more valuable might be the Orchard hindrances initially.

A further asset of the Germans is the broken Morale of 9, an ELR of 5, Assault Fire in 1944, and the specialties of „SS vs. Russians“ of the Nationality Distinctions. Having tons of PFs and ATMMs does not harm either. Naturally, three Panthers (one with a 9-1 AL) and two Tigers pack a very hard punch, plus tote a ton of MG FP. If that weren't enough, you can also create Smoke with SNs. You can deploy, the Russians cannot.

Russian Considerations:
You know the Germans don't have time, so they will be charging towards you for the first turn or two. Do you want to stop them up-front? Do you want to delay their approach? Do you want to hunker down in more protective terrain? The approach you choose will determine the course of the game.

You have some serious Infantry FP, however 10 out of your 12 squads only have a normal range of 2 hexes. Your IS-2 tanks are deadly opponents for Panthers and Tigers, but they don't have ROF nor can they use Intensive Fire. Your T-34/M43s are basically good tanks, but – of course – they are no match for Panthers and Tigers. Your 57LL AT-Gun will have no easy time dealing with the German tanks even with special ammo in most situations.

How the Game Played Out:
I had the defending Russians in this one. My plan was to concentrate on the village because I figured that German Smoke and Orchard hindrances would be too much of an impediment to slow the initial German charge. The price for this would be the enemy closing in very quickly.

The German attack came solely from the Northern flank. Part of his Infantry entered from offboard, hugging the Woods close to the Water Obstacle. The other forces came from the 9aJ3 area. The MTR-halftrack turned out not to have any Smoke with it to the chagrin of my opponent. The other halftrack placed SMOKE in 9aQ5. Basically, the Germans could move as they pleased in Turn 1 while the Russians shifted forces atop the hill to adjust to the German Schwerpunkt on the northern flank.

In Turn 2, the German Infantry moved as far as 15aJ15 going for the rear-flank of the hill. Other Infantry were in the 15aO13 area. The German AFV were reluctant to move up the hill.

In German Turn 3, the first two German Panthers arrived on the northern flank. The Tigers threatened the 15aM10 and 15aL9 buildings from ADJACENT ground level locations. German Infantry tried to establish a foothold in 15aN12 (Rubble) but were broken. A „volunteer“ HS moved the path into 15aK12 and managed to survive messing with Russian Rout paths to the victory location in 15aJ11, nevertheless, two broken squads there could safely extricate themselves. Large forces of German Infantry had arrived in the 15aG15, 15aH14, and 15aH13 area (the latter under the cover of a Panther tank. They received some punishment for the attempt, and the Russian defence had solid positions in depth.

Russian Turn 3, was catastrophic, alas. Now was my time to take high FP pointblank pot shots at what remained of the attacking Germans. Alas, the defenders failed miserably all the way, rolling a 10 on a 22FP@+1 on a key German stack in 15aH13 and so on. Furthermore, the Germans could not be dislodged from the Woods around 15K11. To add insult to the injury, a 658 which had previously been shot up into two broken 348s would haunt me until the end of the game. At first, one of these HS came back in 15aE17, one half turn later the second one. Especially one of them caused trouble beyond all proportion from behind the eastern slope of the hill, threating a Stalin tank with PFs, effectively neutralizing them by forcing evasive maeuevers, further by causing re-DM and even FTR on Russian brokies during later turns. The effect of the general Russian failure to inflict damage on the Germans during this half turn of „golden opportunity“ has been the turning point of the game.

In his German Turn 4, the attackers took advantage of the Russian screw-up. In turn, they broke every Russian unit forming the main line of resistance in 15aH12, 15aG12, 15aG14, and 15aF14, which had seemed impenetrable to overcome just a half-turn before. Furthermore, the Germans were threatening to charge across the 15aI10-15aI13 street.

My Russian Turn 4 saw some desperate patching up of shot up defenders south of the 15aE14-15aJ9 street and throwing some of these into the teeth of the German attackers north of the street. Luckily, one of the Stalin tanks could stop a German Infantry push from 15aM10 towards 15aI9 with MG fire buying some precious time for the latter Victory Location. In the end, the 15aI9-area seemed still „firmly held“ by the Russian – more than half by dummies. A lone Concealed 527 in 15aH11 was the only one left to „hold the tide“ vs. the Germans making ready to cross over from the 15aJ11 area. One Russian squad managed to enter the Victory Location of 15aG12 and surviving the initial round of CC against the odds, thus blocking part of the German path of attack.

German Turn 5 saw the bringing up of more & rallied German troops taking up positions for the final push in their final turn. Meanwhile the Russians were desparately attempting to plug too many holes with too few units, managing to harass the Germans in some points.

In Russian Turn 5, one of my Stalin tanks in 15aG12 contrieved to take out the German Panther in 15aH13. Besides that, the other Stalin tank had killed a Tiger in 15aJ10 to be in turn blown up by a Panther sneaking up from behind. It became evident, that I would not be able to hold the Victory Location of 15aT9, with 15aJ11 already firmly in German hands and 15aG12 with an ongoing Melee. Only 15aF11 was more or less still „secure“. I reinforced the Melee with everything I could move in there to hope for the best. In fact, the Melee would continue.

In the final German Turn 6, the attackers captured 15aT9. Now it was the Germans to try to reinforce the Melee in 15aG12 with everything they could bring up. In the course of these actions, it came to an iconic duel of one of his Panthers with the Armor Leader vs. my surviving Stalin with my Armor Leader at Point Blank range: I hit him, but the TK roll was bad, so he needed to check for Possible Shock, which he just passed due to the presence of the Armor Leader. His return fire hit my Stalin-tank – his turn for a bad TK roll and a Possible Shock for me, which I just passed as well. To my great satisfaction, I finally killed the obnoxious HS of his which had been the cause of so much trouble behind my lines. It came down to the last CC in 15aG12. The odds were Russian 7 vs. German 18@-1. All Russians died. But if I managed to kill all Germans in the return-attack, I would still win.

It was not to be. German win on the last possible DR.

Typical „Andrew Rodgers“ style face-punch brawl scenario. The turning point was the catastrophic Russian screw-up of their Turn 3, in which they had had the odds to break the back of the German attack. With a proper defence set up, I can see why ROAR has this scenario somewhat pro-Russian.
Yet, in our playing, it came down to the very last DR of the game. I reckon, this is all you can ask for.

von Marwitz
von Marwitz
Riding to the Rescue mtrodgers99
Dingoes At Damour mtrodgers99
A Bit of Colored Ribbon Bongiovanni
Uncommon MiseryVery enjoyable scenario, which I felt I was losing right up until the end of British turn 5, when I had a near-perfect CCPh. Excellent defence from Martin, full of tricks and traps. Definitely one to play again. Gamer72
The CloserMy opponent sent everyone on his left flank except some token force in the middle. He took horrendous losses but since numbers have a quality of their own, the difference started to tell. my infantry managed to stay away from his firepower, but AFVs couldn't, and I lost 4 Sherman during the course of the scenario, one for a stupid mistake since I forgot about a PSK 4 hexes away, and bocage was not enough to save my bacon.
There was an 18 CVP differential in the last turn. He had a Panther, 2 PzIV and 1 squad with a 8-1 that could exit.
The AFV had to take a BOG check and the Pz. IV ESP for 1 and 2 MPs on top of that all units had to run the gauntlet of the last Sherman GUN and MGs, a 3 hexes PIAT and the fire from 4 squads well led. It was not easy but not impossible either.
the Panther exited, but then the first PzIV bogged exiting the stream while the other rolled boxcars on the ESB roll. That was game over. Nice scenario with high replay value.
As Luck Would Have ItLike others, I had most of my defending paras in
the town, and only one squad and some dummies
in the eastern woods.

My AT gun was in an orchard hex near the north
edge. As luck would have it, Rob parked a tank
adjacent to the orchard hex in E13, giving me a
clear shot. After the first Brit prep fire phase,
Rob was down a PzIVJ. He lamented the loss
of the s9 (or was it s8) later.

I did get some luck rolls, and a 648/LMG/9-2
in the lumberyard in row H held up Rob's
attack...he didn't get to the bocage line until
turn 4.

In the end, he had lost too many units and I
hadn't. A few mad dashes on turn 6 were not
enough for Rob to capture the needed buildings.

This one feels a bit tough on the Germans, but
is well worth a play. Give the less experienced
player the Brits. The good guys have to be wary
of their setup and can use the bocage to very
good effect.
Indy Lagu
Swamp Cats GOUREAU
Harvesting OpiumI played the scenario another time vs. a different player. I have changed my mind about the scenario, and think it is balanced. I realise I had been too much aggressive on the 1st play, taking too great a risk, leading to handicapping early losses. As a defender, the couple of first turns are a bit limited in action, but things change from turn 3 on where so me interesting options open up. PatSaj
Lee's ChargeI opted for an all-west infantry approach, with my OP tank hanging out alone in the east, and a couple tanks going up the middle to apply some pressure on the fortified buildings. Scott had some initial bad luck with his OBA, having to restart the process after failing a LOS check. But it came to life on Turn 3 after I stupidly left unconcealed units in his observer's sight. This even after he had dropped concealment on two PSK-toting HS back in a FH at the goal line; a place I was so certain that his observer occupied that I had tunnel vision. I paid the price with three lost HS and my 8-1, the latter succumbing to a mortal wound (one of 10 boxcars in 72 rolls by me that session). By the end of that sitting I had four broken MAs, a disabled CMG, and lost my other leader to another mortal wound. Thankfully I had created one on a self-rally or I would've had none. I also had numerous bogs due to the deep snow, but thankfully those I kept shrugging off with some low rolls. The Germans had taken a beating of their own, with only four GO HS and one PSK remaining. They did have all three leaders however, and these would do a good job later of accounting for themselves. Later being the bottom of Turn 4, when the 9-1 took out an ADJ tank with a PF, while the heroic 7-0 dialed in yet another fire mission, trapping my men in the woods. A bogged tank was flamed up here by a HS. On Turn 5 I managed to run off 3 HS, who would prove very important for the endgame, while I raced my remaining four tanks to the exit, bogging yet another one. The bottom of Turn 5 saw me lose another tank to a leader's PF, and a fanatic German HS survived his own OBA to further pin down my men in the west. I never did connect on a fire mission of my own, my radio being very finicky in its tuning. Turn 6 saw my bogged tank pull clear and drive off, while the next took down the PSK HS to clear a path to the exit for itself and the remaining tank. The last would've bogged had it had to take a more circuitous route, only just managing to get off before a bog would've taken effect. So in the end I hit 25 VP exited, just enough to sneak out a victory. This one ended up being much closer and more exciting than I would've guessed, though it's still most likely going to be a dicefest. buser333
Executed Now Bongiovanni
Welcome Back (VASL Log) MoriQuessir
Prelude to DyingCame down to last turn with a bunch of Croatian stacks on the edge of the exit board positioned at the exits. Russian units moving up to bring fire on final turn to disrupt the exit fired on a Dummy stack that Croatians managed to shelter all the way to that defensive position ultimately blunted the final fire attack which allowed the needed exit VPs to move off for the win. Tight & tough to the very end!
Capital of the Ruins GOUREAU
One-Eyed Jacques GOUREAU
Buckley's BlockRain became hvy (extra LV) and things got tight. Japanese did not get a lot of banzai opportunities. Americans luckier in later rounds with wounds to 2 of 3 leaders and a few CC wins. Tight game
Factory Fodder
Hundred Regiments OffensiveSomewhat misplayed. wwillow
High Ambition Bongiovanni
The Devil's Free to Have a TryThe great Russian push was halted by MG and mortar fire, while the SUs were picked off by the Hungarian AA gun and the FT tank taken out by the AT gun. We discussed the game afterwards and came to the conclusion that the OBA Smoke might have changed everything, had it been used a turn earlier to blind the defenders.

Phenomenal Russian CCPh on Turn 4 - 4 Close Combat DRs with 3 snake eyes!
Across the BorderTurn 2 caused a few losses on the Polish side, compromising the defense. An ambitious leader+squad attempted to CC an armoured car, only for it to go the entire game with no result, outside of a wound for the leader. The Polish almost saved the day when they eliminated 2.5 Slovakian squads via very low rolls leading to KIAs and CRs. In the end, the Slovakians just had a few too many squads remaining and were able to take 2 bldgs + exit 2 armored cars. Fun scenario, great for learning some concepts. Jobbo_Fett
Hassel at HasseltThe mud pretty much confines the British opening moves to the road network and it’s just a question of when the HIP Gun and Jadgpanthers pop up how much damage they can do. Sure enough I kindly moved into all the bore sighted hexes losing a Sherman and a couple of Rams with 2 squads. But at least those HIP units were all on the board T1. A further Ram was KO by a PF but, taking the backblast, the firing squad was reduced to a broken Conscript HS which is a painful loss with only 9 squads in the OB. Thereafter one of the Shermans got seriously in the game with 3 critical hits eliminating a third of the remaining German squads and a “snake eyes” from the Croc was another KIA. By T4, although the Brits had steadily been losing men and vehicles, it was clear there just weren’t enough Germans left to stop the British sweeping through and capturing the required buildings so we called it. Mud isn’t played very often and it’s amazing how much slower it makes getting forward whether vehicles or infantry. I definitely had the dice in this one, if the Germans can fall back in good order it’s a much closer game Simonstan
Nikolai's Star Rich Weiley
For an Army Routed igycrctl
Schweiss Spart BlutImpossible mission for the SS. They even did not reach the Grebbeberg and suffered huge losses. Despite the infantry guns covering the hill with smoke, the Dutch were able to channel the SS attack to a restrained area under heavy fire. lt_steiner
Let's Dance Rich Weiley
Death BoxTough battle. I bought ATR's and LMG's. My ATR's managed to destroy 3 of the small tanks, while the 4th was recalled with MALF'd MA. The Russians were on the ropes by Turn3, but the 37L managed to hold the Axis back and my reinforcements came on and secured the win for the Russians. 37L got a critical hit on the MKIV on Turn 4 and that stopped the final Axis assault. grumblejones
Death Box Danno
Main Line of DefenceDue to misreading a small paragraph for the reinforcements, the Germans are going to get a lot of troops next scenario... As it stands, things have been slowly progressing due to the limited number of German troops running around. This led to me choosing to kindle an orchard hex, which was successful and immediately started spreading towards the German lines... and my building(s). Fun to do, but not so fun dealing with the automatic spread at the end of the scenario. Still interesting as a campaign, although the lack of things for the Polish side to do is starting to be felt rather acutely. Jobbo_Fett
Simple EquationThe Americans used their superior range to create a fire base on the right, taking out the German HMG, while punching through the middle after realising that an attack on the left would be suicidal. By turn 4 they had taken the central (fortified) building, using the flamethrower to deadly effect, then broke through to reach the VC by turn 6. German prisoners revealing the location of the fortified buildings, and a berserk American HS tying up the German's last line of defence LMG nest didn't help the cause. Playing with full ASL rules definitely added some zing to the proceedings! ifoxen
Kawaguchi's GambleFirst time introducing the game to two new players who each took half of the USMC force. The game was an absolute blast with the advantage going back and forth between both sides as CCs were resolved in both players favours and rout paths were cut, reopened, then cut again.

The game ended on turn 4 with the USMC, with only 1 good order squad left on the hill itself, conceding defeat. It was still very close and, given the wounded and reduced disposition of the remaining Japanese forces, it is possible the USMC could have come out on top with one more turn played...
Cemetery Hill (version 2.0)Very fun battle - German paras are very strong. However there is a lot of open ground to cover and not very much to shield them and very little early game opportunity to assemble enough firepower to harm the Allies. We called this in scenario 3 the Germans had gotten both hills and a foothold in the town but had suffered horrific casualties and were outnumbered almost 2:1 in squads. nebel
To Have and To HoldWarning: before you start this one READ the VC. Turns out Steve and both missed the minor detail that if the Americans don't control both bridge hexes by Turn 1 they lose. Although I got the bridge on T 2, technically I should have lost before the game even started. As it turned out the Americans held on until a German T 5 mad dash to the Bridge survived multiple -2 IFT shots to get one shell-shocked squad onto the bridge for the win.

An SSR permitted the Americans to remove the MG from their Jeeps. But it was not clear if this applied only to the inherent crew or to the passengers as well. The two of us made a few other rules mistakes so it probably was a wash. The dice bot was unkind to both of us, but Steve's competent play overcame lady luck.

Worth a replay.
Most BarikádníkuFirst to play and post. Danno
Most BarikádníkuWell that was a game of ASL. My SS are still scratching their heads on what to do differently to get across the bridge. By Turn 4, I was still not across the bridge and still facing Partisans on the north side. So, did the math and gave the concession. Not sure how the Germans are supposed to win this one with roadblocks, HIP Partisans., who are Fanatic with 3 Panzerfausts and a nice German HMG with a 9-2 directing it for fun. And so far ROAR seems to confirm that this is a Partisan gimme. grumblejones
Gavin Take BenB
Food For An ArmyCome down to the last close combat. Lorenzoknight
Pipkorn's AttemptI used an up-front defence with my dug-in tank aiming straight down the road. The Germans attacked on a broad front and took heavy casualties from Russian units on the 1st floor of buildings. Plus two tanks bogged and another was knocked out by an IS-2 whilst trying to cross the soft ground. Germans conceded on Turn 3 when it was evident they could not get far enough into the village to secure the necessary VPs.
I reckon the German attack here needs careful planning, concentrating on the southern (left) flank where Russian sight lines are more difficult, and using smoke as much as possible. I'll be interested to see how others get on with this scenario.
Armored Probe at Sidi-NsirThe Germans, supported by Italian Semovente, quickly managed to gain a foothold on Hill 714 by pushing back the French. On the other hand, the Italians were unable to move on Hill 538 facing a strong French defense. The French armored cars and tanks counter-attacked recklessly and were torn apart by the very good Italian tanks. The French managed to regain a foothold at the last minute on Hill 714, helped by the long-awaited repair of a 60mm mortar. But the numerical superiority of the French on the two hills was not enough to compensate for their significant losses. With 27 against 28 CVP, the French bowed and conceded victory. The loss of 4 French armored vehicles for 3 Italians strongly contributed to the German victory. A balanced scenario that came to the last turn. lt_steiner
Ninth TanksLots of Japanese tricks and traps, but none of them worked in the face of overwhelming American firepower. I went out in a blaze of glory on turn 6 with a screaming Banzai charge on three of his tanks. Gamer72
Spoiled AfternoonGermans won this on Turn 3. I suspect the Poles will need to keep the Germans restricted to convoy movement beyond Turn 1 to have any hopes of holding them off. Attack too early and the Germans are free to break off and take an alternate (less defended) route towards the northern exit. BenB
The Dead and the Dying Bongiovanni
Harvesting OpiumI believe the scenario is unbalanced. The Chinese have more troops than the attacker, and the low number of turns forces the French forces to move extremely aggressively. I would suggest to remove the reinforcements on Turn 2 and add 2 extra turns to make it more even.

Beyond these points, I found it nice to play. I am highly interested in everything related to Dien Bien Phu. The scenario offers a nice opportunity to play a light PTO game, with Chinese troops. Very a limited number of turns and troops, the scenario is full of action, and remains fun to play.
Entre le Marteau et l'EnclumeThe German were able to get into the victory building before the Russian reinforcements managed to eliminate the German garrison. Once complete control was achieved, the German easily repel Russian offensives. lt_steiner
Sea of Tranquility GOUREAU
Dutch CourageThe Germans tried to take the center building using a pincer. However, two full squads attacking from the north broke under a single sniper attack. In the mean time, the two buildings initially held by the Germans were not strongly defended. While the Germans were able to eventually gain control of one Dutch building, they lost control of a German building at the same time. The math did not allow time to garner enough Victory Points. Heloanjin
Dutch CourageI loved this scenario as both sides are given the opportunity to defend and attack. dmareske
Hassel at HasseltChicago Open (round 4) RJenulis
Having a Go igycrctl
Capital Punishment Blaze
First Invasion of GermanyThe original concept of running away from an attacking Polish force is a novel one for the timeframe, but the scenario is hobbled by detrimental SSRs that prevent the German side from making interesting choices. In my game, the Germans immediately lost all three units that came from the east edge entry that carried Support Weapons - this allowed for the Polish Armored Cars to roam free and mess with the withdrawal. In the end, no units on Board 10 participated in the game, as a result of poor range, lack of targets, ambiguity with one of the SSRs, and overall map design/choices. I think this scenario could be redeemed if the 3 Kfz 7s were allowed to move onto Board FE1, in an attempt to rescue German troops, making for a fun Deploy, Load, Run, series of actions, coupled with the poor guns on the Wz.34s and the double small size, the concept has legs. Additionally, an SSR that would allow the 6+1 to roll Task Checks to "permit" a targeted unit to enter Board FE1 from Board 10 would also be a welcome change, giving a certain randomness and hesitance to their arrival, while also allowing for what few half-squads that start there to interdict, hunt down trucks, or force Overruns, among other things. Not sure how the playtesters missed this stinker. Jobbo_Fett
Crown of ThornsThe Germans broke the ATR carrying squad early and made a steady advance towards the defended positions. Malfed MMGs and Cupolas aided the German efforts along with lots of SMOKE Dispensers. The Germans were deep in the village with a clear path to exit several points not needing to take the last building. Great scenario, fun, with lots of options for the Russians in defense. dmareske

Latest News

Map page and new search options
The Maps link on the left hand nav bar takes you to a maps page that provides the opportunity to search the maps via names and tags. The maps that don't have images will slowly get updated, and those who have admin rights can add tags to help scenario designers and players filter maps by a set of tags, such as Rural, City, Stream, etc.

You can update your map collection, in order to search by maps owned on the advanced search, by ticking the boxes on this page which should automatically update your map collection. The button that is on this page takes all publications that you own and adds the maps that are listed on those into your collection.

As always, a big thanks to those who help populate this data!
Map data update
The way maps are stored under-the-hood has been changed. Previously maps were simply strings of text that were split into map_strings and added to the scenario. They weren't really unique map rows, which meant that there could be duplicates with similar names, and it wasn't really feasible to do nicer things with them, like attach images to them, or work out which publications they were from.

This has changed now, and the data has been ported across to the new map objects. All that's missing is the publication->map data, ie, which publications have which maps!

For those that like to edit and update these things, it's now possible to enter the maps for each publication (by logging in and editing the publication page and adding the maps). If we can get a good set of this data we can do things like "show me scenarios that I own the maps for" and other module dependencies for scenarios.

I've not done the same for overlays, because it seems a bit more of an overhead, but in theory it would be possible, but maybe a bit too much effort.

Finally - you can now hover over the map values within the scenarios and publication pages (if the maps have been added to them yet) to see a map preview. If the map image isn't there yet, it might need updating, but the standard ones should all work - I think!
Advanced Search tidy up
Thanks to JP whose eagle-eyes spotted a couple of small issues, the advanced search is now correctly handling third party/official searches and remembering your selection of starter kit preference during a search.
March Madness 2023: 10th Mountain Division pack - now available for download
Thanks to the guys over in Kansas, and Encircled productions, the archive is now hosting the 2023 10th Mountain Division pack.

Price is $15 and the pack features 9 scenarios and a 4 scenario campaign which can be played as individual scenarios or as the connected mini-campaign.

Balance reporting
You can now add balance to reported games and view a balance report for scenarios. The balance range comes from assistance of Indy and is an implementation of the Wald Interval algorithm.

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SASL 1 - Solitaire ASL (2nd Edition) 216.00
Recon by Fire! #1 86.00
Waffen-SS I: No Quarter No Glory! 66.00
March Madness `97 Pack 126.00
Objective: Schmidt 176.00
ASL 1 - Beyond Valor (1st Edition) 106.00
Dezign Pak 8 105.98
Schwerpunkt # 1 125.94
The Canadians In Italy 3: D-Day Dodgers 105.91
Paddington Bears '97 Pack 85.90
Dezign Pak 3 155.89
HASL 6 - A Bridge Too Far 125.88
Deluxe Pack #1 125.87
Blitzkrieg in the West - Northern Campaign 65.86
Hero PAX 2: Eastern Front Hero Fest 85.83
ASLOK 2005 - 20th Anniversary Scenario Pack 105.81
HASL 5 - Blood Reef: Tarawa 105.79
Winpak #2 65.79
Southern Cross Scenario Pack `96 65.75
Wacht Am Rhein 165.71
ASL For Fun-LCP 325.68
Time on Target # 2 215.67
DASL 2 - Hedgerow Hell 85.63
Melee Pack I 65.63
From the Cellar Pack#12 115.60
All American I: Kellam's Bridge 105.52
Leibstandarte Pack 3 - Clash at Kharkov! 85.48
Panzer Aces 65.45
Shingle's List 85.42
Hell's Highway 65.37
Guerra Civil: The Spanish Civil War 125.20
Firefights! 65.19
The Long March 175.11
Soldiers of the Negus 84.93

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76 End of the NinthLe Catelet, France 1940
Genesis 20 Soldiers of JerusalemJerusalem, Israel1948
Stonne 3 One More TryStonne, France1940
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